Apple Makes Fun Of Android #3

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
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  • ZamanthaGaming_YT :3
    ZamanthaGaming_YT :3 55 seconds ago

    Why does apple need to challenge android just because they think they had the best brand? And plus android and apple had just the same quality except they had the different look and brand

  • hacker huy
    hacker huy 59 seconds ago

    I like android

  • Thien Tran
    Thien Tran 28 minutes ago


  • The Toast :3
    The Toast :3 50 minutes ago

    The last music?

  • Tiuku 's
    Tiuku 's Hour ago

    All the dislikes are from Android users...

  • Panda 514
    Panda 514 Hour ago

    People buying iphone to play fortnite makes me vomit

  • Jerico Pasague
    Jerico Pasague 2 hours ago

    Apple makes my screen glitch

  • m o
    m o 2 hours ago

    I'm Android first. if I have a lot of money I will replace with iPhone. so be patient first 😔

  • kavinda dulanjana
    kavinda dulanjana 2 hours ago


  • •Dolls•Gacha•Paris•

    Why is everyone hating on Apple? Apple is AWESOME!

  • TheMofoHeister
    TheMofoHeister 5 hours ago

    Apple: Our phones are Safe good and fast!
    Any apple phone I had:
    Safe bad slow expansive.
    my android phone:
    Safe good fast cheap.
    Yeah fuck you Apple.

    CHETAN VERMA 5 hours ago


  • Gaming_Kathy
    Gaming_Kathy 5 hours ago

    long story short my friends tease me because I have a Samsung and one of them doesn't even have a phone, so atleast I have a phone
    Like if you have a Android or rather have one

  • Gaming_Kathy
    Gaming_Kathy 5 hours ago

    You now I don't think it fair that Apple makes fun of Android

  • Zoey Games
    Zoey Games 6 hours ago

    Nah androids and iPhones is nicer

  • нατziєl 763 ツ
    нατziєl 763 ツ 6 hours ago +1

    A 82K personas de android le dieron dislike :U yo no yo soy de iOS :U

  • Quack Realz
    Quack Realz 6 hours ago

    "This vid just triggered me...."

  • Ivan Thai
    Ivan Thai 10 hours ago +1

    The thing is my store is apple so they calling themselves trash

  • Duharckich
    Duharckich 10 hours ago

    Fucking normies

  • martin leben
    martin leben 11 hours ago

    Is not real android is goob for ios in2019

  • Kayla Patterson
    Kayla Patterson 11 hours ago

    I have Samsung and it can be glichey with some things but I think Samsung is better because on play store all most everything is free and iPhone is not. I think I'm going to keep my Samsung cause I had it for 7 years already. So don't tease Samsung CAUSE WHAT DID SAMSUNG EVER DO TO APPLE HUH?

  • Tre Shepherd
    Tre Shepherd 11 hours ago

    Hay my phone is a huawei and it doesn't glitch so all this a load of shit 😕🙄😒

  • Rita US ppo
    Rita US ppo 11 hours ago +1

    Booo iPhone

  • Dark Sirex
    Dark Sirex 12 hours ago

    Apple: we have the best battery in world
    Me: My iPhone was at 100% just 10 mins ago and now it 20%
    Android: we have the best battery in world
    Me: I had 100% 1hr ago and now it 67%

  • CAPatryk
    CAPatryk 14 hours ago

    Fanboy iphone

  • The Dark Night
    The Dark Night 14 hours ago

    Did Anyone Bought That 1000 Dollar Stand???

  • DeanJi
    DeanJi 15 hours ago +1

    I using Samsung Galaxy S10+
    My Mom use Iphone XS
    But my mom phone always bug!!

