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Top 10 CountryHumans meme animation #2

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
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  • KitKat Candy bat
    KitKat Candy bat Hour ago +1

    I like the fact the Japan is a Neko

  • Kawaii_San
    Kawaii_San 3 hours ago

    N°9: A "World War II" meme WITHOUT ITALY??? Wtf
    N°5: Oh here we are

  • •Guten Tag• [ᴀ ɴ ɪ м ᴀ т ɪ o ɴ s]

    Bam bam!⚫️〰️⚫️

  • alannah mccarthy
    alannah mccarthy 16 hours ago

    Okay why are people drawn German as the Nazis I kind of take this offensive cuz I'm German

  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha Day ago

    *Waits for one on my country*
    Me: Dang it...Nobody notices my country

  • One_memey_boi 123

    RU-clip copyright:*-EXISTS-*
    People who make countryhumans: HOLD MEH ANIMATING TOOLS

  • Mysterious MaskedMist

    Anyway Russia is awesome I feel like fangirls would kill for his hat

  • Mysterious MaskedMist

    I love the art style I honestly am thinking of starting animating but my family and friends think I would be better as a singer or normal artist or a doctor I'm sad but I just don't let them see it at all

  • Hannah Ze banana
    Hannah Ze banana 2 days ago

    We already have social medias Humanized as well now. What’s next?

  • Sally Vomber
    Sally Vomber 2 days ago

    Коннор на аве, уважение маме! Лиза, клясс :3

  • Monimations
    Monimations 2 days ago

    Who else got all their history lessons from country humans?

  • Britton Pederson
    Britton Pederson 2 days ago

    *my fate is sealed*

  • Toy Alice
    Toy Alice 2 days ago

    4:25 а ты знаешь как переводится эта песня🤣 «Москву Москву закедаем бомбами)

  • XxLunaFaithx X
    XxLunaFaithx X 2 days ago +1

    Ships all countries together so there would be no more war .

  • amataga vaifale
    amataga vaifale 3 days ago

    U drink to much

  • kawai fluffy
    kawai fluffy 3 days ago

    My only question is.....why

  • The Firestarter
    The Firestarter 4 days ago +1

    Ah, yes, lets ship two of the most deadliest countries ever, ussr and nazi germany! xD OWO SO KAWAII! BOTH KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE XD

    • The Firestarter
      The Firestarter Day ago

      @Hana Song do you understand that... ok nvm you dont understand what im trying to say here

    • Hana Song
      Hana Song 3 days ago

      I'm one of them xD I ship them so hard ;-;

  • Bloody NINU
    Bloody NINU 4 days ago +1

    Mom:what are you watching????

    • Bloody NINU
      Bloody NINU 3 days ago

      @Hana Song funny I asked that after you asked haha

    • Bloody NINU
      Bloody NINU 3 days ago

    • Bloody NINU
      Bloody NINU 3 days ago +1

      @Hana Song YAAS
      I wish we could talk more,I found a fellow fujoshu/fundandhi
      And note:I think I woke up my parents cause I said YAASS YAOIIIII
      I'm happy dey DONNO eng

    • Hana Song
      Hana Song 3 days ago

      @Bloody NINU we can be friends if you want ^^ just send me your friend "link" :D

    • Hana Song
      Hana Song 3 days ago +1

      @Bloody NINU *Nosebleed* Like russia×America or Russia×Germany (I'm dying so hard xD)

  • 스탠리YOUTUBE
    스탠리YOUTUBE 4 days ago

    Crimea je serbia

  • ссср ссср
    ссср ссср 4 days ago

    Ктр рус напищитечат

  • ссср ссср
    ссср ссср 4 days ago


  • ссср ссср
    ссср ссср 4 days ago

    Sosat lololol

  • ссср ссср
    ссср ссср 4 days ago

    Сосите комуниста

  • ссср ссср
    ссср ссср 4 days ago

    Haha i m Rassai

  • яшин ятим
    яшин ятим 4 days ago

    полный ПИЗДА

  • Prossti
    Prossti 4 days ago


  • 壱イボSinner.
    壱イボSinner. 5 days ago +1

    2:38 If your on a laptop, switch it to high contrast mode. It looks the same as the rest of the animation-

  • BlankSpace
    BlankSpace 5 days ago

    I mainly watch these for the music

  • mayvocado
    mayvocado 6 days ago

    at this point i don’t get why people find furries so awful

  • Sepp Dietrich
    Sepp Dietrich 6 days ago

    Why nazi :( can you remove nazi

  • XxSunflower•PlayzxX •

    Am I the only one who feels that the second place one should have been the first place one?

  • Sophia Chan
    Sophia Chan 7 days ago

    Pleazeee put mah country Philippine's

  • DIO (JOJO PT 3)
    DIO (JOJO PT 3) 7 days ago +5

    When the colonies dont text you back

  • Lila Menor
    Lila Menor 7 days ago +4

    It's so cool , and Russy X Ameriqua :

  • Назар Худойназаров

    Stop w Russia no use

  • Вероничка - Клубничка

    Хватит шиперить Америку и Россию!

