Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing!

  • Published on Sep 18, 2018
  • Yes, this phone cost $1449 before tax. Here's everything that comes in the box.
    Review coming soon...
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    Phone provided by Apple for video.
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  • Angel Fernandez
    Angel Fernandez 22 hours ago

    Marque why your iPhone dont have writings but in my iPhone there is writings in the back

  • Fabo Mégane
    Fabo Mégane 2 days ago

    Someone please offer me an Iphone 8 plus!😭😭😭

  • George Nakad
    George Nakad 5 days ago

    The phone looks silver

  • Ralph U.
    Ralph U. 7 days ago

    Believe it or not it's not a planet. It's actually a close up of a bubble.

  • HollywoodPlays
    HollywoodPlays 11 days ago +1

    Yay!! I have saved up my money to the iPhone XS max (I have it now)
    Not tryna flex tho

  • Rozoni Huda
    Rozoni Huda 15 days ago

    Can I get one?

  • Remodluna 99
    Remodluna 99 17 days ago

    2015 iPhone 7: no headphone jack
    2017 iPhone 8: Same as iPhone 7 but glass back
    2017 iPhone X great phone with entire phone redesign 🥳
    2018 iPhone XsSame thing but now with gold
    2018 iPhone XR Cheap iPhone X with no HD display and only one camera for $799
    2019 iPhone 11 Same iPhone XR but with an extra camera for $100 cheaper 🤔
    2019 iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max 3 cameras for super ugly phone lovers!!!!!!

  • Norwegian Guy
    Norwegian Guy 17 days ago

    Probaly the worst upgrade ever.

  • Maria Prima
    Maria Prima 21 day ago +1


  • Maria Prima
    Maria Prima 21 day ago +1


  • xsync
    xsync 22 days ago +1

    Apple: Samsung, what did you change?

    Samsung: camera, battery life, durable glass ect.
    Samsung: Apple, What did you upgrade?

    Apple: Price.

    • fishLAD
      fishLAD 20 days ago

      Pretty sure apple this year upgraded exactly everything you said for Samsung

  • Mahrosh Malik
    Mahrosh Malik 24 days ago

    Bought it today iphone XS max in gold 256 gb and super excited 🤗

    • Madcuffs
      Madcuffs 20 days ago

      congrats, you played urself

  • Wayne Dj Dzabu Mlambo
    Wayne Dj Dzabu Mlambo 25 days ago

    can u get 1

  • cold glass of coke zero

    next year
    apple: give us moneh u get nothing
    these wankers deserve to go bankrupt lazy dickheads

  • Evinor Co
    Evinor Co Month ago

    1 year ago today epicly

  • Lady.Whatever
    Lady.Whatever Month ago

    Not planets... bubbles

  • pramod afs
    pramod afs Month ago

    Who is here after iPhone 11 lauchy

  • Rassim Marref
    Rassim Marref Month ago +5

    People:what's the difference between xs max and 11 pro max ?!
    Apple: the name 😑

  • Ziro to Hiro
    Ziro to Hiro Month ago

    Yet a $700 phone beats this

  • Lazar Samardžić
    Lazar Samardžić Month ago

    Wallpaper is not a planet, it's a foam bubble.

  • Wayne Dj Dzabu Mlambo

    is it too late for me to get a free Xs Max

  • Thi Huong Le
    Thi Huong Le Month ago +1

    open the box and get almost 4M views?

  • Majesty Royall4
    Majesty Royall4 Month ago +1

    Apple: *removes headphone jack*
    Me: I’m literally getting a new phone bc I thought another headphone jack would be in there

    • jonathan oxlade
      jonathan oxlade Month ago

      Apple says headphone jacks are obsolete really apple really lol most high end headphones require a dac amplifier you stupid bastards like proper £1000 headphones run on headphone jacks because the power to drive the drivers in them and if that's the case all audio equipment will change to USB Cable lol has it happened yet no because modern amplifiers and decks still use headphone jacks lol

  • Mcjuggerfat
    Mcjuggerfat Month ago


  • Clare Weitzel
    Clare Weitzel Month ago +1

    Anyone who upgraded from an 8 Plus to a XS Max, how has it been? Thinking about upgrading when my house sells.

    • Toxicx _OG
      Toxicx _OG Month ago +1

      Should just wait for 11 next month.

  • Mister gaming XD
    Mister gaming XD Month ago

    3.16 throwback to when iPhones larger models were different with a +

  • シ「Blossom」
    シ「Blossom」 2 months ago

    Im getting the XS and I’ve watched a lot of reviews and I think Marques are THE BEST REVIEWS!

