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  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about grain bins.tweey me your thughts. bit.ly/GrainBins. Get started with 8 free meals - that’s $80 off your first month of HelloFresh. Go to bit.ly/2PGu55r and enter "smarter80"
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    Farmers are actual real life geniuses. They can feed themselves and fix anything. Serious respect.
    First of all, if you need to put together a grain bin, I recommend calling Danny. The man is a genius.
    His email is: dannylef2 at yah00 d0t c0m
    (I've typed his email address like that so webcrawlers won't detect it and spam him. If you're a farmer you're smart enough to figure that out.)
    Grain Packing Factors:
    Fan sizing for grain bin applications:
    How to handle a grain bin emergency:
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  • Mark Anthony Williams
    Mark Anthony Williams 5 months ago +14572

    Farmer sees title:

  • James Gnutella
    James Gnutella 3 hours ago

    now why would anyone dislike this?

  • Tyler G
    Tyler G 4 hours ago

    Farming simulator players: hey I know some of these words

  • LazySkull
    LazySkull 10 hours ago +1

    this makes me want to be a farmer.

  • Bryson Michael RC
    Bryson Michael RC 14 hours ago

    you took on a thicker accent when interviewing the farmers... just saying. People with thick accents can completely tell when someone has an influent false accent. But farmers are way too polite to point it out lol. Ive been completely amazed by how easy it is for people to subconsciously mimic other more dominant characteristics in social circle. Mostly larger social structures but also in smaller settings like this... The human brain is fascinating!

  • Harry Schaefer
    Harry Schaefer 18 hours ago

    When I was a kid, I remember an episode of "Watch Mr. Wizard" with Don Herbert when he created an explosion in a can with a lid that had a small amount of flour in it plus a lit candle. When a puff of air was introduced through a tube into the can, a chain reaction of ignition caused an explosion. I thought of that when I saw the dust in the air in the bin. No open flames allowed right?

  • Ties Wellhüner
    Ties Wellhüner 18 hours ago

    B E A N S

  • Error! Frisk
    Error! Frisk Day ago

    I am from Alabama and I'm country here but though I don't live on a farm I know people who run farms and they are just what you crack them up to be. They are most definitely smarter then they pretend to be!

  • Mr. Meme
    Mr. Meme Day ago

    Grain bins are fun to play in.

  • absolutvalu
    absolutvalu Day ago

    Why don't farmers load the beans with moisture right before selling it? I suppose the buyers are watching out for that?

    • Matthew Slivka
      Matthew Slivka Day ago

      The buyers have to store the beans too, so the farmer gets docked money if he hauls in wet beans. Sometimes if the beans are too wet the elevator (buyer) will straight up reject the load.

  • Wayne Roach
    Wayne Roach Day ago

    Not gonna lie my favorite part of this video is seeing your kids call you sir no one teaches their kids that anymore

  • Jotto999
    Jotto999 Day ago

    All that complication farmers have to deal with, running a highly competitive business. Yet the stereotype is that you're an inbred idiot for being a farmer.

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M Day ago

    A marvel? It is probably the lowest IQ building there is. It takes more intelligence to put together a tiny shelf from ikea. The only aspect of it that has any "marvel" at all is that long ago someone had to design a building that the least educated, most inbred and mindless hillbillies and farmers would be able to put together while they weren't romancing their sheep. Everyone on that crew has the same thinking capacity as a regular 8yo. Someone had to design a building that those mental 8yos could build without blowing themselves up or accidentally building it on top of a house or with a bunch of trees inside of it. That was ingenious but even still many crews have trapped themselves by building it up around them but forgetting to leave a way out. They typically find a few sets of gnawed on bones with one survivor somehow looking plump. Other times farmers and other mental midgets mistakenly to build it upside down and they drown when it rains. It takes a lot of inbreeding to reach these levels of stupidity.

  • yangp2k
    yangp2k Day ago

    Is it me or does he start putting on a Southern accent when he's talking to the farmer and the dude that helped him out with the truck?

  • Pre-Packaged _
    Pre-Packaged _ Day ago +1

    Smarter Every Day: Bridging the countries political divide with science.

  • Devon Gilbert
    Devon Gilbert Day ago

    Iv lived on a farm my whole life we still say grain silos

  • hiker919
    hiker919 2 days ago +1

    "There's no other job like this..." - Commercial fishing. Only more so . More so eg more electronics, more weather, and more ways to die. Commercial fishing is the most dangerous job in America per Dept of labor statistics, followed by logging and farming . Commercial diving is up there too. I've seen all three, as I lived on a dairy farm for a few years, and fished and dove for many more. It was a good way to make a living.

