iOS 5 vs iOS 6 vs iOS 7 vs iOS 8 vs iOS 9 on iPhone 4S Speed Test


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  • Luis Adolfo Jimenez
    Luis Adolfo Jimenez 3 days ago

    ios 7 -> Life

  • Ahsan Jamil
    Ahsan Jamil 4 days ago

    Watching this on iphone 4s with ios 8

  • Frieder Zi
    Frieder Zi 23 days ago

    This is so sad... Siri, play Despacito.

  • Ibragimoffich games

    I think,IOS 8.0-8.1 are best.'Cause on this versions supported good Jailbreak...

  • Xean Xedrik Torculas

    I made a mistake I should have not told my classmate to update iOS 9.3.2 she had iOS 7.1😞

  • real cartoon girl
    real cartoon girl Month ago +1

    i really liked that gigantic battery charging icon

  • Minecraft Fan
    Minecraft Fan 2 months ago +1

    Slide to Like

  • Paco_bl
    Paco_bl 2 months ago +1

    Wow ios 5/6 icons reminds me good times.... 😢

  • CoupledSaturn72
    CoupledSaturn72 3 months ago

    Newer versions are slower because they have new features that weren’t available when the phone came out. The phones memory is becoming smaller lol

  • BaconHairPolice
    BaconHairPolice 3 months ago

    iOS 7

  • Vengeful Toaster
    Vengeful Toaster 3 months ago

    they supported 9 so it would slow it down and you would be forced to upgrade

  • Legend Killer '13 year old rko fan'

    ios 6 best ios firmware

  • Md.Nizam Uddin Bhuiyan
    Md.Nizam Uddin Bhuiyan 3 months ago

    All are not iPhone 4s.

  • Galuh Martomihardjo
    Galuh Martomihardjo 3 months ago

    Unlock like a boss, damn

  • choumi mi
    choumi mi 3 months ago

    C'est tout les mêmes le 5 c'est le 9 et le 9 n'a jamais existé

  • Film Fragman
    Film Fragman 3 months ago +1

    İos 9 very very slow

  • Brandon Russell
    Brandon Russell 3 months ago


  • Kim Aldrich Villaluz
    Kim Aldrich Villaluz 4 months ago

    So how ios 7 have a siri why does my iphone 4 havent a siri

    • Tech Channel
      Tech Channel 4 months ago +1

      Kim Aldrich Villaluz because iPhone 4 doesn’t support Siri only 4s and above

  • Mr_4ebureck YT
    Mr_4ebureck YT 4 months ago

    Ios 7 the best!

  • Kleines Wichtelchen
    Kleines Wichtelchen 4 months ago

    My first experience with IOS 5 was writing an app for that at work. While doing that, I had no idea what an iphone actually is (back then, my cell phone was from the 90's and I wasn't interested at all in the cell phones my friends had). Once that app was available in the app store a month later, I still had no idea, what an iphone is (the boss tested the app without my knowledge on his iphone before submitting).... But I made an app for that.... xD but in the very end of the story, the boss gave me an iphone 4. The first I thought: "wow, this is big, chunky and heavy". Running that app on it was my very first experience in using a touch screen. It felt totally stange to me. :D.

  • shree haran
    shree haran 4 months ago

    Bro please play pubg on 5

  • 24 Chichi
    24 Chichi 4 months ago

    My iPhone 4S is iOS 6.

  • Everything David Here
    Everything David Here 4 months ago

    I downgraded my iPhone 4s to iOS 6.1.3

  • halo silent
    halo silent 5 months ago

    i miss the iOS 7 T^T

  • coolgamer10105 //Plants247

    my first apple product was a iPod touch 2nd gen it ran ios 4 . i miss ios 4 and that ipod cause my dad destroyd it in peaces . 1 like = 1 ipod saved

  • Christophe Ayres
    Christophe Ayres 5 months ago

    You can downgrade to ios 6 still thank me later

  • 32 bit link
    32 bit link 5 months ago

    The retina display still looks great all these years later

  • Mick
    Mick 5 months ago

    It's 2019, why are u watching this??

  • Оксана Ковалева

    у айфона 6 не такая кнопка

  • PTRK
    PTRK 6 months ago

    iOS 6 period! That was the best. I use the 4s from 2012 till 2017. iOS 9 really fucked up the 4s.

