iPhone XS/XS Max Broken Screen Glass Only Repair - Step By Step

  • iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the two most-advanced and also most expensive smartphones ever. Therefore, their repair costs are greater than any iPhone as well. Apple will charge you up to $329 for an iPhone Xs broken screen glass repair out of warranty of the two, which makes iPhone Xs screen replacement/refurbishment by third-party repair shops a better choice for customers. And this is what is about in our video today. The most detailed steps about iPhone XS screen refurbishing that can surely enlighten you in your repair business.Also, for those in need, please feel free to contact us for screen refurbishment/supply service.
    Tools Used:
    Manual LCD Separator: bit.ly/2OOXAT1
    Bubble Removing Autoclave: bit.ly/2yVKOfA
    Laminating Machine: bit.ly/2Fymuph
    Vacuum Pump: bit.ly/2SXHQPV
    Air Compressor: bit.ly/2AvhnEp
    Cutting Nipper: bit.ly/2szNpsC
    LCD Cutting Wire:bit.ly/2SOkhZY
    LCM Cleaner: bit.ly/2ASoIfD
    Anti-static Wrist Strap: bit.ly/2LyJAyn
    Anti - static Glass Wiper: bit.ly/2SXenFL
    Easy Tear Sticker: bit.ly/2VX7HcA
    Apple iPhone X OCA Glue Sheet:bit.ly/2FzZmWt
    Anti-static Plastic Pry Bar:bit.ly/2Lkky6W
    Straight Tweezers:bit.ly/2CmWpoY
    Razor Blade:bit.ly/2FCPP0H
    iPhone XS Glass Lens Replacement:bit.ly/2AN1B5I
    Any questions and demands please feel free to contact us at: sales@rewatechnology.com
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  • Prince Erick
    Prince Erick 3 days ago

    This is to much

  • Peter Jensen
    Peter Jensen Month ago

    I will brake mine just to try this!

  • Ventura Manuel
    Ventura Manuel 3 months ago

    Info para comunicarme con ustedes por fa

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  3 months ago

      Hello, any question please feel free to contact us at sales@rewatechnology.com

  • Sehar Qadees
    Sehar Qadees 3 months ago

    I want your contact number my iphone x screen mirror broke from corner and i am very tens

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  3 months ago

      Sorry, we are dedicated to providing products and services for business clients. As for other repair demands of individual clients, repair shops nearby would be a good choice for you.
      For other demands, please feel free to contact us at sales@rewatechnology.com

  • Matt Mason
    Matt Mason 3 months ago

    Truly, I must say I am impressed.

  • Carlos Monce Records
    Carlos Monce Records 4 months ago

    How many degrees do you use on the heat plate?

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  4 months ago

      The temperature of preheated platform is 90℃. Thank you.

  • alfredo castano
    alfredo castano 4 months ago +13

    alright I think im ready to try this at home

  • surendra sharma
    surendra sharma 4 months ago

    Clone ka bhi change ho skta h back glass

  • Rachit Khasa
    Rachit Khasa 6 months ago

    Does anyone change only the front glass of iPhone XS Max in India?

  • Sekai Ni Heiwa
    Sekai Ni Heiwa 6 months ago

    Apple Care 150 dollar, thats the cost of an iPhone to make it, the rest is profit

  • 별아멍멍해봐
    별아멍멍해봐 6 months ago +2

    download page is virus link~~

  • Thee Anson
    Thee Anson 6 months ago


  • Ramzan Amir
    Ramzan Amir 6 months ago

    Yar muhay dae do

  • Rikkkardo David
    Rikkkardo David 7 months ago

    Good. Now i just have to buy all the equipment... boring video

  • Corporation
    Corporation 8 months ago +3

    Apple is nuts.

    Give it another 10 years and people won't buy that overprices crap anymore.
    It's becoming standard these days.

  • Laidee
    Laidee 8 months ago +1

    Is the Iphone still water-resistant after that repair?

    • Voyger `
      Voyger ` 8 months ago +1

      Any phone after you open it from factory isn’t guaranteed to be water resistant even after you replace all the adhesive when u opened the phone

  • Caio Rudson
    Caio Rudson 8 months ago +2

    Se tiver um br aí me diz, oq e mais caro a peça inteira ou fazer esse procedimento todo ?

    • Born it
      Born it 4 months ago

      Caio Rudson os 2

  • Rick Brown
    Rick Brown 10 months ago +5

    I wouldn’t recommend just anyone tackling this. I highly recommend going to a professional.

  • The Melcrafter Lab's
    The Melcrafter Lab's 10 months ago

    Can someone explain to me why is necessary to remove the frame?. Is not possible to remove the glass with frame intact?. Thank in advance.

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  10 months ago +1

      Yeah. The frame protects and sticks with both the the glass as well as the LCD. So have to remove the frame first for separating glass from LCD. But we can keep the frame intact when removing it. You can check this video: ru-clip.net/video/pFYnJ1hjXfQ/video.html

  • Leerzeichen
    Leerzeichen 10 months ago

    hi, does the touch have to work? otherwise is that change useless? i mean it will not work? thk

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  10 months ago

      Yes, the touch have to work. Or changing a new glass is useless. Because the touchscreen will be still not working.

