Test Your Ellen Knowledge with '2 Lies and a Truth'

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Think you know a lot about Ellen? Find out if you're a true fan... in a new game called "2 Lies and a Truth."
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  • Arfin Khan S TV
    Arfin Khan S TV 7 days ago


  • hazzaa alameri
    hazzaa alameri 8 days ago

    Are ppl dumb? Or I know Ellen more then anyone

  • Fun channel
    Fun channel 9 days ago

    Ellen exists

  • Joanna Aye
    Joanna Aye 14 days ago

    This game gotta be a weekly thing 😍

  • Literally Georgie
    Literally Georgie 15 days ago

    Yessss mate

  • Emma Macdonald
    Emma Macdonald 15 days ago

    Ellen degenoris name is ellen degenoris because she is so generous giveing peaple new homes and money (wish she could do that for my family)

  • C J
    C J 16 days ago

    Is the second guest German? The way he answers things, plus the deep commanding voice.... lol.

  • Ale G
    Ale G 17 days ago

    It really sadness me that Ellen will be on the air for 3 years more and that’s it. I’ll miss her terribly !!!

  • Tiara Davis
    Tiara Davis 19 days ago

    I thought it was 2 truth's and a lie

    CUTIE PIE 20 days ago +58

    *You know you’re early when the comments ain’t disabled* lol

  • Cecily Stephens
    Cecily Stephens 20 days ago +1

    Ellen, I know that you are like, 60, (no offense) but yo look YOUNGER than 30! How do you Do That?

  • RxseyPxsey
    RxseyPxsey 20 days ago

    look how red ellen is omg lol

  • Isha Acharya
    Isha Acharya 21 day ago +1


  • Madhav Pulivendala
    Madhav Pulivendala 22 days ago +2

    ELLEN'S LYING SHE HAS A TATTOO....I SAW IT IN THE "YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN" music video of TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! It was even there on the show when taylor swift came before the release of the music video!!!!

    • Tarini Munisami
      Tarini Munisami 21 day ago +1

      Maybe it was a temporary tattoo which she did on the day of the shoot for the music video which was also on the day of Taylor's interview

  • Cloby Not your buisiness
    Cloby Not your buisiness 23 days ago +1

    Who knows ellen more than I do please please at least 1like

  • kirstystar74
    kirstystar74 23 days ago

    I have seen a vid on youtube her being at a Doppelgänger Show (look alike). That was correct!

  • Bella Diaz
    Bella Diaz 24 days ago

    Mr.escobar. Lol 😂😂 dont worry ellen we still love you!

  • Noma Glecious
    Noma Glecious 25 days ago +1

    You know u early when the comment section is not yet disabled

  • Jeffrey Cabiles
    Jeffrey Cabiles 25 days ago


  • MrNikkimaxine
    MrNikkimaxine 25 days ago

    Is all good

  • LordsMobile gang bang
    LordsMobile gang bang 26 days ago

    69 dislike. 😂😂😂😂🙆

  • Rapuri_sl
    Rapuri_sl 26 days ago +32

    I laughed out loud so hard when she said "I should have won Emmy for that" 😂😂

    KARNA ANILKUMAR 27 days ago +3

    *The name of my boss is mr.Eskovor*
    *That's all I know* 😂

  • Benimation
    Benimation 28 days ago +7

    "Happy friday, are you excited for the weekend?"
    But.. but.. I'm watching this on monday..

    • Topermot
      Topermot 26 days ago

      They filmed on Friday. I hope you were joking lol

  • SPOKEN HOPE With LauraSue

    That was good...I believe it to be true💜😂

  • O
    O 28 days ago

    I love this game!

  • Kids Mayar Toys Review

    Hi Ellen we love you 🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤❤

  • Meli’s World
    Meli’s World 28 days ago

    The last one killed me

  • Caris
    Caris 28 days ago +1

    “Should’ve won an Emmy for that” had me dying but also reminded me of that meme about acting experience “I acted straight for 17 years”

  • Laura Berber
    Laura Berber 28 days ago +1


  • white white
    white white 28 days ago +2

    The name of my boss was MR, Escobar 💀😂

  • Lixandria
    Lixandria 28 days ago +79

    Blogs: “So Ellen was a drug dealer.”

  • Skye Lynch
    Skye Lynch 29 days ago +1

    Ellen for president

  • Nick j
    Nick j 29 days ago

    Ellen, there is a young man out there with a very humble heart. He has written and played piano a song that inspired him from John Greens book "turtles all the way down". Please just listen to him, this song should be on the soundtrack of the movie.

  • Eros ettri
    Eros ettri 29 days ago

    ellen ❤

  • Kadian Lawrence
    Kadian Lawrence 29 days ago +1

    Hey everyone who comnented how yall doing am from jamaica can someone please tell ellen i love her show so much want to get in contact with her be on her show but dont know how to get through.

