I met a Russian speaking kid on Fortnite... (WE SPOKE RUSSIAN TOGETHER!)

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
  • I met a Russian speaking kid on Fortnite... (WE SPOKE RUSSIAN TOGETHER!)
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    I met a Russian speaking kid on Fortnite... (WE SPOKE RUSSIAN TOGETHER!) Drop a like for more Fortnite random duos. I love speaking russian to strangers on Fortnite. Drop a like if you want to me speak Russian on Fortnite for another video!
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  • Formula
    Formula  10 months ago +2538


    I'm really shy of speaking Russian on my channel so if you want more any likes would be greatly appreciated...thank you :)

    • Sinzz
      Sinzz 14 days ago

      Ich wünschte, ich wäre Russe, ich bin Deutscher

    • DontTouchMyGold
      DontTouchMyGold 23 days ago

      I speak Russian too, but not as good as him. Another question is.. Is he American? Because i cant pronounce it well

    • Мышь из Москвы!
      Мышь из Москвы! Month ago

      вы очень хороший!

    • Yuliya Vdovchenko
      Yuliya Vdovchenko Month ago

      Formula it's fine Russians get there ways caogh I'm Russian what what

    БУМАГА 20 hours ago +1

    осторожно здесь trap @ Formula

    • Mr. Grenade
      Mr. Grenade 20 hours ago

      Slushai ya durachok nemnozko @Formula

  • h3AdSh0T
    h3AdSh0T 2 days ago

    всем привет

  • Sokkerzkid
    Sokkerzkid 3 days ago

    I am Russian I only speak a little bit of English. Because I was born in Russia

  • Troopersrus Trooper to battle!!

    My older sister is from Moscow she is adopted

  • Iveta Krajnakova
    Iveta Krajnakova 6 days ago

    Russia for life

  • Iveta Krajnakova
    Iveta Krajnakova 6 days ago

    Russia woohooo

  • Cynthia Sesar
    Cynthia Sesar 6 days ago +1

    German:Hat einer meiner deutschen Landsleute seine!

    English:Any of my fellow german comrades out their!

  • Doge Squad
    Doge Squad 6 days ago

    It be cool to see some speek German I speek germsn

  • lolkikfrig
    lolkikfrig 7 days ago

    I know russian

  • Getit Likefortnite
    Getit Likefortnite 7 days ago


  • •BubbleGumCake•
    •BubbleGumCake• 7 days ago

    Is it not bad that formula has inspired me to learn this and now her a I am learning it 3 years later

  • XxBrothersxX c.
    XxBrothersxX c. 8 days ago

    I'm Polish

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer 9 days ago

    I SPEAK JAPANESE 及海鸥我啊热有?

  • Łīmø
    Łīmø 10 days ago

    Who else is watching this in season 10?

  • Uzayr Ajouhaar
    Uzayr Ajouhaar 10 days ago

    Dont be shy for the person you are

  • Donald Penn
    Donald Penn 11 days ago

    Add. Me. My. name. Jewlszn

  • David Mizyuk
    David Mizyuk 11 days ago

    Yellow is “hello friend”
    EDIT: im russian :3

  • cotne chejia
    cotne chejia 11 days ago

    suka bliat you're not suka I know

  • Cayden Williams
    Cayden Williams 12 days ago +1

    Who's watching in season. X

  • Lil will Icy Rolex
    Lil will Icy Rolex 13 days ago

    I’m Russian because of my dad and grandma and grandpa and uncles and no on elese

  • Sinzz
    Sinzz 14 days ago

    Wer sonst ist deutsch

  • Sashka Gamer
    Sashka Gamer 15 days ago


  • Cro Phantom x
    Cro Phantom x 16 days ago

    My dad speaks russian as his second launguage. He could understand the most of this video.

  • Skrumpii
    Skrumpii 17 days ago

    Please do MORE RUSSIAN VIDEOS!! I love your russian videos they are my favorite on your page

  • martijn elzinga
    martijn elzinga 18 days ago

    I van speak a little russain

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres 20 days ago +2

    Formula Russians don’t loose stranger things hold my beer

  • Suren Duuhh
    Suren Duuhh 24 days ago

    I can speak russian to look: LETS GOOO BABY

  • Брат Дал
    Брат Дал 25 days ago

    Хазарах прив

  • FrogI_ YT
    FrogI_ YT 25 days ago


  • slob room
    slob room 26 days ago

    Holy shit your Russian is so fluent.

  • Chloe Matthews
    Chloe Matthews 26 days ago

    “We’re the Russian mafia” 😂😂

  • Andrew Karev
    Andrew Karev 26 days ago

    I’m Russian

  • Joshua Miranda
    Joshua Miranda 27 days ago

    Form finds out he can speak Russian Soviet Union national anthem plays

    ICENINJALOOYU , 28 days ago

    I don speak Russian

    ICENINJALOOYU , 28 days ago

    I don speak Russian??

  • Timur Vicneanschi
    Timur Vicneanschi 28 days ago +1

    Im Russian btw

    GOOFY 29 days ago

    Я ставлю ЛАЙК

  • i love furrys 8
    i love furrys 8 Month ago

    Hey cyxa blayt

  • Dope_ boiz
    Dope_ boiz Month ago +1

    OG Greasy Grove 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sayonara
    Sayonara Month ago

    Хера тут нет русских

  • i Hdez
    i Hdez Month ago +1

    when the boyzz find out he's russian :boyzzz:get the VODKA!!!!!!

  • humancountry ussr
    humancountry ussr Month ago

    I like his videos lol

  • Erin Mendoza
    Erin Mendoza Month ago

    I’m phillopeno also known as tagalog. But I can’t really speak it.

  • NotNacc
    NotNacc Month ago

    I'm going to try to learn russian and become a real gopnik (got the tracksuit and everything)(and i trained slav squating)

  • Siphon Zyno
    Siphon Zyno Month ago


  • Siphon Zyno
    Siphon Zyno Month ago

    Alex: Привет друг

    Elite aka the kid: давай поиграем...

    Me what?

  • Siphon Zyno
    Siphon Zyno Month ago


  • Siphon Zyno
    Siphon Zyno Month ago

    Што тычыцца двухбаковых адносінаў з беларуссю прасочваецца з часоў старажытнай грэцыі да нашых продкаў у беларусі няма

  • Siphon Zyno
    Siphon Zyno Month ago

    Толькі на працягу абмежаванага часу

  • FireFlashBird gamer321

    Bois we can cheat Susan by swearing in a language she doesn’t understand

  • Slip Ways
    Slip Ways Month ago


    KHZ WRX Month ago

    It’s really cool speaking different languages while playing fortnite


    То чувство, когда пришел сюда из-за салливана



  • EZapGaming
    EZapGaming Month ago +1

    Formula-russians dont lose
    Lithuania-am i a joke to you

  • Janise Gang Gang
    Janise Gang Gang Month ago

    Wait he Russian

  • 650.cameron _
    650.cameron _ Month ago

    Cyka blyat

  • Sasha Bessonova
    Sasha Bessonova Month ago +1

    Ооооо! Раша :3 Но почему я не вижу русского комента????? >:3

    D4N THE BOSS M Month ago