  • wolfxie
    wolfxie 8 days ago

    1:03 dat face tho

  • Саенко Алексей

    what's the point of these stupid videos?
    cock suck British fucking

  • Swiggity swooty, comin' for dat booty


    Britain: *sits at the back with a crumpet and a cup of tea*

  • DarcWolf Gacha
    DarcWolf Gacha 8 days ago +1

    Country leaders need to react to this

  • Соник Утинович

    I live in Russia. Huh?
    Я живу в России. Хах?

    • Hana Song
      Hana Song 3 days ago

      I want to be Russian T-T BUT I'M ITALIAN! FUCK IT *Cry so hard*

  • ThatOneAlien
    ThatOneAlien 9 days ago

    i still cannot believe y’all are okay with making Germany a nazi

  • River Terry
    River Terry 9 days ago

    This is why I don't make digital art since any hacker could see me draw stuff like this...

  • I Love OofBloof!
    I Love OofBloof! 9 days ago

    I don't like that people ship America with Russia, I live in Norway, so has a risk of becoming a part of Russia.

  • stone big
    stone big 10 days ago

    "omg xd why did i make this" fuck off

  • Станислав Бодров

    >#[ >#[ #] •} •} •} (бочка ) (ярости) •]]]]]]]]]

  • H U M A N
    H U M A N 10 days ago +5

    I live in a g a e country

    That was on my bucket list thanks fam

  • Jameson Audette
    Jameson Audette 11 days ago

    Wtf is country humans? Is this a rip off of country balls?

  • haileyz playzyt
    haileyz playzyt 11 days ago


  • Malaz Mohamed
    Malaz Mohamed 11 days ago

    Me: i have a bad feeling about this...

    Edit: 1:05, " gurl y u lyin (y y) y u always lyin."

  • Азизе live
    Азизе live 11 days ago


  • Dragokat Gaming
    Dragokat Gaming 11 days ago +49

    1963: We will have flying cars!

    2019: *people shipping pieces of land together*

    • Dayday 6297
      Dayday 6297 3 hours ago

      @Erin Smith sounds about right

    • Dragon Animating
      Dragon Animating Day ago

      I ship them as much as I ship peanut butter and chilies 2%

    • Hana Song
      Hana Song 3 days ago

      I am one of them :')

    • Hana Song
      Hana Song 3 days ago

      @Erin Smith exctacly :D

    • Erin Smith
      Erin Smith 8 days ago +2

      Dragokat Gaming we have just ran out of things to ship tbh ;-; honestly nobody cares tho, it’s cute

  • Faithful Nerd
    Faithful Nerd 11 days ago

    Wait what happened to Canada?

  • Aurenaci
    Aurenaci 11 days ago +4

    why have i fallen for like 5 anthropomorphic countries

  • kokosák tv
    kokosák tv 12 days ago

    česko nej

  • Ailish K
    Ailish K 12 days ago

    Grettings from Poland

  • c r y x n g
    c r y x n g 12 days ago +6

    Anyone remember the OG?


  • Sebastian Borak
    Sebastian Borak 12 days ago


  • TotallyFake
    TotallyFake 12 days ago +1

    0:35 my fav

  • EPIC Doge875
    EPIC Doge875 12 days ago +1

    Why with the amerussia ships >:(

  • ElioAtmeal.
    ElioAtmeal. 12 days ago

    bitches be lookin like fukin pokeballs

  • rxssizn anxmate
    rxssizn anxmate 12 days ago +8

    America wears "say hay if you're gay" Shirt .

  • Sam Said
    Sam Said 12 days ago +2

    *quickly tries to figure out america's current relations with russia to see if its valid to ship them * jesus my life has really come to this? At least im getting involved in politics.

  • ツSoft
    ツSoft 12 days ago

    0:00 BAN BAN

  • XJuli BSP
    XJuli BSP 13 days ago +3

    Me:This meme is veryy cool becouse

    Jest Polska więc musi być kul

  • Александр Рыбальченко

    4 понравилось очень

  • Rei
    Rei 13 days ago

    Teach me how to drawww

  • springtrap gaming gaming channel

    U see the thing is is that the Soviet Union and the krouts (Nazis) never got along

  • Fototingobug
    Fototingobug 13 days ago +20

    Nazi Germany is the most popular one
    W E G E T I T

  • bananaboye 76
    bananaboye 76 13 days ago

    1:19 great animation but this could get on hentaiheaven easly

  • Ernestina Ciriaco
    Ernestina Ciriaco 13 days ago

    I wonder why people ship Russia and American... and I'm American actually so I just want to know.

  • Taschendemon
    Taschendemon 14 days ago +5

    This moment when you are from Germany and Germany is everytime a Nazi.

    • Hana Song
      Hana Song 3 days ago

      See, I'm Italian and in every meme we have some SPAGHETTI, BOI!

  • павлуша михалыч

    Рассия молодец добижал до аэропорта

  • userA
    userA 14 days ago +10

    The Nazi stuff is not ok.
    I rarely get triggered, but this is not ok. In no way.

