days gone defeat horde the old sawmill in Stealth way. Thank you PSN for platinum trophy reward

  • Published on May 4, 2019
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  • Rui Felipe
    Rui Felipe 2 hours ago

    I just ran back into the Tunnel and attracted a couple. There they just go back to the Sawmill. Your way is just flat out smart.

  • Mirko Vandrak
    Mirko Vandrak 9 hours ago +1

    You have 1000 killed freakers and you can go through like ghost. Oh it's game from sony... 9:58

  • holic 82
    holic 82 10 hours ago

    Thank you ❤

  • Robert Mercado
    Robert Mercado 15 hours ago

    They would off spotted me

  • Albert Liu
    Albert Liu 20 hours ago

    *sees a bunch of freakers on fire*

  • victor perez
    victor perez Day ago

    All the freaks are doing the millie rock to the distractor lmaoooo

    MARWAN MOHAMMED Day ago +1

    That’s in easy mode ☺️ because when you played in hard the horde will be smart and they can smell you ..and you can not stay here and throw things

    • Yasser Hadi
      Yasser Hadi  Day ago

      MARWAN MOHAMMED true and this is just different way. And i did beet the horde in hard too same way.

  • Yasser Hadi
    Yasser Hadi  Day ago +2

    Hi everyone, enjoy new game update 1.11 of days gone up to 4GB size file.

  • Joe Kokolakis
    Joe Kokolakis Day ago

    This has to be fake... I tried this stealth .. I always get seen and killed

  • Iron Will
    Iron Will Day ago


  • wread42
    wread42 Day ago +1

    Dude, it is so so so nice that you don't run your mouth the entire video. You are like the Primitive Tech guy. More videos please.

    • Yasser Hadi
      Yasser Hadi  Day ago +1

      wread42 thanks dear friend, I will I promise and i yes don’t like talking a lot.🥰👍🏻

  • William Parker
    William Parker 2 days ago +1

    Why do I have to kill another horde I hate these things
    Edit: this is a mission last time with chermolt or whatever it is it took me 2 hours

  • DominoDonaldson
    DominoDonaldson 2 days ago

    Besides a chunk of the horde gone and being on easy, I liked it.

  • wemzi
    wemzi 2 days ago

    I just ran around for 20 mins and was gunning them down but i fell into the water 3 times and had to restart

  • James Miller
    James Miller 2 days ago

    "Some men, just want to watch the world burn . . ."

  • ღMs Sinocentღ
    ღMs Sinocentღ 2 days ago

    Lol, I used this method and it actually worked right up until I ran out of bombs, fire bottles, and other things and just had to resort to shooting the remainers. Very helpful method tho!!

  • An otaku gamer
    An otaku gamer 3 days ago

    Hey you are arabic I know it from your name سلام

  • Alexandr Rogers
    Alexandr Rogers 3 days ago

    At the beginning shoould use landmines...

  • Viva
    Viva 3 days ago

    Well done pls! :D

  • Jeremy Kelley
    Jeremy Kelley 3 days ago

    I’d rather just mow them down with the rpg like I did but this is pretty dope to

  • Shin Da
    Shin Da 3 days ago

    I dont play this game but this looked way too easy.
    It'd be better IMO that at some point the zombies realized what was going on so you couldnt abused this tactic

    • sarim shabee
      sarim shabee Day ago +1

      This is the only place you can abuse this tactic plus you can't always get as lucky as this guy got that the zombies didn't discover him cuz personally I defeated a lot of hordes and I'm stuck on this mission cuz I ain't upgraded my stamina a lot

  • Sotkeva Soturi
    Sotkeva Soturi 3 days ago

    Nice Gameplay !

