12 Year Old Sneakerhead Hustles Hard | #sneakerhead #sneakercon #sneakers

  • Published on May 8, 2018
  • Sneaker Con is a giant convention for Sneakerheads.
    Directed by Josh Wolff, Shot and Edited by David Fang
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    Follow Jacob, a Sneakerhead trying to score his favorite Yeezys from a seller at the 2018 Sneaker Con in NYC.
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    "Sneaker Con, a gathering of shoe fanatics founded in 2009, brought 500 vendors and over 19,000 people to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York late last year. The heart and soul of the event is the trading pit, an area in the back of the 840,000-square-foot center where a crowd of mostly teenage boys was talking and holding up their sneakers, looking for buyers." -NY Times

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  • Larry Wheels
    Larry Wheels 13 minutes ago

    Thats a muggers dream

  • Kevin Miner
    Kevin Miner Hour ago

    He has no idea how to resell he thinks he can resell shoes on flight clun

  • Callum Cormack
    Callum Cormack 10 hours ago

    He’s 12??

  • Mc_Saucey _69
    Mc_Saucey _69 3 days ago

    Alright yall hating on this kid but I bet he’s sold and bought more shoes than you. And he actually knows his prices and stuff. So respect to this kid

  • jxmmy
    jxmmy 3 days ago

    buddy probably doesn’t even know who virgil is 😂😂

  • Jonah Gohar
    Jonah Gohar 5 days ago

    2:12 he’s a grown man with size 5 feet?????!!!!

  • 𝔉𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔬ℜ𝔞𝔶

    This man’s feet gonna grow and then he can’t wear any of his collection

  • Emerdly
    Emerdly 7 days ago

    This kid is my neighbor and he is everything he comes across as.

  • PolarBear 251
    PolarBear 251 7 days ago

    1:39 he could barely hold a backpack

  • Kaden Machardy
    Kaden Machardy 8 days ago

    He disrespected boost, boost is a super comfortable sneaker tech. And he just said "it doesn't do anything" u tripping

  • aeyr dave
    aeyr dave 8 days ago

    He said that those gold foil ultra boosts were $500? He be scamming people.

  • Faze_hyp3x28
    Faze_hyp3x28 9 days ago

    Spoiled little ass kid he needs braces fuck shoes

  • AC!D Alex
    AC!D Alex 9 days ago

    This kid needs to get his ass beat

  • KLiKKZ Z
    KLiKKZ Z 10 days ago +1

    Instead of buying shoes he should fix his teeth💀

  • H Ξ L L C Λ T
    H Ξ L L C Λ T 11 days ago

    The kid was so dumb on the starting part , he didn't know there was a reflective version and a non reflective version

  • Kiddo Meme
    Kiddo Meme 11 days ago

    fix your teeth first before buying yeezy you madafaka

  • noobmaster69
    noobmaster69 12 days ago

    Daily user nah
    Reseller yes

  • FaZe Ray
    FaZe Ray 13 days ago

    Spoiled brat

  • Alejandra Araujo Daniel

    Did anybody else see mangan the back from bt21 or am I the only army

  • Cassius Wolf
    Cassius Wolf 16 days ago

    My shoe size is higher than my age lmao I’m 11 and wear size 11.5

  • V M
    V M 16 days ago

    So where is this convention at????

  • Carmen C
    Carmen C 16 days ago

    That boy need some braces 😂😂😬

  • Hidden Hype
    Hidden Hype 18 days ago

    Lil man a hustler

  • Aka Dicify
    Aka Dicify 18 days ago

    He said fuck you to his dad. Everyone woulda got beaten if I was his dad

  • John Nelson
    John Nelson 18 days ago +1

    Did he really say fuck you to his dad oh helll nahh

  • Jonah Bartolome
    Jonah Bartolome 19 days ago

    He talking like he black/mexican

  • Betzabeth Reyes
    Betzabeth Reyes 19 days ago

    Y this lil boy remind me of lil tay?

