This Is HILARIOUS | Little Misfortune - Part 1

  • Published on Nov 27, 2019
  • Are you ready for a full little misfortune gameplay walkthrough? I waited a long time to do this series but it's finally here. I didn't think it would be THIS funny, it really made me laugh!
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  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  Month ago +15839

    Yikes forever!

  • Johny Chavez2004
    Johny Chavez2004 50 minutes ago

    jack: ill play with it so it dosn't die
    tree: are you sure about that?

  • Jay Jobling
    Jay Jobling 3 hours ago

    You don’t play with it you set it free

  • Metal Myhem
    Metal Myhem 5 hours ago


  • Rachel C
    Rachel C 6 hours ago

    Mr. Voice: "You need to know the rules of the game..."
    Jack: "Hit me."
    Unfortunate phrasing...

  • Emilia Koria Nylander
    Emilia Koria Nylander 7 hours ago

    in 28:5 it said "for your best, recycle"

  • Bored
    Bored 8 hours ago

    The game is swedish, the sign said "forbidden for dogs" but in swedish of course

  • LeKesha Hammond
    LeKesha Hammond 9 hours ago


  • Demongirl ᅌωᅌ
    Demongirl ᅌωᅌ 12 hours ago

    *sees puppy die* ...I'm keeping my puppies away from witch children and trees now 😥

  • Kai does things
    Kai does things 13 hours ago +1

    When Jacksepticeye talked about teaching about feeling it made me cry because I was always told to bottle up my feeling. I am in a dark place but I’m moving away from my mom and stepdad because they mentally hurt me! I hope things get better for me

  • Lucas Pedersen
    Lucas Pedersen 13 hours ago

    You miss alot of stuff😂

  • Digiso Random
    Digiso Random 14 hours ago

    At least he doesn't open the painting.

  • ModifiedBarbie
    ModifiedBarbie 15 hours ago

    So we're just not gonna acknowledge the hair creatures in the very beginning that turn into butterflies just like those same creatures in Fran Bow?

  • Just Unknown
    Just Unknown 20 hours ago

    This legit makes my heart turn into pure water

  • Ayano Aishi :3
    Ayano Aishi :3 20 hours ago

    Thats swedish🤣🤣🤣

  • Erica zodiac is scorpio

    litterally no youtuber that plays this game has chosen to set the puppy free

  • Karissa Robles
    Karissa Robles Day ago

    I'm rewatching, and I just realized that at the very beginning (0:45) it has those Lucifern things (The hanging heads with the really long hair that turned into bugs) from Fran Bow. I know at the very end of the game there are lots of Fran Bow cameos, I just never realized that the first time around.

  • Dany 666
    Dany 666 Day ago

    Jack voice acting this sounds like chibitalia

  • The_All American

    The narrator sounds like Morgan freeman

  • kyndal cole
    kyndal cole Day ago

    This video really got to me then most gaming videos I'm 19 and my whole life my parents were really shitty and also didn't teach me how to feel I know what love isn't but I still don't know what love is I suck and showing how I feel and still don't know how I should feel but seeing people with a platform talking about these problems is really nice to see thank you Sean ❤️

  • PumpkinGirl 101
    PumpkinGirl 101 Day ago

    it is swedish, i can comfirm that

  • ぷしい
    ぷしい Day ago +1

    she sounds more like 5 yo girl versions nico bellic

  • Braxton Terry
    Braxton Terry Day ago

    Rip pupper

  • Reker 345
    Reker 345 Day ago

    Of course I’ll watch dark I totally want to see a sex scene in the first thirty seconds

  • RockinRobin Gaming
    RockinRobin Gaming Day ago +1

    1:12 *le gasp!* That's from Fran Bow!!!! The pinecone person and the ladies with long hair!

  • Remmar Prudente
    Remmar Prudente Day ago

    Sean is really being more mature now. whewwww weeeeee

  • RKshamrock
    RKshamrock Day ago

    Welp, guess I'm watching the series tonight.
    Fuck it, didn't need to be up for work tomorrow anyway.

