AirPower CANCELLED & iPhone 11 Final Design Leaks!

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • Apple Officially CANCELS AirPower.. iPhone 11 final lens design leaks & 18MP Ultra Wide camera is possible! Latest Apple Leaks & News.
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    AirPods 2 Review.
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  • Cess Phenor
    Cess Phenor Month ago


  • #РеалТайм
    #РеалТайм 3 months ago +1

    Did you stole the body armor from Russia?

  • brandon L
    brandon L 4 months ago

    So when exactly does IOS 13 come to all I phones

    HAO YU WU 4 months ago

    we need steve job

  • Arman Moahmmmed
    Arman Moahmmmed 4 months ago

    To do a fortnite vid please

  • Darsh Pandey
    Darsh Pandey 6 months ago

    Samsung fucked up apple if they again bring that ugly notch in iphone 11

  • The Demon
    The Demon 6 months ago +1

    When will notch delete from Apple and when there will be complete innovation

    Apples innovation has been stopped

  • Gian Paolo Panicucci
    Gian Paolo Panicucci 6 months ago

    Those are some ugly ass iphones bro. Accept it.

  • şűb žéro
    şűb žéro 6 months ago

    wtf desing so ugly

  • Pavel Fiss
    Pavel Fiss 6 months ago

    не стреляй )))

  • James Howlett
    James Howlett 7 months ago

    I’m pretty sure you won’t answer but if I were looking for a wireless charger what’s your recommendation?

  • All Rounder
    All Rounder 7 months ago

    Please make the video on apple watch 4 gold almunium vs gold stainless steel scratch test 👍

  • XxLowellxX
    XxLowellxX 7 months ago

    Where you get that red sexy chair?

  • Sarah Stroh
    Sarah Stroh 7 months ago

    Hey I figured out about this channel from ijustine where everyone in the comments were saying that you and ijustine would be great together.

  • Bakuretsu
    Bakuretsu 7 months ago

    I honestly don’t give a shit about the camera. Make a version with a smaller camera on the back, no front camera and give me my bezel-less fucking screen

  • SamSon P
    SamSon P 7 months ago

    Stickin’ to my XR in product red..

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 7 months ago

    AirPower was kanceled now i need to send Apple to gulag

  • Alwin Thomas
    Alwin Thomas 7 months ago

    I literally got an ad for the Samsung galaxy 😂

  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne 7 months ago

    Wait we’re just going to ignore the fact that he has an AirPower in this video? Like the actual box and everything, someone tell me how he got that if it was never made?/ 🤯

  • Joshua Fondrenn
    Joshua Fondrenn 7 months ago

    Apple should make it more interesting a go back to release the new smartphones under a thousand dollars because if the iPhone keeps getting more expensive by the thousand every year the only people that will have iPhones is the higher class that is the rich the wealthy and they famous if they still want India to join the app of community they should be making it easier for the lower class people and countries To afford iPhones

    JVO 6IXGOD 7 months ago

    Going to keep my IPhone 8plus and just get a Samsung Apple is losing it.

  • darieee
    darieee 7 months ago

    I'm honestly curious -- how ugly can the make the iPhone ?
    And it's getting on my nerves to see people saying they like literally 101% of whatever comes out of apple's ass

  • Blake Redding
    Blake Redding 7 months ago

    There is such other thing that is compatible with iPhone it’s just the same as air power and I have one they cost like £15 it’s not that of a big deal even know it’s quite sad my mum brought one for me for Xmas and it charges the phone 15% faster than a normal charger

  • Sheldon Greene
    Sheldon Greene 7 months ago +1

    Everybody calling the iPhone XI ugly are the same ones that is still going to buy it in September (including myself lol)

  • Cantabile
    Cantabile 7 months ago

    Imagine realizing that the exact same wireless charger has existed from other companies for the past 4-5 years...

  • God of Venom
    God of Venom 7 months ago

    That new design makes my brain hurt

  • David Deliman
    David Deliman 7 months ago

    This makes me wanna get a flip phone

    NIGHT WING 7 months ago +1

    yes man i am upset because my dog died

  • Terrell Dupree
    Terrell Dupree 7 months ago

    Apple is so trash!!!

