I Took The Longest Bus Ride in America... 84HRS OF HELL

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
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    This... Was probably a terrible idea. We found out about this bus ride a few months ago and have been trying to find a time to do it... And the day... Was finally upon us.
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  Month ago +2082

    THAT... Was insanity. But also surprisingly wholesome at the end... Check out Zac and Jay for their version of the experience and don't miss miss our Seek Discomfort x Lululemon Collab!! www.seekdiscomfort.com/ Much love everyone - Matt

    • Moises Perez
      Moises Perez 14 hours ago

      God bless and god loves peace you guys love your vids

    • Tru3 Pops
      Tru3 Pops 5 days ago

      Pff, if you did Russia I'd love to do it with ya, lol.

    • deathlightdb
      deathlightdb 7 days ago +1

      While I support Yes Theory in most things, I hate the amount of money you must have shucked over to Greyhound for this. Greyhound is an extremely disreputable business. Please consider researching this, and doing a PSA if you feel that you have mistakenly supported a company which REGULARLY abuses, injures, strands, and steals from its customers. You just spat their logo at 2 million people. Basically free advertisement. They don't deserve even the indirect the support of great people like you guys. (Some of the things they do to customers should be illegal.)

    • Livet Som Teenager
      Livet Som Teenager 7 days ago +1

      How about you guys come to Denmark and I'll take you guys around by starting in my city fensmark 4684 and then we can take a ride into Copenhagen and næstved

    • 15Voices
      15Voices 9 days ago

      Pls do Russia, and count me in, I'll help you get around in Russian :)

  • Clay Bolton
    Clay Bolton Hour ago

    I see you smart asses don’t get so smart ass when you sit by black folks

    G HXTCH Hour ago

    I would love to join them on that train ride through Russia

  • Clay Bolton
    Clay Bolton Hour ago

    I wonder why you young men would make fun of this do you not realize poor people with less money than you have to travel like this all the time

  • Emma Tribble
    Emma Tribble Hour ago

    Me : :(
    Princess : laughs
    Me : :)

  • Maria G. Chávez
    Maria G. Chávez Hour ago

    I spent 7 days on a bus from Venezuela to Peru... Running away from socialism be like.

  • Jordan Dunn
    Jordan Dunn 2 hours ago

    My wife and I took our vacation and drove from West Kentucky to Santa Monica and back in 8 days earlier this year! That drive between St. Louis and Denver is WHACK! I did home to Denver in 12 hours straight through...it was worth it....cuz everything after was amazing... (video on my channel, I can't wait to do another trip cuz I would have filmed so much different)

  • Chandler Henderson
    Chandler Henderson 2 hours ago


  • Sophie Britz
    Sophie Britz 3 hours ago

    bro i love zac a jay this is surreal

  • 100,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    I thought the thumbnail was a trailer for Zombieland

  • anisometropie Benihime

    I never could understand celebrations, when everybody around is shouting, and laughing, when everyone is supposed to be happy and cheering,
    I just stand there, being a witness of what’s going on around me, without ever taking part of it.
    Earlier in my life, I’ve tried to go to parties, but it always left me feeling empty and alone.
    I’ve never felt more alone than in crowds.
    I feel much better on my own, or when there is just 1 or 2 people around.
    Otherewise I just feel numb and don’t know what i’m doing here.
    I can’t even stand most people, I’ve always felt different.
    There is only 1 or 2 people in my that really understand me, and whom I really feel I understand.
    Most people I just don’t understand why they do what they’re doing.
    like those guys in this car, shouting and cheering.

  • Lili Koch
    Lili Koch 7 hours ago +1


  • Mariana Nascimento
    Mariana Nascimento 8 hours ago

    Please do Russia !!!!!

  • Ryan Stevens
    Ryan Stevens 8 hours ago


  • Eddie Nilzz0n
    Eddie Nilzz0n 8 hours ago

    Trans Siberian Russia for sure! Go for it!

  • Liz’s Lifestyle
    Liz’s Lifestyle 13 hours ago

    Russian train ride

  • Moises Perez
    Moises Perez 14 hours ago

    God bless and god loves peace you guys love your vids

  • Mackenzie Siwa
    Mackenzie Siwa 18 hours ago

    But it was more than one ride?

