The Channel Island of Jersey

  • Jersey is the largest and with nearly 98,000 inhabitants at the same time most populous island of the Channel Islands.
    Jersey ist die grösste und mit knapp 98.000 Einwohnern zugleich bevölkerungsreichste Insel der Kanalinseln.

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  • Andy's Laura's
    Andy's Laura's 4 months ago

    Welcome to rip off jersey

  • SpitfireJJ
    SpitfireJJ 6 months ago

    Only problem in Jersey are people born there. Paranoid idiots.

  • Sabino Barraza
    Sabino Barraza 6 months ago

    Qué miedo ir de turista a un lugar macabro 👿

  • Maria Linares
    Maria Linares 9 months ago

    Vine por Dross

  • Alexnx
    Alexnx 9 months ago +6

    Vine el drosito

  • eduar medina
    eduar medina 9 months ago +3

    Vine por droos pvto mundo asqueroso

  • Patrica Wyer
    Patrica Wyer 10 months ago

    I’m a bean and proud of it. Lance Gallichan please comment 😁🐾

  • celticdollface
    celticdollface Year ago

    why is the music so loud?

    • kompass60
      kompass60  Year ago

      Yes I know, i made a mistake in the editing. I'm not a profi!

  • Marina Loulli
    Marina Loulli Year ago +2

    Great smell of tax evasion

  • Georgina Rowland
    Georgina Rowland Year ago

    whos in the bean gang???

  • geishasecrets
    geishasecrets Year ago +1

    Henry Cavill brought me here

  • dover one foxtrot
    dover one foxtrot Year ago +2

    Used to visit regularly in the 1980's, then they destroyed tourism, and prices went through the roof. Such a shame.

  • fes som
    fes som 2 years ago

    Tha music is how a porn scene 2:48

  • December Sixx
    December Sixx 2 years ago

    Glad I can read German!

  • dramaqueen5748
    dramaqueen5748 2 years ago +2

    my beautiful island home

  • TheStgmp44
    TheStgmp44 2 years ago

    Festung Jersey.

  • Patrick guernsey
    Patrick guernsey 2 years ago +1

    North of Brittany, Jersey is...sort of Southern France !

  • peter bothwell
    peter bothwell 2 years ago +1

    Born and raised there, moved to London in 1982 visited a few times over the years but it's now been awhile.
    Mum and dad laid to rest there, wonderful brother still living there.
    Must visit again soon.
    Thanks for the memories.

    • kompass60
      kompass60  2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment. It is a beautiful place.

  • José Zúñiga
    José Zúñiga 2 years ago

    This island is a great fináncial paradise .

  • mariaud999
    mariaud999 2 years ago +2

    What a beautiful film! So relaxing. Thank you for posting🌞

    • ebbcourt
      ebbcourt 2 years ago

      Beautiful place too

    • kompass60
      kompass60  2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment :-)

  • lottie b
    lottie b 3 years ago +6

    Im a jersey bean hahahahah

  • mickey vox
    mickey vox 3 years ago +2

    Stunning !

  • mikol58
    mikol58 3 years ago

    My fav place anywhere.

  • Memphis Raines
    Memphis Raines 3 years ago +2

    Love how you put this video together, with all the clips and the nice music.

  • 50010700LED
    50010700LED 3 years ago +2

    Dankeschön für dieses entspannende Video. Guter Zusammenschnitt, gute Musikauswahl. Plane gerade unsere Reise nach Jersey für Mai 2017. Grüße aus dem Taunus.

    • kompass60
      kompass60  3 years ago

      ...geniesse diesen Urlaub. Es ist eine Insel zu entspannen!

  • Rumpelstilzchen X
    Rumpelstilzchen X 3 years ago +2

    nice to take away the millions .....

  • Rumpelstilzchen X
    Rumpelstilzchen X 3 years ago +2

    haha...the paradise for those one...who doesn´t pay any taxes....:-)))

    DAN_SUPREME Y 3 years ago +2

    I live there

    • Stanley Marsh
      Stanley Marsh 2 years ago

      D Hartley same

    • mariana zubia
      mariana zubia 2 years ago +1

      kompass60 es bonita y es la original.
      la otra es la imitacion new jersey.

    • kompass60
      kompass60  3 years ago

      it's a beautiful place.

  • David Walker
    David Walker 4 years ago +2

    Great overview of Jersey with a relaxing soundtrack. Thanks for sharing!

    • fes som
      fes som 2 years ago

      The music is how a porn scene

    • ebbcourt
      ebbcourt 2 years ago

      Very nice place for holiday

    • kompass60
      kompass60  4 years ago +2

      Thanks for the comment and I wish you a Happy New Year