  • Esbamken
    Esbamken 7 months ago +1

    This sounds like covering for Apple continuous failure
    Everything Apple now is Back-to-the-Past = Apple innovation

  • Brent Mooney
    Brent Mooney 7 months ago

    Honestly its annoying how we take anything this max dude says seriously like
    im just wait for the iphone 11 to launch and everything he says to be wrong
    he has no track record

  • Filip Bronola
    Filip Bronola 7 months ago

    Ugly large camera bump, unnecessarily big notch. What?

  • The kustom Knight
    The kustom Knight 7 months ago

    Apple stop whilst you can .........

  • Mauro Sandoval
    Mauro Sandoval 7 months ago

    Which iPhone 11 will be the best out of all of them

  • Khaing Tun
    Khaing Tun 7 months ago

    they put 3d camera out for the next year and sell ultrawide camera so they can get more money😂 wait for next 2020😤

  • pullandbear9819
    pullandbear9819 7 months ago

    I really hope they manage to reduce the notch and that , that camera is not the actually one. Maybe bigger and better quality obviously but how it’s set up is just so ugly I’m anxiously waiting for the release but the design that’s going around right now ain’t it 🤕

  • Danny Asker
    Danny Asker 7 months ago

    Plux works fine

  • Gee Vanna
    Gee Vanna 7 months ago


  • Valentin Barrera
    Valentin Barrera 7 months ago

    Hey bro love your vids also where did u get your necklace??

  • Judy Haynes
    Judy Haynes 7 months ago

    Aw hell diddly ding dong crap! I can't believe they canceled AirPower!

  • Chesed Mercado
    Chesed Mercado 7 months ago

    didn't you just say you're switching to s10 in the other video? what am I missing?

  • David Anthony Ilad
    David Anthony Ilad 7 months ago


  • Pan
    Pan 7 months ago +1

    scam channel dragging for 10 mins glad i adblocked

  • venkatesh Evander Hades

    Hey.. Is there going to be another ipad coming soon replacing the last year's 9.7? Or did Apple just replace it with the mini?

  • rogger iyyen
    rogger iyyen 7 months ago

    Apple will be the next nokia

  • Jahnoir Briscoe
    Jahnoir Briscoe 7 months ago

    😪😪😪😪 Why Apple......WHHHHYYY⁉️ #NoAirPower_RIP

  • Honest Reviews
    Honest Reviews 7 months ago

    The AirPower you have would that be up for sale by any chance? 😏

  • Kenneth Stokes
    Kenneth Stokes 7 months ago

    We've had the same looking Iphone since iphone 6. If they don't put in a 3rd camera, I don't see the point in upgrading.

  • bbmclfxy
    bbmclfxy 7 months ago

    The notch on the IPhone is the same size as my OPPO phone and it’s the same size

  • william
    william 7 months ago

    Oh damn . That actually just made me appreciate my iPhone 8 Plus on another level lmao

  • pqinfuI
    pqinfuI 7 months ago +1

    *Only the rich people who love to flex will get the Iphone 11, tbh it’s ugly*

  • Aryan Gupta
    Aryan Gupta 7 months ago

    You're so good ooossssmmm nice and so beautiful video

  • ravi guttula
    ravi guttula 7 months ago

    Everything Apple pro
    I'm lost My iPhone 5s please give one iPhone 5s or 4 please

  • Mart Hint
    Mart Hint 7 months ago +1

    s10 and 10s

  • fake cheloo
    fake cheloo 7 months ago

    every week new leaks and shit but taking forever to bring them on the market fuck apple and ios

  • Rajesh Kharat
    Rajesh Kharat 7 months ago

    Is data recovery possible from water damaged iphone?

  • Lizzy Darming
    Lizzy Darming 7 months ago

    Beautiful work and brainy idea
    I like it and hope to get one
    Technology such a good world

    ALL IN ONE GURUJI 7 months ago

    Bro please help me
    Want free sample review of any phone please help me

  • Eric Arora
    Eric Arora 7 months ago

    That's a shit design