  • Tessa Gravets
    Tessa Gravets 20 hours ago

    I feel pain in my back while watching this

  • Moritz S
    Moritz S 21 hour ago

    I, a german, once took a 56 hour greyhound bus ride from Toronto, Ontario to Banff, Alberta. We switched the bus in Winnipeg, where just three weeks earlier some guy was released from prison who cut of the head of a random guy inside of a greyhound. Somebody told me that story during the ride. Anyways, I'm still alive and one of the girls riding with me is still a friend of mine, and it's been almost 4 years now. Wouldn't say it was one of the bad experiences in my life

  • Luke Farley
    Luke Farley 23 hours ago +1

    am i the only one who would love to do this and it seems fun

    JZAITZ 23 hours ago

    lol right after they said to matt we have a suprise for you it showed an airplane ad

  • Rachel Travers
    Rachel Travers 23 hours ago


  • ollebror
    ollebror 23 hours ago

    RUSSIA 2020

  • Xenia Starr
    Xenia Starr 23 hours ago

    can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute matt is

  • TashaSha
    TashaSha Day ago

    I think you should take Tommy to Russia :)

  • brandie O'Neal
    brandie O'Neal Day ago

    We did this from NV to Alabama with 2 kids under 3.
    It’s sucks lol

  • Big Brain
    Big Brain Day ago

    try going jail thats the most discomfort place ever

  • edfdsfsd dsgfdsgsd
    edfdsfsd dsgfdsgsd Day ago +1

    I actually like more train and bus than airplane. 1. Train 2. Bus 3. Airplane

  • # JOKES #
    # JOKES # Day ago

    5 days = 120 hrs.....not 84 !!!!

  • Dominique Steyn
    Dominique Steyn Day ago

    God I love this channel... Damn,, they put so much happiness in my day.... 👌

  • Fezzie
    Fezzie Day ago

    Brad is ssoo adorable

  • Who Caresss
    Who Caresss Day ago +1

    I actually took a 4 day ride from my home town in Cali to Texas and it was horrible because I actually moved so I had a lot of luggage😭

  • Steven stott
    Steven stott Day ago

    Seek discomfort. Addicts do it every day.

  • The Wordless Traveler

    Do a longest plane ride from New York to Singapore!

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts Day ago

    idk if you've done it but try doing a week with a truck driver. It's cold now so best time to see why an office on the road is harder than just driving down the road lol

  • thijsvox
    thijsvox Day ago

    This video gave me back pain

  • Elias K
    Elias K Day ago

    Why isn't this video monetized?

  • Tom Buchanan
    Tom Buchanan Day ago

    Imagine how long this would of took in the 1800s or like the 1920s

  • Tom Buchanan
    Tom Buchanan Day ago

    These guys are seeing the real America

  • Zayaan Sallie
    Zayaan Sallie Day ago

    take me with to russiaaaaa

  • crystal The fam
    crystal The fam Day ago

    This video is exactly what experience I took a bus with friends from Michigan to Phoenix Arizona you go from bus to bus no sleep just fall asleep get woke up to change buses you only get a few min to eat then back bus people do get kick off right in the middle of no where

  • SuperTeds Dead
    SuperTeds Dead Day ago

    What Ironman is too self absorbed to know is that it was FAR FAR worse for EVERYONE else on the coach who had to hear and see him make sweet sweet music with his own overinflated opinion of himself for 84 hours, than ANY amount of eye gouging boredom and discomfort.

  • edgrocks •
    edgrocks • Day ago

    Longest train ride in AusTRaLia

  • CC Wilson
    CC Wilson Day ago

    gosh this reminds me of my florida trip, makes me miss it because we spent about 2 days in the bus straight only stopping for food and switching bus drivers (and filling up for gas) OMG I MISS IT

  • Joey Danvers
    Joey Danvers Day ago

    I wanna see Siberia, do Russia

  • Abram Gomez
    Abram Gomez Day ago

    I hope they know 84 hours is 3.5 days and not 5 day

  • Kenna Hewi
    Kenna Hewi Day ago

    When he was trying to get the dog to lick out of the fountain I audibly said, please stop🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams Day ago

    Id never make it cause I'd be popping my z's and drink vodka. I wouldn't know what f****** bus to get on lol

  • Apex Select
    Apex Select Day ago

    Do the Russia trip

  • Karson Camielle
    Karson Camielle Day ago

    Lmfao when they stopped in ATL 😂

  • Boiled Cheetos
    Boiled Cheetos Day ago +1

    He obviously hasn’t been on the desert bus.

  • Ty_Braek
    Ty_Braek Day ago +1

    The worst part is that it probably costs more than a plane ticket.

  • kjjustinXD
    kjjustinXD Day ago

    Thats some next level desert bus right there

  • Nukq
    Nukq Day ago


  • Faith Williams
    Faith Williams Day ago


  • Austin Molitor
    Austin Molitor Day ago

    The most uncomfortable I've even been was when I went on a 15 mile run in -10 degree temperatures with a freezing wind.

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz Day ago

    Try 90 hours bitch boy

  • mini dwarfdude
    mini dwarfdude Day ago

    Collab with Bald Guy in Russia !!

  • Conosis
    Conosis Day ago +1

    Fk me I felt that so hard... The struggle with sleeping on the coach when they stop every 2 hours. Hate it XD