  • Joel The Mole
    Joel The Mole 19 days ago

    Boost ain’t even by Kanye 😂😂

  • Mini Picol
    Mini Picol 19 days ago

    he sounds like that kid that says what’s nine plus ten ‘21’

  • Alex Swiezynski
    Alex Swiezynski 19 days ago

    this kids spoiled
    and annoying

  • Tammie Lynn
    Tammie Lynn 19 days ago

    When he said "fuck you" i was ready to whoop/spank him and im 13 😭😭

  • yeetasaurus rex
    yeetasaurus rex 19 days ago

    Hope he gets the shit beaten out of him

  • Joshy Nien
    Joshy Nien 20 days ago

    This lil nigga dead ass said fuck u to his dad

  • Mason T
    Mason T 20 days ago

    God Bless! ❤️✝️🙏

  • ExtremeMewLover
    ExtremeMewLover 20 days ago

    at 2:20 you know this kid is on drugs

  • Beatriz Neves
    Beatriz Neves 21 day ago


  • The Sisters
    The Sisters 21 day ago

    Is there any yeezys for my hamster

  • AidenFN
    AidenFN 21 day ago +1

    2:29 this kids about to cry over shoes

  • KP KP
    KP KP 22 days ago

    So what i rather see kids selling shoes then drugs yall with
    the damn negative coments below keep hustling young guy

  • Hey It’s Kay
    Hey It’s Kay 23 days ago +2

    3:01 The MANG Ballon
    Any Army Out There??

  • yeetus yeetus commit self deletus

    Bruh he needs to sirt down thinking he knows something about sneakers

  • James Phelps
    James Phelps 23 days ago

    Kids selfish as fuck

  • Kristine Watkins
    Kristine Watkins 24 days ago


  • Tonyyail28 818
    Tonyyail28 818 24 days ago

    Fuck out of here lil kid

    • Tonyyail28 818
      Tonyyail28 818 24 days ago

      Parents spoil him... anybody hear how he talks to his PAPI!!? I would of whipped my kid until next year!!

  • luke boy643
    luke boy643 24 days ago

    What a spoiled little cxnt

  • Yabadabonboo
    Yabadabonboo 24 days ago

    What a little shitwad cumstain. I would beat him up and steal his sneakers right off him .

  • Michael james Domingo
    Michael james Domingo 24 days ago

    Did he sayf*ck u

  • PotadoChip
    PotadoChip 25 days ago

    Theses kids are on crack

  • Sherwy_Boonana
    Sherwy_Boonana 25 days ago

    Jesus that Jacob kid is so rude to his dad what a spoiled brat

  • bagel
    bagel 25 days ago

    cool kid i feel it

  • ayesha ghafoor
    ayesha ghafoor 25 days ago

    He mad spoiled yeah be a hype beast but when you can afford it and make your own damn money he to small for this he should stick with Payless shoes he mad disrespectful cursing at his dad💀

  • Carlos Salcedo
    Carlos Salcedo 25 days ago

    No one pays $700 because of the boost 😂

  • I need A life
    I need A life 26 days ago +1

    Try’s to act like a hypebesst has a fucking case that old ladies use

  • call0550 call0550
    call0550 call0550 26 days ago

    i bet this kids got adhd

  • Amelia Jauma
    Amelia Jauma 26 days ago

    This guy is about to cry just talking to his dad🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😂😂

  • Amelia Jauma
    Amelia Jauma 26 days ago

    You got some dallar tree chains boi

  • daniel ramos
    daniel ramos 26 days ago

    The real question where do he get the money

  • Viirus Fresh
    Viirus Fresh 26 days ago

    If I was the dad I’m burning all his shoes

  • CIA
    CIA 26 days ago +1

    boost helps the foot to be more comfortable
    And i bet this kids dad hates him

  • Master Films
    Master Films 26 days ago

    Bad child