  • Gergo Posa
    Gergo Posa 15 hours ago

    Your phone is best

  • Atsukedaime 834
    Atsukedaime 834 15 hours ago

    What the f*ck this so dumb
    I know for rich people have iPhone
    But poor people Android
    iPhone is jerk

  • Cookie Mellow
    Cookie Mellow 16 hours ago

    Im pretty sure apple doesnt know that most phones use filters so photo filters dont even matter

  • Purple Guy
    Purple Guy 16 hours ago

    if ios ever tried to just see andrroid they will close their company😅😅😅😅😅

  • Fraun Gee
    Fraun Gee 16 hours ago

    Me: *drops an iphone*
    Welp there goes my $500

  • John The Gamer
    John The Gamer 17 hours ago


  • 1sis and 3 brothers
    1sis and 3 brothers 18 hours ago

    I have an iPhone in my opinion android is way better hit the like botton if ur the same

  • ieflex
    ieflex 19 hours ago

    iPhone more secure ????
    Bruh Android is Linux based

  • Thrasher
    Thrasher 20 hours ago

    I love Android, Aplle Makes shit)

  • ML Phillipines
    ML Phillipines 20 hours ago

    Android users disliked the video.

  • Artist Gurl
    Artist Gurl 20 hours ago

    Eh,at least it has more viruses than android 😒
    P.S I don't hate but,why they do that though? It doesn't matter if what phone they use.

  • Louise Bijnens
    Louise Bijnens 21 hour ago +1

    Like Samsung and Apple is kinda the same price if you look at the ( newest and best Samsung ) and Apple is safer and better so you can better buy an iPhone?! Because its both the same price.(that’s my opinion don’t hate please) ps sorry for my bad English I’m from Belgium.

    • Petr Barbořák
      Petr Barbořák 14 hours ago

      Thing is, its not really safer and lacks tons of important features

  • ArentTjao
    ArentTjao 21 hour ago

    Apple is sooooo dumb because the products costs so much and the phones arent even good, like when you open the phone in Android and youre still in the lock screen you can set so you cant see the messages in Apple you cant plus they think they are best.

  • Its Zain
    Its Zain 21 hour ago +1

    "Switch to iPhone, it's that easy"

    Wallet: hold up!

  • Melloetta
    Melloetta 22 hours ago

    Mind : don’t do it
    Me : i have to
    Also me :


    mind : This is why i prefer being dead than being with you
    Me: i know.

  • deimantux 2
    deimantux 2 22 hours ago

    Mehehe half of those fact are really really wrong

  • Rejuwana Khanambvkdj
    Rejuwana Khanambvkdj 23 hours ago +1

    Fuck you😠😠😠😠

  • Aaron Shai
    Aaron Shai Day ago


  • The Three Year Gap

    1 Like for apple 1 dislike for Android

  • Syke L2
    Syke L2 Day ago +1

    Robber: breaks in to your phone easily
    Your phone: Am I a joke to you?

  • Alejandro Aragon Tan

    Boi apple makes up their prices like they playin on a calculator

  • 김주성
    김주성 Day ago


  • 이용진
    이용진 Day ago

    Your phone:iPhone

  • Tiky Lou
    Tiky Lou Day ago


  • BamBoo_X
    BamBoo_X Day ago

    I can say this. I have had both: IF u Dont have much money go with android. If you have money go with iPhone u get What u pay for. I think iPhone is a bit better on all stats its more extensive but its worth it. iPhone is the better one for me

  • LIL ULIAÑ pts
    LIL ULIAÑ pts Day ago +1

    Iphone noob. Android pro

  • Ghost KING
    Ghost KING Day ago

    Move to iphone it's so easy!!

    And so expensive

  • Ghost KING
    Ghost KING Day ago

    That's how the battery is going down

  • Jimin is my mochi king

    Me:Im going to buy a Iphone then!
    My wallet: _You better not sis_

  • Laith Zwiri
    Laith Zwiri Day ago

    Apple owner: we will make the most popular phone it's going to be iPhone XS
    Samsung owner: we are going to make the Samsung Galaxy fold hahaha it will be more better than the iPhone XS Max
    Apple users: am going to move to samsung i quit apple
    Like this comment if you have an android phone dislike the comment if apple

    TECATOYT Day ago

    What is that sound of your outro

  • Diana Kopcanova
    Diana Kopcanova Day ago

    Iphone is not best Android os faster than iphone

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez Day ago

      android is faster? haha what world do you live in? android is slower than my grandma. and android is known for having lag issues.

