Ed Sheeran - No 6 Collaborations Project Full Album Reaction/Review

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
  • Ed Sheeran - No 6 Collaborations Project Full Reaction/Review
    #EdSheeran #No6CollaborationsProject
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Comments • 191

  • Valerie Yarbough
    Valerie Yarbough 5 days ago

    I’m feeling Ella mai sing one of my favorite songs why you cut it short tho

  • Caila 765
    Caila 765 24 days ago

    They skipped over ella’s whole part wtf😤

  • hazzaboy001
    hazzaboy001 2 months ago

    Some of the best artists ever come out of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️

  • Daniel Gardecki
    Daniel Gardecki 3 months ago +1

    Everytime I see *Patric* I think of *Columbus Short*

  • Mohamed Saad
    Mohamed Saad 3 months ago

    you should def. check out ed sheeran - don't/loyal/no diggity/the next episode/nina (live at the ruby sessions) its fireeee

  • Marco Antonio Cuellar Contreras

    What happend with the Paulo Londra part?

  • Cande Argañaraz
    Cande Argañaraz 3 months ago

    We want paulo londraaaa

  • Justin Bieber Fan
    Justin Bieber Fan 3 months ago

    Always Justin Bieber is Best

  • rochi bazante
    rochi bazante 3 months ago +1

    Como van a cortar la parte con Paulo Londraaaaa

  • yerimie kim
    yerimie kim 3 months ago


  • Corey Thomas
    Corey Thomas 4 months ago +1

    Ive always knew that ed had bars and the way he basically tells you that he has had enough just brings me warmth into my heart man

  • ohangl
    ohangl 4 months ago +1

    soy la unica que vino a ver la parte de paulo londra, la busco por tres horas y desp se dio cuenta que la cortaron *brokenheart*

  • Valentina Sudar
    Valentina Sudar 4 months ago +1

    I'm from Argentina and Paulo Londra didn't sing... Why???.... =(

  • **Z* *A**
    **Z* *A** 4 months ago

    FML people complaining about their favourite parts of songs being cut out...if you’re that pissed go listen to the damn song for yourselves!! 🤦‍♂️

  • suicidio doble
    suicidio doble 4 months ago +5

    no esperaba nada de ustedes y aún así logran decepcionarme cortando la parte de Paulo Londra xd

  • BigMac
    BigMac 4 months ago

    love americans react to ed rapping for the first time. He was brought through the uk scene by wretch, wiley, devlin ect. when he wants to can spit

  • Amina B
    Amina B 4 months ago

    Just saying Stormzy is the online urban artist to headline Glastonbury other that Jay Z

  • Genesis Adelia Collado
    Genesis Adelia Collado 4 months ago

    I came to see the Yebba reaction and y’all skipped it... 😭

  • Mike Beasley
    Mike Beasley 4 months ago +2


  • Liliana Torres
    Liliana Torres 4 months ago +11

    Came for the Paulo Londra part and you cut it... noooo!!! 🤨😔

  • Michael Rondon
    Michael Rondon 4 months ago +1

    You guys gotta do the NF album reaction when it comes out Friday

  • Allister Field
    Allister Field 4 months ago +1

    nahhhhhh y'all said stormzy was underground...come on man, get woke to that stormzy man, guy is better than most of your favourite rappers from the U.S guaranteed

  • K Willis SUFC
    K Willis SUFC 4 months ago

    You cut out J Hus you fucking pricks

  • em pe
    em pe 4 months ago

    This album should be called Singles.

  • Roberto Corona
    Roberto Corona 4 months ago +2

    Que paso con Paulo Londra? muy malo lo que hicieron

  • Toby Ch
    Toby Ch 4 months ago +1

    Please react to Ed Sheeran nothing on you

  • Krysiz
    Krysiz 4 months ago

    32 minutes of video to cut all the songs nice album reaction video 😉

  • Valkirion Lux
    Valkirion Lux 4 months ago +1

    no soy de poner Dislike a los videos y si lo ise fue contado con los dedos, pero ustedes hijos de mil puta se ganaron mi dislike por no reaccionar a la parte de paulo londra¡¡¡

  • B
    B 4 months ago +2

    How am I seeing naruto blackpink and boku no hero on the same wall WE STAN VERSATILE KINGSSS

  • B
    B 4 months ago

    I think I just found the best channel ever😭😭y’all react to hip hop kpop anime fuckin helllll❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Denu 27
    Denu 27 4 months ago +1

    Why did you cut the paulo londra part?💔

  • rob hickey
    rob hickey 4 months ago

    There is a video for antisocial

  • The Truth
    The Truth 4 months ago

    Ironically they dropped a special video for Anti-social

  • The Truth
    The Truth 4 months ago

    Obviously they cant play every part come in guys. Ed Sheeran is who I came for. Feels with Young Thug and Jhus is my favourite BUT is not a dancehall artist

  • The Truth
    The Truth 4 months ago +1

    Respect the album deserves this. Feels is my favourite track

  • Tia Montiero
    Tia Montiero 4 months ago

    Y’all are really the best! I want y’all to review everything now! I never laughed so hard!! Love Ed!!!!!

