How To Pick Up Girls In South Africa!

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • Filmer: godly
    Editor: andrasraczenboeck
    Instagram: vitalyzdtv...
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  • EdwardRCL RCL
    EdwardRCL RCL Day ago

    These girls are kind of Dutch.. Afrikaans

  • Trevor Byron
    Trevor Byron 2 days ago

    Hey vitaly...youve earned even greater respect...youve filmed in Cape land of birth and hopefully death...your avid fan

  • Atlegang Dlamini and Friends

    You the best bro you show capetownian girls like that as a south African I didn't know it was that easy

  • MnMs002
    MnMs002 3 days ago

    Why is he pretending? U can tell he is queer as a 3 dollar bill...

  • Eric Kai
    Eric Kai 3 days ago

    Yes I see no black girls in South Africa

  • Javinio gaming
    Javinio gaming 13 days ago

    I can’t believe the felinfg of Kinsey wen she see her boyfriends kissing som Oder girls😬

  • T.L Msane
    T.L Msane 13 days ago

    Ohh oh I am a South African & I didn't know you were coming this side. Based in Durban though. Next time

  • Atv
    Atv 15 days ago

    You know she not faithful

  • HDSanchez
    HDSanchez 19 days ago

    He left the plastic to the floor

  • john wick
    john wick 19 days ago

    Come to namibia

  • gold3npimp
    gold3npimp 19 days ago


  • Kaimiloa B.
    Kaimiloa B. 21 day ago

    @4:00 mark
    ..."always coming back for that pinché booty" hahaha 🤣😂😎 classic braddah

  • Gabriel Ganesa Mohan
    Gabriel Ganesa Mohan 22 days ago

    Selfie of my Kok

  • justin linnane
    justin linnane 23 days ago

    this prick is the new dark age !! what a loser

  • Isaac Richard Teo
    Isaac Richard Teo 23 days ago

    Whats the famous gang bang?

  • Little Ears
    Little Ears 24 days ago +3

    had no idea south african girls are so skinny and pretty

      DANNYBOY 21 day ago

      Little Ears this not America

  • Nader Sadr
    Nader Sadr 26 days ago

    you are the kind of guy which I wanna be you r my dream boy...I love you...

  • DeLan Mukosi
    DeLan Mukosi 27 days ago

    the only thing that i like about vitaly is that he is different from any other pranksters,,he has his one and only style

  • Atomic 419
    Atomic 419 29 days ago

    This is painful to watch. He's not even funny.

  • Ghana Mafia
    Ghana Mafia 29 days ago

    "BLACK from the waist down" ???
    "It's the JEW nose" ???
    Leave those stupid race jokes in America. We don't need that in South Africa.

  • Slah Mohammed
    Slah Mohammed Month ago

    How to pick up girls in sudan 😂

  • Boodha Aadamee
    Boodha Aadamee Month ago

    Fucking racist. There are also other races in South Africa.

  • Cape Fox
    Cape Fox Month ago +1

    Old geezer saying cringy, obscene things to young women. This is a creep fest.

    • Little Ears
      Little Ears 21 day ago

      @Cape Fox 27 or something

    • Cape Fox
      Cape Fox 21 day ago

      @Little Ears He's really in his '20s? He looks middle aged.

    • Little Ears
      Little Ears 24 days ago

      old? he's in his 20s

  • Derik Olivier
    Derik Olivier Month ago

    Just be glad you didn’t run into some mal naai of a girl, you would have seen your poes

  • Derik Olivier
    Derik Olivier Month ago

    Yoooooo, in my home country. Where are my Capetonians at?

  • Bango Banga
    Bango Banga Month ago

    South African girls are black bitch...

  • Chris Stock
    Chris Stock Month ago

    Actually its not even Clifton, its Camps bay :-D

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    Are you a snicker licker?🌚🙈

  • Ray Larose
    Ray Larose Month ago

    Yucky man!!!

  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff Crisafulli Month ago

    Just gotta be happier and work out.

  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff Crisafulli Month ago

    Im better at it then you think youll see.

  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff Crisafulli Month ago

    I just do me man. Let my heart say whatever.

  • 46- 10
    46- 10 Month ago +1

    this oak is either really brave or just missing a chromosome for him to be carrying that expensive camera around in the air, its like he wants to be robbed

  • Casper Boshoff
    Casper Boshoff Month ago

    Vataly wen are you coming to Durban south Africa

  • Nkonzo Mthembu
    Nkonzo Mthembu Month ago

    How come did I miss you😒😏

  • Daniel Mory
    Daniel Mory Month ago

    what an idiot... white population is less than 10% and you sound like an asshole dude.

  • Space Oddity
    Space Oddity 2 months ago

    this is why women get freaked out by random strangers.... guys like this muppit

  • Javi Oliva
    Javi Oliva 2 months ago


  • Capped Man
    Capped Man 2 months ago

    #cappedman babe

  • larsen445
    larsen445 2 months ago

    Yourgirlfriend soo sexy bro...iam jealous...

  • Shanu Chakraborty
    Shanu Chakraborty 2 months ago

    Steroids made your look 50's bro! Alas!

  • romeo napoleon
    romeo napoleon 2 months ago

    yoooooo look at her omgggg

  • Richard Watkins
    Richard Watkins 2 months ago

    What a tool. Who is this joker?

  • tigers gedanken
    tigers gedanken 2 months ago

    talking bs to some chicks on the beach means nothing,,

  • Andre Venter
    Andre Venter 2 months ago

    Slap tits

  • Chicago chicago
    Chicago chicago 2 months ago

    Your mom have. Channel ?

  • MrBigT
    MrBigT 2 months ago

    he needs to get an actual squad like how NELK boys are

    he just has cringe yes men

  • MrBigT
    MrBigT 2 months ago

    legal age is actually 16
    drinking age is 18

    Cape is such a beaut'

    Coldest Atlantic water I experienced,
    Clifton/Camps Bay is beautiful but most times its too cold to swim

  • MrBigT
    MrBigT 2 months ago

    why is it so cringe

    bro has zero game

  • MrBigT
    MrBigT 2 months ago +8

    u went to South Africa and expected to see "African Americans"
    - bro the ignorance is on STEROIDS

  • joash chetty
    joash chetty 2 months ago

    You should visit durban

  • JiaYu Shen
    JiaYu Shen 2 months ago

    V is so funny

  • JiaYu Shen
    JiaYu Shen 2 months ago +1

    I start to like South Africa

  • Byron
    Byron 2 months ago +1

    you don't realize that girls in cape town say yeah sure i can give you my number so you can leave them alone.

  • Cristians World
    Cristians World 2 months ago

    Slim shady on steroids oh shit bro South Africa is the fu%$# model country. If you single and want a model girlfriend GO THERE. Even Slim Steroid hooked some girls there haha. Great videos bro keep going. Still laughing.

  • nomisDE
    nomisDE 2 months ago

    im just smiling the whole video

  • El guapo
    El guapo 2 months ago

    Does Vitaly uncensored have any vids of cum dripping out of McKenzie's anus?

  • nicole andrew
    nicole andrew 2 months ago

    WHat is it with this guy and nigeria

  • The English man The English man

    South Africa is so racist blacks killing everyone