Dani Cohn- Somebody Like You (Official Music Video) ft. Mikey Tua

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Stream MY song here: open.spotify.com/track/5Ri0EJVTxqZUEMk3vdhQGZ?si=sDTwzGrASJaBAe0-3c0Kkw

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    Song Produced by: Hustle Division

    Video Produced by: Joe Bland

    Make-up Artist: Vanessa

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  • Chloe Pineapple
    Chloe Pineapple 3 hours ago

    Ew wtf

  • Ash_
    Ash_ 4 hours ago +1

    These are children 🤮

  • DailyRobloxMemez
    DailyRobloxMemez 10 hours ago

    guys I think we found a new type of cancer

  • whatitdooobayyybe
    whatitdooobayyybe 12 hours ago

    imagine getting married at 13

  • Fate S
    Fate S 16 hours ago


  • jay kae
    jay kae 20 hours ago +1

    If someone else sang this song it would've been a bop

  • Vadilingum Sandanum

    2:49 literally my dog's nail😂😂

  • ranji n
    ranji n Day ago +2

    Running like a cow😂😂

  • Ellaine Liz Justo
    Ellaine Liz Justo Day ago +1


  • Mia Vasquez
    Mia Vasquez Day ago

    There acting is so bad lmao💀

  • Mia Vasquez
    Mia Vasquez Day ago +1

    Yo she is so pretty but please act your age

  • Sam Mark
    Sam Mark Day ago +2

    whyyyy my ears are dead after hearung this just stooooopppppp

  • Charly R
    Charly R Day ago +1

    I know its an unpopular opinion, but i think micey actually sounds good😂

  • Delilah Whiteside
    Delilah Whiteside 2 days ago +1

    Y are yall hating on her like she didn't do anything to yall like yall haters

  • Briana Pineda
    Briana Pineda 2 days ago +1

    wtf my mom and dad dated for like 14 years n then got married n they have one year dis funny lmaoooo

  • Tori
    Tori 2 days ago +4

    Me and my friend laughed at this for a whole 30 mins in math class

  • chérry *
    chérry * 2 days ago +1

    ew the acting is so cringey and fake asf! Her voice sounds like a 10 yr old.

  • Violet Rosesmith
    Violet Rosesmith 2 days ago +2

    0:08 "ShOuLd I?"

  • Malik Zitzmann
    Malik Zitzmann 3 days ago +2

    Shes 13 lol talking about getting married

  • Malik Zitzmann
    Malik Zitzmann 3 days ago

    Cant sing terrible

  • Ainhoa Gallo
    Ainhoa Gallo 3 days ago

    The cutest actually💜

  • Kawai Cookie
    Kawai Cookie 3 days ago +2

    Learn how to sing and act before you make music like even a frog sounds better than you 🙄

  • ǝɯɐuɹǝsn
    ǝɯɐuɹǝsn 3 days ago +1

    Well this must awkward for her

  • cute chicken
    cute chicken 4 days ago

    I feel like some "haters" of dani doesnt really hate her, maybe they only "hate" her because its a trend idk maybe

  • cute chicken
    cute chicken 4 days ago

    This isnt a bad song, definitely my fave

  • Emily Delgadillo
    Emily Delgadillo 4 days ago +1

    Lmao she makes songs with every bf she has😂

  • Tristan Powder
    Tristan Powder 4 days ago

    Wtf is this shit lol gross wtf is this

  • Yasje 030
    Yasje 030 4 days ago +1

    Their lips and the audio in the beginning dont match AT ALL

  • YEET meh UwU
    YEET meh UwU 4 days ago +2

    This is cringe.

  • Ayesha Subah
    Ayesha Subah 4 days ago +2

    Poor Mikey. He's voice is good but Danielle added to much autotune in the Music Video.

  • loser lamo wannabe
    loser lamo wannabe 4 days ago +1

    Jesus Christ I remember this

  • Katie Brightman
    Katie Brightman 5 days ago

    honestly i dont see anything wrong with dani 🤷‍♀️

  • VICI Victoria
    VICI Victoria 5 days ago

    Yo are fat and the song is just so.. Uhh

  • Mella Morgen
    Mella Morgen 6 days ago

    13th like 21th yassss

  • Moonlighter Galaxy gacha

    Why’s the pool green.... and they why she said yes (3:32 the people on the right look like a better couple.)

  • Antasia Roberts
    Antasia Roberts 7 days ago

    She’s 13 asks 15 omg looks old

  • whydontwefan8118 wdw

    Does anyone else notice how dirty that water is

  • I don’t want Subscribers

    She has a bad voice

  • Ahlam Kamran
    Ahlam Kamran 7 days ago

    OMG shes 13 and married wow 😳 she and her mother have brains replaced with 🥜

  • Ayza Khan
    Ayza Khan 7 days ago +2

    Isn't she, like, 13? What she doing getting married?

  • Nor-alia Disomangcop

    0:08 *gUrl y0u g0t s0mE fAts thEre, aYe!*

  • Charles Packer
    Charles Packer 8 days ago

    I guarantee u the guy who was the priest just needed some quick cash

  • Leanna Tamayo
    Leanna Tamayo 8 days ago

    Yo he's like 20 and she's 13😐😑

  • Midnight_ Demon
    Midnight_ Demon 8 days ago


  • Rosa Cuellar-Rocha
    Rosa Cuellar-Rocha 8 days ago

    Guys can u plz stop hating my finger is getting tired of liking all the comments

  • Abby
    Abby 8 days ago

    Mikey my dude....

  • Chantelle Burnside
    Chantelle Burnside 8 days ago

    You haters need to stop hating if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all

  • Teba Imad Abd Gader 7Z

    watch her back break 2:15

  • Sher Ahmed
    Sher Ahmed 8 days ago +1

    I lowkey like Mikey's part for some reason

  • Maria Sol Fernandez
    Maria Sol Fernandez 8 days ago +1

    Usame como botón de cringe

  • Yesenia Gardado the Queen of the boys

    I remember the song when she used to have this boy but she has another boyfriend now and I'm so proud of her she gave up with standby because they had a big fight and I know her pain it's hard to forget a guy but when you start looking for another boy

  • Lauren Oviesu
    Lauren Oviesu 8 days ago

    Common even my parrot can sing better than that

  • simply lavender
    simply lavender 9 days ago

    she sucks at singing so they autotune her singing

  • simply lavender
    simply lavender 9 days ago

    ew her mum lets her wear that m mum would slap me if I was to wear that even my sister doesn't wear that and she is eighteen!

  • Abigail Vigil
    Abigail Vigil 9 days ago

    I miss Mikey 😞😞

  • ; belieber
    ; belieber 9 days ago

    also how can she wear high heels, i’m of the same age as her and when i wear my moms heels, even when i hold onto something i feel like falling down how can she wear heels, and besides she is too young to wear heels

  • ; belieber
    ; belieber 9 days ago

    wow - adele has a song called “ someone like you ” and this song is called “ somebody like you ”

  • ; belieber
    ; belieber 9 days ago

    the fact that 42k people would like this just makes me wonder who raised those people -

  • Kika Mendoza
    Kika Mendoza 9 days ago

    Ethan wayy better

  • Sydney Buchanan
    Sydney Buchanan 9 days ago +1

    “sHouLD I” I-