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 2 days ago

    Thanks for making all this awesome content Destin, it is a pleasure watching you talk to all these hard working farmers, they deserve much respect. Working in a farm is hard work, but being the farmer in charge of it all, now that is a massively complex job. It’s amazing the things these hard-working farmers can accomplish every single day, they make it seem so easy. We really need to give them as much support as we can or we will be losing the backbone that makes our country what it is. Words can’t convey my gratitude for all their hard work and dedication, and also to you Destin for showing us a small slice of their daily life!

  • Keithen Hamilton
    Keithen Hamilton 2 days ago

    I swear I hear about someone dying in a grain bin every year here in Nebraska.

    • luke strawwalker
      luke strawwalker Day ago

      @Keithen Hamilton Oh my goodness... That's nuts. Sitting up on the top rim of the tub I bet and fell in... Crazy... OL J R

    • Keithen Hamilton
      Keithen Hamilton Day ago

      @luke strawwalker trying to get a selfie I heard

    • luke strawwalker
      luke strawwalker 2 days ago

      @Keithen Hamilton Eww... Yeah I bet... a feed mixer I presume, like a bale grinder?? Geez that's a new one never heard of anything like that happening. Wonder how you manage to fall into a mixer-- those things are designed so that would be extremely difficult unless someone was doing something REALLY risky or "stupid" in the first place. BUT, then again, I've seen some farm people do some REALLY risky stuff from time to time, and it's not worth it. Take a little more time and do the job right. Walk around any farm show and within a few minutes you'll see someone who's and amputee from losing body parts to that sort of thing... stay all day you'll probably see at least a few...
      Later! OL J R :)

    • Keithen Hamilton
      Keithen Hamilton 2 days ago

      @luke strawwalker last year I guess it wasn't a grain bin but a mixer 😭😢a 16 year old fell in. Nothing was left. My family knew him. I didn't.

    • luke strawwalker
      luke strawwalker 2 days ago +1

      Yep it happens... a couple years ago while I was in Indiana to help my brother-in-law with harvest, there were 3 little kids who got killed when they climbed into a gravity box of grain that was being unloaded to play while it was being unloaded into an auger, just like they were unloading that truck... You saw when he looked over the back how the beans were being "sucked down the hole" as they pour out the back of the truck-- the kids climbed into the wagon to play and got sucked down just like that, moving grain is like quicksand and pulled them right down... once you're pulled down, you can't breathe with the grain pushing in and down on you from all sides, so you suffocate and die. Whoever was unloading went to do something else or whatever and didn't notice the kids climbed in to play, and they looked high and low for them but didn't find them til it was too late...
      A family friend of ours in Indiana had raised money for rescue equipment for the local fire department, they had the stuff about 2 months before he was in his bin emptying it out into a truck and got partially pulled down... he had the safety harness and stuff on which was good, kept him from getting entombed and dying, but he was stuck waist deep or so and couldn't be pulled out... the fire department got to practice with their new equipment getting him out... basically a big tube they push down into the grain over you, then vacuum out the grain around you til you can be pulled out...
      Lots of guys make the mistake of walking out on top of a bin of grain that has been partially emptied into trucks and hauled away, and the grain is crusted over from moisture and mold growing on top causing it to "crust" or "bridge"... it's basically like walking out on thin ice... if a few truckloads of grain has been hauled out of the bin, it might be a 10 foot or more drop from the crust at the top of the bin in the middle down to the bottom of the cone of grain that has been pulled out, and when it breaks through under your weight you fall with an avalanche of grain and sometimes big couple-hundred-pound each chunks of grain to the bottom of that cone, which collapses down into itself under gravity... if the fall doesn't kill you the tons of grain that lands on you usually does...
      Bins, and particularly silos due to the fact that silos actually FERMENT the contents (grain or ground plant material or a combination thereof) can also be full of toxic gas, usually carbon dioxide, or other gases that can cause you to pass out and asphyxiate you from lack of oxygen...
      Then of course there's been a LOT of folks lose a foot to the auger when emptying out a bin... the "well" in the center of the bin floor unloads the grain as it pours down into it, til it empties down into a stable "cone" that will no longer slide down the slope into the well, at which point you either have to use a bin sweep auger or a shovel to move grain to the well... sometimes chunks of crusted grain get down there and plug up the auger, and folks have lost hand or arms or feet from pushing down a chunk of crusted grain into a running auger, or stepping into the well inadvertantly while shoveling out a bin... "The Harmless Farmer" is a farmer here on RU-clip who lost both his arms in an auger accident when he was a little kid... he's got some amazing videos of how he's learned to do things with no arms...
      It's all serious stuff and nothing to play around with, and DEFINITELY not anyplace for kids or people unschooled in the dangers to be!! Later! OL J R :)