  • CANDY __
    CANDY __ 29 days ago +5

    The 2nd person , the guy is hella cute 🤧😍

  • Yashika Ahuja
    Yashika Ahuja 29 days ago +1

    I can miss my studies just to watch your show.i can watch it 24/7.i make me feel sooooo better.i forget everything while watching your show.🙂

  • Lety Valenz
    Lety Valenz 29 days ago

    I know this is way off topic but now that it’s close to spooky season Andy needs to go to a haunted house with Kevin hart !!!!

  • Farah Nashville
    Farah Nashville 29 days ago


  • Farah Nashville
    Farah Nashville 29 days ago

    Ellen so funny 😆 I like her show 👍🙂🙂

  • One on one with Finn Durby

    Ellen is the only Ellen. Looks or not!!

  • Tiffo Love
    Tiffo Love 29 days ago +1

    i just love her Ellen i watched most of her shows n they are great most of them bring tear to my eyes ellen keep doing what u do best

  • Zeyad Basha
    Zeyad Basha 29 days ago +48

    I want to send a letter to Ellen and I hope you reach it and read it personally
    I want to thank you that you make the world better and draw a smile in everyone's lips, including me.
    I am from a country where there are many wars, destruction and killings. There is no longer a reason to live in the misery we live every day that Country is yemen
    But the only thing that gives me a glimmer of hope and makes me smile is the vision of your television program is true that I can not see the program Live show..because I am in the other side of the world, but did not prevent me to watch all the Videos of the Show and returned for more than once on RU-clip
    I want to thank you for making a difference in the world and in the lives of everyone and helping everyone. This is something that makes me know that the world is still fine, you are the true meaning of humanity and kindness
    So thank you thank you very much.. No matter how thankful you will not be enough to be a big part of my life
    How I wished thank you personally but I hope you receive my message is enough to know that you are the main reason to make my life better ❤️
    I hope those who read my letter put Like. To get my message to Jenny

    • LogicianMagician
      LogicianMagician 25 days ago +1

      @Zeyad Basha np. Than you.

    • Zeyad Basha
      Zeyad Basha 26 days ago +2

      Thank you bro for prayers and wishes for my country .. It is something nice of you, I am very happy your reply bro I wish you a happy life ❤️

    • LogicianMagician
      LogicianMagician 26 days ago +7

      Awww! That's really nice of you! I hope you live better and your country grows. This speech really touched my heart. I pray to God that he helps every single person in your country. May God bless you, Yemen and people of Yemen!

  • bhavika mishra
    bhavika mishra Month ago

    I love you ellen , i want to come to your show, u r my favorite

  • Alex Ruland
    Alex Ruland Month ago +1

    both charlie chaplin and dolly parton has had number 3 actually happen to them. dolly lost to a drag queen too.

  • Roy K
    Roy K Month ago

    I got all 3 correct I’m so shocked!! This must mean I’ve seen A LOT of Ellen. It’s true😂😝

  • יעל תורג'מן

    I guessed everything right!!!!!!

  • Seksi Wellness
    Seksi Wellness Month ago

    I do want to comment to Will Smith and the boys,this is great 😁 is like me speaking,and yes we need to be more human

  • PUBG Mobile
    PUBG Mobile Month ago

    Remember than woman who was Ellen lookalike if there was ever a contest she would win surely!,,

  • lolly pop
    lolly pop Month ago

    I love your shows 🇿🇦 each and everyday I make sure I buy data to watch.. You are such a great person I wish God can bless you and keep you❤

  • Sara-A
    Sara-A Month ago

    My weekend started for me here in Western Asia and its Saturday. No work on Sunday its teacher work day!!!

  • Sarah Schmidt
    Sarah Schmidt Month ago

    ... Was she saying the woman thought she was an idiot, or mocking her for being an idiot? 4:48 Sometimes, her humor is a bit brash.

  • Jay Vala
    Jay Vala Month ago

    You're hilarious, Ellen

  • Curry Bbang
    Curry Bbang Month ago +1

    3:00 the guy's hot

  • S-T-O-B I-T
    S-T-O-B I-T Month ago +1

    Admit it,you have a crush on the guy who answered the second question

    • S-T-O-B I-T
      S-T-O-B I-T Month ago

      @Ki Ji Min TASTE👌

    • Ki Ji Min
      Ki Ji Min Month ago

      S-T-O-B I-T admit of having crush on the guy in your dp🤫

  • Alyssa Andres
    Alyssa Andres Month ago

    Life is strange: before the storm. They play this game too

  • Hello Hello 2019
    Hello Hello 2019 Month ago

    Well we all Failed ...👎

  • * Annie * Ananya
    * Annie * Ananya Month ago

    Ellen ❤

  • Daniel Rodríguez
    Daniel Rodríguez Month ago