  • YodStuff
    YodStuff 11 months ago +17

    Definitely not a DIY project. The equipment looks expensive😥

      SYCO MIAMI 7 months ago

      I seen them add all the biggest stuff but it go taken down

      SYCO MIAMI 7 months ago

      The 256 or 500gig or /and ram lol I don’t no much about this stuff

      SYCO MIAMI 7 months ago

      Yes I see but you no how to work on it can you help me with mine

    • Alan Xu
      Alan Xu 8 months ago

      Ben Macken where didn’t you understand?

      SYCO MIAMI 8 months ago

      Where you at I need mine fixed !!! Let me ship it and pu the bigger spac in it

  • bright eyes
    bright eyes 11 months ago +1

    people make it sound as if there hard to fix why

  • Kiran T R
    Kiran T R 11 months ago

    Are you selling all these restored Phones?

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  11 months ago

      We do not sell second-hand devices at present. This video just demonstrates the processes to do glass-only repair.

  • Arham Ilyas
    Arham Ilyas 11 months ago +1

    First laminate it with a film then remove it. Wtf

  • Omar
    Omar 11 months ago +1

    100 reasons things could go wrong , just buy new screen a lot of replacement parts are out there

  • tuan ha
    tuan ha Year ago

    cut it into the film.haha

  • brlwafiy
    brlwafiy Year ago

    will it still water resistant?

    • brosk1s
      brosk1s 10 months ago

      Robert Christianson depends on what specific adhesive is used to stick the screen back on. Or are you saying that every iPhone X that Apple performed warranty work on is no longer water resistant? Because the first step to any repairs on the iPhone X is removing the screen.

    • Robert Christianson
      Robert Christianson 11 months ago


  • Have-a- Cigar
    Have-a- Cigar Year ago

    Fuck this man . The make this hard intentionally Iphone 7 was a 20 min job to re-lace the screen

  • Owen Terry
    Owen Terry Year ago +6

    I've never seen anyone pull the glue off with their hands. You are amazing.

    • matias mancinelli
      matias mancinelli 4 months ago

      hi buddy. thats because the screen is not the original. that glue, its oca, wich you use.when repair the screen. if u have a new screen, the glue its tottally diferent and hard to take off

  • Bryan lIlI
    Bryan lIlI Year ago

    Literally no point in spending all this much that money just to do the process and get apple care for the damn phone

    • XD Singh
      XD Singh 10 months ago +2

      you must be quite special to think that this is for individual use.

  • vamzi johnny
    vamzi johnny Year ago

    Help Rewa India

  • vamzi johnny
    vamzi johnny Year ago

    India join?

  • ViPhone Kings
    ViPhone Kings Year ago +1

    Great Video On iPhone Repair. It's nice to see a good POV to further my knowledge

  • Anmol Dhillon
    Anmol Dhillon Year ago

    I have iPhone X & iPhone 7+ with activation lock (iCloud) any solution

  • juan neel
    juan neel Year ago

    wow! it is good. there is some good material for you. rocketfix.com/

  • Carlos Reyes montoya


  • Valvoja
    Valvoja Year ago

    If i use heat gun, how could I keep the lcd in place while i seperate the glass with wire?

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Year ago

      Maybe try to use a mold or have someone give you a hand to fix it.

  • Jey Bauer
    Jey Bauer Year ago


  • Ferid Cabbarli
    Ferid Cabbarli Year ago

    Bravo kesinlikle müthiş beğendim

  • REWA Technology
    REWA Technology  Year ago +4

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  • technical galo
    technical galo Year ago +1

    sir iphone 7plus restor error 14 pls help me

  • pecapeca86
    pecapeca86 Year ago +2

    What is the liquid you used?

    • Anmol Dhillon
      Anmol Dhillon Year ago

      Its ACETONE
      You can use petrol instead this liquid
      ⚠️🔥⚠️ *BOTH ARE FLAMMABLE*

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Year ago

      Hi pecapeca86, do you mean the glue removing liquid? It's kind of chemical used to remove the glue.

  • Amsyar Anshah
    Amsyar Anshah Year ago +7

    So hard to fix that 😱😂

  • Miguel DC
    Miguel DC Year ago +11

    You are amazing! Impresive job

  • Xpert_Destroyer 4
    Xpert_Destroyer 4 Year ago +1

    uhh damn that guy f up xd broke his screan on a 4 month old phone xd

  • FAIZAL Ahamad Inshaff

    I using I phone 7plus when i am open my back camera portrait mode my phone was off after can’t restart my phone plugged in charger to on my phone how can I fix it

    • Filipe Gomes
      Filipe Gomes Year ago

      Buy a Huawei...and stop buying crap iphones lol

  • Ami Zariq
    Ami Zariq Year ago +1

    what is the blue thing that attached to the hand ? 😅

    • dingoosh
      dingoosh Year ago

      It's a tool that electrically grounds the worker so no static is accidentally delivered to the device

    • Nikhil Bhosale
      Nikhil Bhosale Year ago

      Anti static rubber band

    RATAN ROHIT Year ago +4

    wow, you are the best, i think you will beat all repair company in the future..