  • agustina
    agustina 4 months ago +2


  • SokuSenpai
    SokuSenpai 4 months ago

    I just came for a boogie and Meek’s part. Shit was 2 nice

  • Nadine Vannet
    Nadine Vannet 4 months ago

    Ed Sheeran and devlin no church in the wild

  • Waiting for Dawn
    Waiting for Dawn 4 months ago

    React to "My Mind" by YEBBA!!!

  • Kodi
    Kodi 4 months ago

    This project is low key trash

  • ThE KiNG
    ThE KiNG 4 months ago +4

    Paulo Londraaaaaaaaaa!!

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones 4 months ago

    Ed Sheeran produces most of his own music

  • Dr Phils Mum
    Dr Phils Mum 4 months ago

    Fort Minor - Remember the name

  • —————hi —————bye

    Yall grim in uk ain’t underground everyone rates it

  • Renoir Hindley
    Renoir Hindley 4 months ago +2

    Great reaction! But how could you skip Ed's verse on 1000 Nights? He killed that verse!!

  • Call More
    Call More 4 months ago

    My boy Benny Blanco produces this album

  • Clariza Lopez
    Clariza Lopez 4 months ago +1

    Why did y'all cute paulo londras part ? 🙁

  • Fahad Fahad
    Fahad Fahad 4 months ago +1

    Respect ✊ to y’all from Dubai

  • frozenwalkway
    frozenwalkway 4 months ago

    Yoooo wtf are y'all in Rhode island?

  • Chelsea Bunke
    Chelsea Bunke 4 months ago +1

    When mans said Stormzy’s underground I was done

  • rawar wlele
    rawar wlele 4 months ago

    Eminem rap .

  • Bryan Higgins
    Bryan Higgins 4 months ago +74

    Stormzy is definitely not underground in the UK and the rest of Europe😂 he’s one of the biggest artists in Europe😂

    • Bryan Higgins
      Bryan Higgins 2 months ago

      Tbf I ain’t a fan of drill. But Grime and UK rap are fire.

    • RS
      RS 2 months ago

      Robz Sarmy move to a different country us in the UK don’t want you.

    • Killua Kun
      Killua Kun 2 months ago

      Robz Sarmy you are definitely a white boy who’s favourite song is Ladbroke Grove you patty

    • Muhammad Ahmad
      Muhammad Ahmad 3 months ago +6

      @Robz Sarmy Or maybe.....
      just maybe .....
      Hear me out on this....
      That's your opinion???

    • Robz Sarmy
      Robz Sarmy 3 months ago +1

      British drill/rap/grime is shite and Im British. Uk is the best when it comes to UKG(garage) and pretty much everything else.

      Only Skepta is good on the mainstream one because he actually adapts the likes of Giggs,Aitch,Dave,Stormzy and AJ (unless he does garage) is shit

  • Jabre 2599
    Jabre 2599 4 months ago +134

    Just came for the reaction to Paulo Londra's part and you cut it :(

  • MrSitemaster2
    MrSitemaster2 4 months ago +2

    It's a collaboration album where Ed's exposing the typical sounds of his favorite artists to his audience.

    • MrSitemaster2
      MrSitemaster2 4 months ago

      Chelsea Lofty - There are only a few big labels and they own all the smaller labels so this is not surprising.

    • Chelsea Lofty
      Chelsea Lofty 4 months ago

      Yep! Only thing is the majority of them are on the same record label as Ed? Maybe coincidence?!

  • Laura Espinoza
    Laura Espinoza 4 months ago +32

    Si no escucharon la colaboración con PAULO LONDRA LA MEJOR PARTE😥😢

  • badbitchnen
    badbitchnen 4 months ago +1

    react to dave black

  • Stella Katula
    Stella Katula 4 months ago

    Listen to J hus !!!

  • Hosam Yasin
    Hosam Yasin 4 months ago +5

    Umm bro did u just say he didn't drop a video.... he literally dropped 4 videos for the album.

  • jay pierre
    jay pierre 4 months ago

    so the producers of this album were mostly max martin who is the biggest pop producer of our generation ( producing hits for brittney spears, nsync, backstreet boys, pink, katy perry, taylor swift, justin tmberlake, usher, the weeknd, maroon 5, ariana grande and etc), fred gibson (a fairly new producer) ed also co-produced 3 songs himself, shelback (who has been a production partner for max martin since 08) did like 2 or 3 songs boi-1da co-produced the meek mill and a boogie with a hoodie featured track, skrillex did 2 songs and bruno mars produced Blow