  • emoji madness
    emoji madness 2 days ago

    Doesn’t the heads on the tree remind you of Fran bow at that one scene

  • Thomas Vogel
    Thomas Vogel 2 days ago


  • XxCharlieDreamsGachaxX :l

    Why does Mr.Voice sound like the peppa pig narrator 😂😂

  • Aliza Dreamer
    Aliza Dreamer 2 days ago

    The way he speaks swedish, 👌🏻 good job Jack-

  • Yuri
    Yuri 2 days ago

    How much does this game cost?

  • ElizaBancroft
    ElizaBancroft 2 days ago

    Misfortune is so adorableeeeeee
    (And she definately sounds like Marzia)

  • Lali_LolXD
    Lali_LolXD 2 days ago +6

    25:37 *Jack: starts laughing*
    25:42 *Jack: (starts to regret laughing)*

  • Thomas Vogel
    Thomas Vogel 2 days ago +1

    19:35 “every joke in hot fuzz is amazing”

  • Navvi from galaxy-tale
    Navvi from galaxy-tale 2 days ago +1

    Noice beard, jack XD

  • BananaDude!
    BananaDude! 2 days ago

    I think she’s dead from the beginning...I don’t know?

  • The Cultist
    The Cultist 2 days ago

    The game really tries to make you feel bad about the puppy for that entire part

  • Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin 2 days ago


  • gingersama 123
    gingersama 123 2 days ago

    jack went from laughing at her to shocked abt the dog

  • gingersama 123
    gingersama 123 2 days ago

    glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts

  • Mr.Bonez !
    Mr.Bonez ! 2 days ago

    Seriously though, fuck glitter...

  • AwesomeKitCat
    AwesomeKitCat 3 days ago

    Here's another reason to hate glitter: it's a microplastic and actually causes incredible harm to the environment. When you wash the glitter off your face and body it goes down the drain. Because of our current wastewater treatment, they don’t get caught and filtered out and then they end up in the oceans, waterways. Glitter doesn’t biodegrade and animals can eat it. Microplastics have been found in our tea, in marine animals and in our food.

  • Static Wolf
    Static Wolf 3 days ago

    10:42 I found out about Santa not real by being a smart-ass when my mom was going to return a piece of clothing from “Santa”

  • Namjoonie ARMY
    Namjoonie ARMY 3 days ago

    20:08 I love how you called Morgo Dumbass 😂😂

  • Sillygamer Ph
    Sillygamer Ph 3 days ago

    Theres so much franbow refferences

  • Emily Tate
    Emily Tate 3 days ago

    we had the exact same reaction when that tree branch fell after the ball hit the tree

  • SirVegas
    SirVegas 3 days ago

    44:44 As a Norwegian and part-time Scandinavian, I can confirm... Scandinavian languages are *weird*

  • Salty Fries
    Salty Fries 3 days ago

    If a female ever tried to kick me down there then i would kick their vajayjay so hard that they would cry

  • mxsstaken
    mxsstaken 3 days ago

    I only came here for the death

  • someone 9111
    someone 9111 3 days ago

    the look of horror on jacks face makes me laugh harder everytime i see it

  • 彡dragonade
    彡dragonade 3 days ago

    33:20 the little boy is the same boy that was in the asylum who lended his walking cane to fran.

  • Itsonesmallthing
    Itsonesmallthing 3 days ago +1

    Mr voice “ugh I don’t care much for foxes”
    Shaun “then you a asshole. Wow

  • Ikhsan Muhammad
    Ikhsan Muhammad 3 days ago

    14:33 is it misfortune's blood??

  • DragoHD _
    DragoHD _ 3 days ago

    41:32 Misfortune supports LGBT

  • wafflelover 55
    wafflelover 55 3 days ago


  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 3 days ago

    He calls it “hilarious” 25:37 but the misfortune isn’t so

  • Jonesy Entertainment

    Jack went from this 😂 to this 😱 real quick when the puppy died

  • BOY kratos
    BOY kratos 3 days ago

    Sorry for all the comments a lot is happening in this video

  • BOY kratos
    BOY kratos 3 days ago

    I said fancy at the same time as Jack