UFC 247: Jones vs Reyes Press Conference

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Tune in for the UFC 247: Jones vs Reyes Tickets-on-Sale Press Conference which take place ahead of the UFC 245 Weigh-ins. Featuring Dana White, Jones Jones, Dominick Reyes, Valentina Shevchenko and Katlyn Chookagian.
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Comments • 5 301

  • glava 1705
    glava 1705 38 minutes ago

    Number one pound for pound finger in the eye John finger Bones ..John Jones I exeling in snorting coke so he cant touch me

  • Edo Boii
    Edo Boii 45 minutes ago

    LOL.. Jon a troll 😂

  • Brett Werner
    Brett Werner Hour ago

    These cards need more battles.

  • Day & Night
    Day & Night 4 hours ago

    Dom looks like he been chewing on concrete.

  • Laga Savea
    Laga Savea 4 hours ago

    29:07 Always great to see Chuck

    • Laga Savea
      Laga Savea 2 hours ago

      Sal3600 I know 😂

    • Sal3600
      Sal3600 4 hours ago +1

      lmao that ain't chuck

  • Fai Zee
    Fai Zee 4 hours ago

    By the look of this Jhonney boy is gonna win this fight! Dominic is too nervous

  • Dolla
    Dolla 4 hours ago

    "Don't blink it's gonna be fun" - cowboy cerrone
    Hmm interesting

  • heavyduty187
    heavyduty187 5 hours ago

    DANA: Who has the first question?
    WHO: Fat white guy every time

  • ボリヴァ
    ボリヴァ 5 hours ago

    Everyone has the right to challenge and bla bla... til their bla bla hits the fan

  • sean kelly
    sean kelly 6 hours ago

    I’d like to take this opportunity to officially retire the oft used phrase, “At the end of the day.”

  • Ted flips
    Ted flips 6 hours ago

    Pple underrate reyes😂needs to stop smiling, machines come in all forms

  • frajer313
    frajer313 6 hours ago

    Valentina is a cyborg , no doubt in my mind.

  • Shinnok 5
    Shinnok 5 7 hours ago

    Why is he making it sound like there is a huge jump between heavyweight and light heavyweight but not from middleweight to light heavyweight ? Stipe Weighted In at 230 last fight so thats 25 pounds from Jon, Israel is 20 pounds from Jon.... 5 pounds is not much for these oversized athletes.

  • jithin 2255
    jithin 2255 10 hours ago


  • andre khoury
    andre khoury 10 hours ago

    Jon has got a great stature wears his clothes well doesn’t look like a lump or thug he does definitely have a presence
    Just don’t like him ratin on Conor especially when he just doesn’t need to he is a star himself

  • Cristina Morales
    Cristina Morales 11 hours ago

    Jones knows how to break this people up there...
    "Great response dominic"
    "Your not special dominic"

  • GodColored TV
    GodColored TV 11 hours ago

    John jones the villain that we wished Floyd mayweather could have been...
    a bad a$$ that will knock out anybody who he talks shit too

  • Talent Page
    Talent Page 11 hours ago


  • Cameron Cunningham
    Cameron Cunningham 12 hours ago

    Jones is sucks a douche bag said Izzy is a push when he admits to weighting 240 and 230 and won’t go heavy weight what a bitch

  • DaLink 150
    DaLink 150 12 hours ago

    Niggaz talk stupid. Reyes ain't got no fuckin chance to beat Jones!!! He has a punchers chance and that's it.

  • Be yourself or leave
    Be yourself or leave 12 hours ago

    I'd pay for Bones

  • romala khawlhring
    romala khawlhring 13 hours ago

    Reyes got a big mouth and he will get a big punch at 247

  • great humbled
    great humbled 15 hours ago

    Jon Jones not cool with no one 😂

  • LboyLroy
    LboyLroy 15 hours ago

    Not really his biggest fan, but i really hope Steve Jobs beats Reyes.

  • Mistic Man
    Mistic Man 16 hours ago

    Jon Jones will embarass this clown

  • Dylan James Weggz
    Dylan James Weggz 17 hours ago

    Dominick Reyes trash talk is trash. I mean how pathetic :D

  • Unays Sheikh
    Unays Sheikh 17 hours ago

    Jon Jones the whitest black guy ever

  • Gavin Mitchell
    Gavin Mitchell 17 hours ago

    14:00 Boo Hoo Jon has his feelings hurt ( every 2 minutes) 😂 14:50 you probably gave him it 😂 the irony lol

  • Harry Richard
    Harry Richard 20 hours ago

    Lol Valentina does not want to fight Amanda, and I don’t blame her!