  • syed naqheeb
    syed naqheeb Year ago +1

    Can you please show us how to buypass touch id

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Year ago

      We have a video on how to bypass icloud of iPhone 6s. It's the same procedures. You can have a reference.

  • Saket Gillurkar
    Saket Gillurkar Year ago +1

    Need same video for iPhone XR!

    • Anmol Dhillon
      Anmol Dhillon Year ago +2

      Buy a new iPhone Xr
      Break the glass
      And send it to REWA
      they can make a video on it

    • Saket Gillurkar
      Saket Gillurkar Year ago

      @REWA Technology but! How apple manage the backlight of iPhone XR its lcd display with curved screen and bezel less! Screen refurbishing Video will show how apple Do it! Bcoz Making bezel-less LCD display is so difficult!

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Year ago

      iPhone XR comes with LCD screen. The refurbishing procedure is the same as other LCD screen iPhones. and we have a video on how to refurbish iPhone 6s here: ru-clip.net/video/DiOfFuGNfvQ/video.html&lc

  • Cell Comp
    Cell Comp Year ago

    100% wrong the way you are handling the LCD it will break from notch, that side is too fragile you will damage OLED. please don't make such videos where you put sound and hide the main tricks, if you really want to help show complete process. Anybody who refurbish Screens will agree with me.

    • EEF
      EEF Year ago +1

      REWA has professional iphone & samsung LCD refurbishing training and iphone logic board repair training, you can enroll if you really want to learn something professional.

    • Davis Dai
      Davis Dai Year ago +1

      Handling LCD screens is a very difficult skill.

  • G J
    G J Year ago +2

    Great work ooooooooosome nice!!

  • Жанибек Уразов

    Astana GGG Golovkin

  • Federico Pagani
    Federico Pagani Year ago +5

    music is as good as the job that you do

  • siddharth jain
    siddharth jain Year ago +3

    It is easy here to separate the frame becsuse the glass is not broken in pieces. The lcd here is not having a single scratch. But when the glass is broken in pieces specially in sides where cold glue is glued its really difficult to remove frame

  • Imran Ansari
    Imran Ansari Year ago +1

    Can you tell about repairing business is increasing or not

  • Imran Ansari
    Imran Ansari Year ago +4

    Mobile repairing business decreasing or not please tell me I am so in tention

    • Jay Raut
      Jay Raut Year ago +1

      No I personally don't think so in fact, I would go as far to say that it's increasing. With new releases of smart phones there has been a demand for replacement parts which is great for the mobile repair industry so in other words, nothing to worry about.

  • Nikos Ferkos
    Nikos Ferkos Year ago +1

    it is not that easy to show that it does not help the world. the machine is novecel Q5

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Year ago

      Hi Nikos, the machine is not q5. It's X6S. This is the machine link: bit.ly/2Fymuph

  • Qs Tech Service
    Qs Tech Service Year ago +4

    What is the resin that you use to separate the glue ?? What is the name of the chemical

  • Bagal iPhone repering
    Bagal iPhone repering Year ago +10

    Sir come to India your treaing institute open for India

    • Yufan Chen
      Yufan Chen Year ago +5


    • m rizwan
      m rizwan Year ago +1

      😀😀 ha ha haaa haaa

  • Jitu Patel
    Jitu Patel Year ago +1

    Very good job 👍🏻
    Very Nice

  • موبايلي فون Mobily Phone

    VG 👍🏻

  • DarkSide 16
    DarkSide 16 Year ago +35

    Iam truly amaze how you people can fix this phones like it was never damage at all thumbs up you guys 😄👍👍👍👍

  • Hideika
    Hideika Year ago +2

    Is there a way for you guys to fix my phone? I live in Dallas and I know one of your offices is near Dallas so I was just wondering, I don’t trust these repair stores that are in malls

  • olaide hamid olamide

    What is the price and how do you ship those machines tho Nigeria ?

    • H.
      H. Year ago +3

      olaide hamid olamide no one ships no Nigeria you scammers 😂😂

  • Reiner Barrera
    Reiner Barrera Year ago +2

    I have a question.. does the 120hz touch layer is still there even if the glass is removed?

    • Anmol Dhillon
      Anmol Dhillon Year ago

      Yes, In led displays touch and display both are joined together Just glass chanded

    • Benjamen
      Benjamen Year ago +1

      Yep, OLED screens all have the touch infused together with the LCD. So glass is just a piece of glass.

    • Mr Phone Doctor
      Mr Phone Doctor Year ago

      Yes touch layer still there

    • its_a_trab
      its_a_trab Year ago +1

      Reiner Barrera i think that depends on which replacement digitizer you put back on it

  • zurab Samkharadze
    zurab Samkharadze Year ago +3

    can rewa refublish iphone xr screen?

    • Elder
      Elder 11 months ago