  • Cøøkië ÙwÚ
    Cøøkië ÙwÚ Day ago

    Omg I hate this bc like I play on Android

  • deep chunia
    deep chunia Day ago

    Apple is fuck

  • Emil Lugovoy
    Emil Lugovoy Day ago

    *I won't buy this.*
    Rather buy a gym and spa membership for 3 years and improve my health, strength and fitness, pamper myself and enjoy life. Better than paying for a piece of plastic which does the same thing as every other model, and
    will become "old" in 9 months when the iPhone XXXs MAX PornHub edition gets released, with all the same features but one extra pixel and
    penis ID to unlock the phone.
    Only for £6,969.69

  • Emil Lugovoy
    Emil Lugovoy Day ago

    Best phone ever iPhone XR
    -326ppi "Liquid Retina Display" which provides
    less pixel density than the Xperia Swhich came
    out in February 2012 and the same as the
    iPhone 4 from 2010.
    - Outstanding single lens camera (had to
    make it singe because how else would you
    promote the other 2 iPhones) along with a 4k
    ultrahdplus-hdr++ 7mp seflie camera.
    -Super long lasting 2942 mAh battery enough
    for a whole day with only 5 charges per 24
    - No SD Card slot because who the fuck needs
    expandable storage, it's 2018 right?
    -No gorilla glass which makes sense because
    how else would Apple make money off of you if
    they didn't have to replace your screen within 3
    months of usage (or less).
    -Extra long notch to cover up your left side of
    - Up to 720p youtube playback quality because
    people can't tell the difference between 720 and
    -No headphone jack to save up space for more
    unnecessary tech and no dongle included in the
    box because fuck you that's why.
    -Standard slow-as-fuck charging brick which
    renders the phone unable to quick charge
    unless you buy a quick charging brick from the
    Apple store also because fuck you.
    And all of these incredible features for the budget price of $750 when u can buy a 2x better phone for 300$ which is the pocophone F1.
    Oh yeah and the best part is, it doesn't matter
    how much we keep bullshitting you, you're stil
    going to buy it because of a logo of an apple
    with a bite on it.
    Thats marketing for you bitches.

  • Dark Driver
    Dark Driver Day ago


  • XxThatEmoKidxX 07

    I have the iPhone 8 Plus and about to get the new iPhone soon ☺️

  • dogizinha*-*
    dogizinha*-* Day ago

    Só no futuro que vou te um iphone

  • Sharaj Islam
    Sharaj Islam Day ago

    It's the other way round

  • Markel Canales Ramos

    Me: *thinks about buying a iPhone
    All the phone companies except Apple: *wait, thats illegal

  • Markel Canales Ramos

    The 84k dislikes where from:
    Android users
    Windows users
    All the companies except Apple

  • Markel Canales Ramos

    this is illegal

  • Fan Page of nothing

    They both are making fun on each other but they forgot about huawei😂

  • nate dogg
    nate dogg Day ago

    Apple is trash

  • Rasl
    Rasl Day ago

    Android have better specifications of softver

  • SumreetS Ness
    SumreetS Ness Day ago

    I would rather have Huawei than Samsung and apple

  • HI - TECH
    HI - TECH Day ago

    East or West android is the best

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez Day ago

      roses are red
      violets are blue
      android sucks
      and fanboys know its true

  • Redori 2
    Redori 2 Day ago

    I think Samsung Is on the same level as iPhone. iPhone just looks better, that's all. So like wth bro?

  • Beverly Hues
    Beverly Hues Day ago

    i don't know why there is a spit between phone brands. just pick the one you like 😊

  • Filip Moroz
    Filip Moroz Day ago

    Apple = expensive shit

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez Day ago

      you're saying apple is expensive yet there are android phones that cost the same price, yeah hypocrisy at its finest

  • Mihai Petre
    Mihai Petre Day ago

    ROG Phone 1/2
    Razer Phone 1/2
    One Plus 7 Pro
    Are we joke to you?