  • SANAMntzk's Hoe
    SANAMntzk's Hoe 2 months ago

    android is still the best

  • paulo universo
    paulo universo 2 months ago

    Clique na foto e se escreva no canal

  • Rock Tock
    Rock Tock 2 months ago

    Ok who takes screenshots by accidentally when trying press to volume up button

  • Jelord Juayibem
    Jelord Juayibem 2 months ago

    Hi please am Waheed and am asking if you could please get me an iPhone xs for free

  • Hanad Ayeyo
    Hanad Ayeyo 2 months ago +1

    Give me one please

  • micah
    micah 2 months ago +1

    "peaking and popping" into things like email and links are actually really useful, so is 3D touching the settings icon and going into wifi, mobile data or bluetooth settings is really helpful. Plus 3D touching the left side of the screen to quickly switch between apps is also really nice.

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer 2 months ago

    I bought a dongle for my Sony earbuds at Best Buy. Lol.

  • Ray05
    Ray05 2 months ago +1

    Nope they are not the latest phones. Xr is.

  • Ferby Arisaka
    Ferby Arisaka 2 months ago

    I was planned to upgrade my iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone XS Max and then Samsung came out with their S10+ and it makes me quiting Apple Ecosystem, besides ios was so boring i need UI customization 😄

  • Lboogie 478
    Lboogie 478 2 months ago

    What’s the newest iPhone out rite now Xr or xs

  • Simona Strand
    Simona Strand 2 months ago

    Hello. Is better go xs or xs max? Please help me!

  • mtripathi
    mtripathi 2 months ago

    Hi I am your big fan and I watch your videos before buying phones. Have you ever experienced headaches with xs max?
    I got this phone after watching multiple reviews and no reviewers mention about such things. Unfortunately I am out of my return period and stuck with this phone..!!

    • mtripathi
      mtripathi 2 months ago

      @DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS not sure what that means.. but it would be great if we get such points covered in the reviews too before investing in such expensive smartphones..


      It depends on preference and what you do.

  • Cheezy binglets
    Cheezy binglets 2 months ago

    It’s not a planet it’s a bubble

  • Layla Sosanya
    Layla Sosanya 2 months ago


  • Ania 101
    Ania 101 2 months ago +1

    Which phone do you recommend me to buy iPhone xs max or Samsung a 70

  • Jasia Blessing
    Jasia Blessing 2 months ago

    I'm sensing a little *Flossy Carter* attitude 🤣💀 (youtuber who gets straight to the point)

  • Mehar Ali
    Mehar Ali 2 months ago

    Iphone always best🔥😍

  • Ajay
    Ajay 2 months ago

    These are not planets but soap bubbles in the walpapers.

  • All Videos Channel
    All Videos Channel 2 months ago

    Can you please give me i phone xs

  • Junior Novel Creator Lightning McQueen

    The phone you got was old. You should've have brought an iphone 4.

  • Kareem Dalil
    Kareem Dalil 2 months ago

    So satisfying 🙌🏽😩

  • ymer gerxhalija
    ymer gerxhalija 2 months ago

    You know apple is getting washed out when you start thinking about buying an android.

  • _.3ri0n._
    _.3ri0n._ 2 months ago +7

    tbh if we’re buying $1000 iphones they should at least add airpods.

  • Murat Boz
    Murat Boz 2 months ago

    What size is your favorit in color gold?

  • Star Sppicca Fitness- Chinmay Pathak

    Who else is watching this on Xs max😅

  • Deraz Life
    Deraz Life 2 months ago +10

    Me: watching with my iPhone SE
    Me: checks piggy bank
    Also me: “eh.. maybe next year”

  • md opy
    md opy 3 months ago

    Hi bro love you video all time❤

  • ForumRocker
    ForumRocker 3 months ago

    Apple is just looting us

  • Unboxing4fun Zheng
    Unboxing4fun Zheng 3 months ago

    I feel broke

  • Zander's Universe
    Zander's Universe 3 months ago

    Just got to wait ‘til September 27th, and this’ll be mine.

  • Aiden Myers
    Aiden Myers 3 months ago +1

    I got one it’s gold love it but soon I’ll be getting the new iPad Pro and the iPhone 12 max in gold can’t wait

  • M1k3y
    M1k3y 3 months ago

    Useless phone...

  • Queen’s Puppet Pal
    Queen’s Puppet Pal 3 months ago

    I would buy a million iPhones just to take off the plastic.