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  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
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    If you've ever seen flowing water look frozen like glass... that's Laminar flow
    Personally, I find calculating Reynolds number to be quite difficult.
    It's done differently depending on what type of flow you have. A pipe is calculated different than an airplane wing etc.
    Some fluid dynamicists would tell you that it's an exact science. I personally feel that it's a bit subjective.
    The most difficult parameter to nail down in my humble opinion is the characteristic length.
    It's pretty easy for pipes, you just measure the diameter... but wings, plates, vortices...get complicated quickly.

    You'll notice in the video I refrained from saying anything like
    "Flow is laminar when Reynolds number is less than XXX" or
    "Flow is turbulent when Reynolds number is more than XXX".
    There are different schools of thought on this. Typically the transition between laminar flow and turbulent flow occurs somewhere between 2100 and 4000 (Reynolds number is unitless).
    Laminar Flow:
    Reynolds Number:
    Osborne Reynolds
    Feeling froggy? Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations to solve on your lunch break:
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    Laminar flow 4 Life (it's a subscription link) → bit.ly/Subscribe2SED

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      This foundation would make amazing asmr!!!

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      I can hear u. loud and clear.

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      Kunschner 17 days ago

      You should see the fountain in the Burj Al Arab.

    • cj_milk_manz
      cj_milk_manz 19 days ago

      why dint you use a garden hose and point it up ?

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    a20000211 8 hours ago

    8:30 He's in love with laminar flow

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    How many times he said laminar flow?

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  • droberts12345yt
    droberts12345yt 19 hours ago

    Destin, Many years ago I was having a 5 gallon bucket re filled with gear oil. The local oil distributor had my oil in a 55 gal barrel. The guy had the barrel on its side with a gate valve screwed into the bung. When he opened the gate valve to fill my bucket the flow (laminar) was so perfect and smooth I almost couldn’t tell the oil was flowing. It looked like amber glass. I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was so mesmerizing I wanted to watch it for hours.
    If you ever get a chance to see this you will love it.

  • David Denton
    David Denton 21 hour ago

    Navy Pier in Chicago has the best laminar flow fountain. 2nd floor! You were 5 minutes away at water tower place and missed it! You have to see it

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith Day ago

    What an awesome science project! Smart kid!

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    Joshua Wiltsie Day ago

    i like to watch this video and drink every time he says laminar flow.

  • Peter Gambier
    Peter Gambier Day ago

    Could you please do a film about Viktor Schauberger, the Nikola Tesla of water. I think his water flow research explaining the health giving benefits of drinking water from a vortex system over water from the tap or by placing big rocks at different points along a river system he stopped the bank from eroding away, a lot of his work would make for an interesting program Destin.

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    Anne Frank Day ago

    I recognized that fountain from the water tower place in chicago

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    thank so much for your hard work, you took things to extreme plus you destroy little pool to make point.

  • Pat Allen
    Pat Allen 2 days ago

    Destin you may find it interesting that somehow, for some reason, Roy Orbison has an album from the 70s entitled Laminar Flow

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    FINE! I finally subbed after lurking your channel - your appeal to the love of laminar flow worked, excellent marketing.

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    All these smart kids learning about laminar flow young, I learned about it in gardenscapes when they made a laminar flow fountain 😂😂

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    It has been scientifically proven that laminar flow tastes better than turbulent flow. We just witnessed it

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    How can someone be so happy all the time

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    he need some FleX TaPe

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    Did anyone else not understand anything he said?

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    thanks to you, now I have a siece project of my own. (I will inculd you as credit for the idea, thanks again) (P.S I will inculd your link to your video SmarterEveryDay, bye)

  • Blub
    Blub 3 days ago +1

    omg my kitchen sink has laminar flow if i put it at the right angle and my mom saw me staring at the sink for 15 minutes and got worried

    ELK KIRTLEY 3 days ago

    Use flex tape

  • Hamza Cbr
    Hamza Cbr 4 days ago

    6:55 I figured this out back in early ages, I was washing a spoon. What's so amazing to you here, seeing it first time wth?

  • Rahbek Official
    Rahbek Official 4 days ago

    they have the cirkel laminar flow in many waterlands in denmark. they are so big you can be in them its very facinating

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    Vegetaki Johnson 4 days ago

    Protect moon rocks... what a laugh

  • Tenger
    Tenger 4 days ago

    lol i got hella asmr at 8:53

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    So there's this thing called a "hose".

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    the thing is nature by design is chaotic so anything that takes a chaotic object and makes it orderly is so neat to watch

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    Love from India❤️❤️, we do this with water tap on and puting a spoon under the tap

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    Turn on the tap and put a spoon under it
    It can occur but not the way you think

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    I vary rarely comment on youtube but this video is great. Like you I’ve always been very fascinated with Laminar flow. Great information, you should do more videos on Laminar Flow.

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    Juan Cifuentes 8 days ago

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