  • takuro iwaki2007

    *cough 1000$ dollar stand cough*

  • GalaxiMations UwU
    GalaxiMations UwU Day ago +4

    "Smooth" Well, try to run a game and it will be very smooth!
    Edit: I have a laptop and i am a gamer so R.I.P.

  • Rawdy jenny
    Rawdy jenny Day ago

    Some one hate theis video plz riported it...
    My choice is android ❤
    Ios - brah....😛🖕

  • Ketchup Girl
    Ketchup Girl Day ago

    Did you now that microsoft gave bill gates 150 million dollars to create apple to save him from bankropt

    • Camden Pohl
      Camden Pohl Day ago

      Ketchup Girl what? Bill gates didn’t make apple.

    YS. LEGEND Day ago

    Janchok...iklan janchok hhhh

  • *Hüseyin*
    *Hüseyin* Day ago

    Android Best✌️😃

  • Էրիկ Վարդանյան

    my phone is a Samsung and works better than apple


    Its fake android is better than IPhone

  • Lisa EditZX
    Lisa EditZX Day ago +1

    I’m using iPhone and it’s cool, but I seriously don’t feel why Apple is more expensive and doesn’t have as much features as android

    • Melike Deniz
      Melike Deniz Day ago

      Rudy Rodriguez for example ? I really mis split screen and downloading from google

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez Day ago

      there are android phones out that cost the same price as iphone yet they're more limited than iphone. so?

    • Melike Deniz
      Melike Deniz Day ago

      Lisa EditZX right! I switched to iPhone too and it doesn’t have all the features that samsung has. I think we pay for the smoothness, stability and the perfect configuration between all the apple devices..... but battery life really sucks compared to Samsung

  • Memes that save ur life

    it’s true that iPhone is more secure than android phones

  • MariottonYT ROBLOX

    iPhone is jealous lol

  • Dijar Sulejmani
    Dijar Sulejmani Day ago

    Fuck u iPhone Android is bomber one

  • Smurfy Smurf
    Smurfy Smurf Day ago

    Apple fans are delusional and completely unaware of what they're missing out on. Apple thinks they're innovative and shit but android is the most innovative piece of hardware around. A rooted android phone can do virtually anything you want...

  • MMBNMalternateaccoun

    Long time iphone user and just switched to a note 9. And honestly? It the samsung was more expensive than the current iphone but I got tired of buying a new fucking iphone every two god damn years because the battery is not even half the size of the one in the note 9. Plus there is more app availability and the screen is larger and in a better resolution. The camera seems to be better too from what I can tell. The note 9 is easier to use but my only complaint is I haven't figured out how to open more than one tap of chrome at one time on the note 9 lmao.

  • Bofgif GD
    Bofgif GD Day ago

    Why don’t we just accept that you can have any phone you want and instead learn about what a windows computer is.
    But if you ask me my opinion I think iOS is better because I find it a lot easier to use. But that’s just my opinion

  • Cyber Destro
    Cyber Destro Day ago

    *But,Can it run smoothly on cheap phone?*

  • W Boyz
    W Boyz 2 days ago

    Is apple dumb what if people that have a iPhone are watch what

  • W Boyz
    W Boyz 2 days ago

    Rishi gupta android are the best

    AKHIL DAS C.A 2 days ago

    I like the android

  • Parker Wormald
    Parker Wormald 2 days ago

    Honestly tho the huawei was so underrated its like both phones put together
    i have owned the Huawei P30 pro for about 3 months and it is amazing, it has a 68 Mega pixel camera and it has 8G of ram which is 2.5X better than the Iphone XS Max
    it has over 460g of storage and i can safely say that it runs better than my I phone XS Max
    overall they are great phones but Trump fucked them over by saying the Chinese are spying on the users which can i say has been confirmed as bullshit

  • raven martinez
    raven martinez 2 days ago

    Bulok naman battery