    • bumblebees
      bumblebees 3 days ago

      @The Firestarter Not all of these.. people ship them. Also, fuck those idiots who ship countries lmao. This whole fandom thing was meant to just draw and make skits or something.

    • The Firestarter
      The Firestarter 4 days ago

      @bumblebees are you actually retarded- it is not for educational purposes you dumbass. PEOPLE SHIP FUCKING USSR AND NAZI GERMANY, BOTH COUNTRIES THAT CAUSED MILLIONS OF DEATH "IT'S JUST HISTORY" oh my God. You are so ignorant.

    • bumblebees
      bumblebees 8 days ago +1

      But.. its history? Its okay if its history, but not in a offensive way. This nazi stuff is for historial/educational purposes fam

    • userA
      userA 10 days ago

      @Lizzems !! Don't worry your question was completly justified. I should have thought of that haha

    • Lizzems !!
      Lizzems !! 11 days ago

      @userA ohhh that's fair! Sorry if I sounded ignorant than 😥

  • kidzontheblock
    kidzontheblock 15 days ago

    Moskau was my fav.

  • Actually Ed
    Actually Ed 15 days ago

    Ah, I see. It's polandball, but they fuck!

  • Ирина Ткачева

    У Росії нема серця він только пьот ругається і войну створив хто тоже так думає то лайк.

  • Dorota Mikstacka
    Dorota Mikstacka 15 days ago

    Najlepsze na święcie

  • OhMyForkLift
    OhMyForkLift 15 days ago


    Germany is my fav WHYYYYYYYYY

  • Lazzy landa Кузбагарова

    Кто любит тройцых

  • Caitlin Gagne
    Caitlin Gagne 15 days ago +2

    Okay am I the only one worried about people getting a weird obsession with (and I never thought I’d have to fucking say this) humanized *nazi germany*

  • Firchu
    Firchu 15 days ago

    *DaMn uSsR gOt tHanOs sNapPeD*

  • Purple Demon
    Purple Demon 15 days ago +72

    Friend: Shouldnt america be fat?
    Me: *nahh.*

  • Frosty the ArcticFox
    Frosty the ArcticFox 15 days ago +1

    *_W H O S T O L E M Y H A M B U R- I M E A N O I L ? ! W H E N I F I N D Y O U I W I L L P E L T B U L L E T S I N Y O U R A S S_*

  • Trans doodle
    Trans doodle 15 days ago

    Say hay if your gay

  • SovietРоссия
    SovietРоссия 15 days ago

    9 8 are the best in my opinion

  • CHILLZZ 2009
    CHILLZZ 2009 16 days ago +1

    0:15 HE’S TRUE SLAV

  • The Fionna Diaries
    The Fionna Diaries 16 days ago

    japan being a cat is iconic

  • Gacha Coconut
    Gacha Coconut 16 days ago +66

    8 place....
    I want that T-shirt with:
    I NEED it...TO LIVE

    • DarcWolf Gacha
      DarcWolf Gacha 7 days ago

      @Marshmallow Boi 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Marshmallow Boi
      Marshmallow Boi 8 days ago

      DarcWolf Gacha My GuY wHaT dO yOu MeAn

    • DarcWolf Gacha
      DarcWolf Gacha 8 days ago +1

      @Marshmallow Boi r/WoOoOsH

    • Marshmallow Boi
      Marshmallow Boi 10 days ago +1

      Gacha Coconut no, you need food to live

      (If someone woooshes me I’m gonna kill you)

  • shininq saturn
    shininq saturn 16 days ago +2

    Oh God. This is difficult to This is a comment. I don't wanna get hated on, but..don't you think it's kinda strange to, I don't know, ship countries? It could offend some people. And I don't like seeing offended people. So I don't HATE this fandom. It's quite nice. It's just the Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and more countries that caused harm. Maybe, instead of..sexualizing..them..? You could use the histories of the countries to get an accurate representation? Other then that, the animations were awesome. ~Some stupid tween.

  • Gacha Roze OWO
    Gacha Roze OWO 16 days ago +1

    There once was a super continet I wonder what that would look like

  • Lux Patata
    Lux Patata 16 days ago

    When tu país no sale...
    -Y YO QUE #$&@!/$&# ?!?!? ESTOY PINTADO/A O QUÉ?!?!? >:'V
    Ok no XD XD

  • Juliannie V
    Juliannie V 16 days ago

    9, 4, 3, 2 AND the bonus were my favorite.

  • Tahnee Ferris
    Tahnee Ferris 17 days ago

    I think why we Americans want to *LOVE* Russia...........
    They got *strong ass nuclear weapons* ehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh

  • amedeo
    amedeo 17 days ago

    hetalia knockoff

    FAAUSON TORD 17 days ago +2

    0:37 Dang America (Evan though thats my country)

    FAAUSON TORD 17 days ago

    The one I loved the most was number 9

  • GamerDoggo
    GamerDoggo 17 days ago

    philippines be like: T-T

  • Jules Severein
    Jules Severein 17 days ago +1

    This is so disrespectful to use WWII things are they right in their heads this is sickening

  • Andrey Kotic
    Andrey Kotic 17 days ago

    Рассия это же я