Need for Speed HEAT Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - BIG PROBLEMS! (Full Game)

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • NFS Heat is back once more with our walkthrough, we get deeper into the story and finally customize our first car. We have some issues along the way...
    This was played on PS4 Pro at an early capture event courtesy of EA, but the game is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC! Make sure to subscribe for more Need for Speed Heat Gameplay, Customization & much more!
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    Outro: Madloops
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  • Chase Ferrell
    Chase Ferrell 5 days ago

    He said In his head that skyline kinda thick 😜

  • Freddie Ripley
    Freddie Ripley 6 days ago

    7:13 looks similar to the walk way thing form NFS most wanted in the city

  • mahadi hasan sarker
    mahadi hasan sarker 7 days ago

    how much link are there like 2000 or 10000

  • Canadian Crew MTB
    Canadian Crew MTB 25 days ago +2

    I’m so confused is he playing with the cam or is it like a reviewing footage thing

  • DaBest21101
    DaBest21101 25 days ago +1

    Just realized this is exactly like a new midnight club lol

  • Greg Lightfoot
    Greg Lightfoot 28 days ago

    do i have to pay money in anyway to subscribe to blackpanthaa?

  • Mehrad 87
    Mehrad 87 29 days ago

    شبیه موز هستی

  • A-6M ZERO
    A-6M ZERO Month ago

    i just really want to sey guys ireally like most wanted 2012 and rivals these game + payback are shiiit sorry guys .

  • Dee Capone
    Dee Capone Month ago

    Brake way too much, makes you slower, have to drift them corners, have to keep speed on them corners

  • mr.nono
    mr.nono Month ago

    This isn’t live com smh

  • Dovydas
    Dovydas Month ago +1

    7:56 its no nut november chill!!

  • Dwc 4life
    Dwc 4life Month ago

    Don't let u distract u from the fact he almost said I like dixs instead of dex

  • SS3
    SS3 Month ago

    Why theses videos are not 60FPS, they are so laggy

  • Mikaela Fox
    Mikaela Fox Month ago

    Wait if you’re in all drive and someone else is getting chased, they might chase you as well? That’s hilarious if that’s how it goes. 😂

  • Danthe Gamer
    Danthe Gamer Month ago

    This is on ps4 right

  • Benjamin Basora
    Benjamin Basora Month ago

    I just pre ordered the game paid in full and I got the deluxe edition and I can't wait to play!

  • L B L motor
    L B L motor Month ago

    I just wish you’d stop talking so that way we can hear the music

    GAMING JJ08CH Month ago

    Please go in first Person

  • Lorrysøn
    Lorrysøn Month ago

    What about Wracks? Are they in the Game?

  • Gamest Gaming
    Gamest Gaming Month ago

    i play on pc. better graphics higher fps and its just generally better. no offense here but fxxk playstation

  • ken van passen
    ken van passen Month ago

    Plz man.... plz stop saying NOS when you are referring to nitrous.... NOS is a brand name... its short for nitrous oxide system.... but still..... you dont put NOS on a car... you put nitrous on a car.. that can be made by NOS... or Nitrous Express... or a couple other brands.... Shit triggers me every time... sorry :)

  • Ripperooney
    Ripperooney Month ago

    The story is maybe a bit to much dudebro for me I guess. I dunno why developers took this route in their decisions.

  • jax magas
    jax magas Month ago

    Wtf man. Come on why you riced so beautiful car

  • TheSoulEater121
    TheSoulEater121 Month ago

    Rache vom Sonntag?

  • Chronic Kush
    Chronic Kush Month ago +2

    Imagine cockpit view with custom interior (gauges etc.) Especially at night.

  • Robin Haas
    Robin Haas Month ago

    LB means pounds as in pounds of weight.

  • William Beard
    William Beard Month ago


  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult Month ago

    You could do a Paul walker with that ju- wait needs to be bigger

  • Julio Blee
    Julio Blee Month ago

    how are you going to skip the jumps?! They don't slow you down as much as crashing into everything like u seem to be doing a lot.