  • Pretentious Bear
    Pretentious Bear 22 hours ago

    im sorry Katlyn Chookagian sucks and is a boring fighter. She and Holly Holm are very similar scared to death to commit to a punch

  • andre Last
    andre Last 22 hours ago

    I really hope Reyes gets destroyed. Look how he speaks to Jones acting like Jones is a nobody. That smirk on his face the whole conference needs to get wiped off. I can't stand guys who are rising but act like they've been defending the belt for years. We can't have another cringe champ. He will ruin that division.

  • SharkSlaya Tokyo

    I would marry valentina.shes everything.

  • hackhampride
    hackhampride Day ago

    Reyes - Your just another pawn in my puzzle.

  • Junior 249
    Junior 249 Day ago

    Jones is going to smash Reyes ....I think that's whats going to happen...

  • Ibni Qais
    Ibni Qais Day ago

    what was the book?

  • Se7en Sins
    Se7en Sins Day ago

    Reyes talks like he got woodchips for teeth

  • Jonny Oosik
    Jonny Oosik Day ago

    The first reporter needs to not just wear a jogging suit. He needs to actually jog as well.

  • Detective
    Detective Day ago

    I'm not sure if i heard that right, but Jon just called Israel a p*ssy. And to be honest, the more Jon keep talking about Israel is the more Israel gets fired up to face and beat Jon.

  • Justin Time
    Justin Time Day ago

    Reyes just needs his first loss

  • Sébastien
    Sébastien Day ago

    When is this fight gonna happen ?

  • Richard Workman
    Richard Workman Day ago

    Not tryna be sad but that fat guy always has the first question and it is sort of annoying

  • Geoff Barklley
    Geoff Barklley Day ago

    Jon Jones bout to whoop dat ass can’t wait to see the GOAT back in action

  • Мустафа иракский

    Jones will win .

  • Jhonny Walker
    Jhonny Walker Day ago

    I'm just worried Jones don't take Reyes lightly like Anderson did to Weidman.
    He's finished many opponents cuz he got power. I hope Jones respects the game and go in full focus and put another show to remember

  • living_legend 31

    Watch how Dominick gone try to add more moves

  • James Gallagher
    James Gallagher Day ago

    Bones Jones is the goat

  • binaryruffian
    binaryruffian Day ago

    Does anyone else get to ask questions except that fat blob every single press conference, he’s always first and asks the most questions, what is this Nazi Germany wtf?

  • Lige Recka
    Lige Recka Day ago

    There was nothing that bad in Reyes talk as ppl say, he just young and he can beat Jones wich im big fan of, this dude isnt peace of cake

  • Lige Recka
    Lige Recka Day ago

    Valentina looking great

  • Angry Lolii
    Angry Lolii Day ago

    yo this fat interviewer is annoying as shit

  • Dan McG
    Dan McG 2 days ago

    If this ends up being the smashing that this is 98% certain to be... Jones has to go to HW... pointless him staying at 205

  • Envy
    Envy 2 days ago

    Dominick Reyes looks like a mexican Colin Kaepernick

  • Schangbang
    Schangbang 2 days ago

    jon will lose someday, but i dont think its gonna be against reyes

  • Akshay Joshi
    Akshay Joshi 2 days ago

    Name of the song please?

  • trevor james
    trevor james 2 days ago

    Another Victim of Jon Jones.

  • Ton Palacios
    Ton Palacios 2 days ago

    jon is a straight killer. calm in his responses, calm in his fights. that izzy or stipe fight would be dope as fuck tho.

  • John Crichton
    John Crichton 2 days ago

    he's going to get destroyed lol

  • Jay Are
    Jay Are 2 days ago

    Someone please beat Jones and make the division entertaining again. Please.

  • mondo Gamino
    mondo Gamino 2 days ago

    Whats jones talking about, a big weight difference between him and the heavyweights. He walks around 235lbs, and calls israel a pussy. Lol

  • colt curlin
    colt curlin 2 days ago

    Valentina a different breed of woman. Got damn