  • luke strawwalker
    luke strawwalker 2 days ago

    Your corn needed water pretty bad... when the leaves roll up like that the plants are water stressed... Looked like it was planted a little thick or some doubles (two or more seeds planted close together) neither is good for corn, because it's a very population-sensitive crop (other corn plants too close tend to "cannibalize" nutrients from each other, no neither makes a good ear). I trust you're planting a good sweet corn variety here for ear corn. Looks like you could use some nitrogen fertilizer as well to supplement the soil; corn likes plenty of nitrogen and phosphate (phosphorus) and a bit of sulfur never hurts either (usually). Water was definitely the limiting factor, when the leaves roll up it's already hurting for water pretty bad. If it had enough water the leaves wouldn't roll up like that and the color would tell you a lot about the plant's health and nutrient needs-- usually if it's a light green or yellowish is a sure sign it needs more nitrogen. IF it's dark green it'll be healthy and have all the nutrients it needs to make a good crop. If you have too many plants or plant seeds too thick (overpopulation) you can always thin it out by pulling up some of the plants so they're no closer than about 6-8 inches apart. In dry conditions or poor soil nutrient availability, planting no closer than about 12 inches apart (or more) will allow each plant more soil to obtain nutrients and water to make a crop, but of course the lower population means less plants to produce ears, so it's a tradeoff... that's why farmers in different areas with different climates, weather patterns, heat or high temps in summer, thinner soils, sandier soils (which hold less water for shorter periods of time before drying out) plant different populations (seeds per acre or unit of area).
    Best of luck on your corn for next year! OL J R :)

  • elcidbob
    elcidbob 3 days ago +3

    "When you break it, there's no one to call"
    Oh no, there's plenty of people to call, but the guys who work on that kind of stuff charge a few hundred bucks an hour and often have a four hour minimum charge.

    • luke strawwalker
      luke strawwalker 2 days ago +1

      Most places, you call 'em they charge you $100 and hour or more and then they send you some kid right out of high school or some 20-something that usually doesn't know much-- if the laptop can't tell them how to fix it they're screwed (and you're STILL paying the bill). My BIL hired Deere to send out a couple guys to put in a new straw walker in his old 9600 combine a couple years ago... he had replaced one in his older 6620 combine he traded off on it a few years earlier, but he and I are old and fat now and that's a young skinny guy job (climbing up inside the guts of the combine and working in a space not much bigger than you are, having to remove and replace bolts and stuff), so he hired it done. The young guys get there and power up the laptop and start working, he pointed out on the old machine there was a removable panel at the back of the combine you take off and you can slide the old 10 foot long straw-walker out the slide the new one in, maneuver it into position, and start replacing it. They didn't THINK this one had it, so they started taking the ENTIRE back "doghouse" off the back of the combine... get it down to about 4 bolts (out of 20+) and one guy decides to climb over the chopper to get inside, and nearly rips the entire back end of the combine off-- the metal bent under his (and the 200-300 pound chopper's) weight... then they figure out "Oh yeah, there IS a removable panel back there, so basically they've wasted 2 hours of labor at over $100 bucks an hour... BUT it got done. Glad I didn't have to pay THAT bill, because they were there all day...
      Later! OL J R :)

  • Jebs Channel
    Jebs Channel 3 days ago

    One barge can hold about 90 semi loads of grain and one bulk cargo ship can hold roughly 40 barges

  • Aaron Ashman
    Aaron Ashman 3 days ago +2

    My parents were both sheet metal workers for many years. That “punch” is called a drift pin.
    Punches make holes. Drift pins guide them.

  • Cole!! Rodriguez
    Cole!! Rodriguez 5 days ago

    One thing I’ve learned is that punches are the best

  • Jonathan Allen
    Jonathan Allen 5 days ago

    How do I get the song

  • D.V.S.N Srikar
    D.V.S.N Srikar 7 days ago +1

    I feel sorry for Indian farmers🙁

  • Saucy Sip
    Saucy Sip 7 days ago

    11:55 got em👌

  • Justin Buller
    Justin Buller 7 days ago

    Thanks for shedding some light on what farmers have to overcome. Great video! Feel free to come up to Indiana anytime to come learn more about farming!

