Oracle Linux: Setup SMTP Server Using GMAIL

  • Опубликовано: 28 сен 2014
  • Oracle Linux: Setup SMTP Server Using GMAIL
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  • kerberosbng
    kerberosbng 21 день назад

    Hi thanks for this video but I want to see

  • Technical Techs
    Technical Techs Год назад

    Good video along with proper explanation of configuration files and files .. keep it up

  • Renzo Caceres Rossi
    Renzo Caceres Rossi Год назад

    It´s a cool video, but what do you mean by create a password file? I don´t get it yet, pleasee some help, thanks

    • Shae H
      Shae H Год назад

      Its on both the document and in the video. What is it you don't understand about the password file?

  • Fabio Rosa
    Fabio Rosa Год назад +1

    Thank You .

  • Chinta sri ravi tej reddy
    Chinta sri ravi tej reddy 2 года назад

    the video really helped me a lot
    can you please post a new link for the document, the old one is not working

  • Dollar Tree
    Dollar Tree 2 года назад

    Oracle plz can i send mails to another domains?

  • Pedro Lopez
    Pedro Lopez 2 года назад

    Very useful post. Thank you very much. In order to update some necessary issues the following links may help:
    Postfix SMTP Relay to
    Howto fix postfix/smtp Network is unreachable error

  • Shandra Haliburton
    Shandra Haliburton 3 года назад +1

    nice video

  • Frederick Serunjogi
    Frederick Serunjogi 3 года назад +1

    Hello OracleDBAGirl,
    This is a good and HELPFUL video.
    It worked.
    Thank you very much.

    • Online DBA Academy
      Online DBA Academy  3 года назад

      +Frederick Serunjogi I'm glad that it worked for you!!!! Thanks for commenting!

    MIGUEL GONZALEZ 3 года назад

    Hi, How install Sendmail with SMTP of Gmail in Centos 6.5?

  • Christian J. Hernández Salvador
    Christian J. Hernández Salvador 3 года назад +1

    Great Video,
    Have you ever used this configuration with OEM?

    FIROZ K A 4 года назад

    Hi thank you for your video upload. I am new to linux and I tried to send mail using your instructions,
    But mails are not going and one error found in /var/log/maillog
    localhost postfix/error[2519] D5F8D02F6: to=, relay=noe, delay=0.05, delays=0.04/0.01/0.01, dsn=4.4.3, stats=deferred( delivery temporarily suspended : host or domain name not found. Name service error for type=MX: host ot found, try again)
    can you please help?

    • Online DBA Academy
      Online DBA Academy  4 года назад

      I've never seen this message before, but from looking at it it has to be the host name as the error says host or domain name not found. That should point you in the right direction. I also see, I don't see the m on .com it should be, make sure you are typing everything correctly.

  • Francisco Javier Samper Cruz
    Francisco Javier Samper Cruz 4 года назад +1

    God video, Thanks!

  • prem panther
    prem panther 4 года назад +1

    good job..Keep posting like this .

    • Online DBA Academy
      Online DBA Academy  4 года назад +1

      +Erick John
      You have to edit your hosts file. cd /etc/hosts and add the information there. If you need help email me, I can show you this better than I can explain it to you.

    • Erick John
      Erick John 4 года назад

      Sorrry hOw do i get the Server@