Apple Makes Fun Of Android #3

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
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Comments • 62 289

  • Niks Šahlovs
    Niks Šahlovs 3 minutes ago

    Iphones:oh i got the new iphone every One will like it.
    Android:i got new phone im so happy the iPhone was trash it breaks so easly in cooldnest it rans out off power

  • Bence Kocsi
    Bence Kocsi 24 minutes ago

    The main reason people doesn't change is that Apple's products are insanely expensive.

  • Modern Fighter_75
    Modern Fighter_75 3 hours ago

    android is better

    ART OPERATOR GAMING 4 hours ago

    The Android is better iso is garbage

  • Falcon
    Falcon 5 hours ago

    *yo scam company, android cameras are better.*

  • Ahmed Elharith Ahmed
    Ahmed Elharith Ahmed 6 hours ago

    Shut up apple android will be better in 2020

  • Dany_RBLX
    Dany_RBLX 6 hours ago

    Iphone use the newer phones and Samsung things in this video is from then

  • Mortisbesterbrawler
    Mortisbesterbrawler 7 hours ago

    My phone is bether than this shit iphone

  • Kitty Rose._.
    Kitty Rose._. 10 hours ago

    129k likes but...ehem 119k dislikes

  • battleroy gt
    battleroy gt 10 hours ago

    This video is cancer

  • Romel Enriquez
    Romel Enriquez 11 hours ago

    Memory card -_-

  • Hacthling KRT
    Hacthling KRT 12 hours ago

    Tuut you

  • deen pro
    deen pro 12 hours ago +1

    i think they got switched up

  • Ismo mr.
    Ismo mr. 13 hours ago

    fuck android is better

  • Daone Dabest
    Daone Dabest 18 hours ago

    Android is my phone, iphone is their phone

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 18 hours ago +1

    RU-clip said: Recommended in 2019

  • awesome daredevil YouTube

    I agree with that video

  • Nentardes
    Nentardes 18 hours ago

    “move your photos
    it’s that easy”
    Me, within 3 days of having my new phone:
    “iCloud Storage Almost Full”

  • Rocky Bullwinkle
    Rocky Bullwinkle 18 hours ago +1

    I've seen this when I lived in Japan

  • Super ProGamer719
    Super ProGamer719 20 hours ago

    Who hates Apple

  • Peachy Plays
    Peachy Plays 20 hours ago

    I like android it better

  • Cyndex
    Cyndex 22 hours ago

    My android phone is triggered

  • Jack Steele
    Jack Steele Day ago


  • Mr Rey
    Mr Rey Day ago

    No I not move to iOS NEVER FUCK!!!

  • Mr Rey
    Mr Rey Day ago

    This is not true!!!!

  • Mr Rey
    Mr Rey Day ago

    ANDROID TOP!!!!!

  • Fireken Beat
    Fireken Beat Day ago

    2:12 bAhahAhahhaHHHahah

  • Lacoste
    Lacoste Day ago

    iPhone = Noob phone
    Xiaomi = the bets phone

  • Catrinthe_Cat :3

    "Apple" is full of lies

  • Neonek1553
    Neonek1553 Day ago

    apple makes fun of android cause everyone knows apple is shit

  • Julia B
    Julia B Day ago

    Its trueee

  • just cato
    just cato Day ago

    Some of these are true. I ain't ever switching from android tho fuck that

  • 먹지다음
    먹지다음 Day ago

    I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not hating on you I’m just this video is actually good makes a lot of sense but I think that just killed offend people and make them upset and just because just because iPhones are faster than Samsung S the weather does mean they’re both different actually is the say because Samsung is fast and iPhone is

  • 먹지다음
    먹지다음 Day ago

    I have a friend who has a Samsung galaxy S 10 and the rest of my friends have iPhones and I really don’t care which phone my friend has at least we got phones and communicate with each other on WhatsApp messenger whatever

  • cheesy spaghettiz

    This is kinda of an example of "Noob vs. Pro"

    • Michæl K
      Michæl K Day ago

      Except it’s “Pro vs Noob.”

  • Unkr3ativ _262
    Unkr3ativ _262 Day ago

    Android:laughs in oneplus

  • Billie Martinez
    Billie Martinez Day ago +1

    108thousand disslikes who uses android 😁

  • Alessandro Saponara

    Iphone is "faster"? Sure? I have s10e, my phone is better than every fucking iPhone

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez 5 hours ago

      @Michæl K yes, based on my experience and everyone elses

    • Michæl K
      Michæl K Day ago

      Rudy Rodriguez are you sure?

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez Day ago

      samsung is faster? haha samsung is known for lagging and being slow. samsung is slower than a sloth

  • Julien 303
    Julien 303 Day ago

    Apple is better than android

  • Berkay Oyunda
    Berkay Oyunda Day ago

    I hate apple because ios 10 is terrible and ios 11 is more stupid

  • Ridwan AM.
    Ridwan AM. Day ago


  • Six0606Unknown PS: I do YouTube and stuff.

    Guys there just phones ok but iPhone is. Pretty good okay not gonna lie. *Shot on iPhone*

  • Greece Bass
    Greece Bass Day ago

    Android forever

  • Nick Papatheodorou


  • Nick Papatheodorou

    yeah yeah am not switching

  • not p0ss1bl3
    not p0ss1bl3 Day ago

    That is true)


    What is your phone i have i phone

    THE CHOSEN ONE Day ago +1

    Apple is the worst phone company ever! They can't even add a audio jack to some of their phones!!!!! (I find it annoying when playing games!!!!!!

  • Noelkawaii :3
    Noelkawaii :3 Day ago

    iPhone es una caca

  • Obsydyan UWS
    Obsydyan UWS Day ago


  • Olesja Gascenko
    Olesja Gascenko Day ago

    Apple makes a fun of Android
    Samsung: Ill make a fun of Apple next

  • Matyas Gaming Cz

    Iphone sucks

  • Gaming Aytaz Mahian

    i also used android that didn't mean that iphone is better huawei p30pro is better charging power that iphone 11 pro max

  • Zac Shap
    Zac Shap Day ago

    Androids better no matter what this is all fake android doesn’t glitch

  • hadder ali
    hadder ali Day ago

    But isn't the Apple Store the same

  • Josiah Padilla
    Josiah Padilla Day ago +1

    ItS SmOothEr
    literally every iphone x after the 11 came out 0:23

  • Mr.Who
    Mr.Who Day ago

    Bahahahaha shure! Never going to buy that overpriced outdated Ish**...

  • Tomi the inspiration Adigun

    The bit I don't get it is why android and apple always have to be compared they are both fucking phones

  • Hhevendat
    Hhevendat Day ago

    Oh my, they are really dissing us

  • M
    M Day ago

    Xiaomi be like: bruh these old technology brands ima make a television phone lol