  • Alexi Todaze
    Alexi Todaze 7 days ago

    9:12 my laptop when starting witcher3

  • Destiny and more
    Destiny and more 8 days ago

    War eagle

  • Gʀɛɛռ Pɛռȶǟɢօռ?

    2:23 OMG IT'S A CUMULONIMBUS CLOUD AND U MISSED IT! I can't help but notice you ignored these fascinating clouds outside. I bet there was a thunderstorm after this.

  • Snowman374th
    Snowman374th 11 days ago

    I think you should earn a D.J license before you can destroy videos with music. Such a ruin for videos. Everybody wants to be a D.J. My ears are killing me anymore. I just wish it would stop. Everything doesn't have to be a musical.

  • ananda swardana
    ananda swardana 15 days ago

    A farmer and an engineer..

  • nonimport ante
    nonimport ante 15 days ago

    if you've got a big enough truck you can actually move these things intact.

  • Joant Castillo
    Joant Castillo 17 days ago

    11:28 John Deere moisture tester in a case combine

  • Blaine Landers
    Blaine Landers 19 days ago

    Thank you. Great video. Thank you farmers for keeping us all fed.

  • MrChazz10
    MrChazz10 19 days ago

    Punches are the best! I felt like punching you right then 😋

  • Zackary Klein
    Zackary Klein 19 days ago

    My dad's a corn famer
    Yup us famers don't call no body shop to fix our stuff

  • Joshua Doll
    Joshua Doll 19 days ago +2

    "That's quite a lot to take in there" he says while in a combine using a 20 foot header. He needs to see the 45+ foot headers that get used.

  • Derpdude 101
    Derpdude 101 21 day ago

    Me: *plays farming sim*
    I’m a genius now!

  • NoN Descript
    NoN Descript 22 days ago

    "Punches are the best!" i fricking love this dude...

  • BaneZH
    BaneZH 22 days ago +1

    11:54 got 'em

  • Lionsfn
    Lionsfn 22 days ago

    Your daughter is hot


    Farmers are backbone of whole world. No one would survive that much without them.

  • Edie Babe
    Edie Babe 24 days ago

    What is a sand bagger?

  • Garcielia 1st
    Garcielia 1st 25 days ago +1

    Farmers and workers are the back bone of America

  • dragonaffliction23
    dragonaffliction23 25 days ago

    You've earned my subscription. Great video and was enjoyable to watch.

  • Nathan Weatherly
    Nathan Weatherly 25 days ago


  • Rob Beebe
    Rob Beebe 27 days ago

    In steel work they call the punch a spud usually it's on the back of a wrench aka a spud wrench

  • Koleka Farmer
    Koleka Farmer 29 days ago +3

    «when are you finished?»
    Farmer: When im done.

  • greimalkin
    greimalkin 29 days ago

    What about the pyramid shaped things, the salt bins. Or other structures one might see

  • Matt James
    Matt James Month ago

    Haha! Good video! I've noticed that every time you film in the south your southern accent comes out a lot more! hahah!

  • admiralcapn
    admiralcapn Month ago

    12:54 - how murder was committed in Witness

  • The_Dead_Knight3
    The_Dead_Knight3 Month ago

    The funny thing is that farmers are the backbone of America yet we don't treat them like it

  • Stephan Botes
    Stephan Botes Month ago

    I am studying Engineering, but this video can persuade me to go into farming.

  • Sakira Cadman
    Sakira Cadman Month ago

    Running crops isn't farming. That is called industrialized gardening. Farming is when you add animals.

  • Nicky Gee
    Nicky Gee Month ago

    When I was a kid and we would go to Chuck E Cheese they would put your tickets on a scale to determine how many you had to turn in for prizes. We would splash water on the tickets to make them heavier.

  • MrKellzzy ps4
    MrKellzzy ps4 Month ago

    Love this video and your respect and interest in what we do to make a living! As a farmer I can say we aren't that smart lol 😂 no sandbagging here! Keep up the great videos!

  • Dominic Bowns
    Dominic Bowns Month ago +1

    The change in accent while with the farmer is really interesting from a linguistic perspective. His accent is more southern, and Destin used a technique called convergence in order to make the situation easier socially. It’s something we all do all the time and may make an interesting video.

  • Carolyn Nance
    Carolyn Nance Month ago

    So we got a floor with holes connected to the mother of all fans.

    Who else is thinking ultimate air hockey?!