  • nanparayeah
    nanparayeah 6 months ago

    The phone unlocking at 0:28 is so satisfying

  • sdfbtnsfgd
    sdfbtnsfgd 8 months ago +1

    Now I know why my I HATE my iOS 9 ipod 5g but loved the iOS 6 ipod 4g. I am trying to downgrade now, if I can't I will just use my heavier ipod touch 4g and say fuck you ipod 5g with ios 9 if I can't downgrade. Hope I can downgrade.
    I will NEVER EVER EVER buy another ipod newer ipod ever again.
    What sucks is that Apple is is thinking of NO LONGER MAKING THE IPOD >> why? BECAUSE NO ONE FUCKING WANTS THE NEWER IOS not because people don't want ipods PEOPLE DO WANT IPODS THEY JUST WANT IOS 6!!!
    FUCK YOU APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spider001
    Spider001 8 months ago

    I love IOS 5

  • Gaming With Brandon!!
    Gaming With Brandon!! 8 months ago

    iOS 9 has to lose

  • Citizen Seven Academy
    Citizen Seven Academy 9 months ago

    Apple reallyy doess like to fkkk their customers harddd!!! WOW

  • Dean Wayne
    Dean Wayne 9 months ago

    Thanks for doing that for us, I didn’t know about upgrades until someone told me, I had 4s , and it was fast until I updated it to iOS 8, slowed it down , now the 9 it’s almost unusable, wish I could go back to 7, my 6s is fast, but will future updates, make that unusable, but you feel you have to because, they say it’s to do with security

  • Somanithel Kheang
    Somanithel Kheang 9 months ago

    iOS7 was the best compromise for this phone

  • bloodyroger
    bloodyroger 9 months ago

    great! thanks!

  • Lily C
    Lily C 9 months ago

    I currently own an iPhone 4s, on iOS 9. And I agree, it is ridiculously slow.

  • Mint Monkey
    Mint Monkey 9 months ago

    I remember when iphone 4 came out

  • bilabate
    bilabate 9 months ago

    Put iOS 5 on a iPhone X please

  • Hero of Twilight
    Hero of Twilight 9 months ago

    I really like the iPhone SE. Like if u agree.

    • Tech Channel
      Tech Channel 4 months ago

      Hero of Twilight stop begging for likes I like that phone but I’m not going to like if I agree which I do I can tell u not like bastard

  • 事混傻仔
    事混傻仔 9 months ago


  • Talking Hank the Yenji 2019 AUTTP

    Ios 1 vs Ios 2 ios 3 iOS 4 iOS 5

  • Talking Hank the Yenji 2019 AUTTP

    Ios 11 wasn't that bad.

  • Video Music
    Video Music 9 months ago

    IOS 1.0 The Best !!

  • PersonAmanteDeLosGatos.

    I'm using iOS 6 on iPhone 5 :P

  • Rayne Birkin
    Rayne Birkin 9 months ago +1

    I want iOS 7 back lol. Is there a way to have it on the iPhone SE

  • Lumia
    Lumia 9 months ago +1

    2:52 4s's XD?

  • Mac OS X Mojave
    Mac OS X Mojave 9 months ago

    I have iOS 12.

  • Hosamahmed Alshaeree
    Hosamahmed Alshaeree 9 months ago

    This is how they make u buy new iPhone they make the softwares slower and slower to force u buying new iPhone

  • Gift ForYou
    Gift ForYou 9 months ago +1

    My ipad is IOS 9

  • Zheng Kai Ku
    Zheng Kai Ku 9 months ago

    I think the iPhone Xs iOS 12

  • ItzNotAndy
    ItzNotAndy 9 months ago

    I’m on iOS 12

  • Justin Fencsak
    Justin Fencsak 10 months ago

    Ios12 is ok

  • Tay Surgutskay
    Tay Surgutskay 10 months ago

    Кто русский?

  • Thomas Kaltenbrünner
    Thomas Kaltenbrünner 10 months ago +1

    iOS6 RULES!!!!!!

  • Nicolás Díaz
    Nicolás Díaz 10 months ago

    iOS 6 forever oh wait Apple(piece of shit) destroyed the older phones with the updates. I miss my 4S

  • Roman Samocathic 34
    Roman Samocathic 34 10 months ago

    Я несего не понял пришлось врубать субтитры

  • yoltboy 2001
    yoltboy 2001 10 months ago

    Samsung would stop supporting the Phone after a year. Probably in this case with iOS 6

  • _B r a n d o n_J e a n_
    _B r a n d o n_J e a n_ 10 months ago

    iOS 7 was the 4s at it's prime

  • slimey slimers
    slimey slimers 10 months ago

    I'm looking for an iPhone 7 8x or 6

    LET ME GO 10 months ago

    Is this why avdan choosed ios 6?