  • AshrafAhmed
    AshrafAhmed Month ago

    Theo why are you doing a commentary instead of the usual talking whilst playing?

  • Loki Finnigan
    Loki Finnigan Month ago +17

    am i the only one who doesn't like him not actually playing the game when he records the commentary i feel like it almost makes the video feel empty
    ya awesome tho theo

  • Da Osta
    Da Osta Month ago

    LPN05 crew hier?

  • Billy Clatworthy
    Billy Clatworthy Month ago +1


  • Joseph McKinney
    Joseph McKinney Month ago

    TIL BlackPanthaa has a hard time following a car without hitting EVERYTHING.

  • Jairethekid _
    Jairethekid _ Month ago

    Where is part 3

    WATCHFULWOLF 92 Month ago

    The only thing I'm disappointed at with this game is the lack of a cockpit view.. it's just a missed opportunity they could of had interior customization the option to move the steering wheel on JDM cars and so much more.. hopefully next time

  • J7o7e7 Klauman
    J7o7e7 Klauman Month ago

    I think it would be awesome if they had some more 80's cars like AE86 and Mitsubishi Starion and it would be kool for a Pontiac fiero

  • Cris Mujica
    Cris Mujica Month ago

    What song sound in 7:53 ?

  • Boredwithgaming
    Boredwithgaming Month ago

    wow this looks like an old nfs game
    really disappointed

    • Ichiban Hoshi V
      Ichiban Hoshi V Month ago

      Boredwithgaming are you blind old nfs are legends so what you even talking about?

  • Louis -
    Louis - Month ago

    Where the fuck is the traffic? The older versions of need for speed has more traffic in a free gameplay. Again they fail🤦‍♂️

  • _xXReigo HacksXx_
    _xXReigo HacksXx_ Month ago

    I want more

  • Joshua Ashford
    Joshua Ashford Month ago

    We could change the paint material in need for speed 2015 too just saying..

  • Tac Wack
    Tac Wack Month ago

    Subscribed and liked cause I luv you...No homo

  • Chlorine Gas public Execution

    I don't think he's actually playing the game just doing a voice over because at 11:07 The game footage cuts but his face cam doesn't

  • neriah armamento
    neriah armamento Month ago

    try to drift early b4 entering a corner
    its easier to control

  • Nanis Alex
    Nanis Alex Month ago

    how come this this guy plays so many racing games and suks so much at driving?

  • Vukašin Đorđević
    Vukašin Đorđević Month ago +1

    More of it pls

  • Sam Hughes
    Sam Hughes Month ago +1

    Upload more black panther

  • Peter Sorensen Guitar
    Peter Sorensen Guitar Month ago +5

    EA: How can we appeal to zoomers without being cringe?
    Also EA: Jack, how are we doing on shoehorning social media into Need For Speed Heat?

  • Roman Kuchkovsky
    Roman Kuchkovsky Month ago

    Nroncartoonasphalt10rainy GARBAGE

  • Kuro Hata TV
    Kuro Hata TV Month ago

    what car was that?

  • TG10105
    TG10105 Month ago

    Would you say getting the deluxe edition is worth it or would it be a waste?

  • Tajul Arif
    Tajul Arif Month ago

    You too much talking bro

  • Noob Gamer
    Noob Gamer Month ago

    Who is Sea_Green ?

  • Chris 777
    Chris 777 Month ago

    U suck at driving

  • vladimir ojeda
    vladimir ojeda Month ago

    pls subs in spanish

  • Raihan Rilwanu
    Raihan Rilwanu Month ago

    Did he play the game or just reacting the gameplay video?

  • Kashyy AMG
    Kashyy AMG Month ago

    Wtf ... you got 2 channels ?

  • Spencer Mclaughlan
    Spencer Mclaughlan Month ago +25

    Theo: “imma make this a drift style car”
    Also Theo: -makes it grippy-
    *180sx: Am I a joke to you?*

  • Adam Lawrence
    Adam Lawrence Month ago

    Does this NFS still suffer from that annoying on rails crap that the previous NFS suffered from?