• Published on Oct 15, 2019
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Comments • 993

  • Cody Moore
    Cody Moore 8 hours ago

    First bite on the silver ding dong

  • Jeff s
    Jeff s 16 hours ago +1

    Lucky is the coolest googan they need to name a bad ass lure after him....hes put in his hours he deserves it...mabye proceeds go to humane society?

  • Fish Man
    Fish Man 2 days ago

    first fish on the penis lure lol

  • igipol XD
    igipol XD 2 days ago

    Smallmouth is in polish okon

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez 2 days ago

    “Wassup you little bitch” 💀

  • Carlos Rosales
    Carlos Rosales 4 days ago

    Spinning reel or baitcaster

  • lamagold2123
    lamagold2123 5 days ago

    What What

  • SnatchyPanda
    SnatchyPanda 5 days ago

    Name and city of the Mass pond please. I’m from methuen mass always looking for good spots


    4:29 ... Why does that jig look like a penis??

    KAIDEN CARTER 7 days ago

    Your a
    lefty like me

  • Justin Schoenrock
    Justin Schoenrock 7 days ago

    Milliken fishing for a challenge that would be awesome

  • CybrSlydr
    CybrSlydr 19 days ago

    What could be better than watching Peric lose his shit with terrible lures failing to catch fish? lol

  • Xpike
    Xpike 19 days ago

    that perch seems ridiculously long for that size. maybe a new hybrid species

  • Evan Meas
    Evan Meas 20 days ago +1

    Who remembers the old version of this video?

  • Linus Wellington
    Linus Wellington 20 days ago

    11:30 lol in sweden thats like a minnow

  • Kim Jung Il
    Kim Jung Il 20 days ago

    8:54 nice BMW

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 20 days ago

    I think that’s awesome to make these challenge lure videos!!

  • Horse lover bob 2
    Horse lover bob 2 21 day ago

    Can we meet up u are amazing

  • Brandon Kyle Mckibben

    Loved this challenge and usually hate challenge video’s. You guys had me laughing with the lures.

  • zachary cooke
    zachary cooke 22 days ago

    Need to challenge Alex so we can all watch him get pissed off and loss it

  • Isac Jonsson
    Isac Jonsson 22 days ago

    That fall fish is ready for ”destroy dick december”

  • Bigricothegod
    Bigricothegod 22 days ago

    "Multiple bites in concession"

  • HardToMell o
    HardToMell o 23 days ago

    John: oh it’s a small one *gets bit* (fish grows three pounds) OH ITS A MONSTER

  • Wasntme Too
    Wasntme Too 24 days ago

    Hey Jon, see if you can get Jeff McGovern ( ) to do the challenge with you. He's an Emmrod fisherman..... would be an interest clash of different worlds. (edited to fix link)

  • Miguel Riquinha
    Miguel Riquinha 24 days ago

    Jon where is that 2nd spot in Boston cause that actually looks like a good spot I would love to go there

  • David Helme
    David Helme 24 days ago

    One thing ive noticed about northern bass is that they are suuuuuper dense. They aren't massive but they are heavy.

  • Robert Haeberle
    Robert Haeberle 25 days ago

    Challenge DallmyD and LFG to the next worst lure challenge

  • Christopher Grier
    Christopher Grier 25 days ago

    Challenge me 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Bailey Martin
    Bailey Martin 25 days ago

    Challenge ace videos

  • Scolli3
    Scolli3 25 days ago

    😂😂 Love this vid Jon B! Always good content, this vid is hilarious. Thanks for the great content. Better than cable.

  • griff 595
    griff 595 25 days ago

    You should come up to Maine in the summer if those are your biggest small mouths I can blow your mind with what Is up here

  • Noah Jimenez
    Noah Jimenez 27 days ago +1

    When is jon gonna say *GeT iN tHe BoAt!!!!*

  • Ben Fennell
    Ben Fennell 27 days ago

    Try those lures in TX. I bet they work.

  • Brady Bean
    Brady Bean 27 days ago

    So wait, you're saying he ate the shrimp and dropped it?

  • Gabriel Hamby
    Gabriel Hamby 28 days ago

    Challenge flair

  • Shawny Dahmers
    Shawny Dahmers 28 days ago

    Where in southern nh???

  • edit boi
    edit boi 28 days ago

    If your looking for a good trout fight go to Colorado

  • Steven McCann
    Steven McCann 28 days ago

    You should do a challenge against Lawson. Buy him some funky saltwater lures. Lol

  • Mohd Muzamel
    Mohd Muzamel 28 days ago

    Try to fish hampala barb.. Mostly at south east asia.. They will bend hooks

  • Lee Hawkins
    Lee Hawkins 28 days ago

  • James Reichhelt
    James Reichhelt 28 days ago

    Dope as always B

  • Kyle Komarek
    Kyle Komarek 29 days ago

    Oh my gosh these vids were just too exciting... 🙄

  • Kaitlynn x
    Kaitlynn x 29 days ago

    okay... your wiener dog though... so cute

  • sumner 615
    sumner 615 29 days ago

    Flair! Fish with them!

  • Easton Keeton
    Easton Keeton 29 days ago

    Challenge flair

  • John Morris
    John Morris 29 days ago

    Try Rob....

  • RS 850
    RS 850 29 days ago

    Let me tow my boat around that I'm not gonna use..

  • Hanging Outside
    Hanging Outside 29 days ago

    Hey Jon, I am a new sub. I have a small channel and I live in NH. Me and my buddy just got into fishing this year. Let me know if you would be interested in in doing some fishing! Thanks for the great content.

  • Nick Tann
    Nick Tann 29 days ago

    mikes an idiot that spider is awesome, havnt even been catching on wacky rigs the last 2 days i fished but caught on that thing a bunch

  • Reed Wishnevetski
    Reed Wishnevetski 29 days ago

    Challenge Aaron wiebe!

  • Jake_olson
    Jake_olson 29 days ago +1

    I still question why people yank back so hard and real so fast when they catch a dink

  • Rich Plumb
    Rich Plumb 29 days ago +1

    "well i never thought id say this, but its time to fish for thots." mike 2019

  • Tom Ace
    Tom Ace Month ago

    Perch taste sooooooo gooood

  • Elijah Dimke
    Elijah Dimke Month ago +1

    Your the first city boy I’ve seen wearing a John Deere hat.

  • August Eckman
    August Eckman Month ago

    Dude keeps saying how cold it is but wears flip flops😂🤔😂

  • Ramsay’sReviews
    Ramsay’sReviews Month ago

    Flair woulda caught something..

  • Josh Dewitt
    Josh Dewitt Month ago

    Not surprised the perch ate the shrimp. Freshwater crustaceans are their main prey.

  • carbajal8283
    carbajal8283 Month ago

    I never thought I’d hear 1rod1reel say “baits that suck dick” because he never, if rarely, cusses in his videos lol

  • hunter killian
    hunter killian Month ago

    You should chalange lunkers

  • Whunter22 Whunter22

    U talk more than u fish🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️