  • Celfeercho
    Celfeercho 10 months ago +1

    iOS 9 is the best xD

  • CasperTheJorgen’s Egokott

    Jag blir sugen på banan

  • Chaykovsky Inc.
    Chaykovsky Inc. 10 months ago

  • Ausar The Vile
    Ausar The Vile 10 months ago

    my aunt still uses the iPhone 3

    I feel old now

  • Ausra Kybartiene
    Ausra Kybartiene 10 months ago

    IOS 7 is good

  • Shroke
    Shroke 10 months ago

    I used to have an iPhone 4 or 4s on iOS 7 (before it broke ;(

  • Zefan RB
    Zefan RB 10 months ago

    got Austin Evans ad before this 😕😕😕😕

  • Profimann
    Profimann 10 months ago

    Still Rocking my iphone 6s till the wheels fall off.

  • jemrie Gaming
    jemrie Gaming 10 months ago

    Me may now iPhone X

  • jemrie Gaming
    jemrie Gaming 10 months ago


  • Vitynaut
    Vitynaut 10 months ago

    5 iphones? Damn that’s way too expensive

  • Stop Motion
    Stop Motion 11 months ago

    iPhone 4s é muito fodaa

  • a҉n҉t҉ TM
    a҉n҉t҉ TM 11 months ago +1

    iOS 9 completely RUINED the 4s

  • Deep You
    Deep You 11 months ago

    Watch this video on 0.25x speed 😂

  • Maya Elwyn UwU
    Maya Elwyn UwU 11 months ago

    My mom is on iOS 11.0

  • Death Death
    Death Death 11 months ago

    Why do I only find stupid obvious tests about speed but battery life comparison? Compare iPhone 4 vs latest ones.
    You guys trying to hide the fact that actually older iPhone had much better battery life?

  • Clean Edits/videos
    Clean Edits/videos 11 months ago

    iOS 8 music was the fastest

  • Dark Sky Love
    Dark Sky Love 11 months ago

    Iphone 9 is not reall

  • Stab
    Stab Year ago


  • le Art
    le Art Year ago

    During the video, the ios 6, downloaded the OTA update.. see the red badge was missing on the video start. basically that device was working even harder on background to download and prepare the ios update.. not fair comparision

  • Persha かみーさま

    0:29 that was smooth

  • BJ Harughty
    BJ Harughty Year ago

    I have iOS 6 on my iPhone 4

  • super gamer
    super gamer Year ago

    iOS 12 ?

  • 조인원
    조인원 Year ago

    Steve Jobs is the best!

  • Replay Guy
    Replay Guy Year ago

    can I have one of them? I will trade u lgg6

  • Mike Jameson
    Mike Jameson Year ago

    iPad-Mini-1st-gen, fuck yeah!
    ('Murica, fuc yea! Refrence.)

  • ARS
    ARS Year ago

    I remember using IOS 9 on my iPad mini 1. OH BOY it was just too laggy for me. Sometimes I would type something and it would take about a second to register. Unacceptable.

  • Destdrom
    Destdrom Year ago

    Yay portland

  • S A N
    S A N Year ago

    0:29 that’s sick

  • Reiryuu
    Reiryuu Year ago

    0:29 That was extremely satisfying.

  • H S
    H S Year ago

    I use a iPhone 3GS in 2018 is that bad I think I might upgrade to a 4 soon I’m so happy I am getting a new iPhone 4

  • uria711
    uria711 Year ago

    Amazing video thanks for doing this

  • Happy Sisters
    Happy Sisters Year ago

    Apple a8 iOS 8. A9 iOS 9, a10 iOS 10, a11 bionic iOS 11. Best setups. Once you upgrade your iOS , goodbye to snappy .

  • ッAnubisYamato
    ッAnubisYamato Year ago +1

    I miss the iOS 6 or iOS 5 Download... now it’s a circle.. back then, it’s a blue line..

  • Oscar Perez
    Oscar Perez Year ago

    The older versions of 4 are easier to handle.