3 Brilliant Life Hacks

  • Published on Dec 3, 2017
  • How are you today guys? in this DIY i will teach you how to make this new brilliant life hacks or inventions for your house, very simple crafts you can surprise to your family or friends.
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Comments • 211

  • HawkGuruHacker
    HawkGuruHacker  2 years ago +41


  • ChangeMyMind
    ChangeMyMind Year ago

    Pretty useless, sorry

  • Marek Petrovič
    Marek Petrovič Year ago

    The foam on the wheel looks different in the bucket scene... I guess the wheel was washed between the scenes...

  • Mick Mcca
    Mick Mcca Year ago

    What a load of crap

  • Swearengen
    Swearengen Year ago

    Fucking awful.

  • Suhrob Hoja
    Suhrob Hoja Year ago

    The most stupid video ever.

  • Stephane Alka
    Stephane Alka Year ago

    Naze a mort!!!!! De la merde

  • Slash
    Slash Year ago

    Here’s a life hack buy a hose

  • david mathews
    david mathews Year ago

    He trolled us all.

  • NetStrom 64
    NetStrom 64 Year ago +1

    Я в ахуе что за Дичь такую я только что посмотрел...

  • Georgiana Hurmuz
    Georgiana Hurmuz Year ago

    Its carpet cleaner no oven cleaner. Scam scam scam

  • nino delrio
    nino delrio Year ago

    Pretty worthless Hacks imho - however the alloy wheel cleaning hack is ok, as long as you notice that it's actually a can of CARPET CLEANING FOAM that he's using NOT OVEN CLEANER (which will destroy your paintwork on the wheel!!!!

  • Osvaldo Manu F. R.

    Rim's cleaning hack it's ok, the other two hacks are pretty stupid and useless.

  • Ralph Matheson
    Ralph Matheson Year ago


  • IdyllicCoyote46 23

    that's vanish isn't over cleaner it's carpet cleaner

  • Spencer Gold
    Spencer Gold Year ago

    You state “Oven Cleaner” for carpet cleaner for the wheels..... if people put oven cleaner on their hands it will burn as it’s acid!!!!! Please amend this!!!!

  • Mitch D
    Mitch D Year ago

    Garbage ideas. You win a special award of stupidity for showing how to ruin aluminum wheels by using a cheap can of oven cleaner.

  • Jacqueline Monaghan


  • Bazza BAZ224
    Bazza BAZ224 Year ago

    1 and 2 are (rubbish) CRAFTS, not HACKS. 3 is a hack for destroying your alloy wheels.

  • M.P.W
    M.P.W Year ago

    개지랄하고 자빠졌네!

  • John Penoncello
    John Penoncello Year ago

    Apparently to much time

  • Jason maytum
    Jason maytum Year ago

    Well done...you killed a potato

  • makavelisreturn86

    That's carpet cleaner not oven cleaner, it says it on the can. 😂

  • Paul Leach
    Paul Leach Year ago

    My god now I can shoot a small stick into a spud


    boa noite. a gente não pode )😃quando o cliente, o valor de mercado

  • Dick Turpin
    Dick Turpin Year ago

    Them hands tho 😆🤣 Great idea, execution needs a little work lol

  • johno4521
    johno4521 Year ago

    The first one I watched with the pen,; I will never get those 2 minutes back

  • Layoutman1
    Layoutman1 Year ago +1

    Waste of time.

  • Jeff gain
    Jeff gain Year ago

    Quicker to wash wheels by hand

  • g g
    g g Year ago +1


  • Ray Simpson
    Ray Simpson Year ago

    Quit it

  • Renato Rodrigues
    Renato Rodrigues Year ago

    Perdi meu tempo vendo isso!!!

    F U MOTORSPORTS Year ago


    J.J NEWTZ Year ago

    Fucking dumb ass spraying that oven cleaning shit on your hand it's gives you cancer

  • Marc Aliventi Aliventi

    That pen thing is cool ( you can get a eye out)lol

  • five59
    five59 Year ago

    Judging by those hands.. I'm convinced Wolverine just showed us these life hacks

  • Shane Elgood
    Shane Elgood Year ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that it's not oven cleaner it's actually vanish carpet cleaner.

  • andy maltby
    andy maltby Year ago +1


  • iancsautomotive
    iancsautomotive Year ago +1

    Complete trash -

  • domomgeeman
    domomgeeman Year ago +2

    Those hands looked uglier than sin

    RALPH GALVES Year ago


  • Mr. Weathers
    Mr. Weathers Year ago

    Those hand things are fucking shitty looking

  • me,myself and i
    me,myself and i Year ago

    refill one Durex same like the gloves,please!

  • Englishman In England

    Oven cleaner on alloy wheels? A corrosive substance on alloy wheels, yeah great hack.... not.

  • pejo cerol
    pejo cerol Year ago

    that first at the video should not be intend...because no purpose......only bring harm to child...of course no adult play that

  • MrToobaditsme
    MrToobaditsme Year ago +1

    Might want to look up what life hacks are

  • Adam s
    Adam s Year ago +1

    worst video on youtube

  • Johnell López
    Johnell López Year ago +1

    So usless

  • Nico Holzmann
    Nico Holzmann Year ago


  • Michal Skorupa
    Michal Skorupa Year ago

    That with pen is a life hack?? For what ill use it??

  • Shifty
    Shifty Year ago

    Yea that shooting the wood "hack"... You're about 5 years late on getting this done ive known about this for nearly 3 years...

  • sandy s
    sandy s Year ago

    Oven cleaner is not to be used carelessly. Do not put it on aluminum, paint, or human skin.

  • Lin Ger
    Lin Ger Year ago +1

    you should be banned from youtube

  • fanert1
    fanert1 Year ago

    this was a total waste of time, 1.make a crappy toy from a pen is NOT a "life hack" 2.making a crappy "bowl" from plaster is NOT a life hack 3.using a cleaning product to clean something is NOT a life hack

  • Hazee
    Hazee Year ago

    Good Job :) Yeti :)

  • Olaf Ruumet
    Olaf Ruumet Year ago +1

    Sa oled mees . Sul on punane opel . Mees . Midagi on suga valesti .

  • Massimo Borraccino

    Sto cazzo e che stronzate

  • Who's Goose
    Who's Goose Year ago +1

    Run away. Useless

  • Melon Mash
    Melon Mash Year ago +1

    How the f are these hacks for everyday life ??

  • Adrian Gajda
    Adrian Gajda Year ago

    FAKE !!!!! U cant clean your rim with shaving foam. He cleaned them and put the foam for second time

    • Vii Marius
      Vii Marius Year ago

      Adrian Gajda People say it's carpet cleaner and the video author said it's oven cleaner. (don't you read the lines..or you were just being sarcastic? :-/ )