chocoTaco Presents: HIGHLIGHTS 30 - PUBG Gameplay

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
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    Music in Order of Appearance:
    "Stacy and George " by The Mini Vandals, from
    "Jon's On Fire" by Silent Partner, from
    "Fringe Trimmed Boots" by Bird Creek, from
    "DuDa" by Ian Post from
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Comments • 342

  • BL人CK J凡CK
    BL人CK J凡CK 4 days ago

    Here im gonna do a thing

  • Jesus Nava
    Jesus Nava 5 days ago

    When do you ussualy get on twitch??

  • KAY
    KAY 11 days ago

    Who is that girl in dino costume? Is it beth or chocos' girlfriend

  • rizal ibrahim
    rizal ibrahim 13 days ago

    Yayay too much action in this year 😎👊

  • Serve This Royalty
    Serve This Royalty 16 days ago

    Epic pan kill

  • Andika saputra
    Andika saputra 16 days ago

    You are so amazing! 👍👍

  • Alaa Eladly
    Alaa Eladly 17 days ago

    We love you duuuuude from egypt😍

  • Batir Medang Kopi
    Batir Medang Kopi 18 days ago

    Hahaha hahaaa....🤣🤣🤣

  • Pablo Diaz
    Pablo Diaz 18 days ago

    The best

  • Sahib Preet
    Sahib Preet 18 days ago

    I just love u and your videos, wish i could meet u someday.

  • Euna Ny Mous
    Euna Ny Mous 18 days ago

    Wait who was in that dinosaur costume? hahahah .

  • sunil gallary
    sunil gallary 18 days ago

    Ya..i watch this types of moments video.. Short and sweet.

  • pubg lover
    pubg lover 19 days ago

    Love from india

  • Eno V Kool
    Eno V Kool 19 days ago


  • 존도우
    존도우 19 days ago

    후라리팬도 던져지네 ㅎ

  • TWD - Pepper
    TWD - Pepper 19 days ago

    1:26 Choco > Shroud

  • SKT sói
    SKT sói 20 days ago

    vn fan chocotaco

  • Ng Peng Soon
    Ng Peng Soon 21 day ago

    Hi Beth any plan soon to upload choco playing minecraft?My 7 years old son is a big fan of choco & minecraft

  • Esat Utkan
    Esat Utkan 21 day ago


  • 수호
    수호 21 day ago

    Friendly Fire of Chaco 1 hr plz XD

  • Thiti Sathakurai
    Thiti Sathakurai 21 day ago

    Miss you choco

  • HN vlog
    HN vlog 21 day ago

    Việt Nam đâu 😊👋

  • Granda Smörskum
    Granda Smörskum 21 day ago

    Taco: "I got double teamed in the bathroom #context"
    Oh I will make up my own context alright...

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • travvvvvv
    travvvvvv 21 day ago

    I love these highlight videos

  • Liam Dunmore
    Liam Dunmore 22 days ago


  • politron XD
    politron XD 22 days ago

    More highlights pliz

  • ToOthy Noobermann
    ToOthy Noobermann 22 days ago

    Captain America in 2019 LUL

  • BLäCK 60
    BLäCK 60 22 days ago

    Looooove u choco😍

  • Darth Marlboro
    Darth Marlboro 22 days ago

    How come I can’t hit sniper shots while I’m zoomed in laying down and my target is standing still but you can no scope a running target while you’re jumping?

  • Jesus _Gonzalez
    Jesus _Gonzalez 22 days ago +1

    Is anyone interested in playing Im really bad at the game and want to play with someone steam name is Chelonia_

  • Randa Roro
    Randa Roro 22 days ago

    Nice video bro me from IRAQ ILIKE YOU

  • Hamza Kermiche
    Hamza Kermiche 22 days ago

    So cool stuff to watch Choco is just amazing, thx Beth 🌮🌮🌮🌮

  • Christian Fénix
    Christian Fénix 22 days ago

    Helouuuuu chocó her🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Kmist Gaming
    Kmist Gaming 22 days ago

    Loved your #Pan throw #chocoTaco! 0:31 to 0:35

  • Zamani Azly
    Zamani Azly 22 days ago +6

    "I'm being pistoled"
    -chocoTaco 2019

  • Dimitris Kaikkis
    Dimitris Kaikkis 22 days ago

    11:56 i thought it was my pc xD

  • ibrahim gözüm
    ibrahim gözüm 22 days ago

    Allah kimseye Boyle Olum Gostermesın 0:30

  • Khôn Trương
    Khôn Trương 22 days ago

    I love my idol 💓💓

  • Technical Chuzza
    Technical Chuzza 22 days ago +1

    God Level Choco

  • Joseph Zothanpuia
    Joseph Zothanpuia 22 days ago

    What level of Gaming are we talking about?

  • ELITE Sniper
    ELITE Sniper 22 days ago

    om my god thas was amazing thas why I'm watching chocotaco stream in twitch 🤩

  • fxpiano channel ID
    fxpiano channel ID 22 days ago

    11:01 Choooocoooooooooo

  • DedomaxYT
    DedomaxYT 22 days ago

    Too short! I want more!

  • Casey Kc
    Casey Kc 22 days ago

    Where is my " here's im gonna do a thing"?

  • Shahebaz
    Shahebaz 22 days ago

    his aiming skill is become vwry god👿🖕

  • hoàng Nguyễn
    hoàng Nguyễn 22 days ago

    32 seconds the feeling is hilarious... chocotaco verygood,very accurate pan throw

  • Kanti Kashyap
    Kanti Kashyap 22 days ago

    support from india

  • Weird Kitty
    Weird Kitty 22 days ago +2

    Chocos laughs are one of the greatest joys in life!

  • Abhay Kumar
    Abhay Kumar 22 days ago

    I Love seeing ur videos choco big fan Bro.😍

  • walid tlm
    walid tlm 22 days ago

    2:36 thats how M A F I A 👌works

    BRAVE PEOPLE 22 days ago

    Loved it

  • T-N-G
    T-N-G 22 days ago

  • Miguel Reyes
    Miguel Reyes 22 days ago +1

    That intro with a pan shot deserves a massive THUMBS UP!

  • Ayu W
    Ayu W 22 days ago

    I stan!!

  • Mister Mischief Gaming PH

    When Choco uploads I upvote

  • Umar Soffri
    Umar Soffri 22 days ago

    King of no scope😂

  • kavinda dulanjana
    kavinda dulanjana 22 days ago


  • Yellow Pie
    Yellow Pie 22 days ago

    You're the best

  • JL 1701
    JL 1701 22 days ago

    You’re the best, Dude

  • Ladajzo Brinton
    Ladajzo Brinton 22 days ago

    Hey hey hey, that was Apex at the end! I demand it be retitled this instant.