  • Xeodian X
    Xeodian X 3 days ago

    Ultimate cheese!
    Love it

  • logovx
    logovx 3 days ago

    singularity PC Game Play

  • Güssinger
    Güssinger 4 days ago +1

    Wow this game is really bad

  • Kinetic Soul
    Kinetic Soul 4 days ago +2

    Dude you are literally the smartest guy I’ve ever seen 😂 thnks for the idea thou

  • ashley f
    ashley f 4 days ago

    AWesome job 😀😀

  • Rashed H
    Rashed H 4 days ago

    You’re the monster not them 😭, I like that bro

  • DC Bros 1420
    DC Bros 1420 4 days ago

    I played this over 3 hours and never thought about this strategie xD

  • Prophet
    Prophet 4 days ago


  • Jorawar Walia
    Jorawar Walia 4 days ago +2

    Sneak 💯

  • xxxmrhankixxx
    xxxmrhankixxx 5 days ago

    damn i appreciate this although im a big fan of facing them headon

  • Ezekiel Sia
    Ezekiel Sia 5 days ago

    Very satisfying to watch

  • egwert egwert
    egwert egwert 5 days ago

    Its easy this 😁

  • I'm actually the Stig
    I'm actually the Stig 5 days ago +2

    Lol you know those satisfying videos on Facebook?
    Well collecting all those swarmed ears is mine!

  • DNA Cowboy
    DNA Cowboy 6 days ago

    I've never understood why IGN gave God of War 8.5 but Days Gone only a 6, I think DG is an amazing open world title, especially so, considering the bike gives you an amazing sense of freedom.

  • mucho panam
    mucho panam 6 days ago

    Usz 3, 4 attractive and napalm and just after you finish with RPG by running! That's all. You need courage a lot lol.

  • mucho panam
    mucho panam 6 days ago

    Usz 3, 4 attractive and napalm and just after you finish with RPG by running! That's all. You need courage a lot lol.

  • Omar Damian
    Omar Damian 6 days ago

    The whole time not a single freaker saw the flashlight on

  • wealthy black man
    wealthy black man 7 days ago

    The exterminator 5000!

  • Mayin Rodriguez
    Mayin Rodriguez 7 days ago

    I used the same strategy but once i ran out or i was caught i use the MG55 that machine gun is very useful for the hordes.

  • YT Stargaming
    YT Stargaming 7 days ago

    Well played brother

  • YeshuaTube
    YeshuaTube 7 days ago

    I beat this horde early in the game with a few mollies and running away 100 times... I wish the hordes would re-spawn when you unlock the story mode. Who else wants to fight a horde of Reachers? Or the big guy

  • Brandon Mitchell
    Brandon Mitchell 7 days ago

    used this same strategy. i def don’t recommend doing this - took a lot fun & thrills out of taking down this horde. luckily i have a save file just before this.

  • inyourface48
    inyourface48 7 days ago

    Not quite stealth, but ok.

  • kingslove1
    kingslove1 7 days ago

    you must have died a lot to come up with such a clever idea. good job

  • R3aPeR_Gr1M ツ CyberHunter

    Thx bro one sub and like for you

  • mexican gamer
    mexican gamer 8 days ago

    Nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • limit/ps4/ps3 braker

    Get Days Gone GOD MODE, infinite ammo , infinite health and more

  • Judit Obrusánszky
    Judit Obrusánszky 8 days ago


  • Christopher Clifton
    Christopher Clifton 8 days ago

    Least fun way to do it lol. Just fill up your focus and stamina with a mg45 55 park your bike at the far end of the train tunnel and lure them down. Eventually they will turn around. Run back to bike for ammo, rinse and repeat. No napalm, no explosives. Just lots of bullets. You can do this before you unlock the napalm molotov. So you can unlock more stuff early.

  • Станислав Тюрин

    You r genius bruhh

  • Drake Loki
    Drake Loki 8 days ago

    I accidentally killed this horde long before you're supposed to do it, I got incredibly lucky and for whatever reason despite not running that far only small groups would keep chasing me while the main horde would lose interest and start heading back to the barn

  • Kyael Moss
    Kyael Moss 8 days ago

    Holy fuck that was boring!

  • Krystan Honour
    Krystan Honour 9 days ago

    Very good but where was the lastfreaker no horde achievement given

  • Gordan Ramsay
    Gordan Ramsay 9 days ago +1

    Hahahahahahah suck your mum Xbox u ain’t got this 😂

  • Raa505
    Raa505 9 days ago +1

    Bru you make this look so easy... I spent like 2-3 weeks just trying to beat this mission

    • Kenny Namikaze
      Kenny Namikaze 8 days ago

      That's horrible. I kill every horde first T.

  • Louis DellaLucca
    Louis DellaLucca 9 days ago +4

    Awesome job! I went full Dutch from Predator on this horde. Machine guns machine guns AND MORE MACHINE GUNS!!!

  • Glenn Barry
    Glenn Barry 9 days ago

    That's the way I would do it

  • Klarion 7
    Klarion 7 9 days ago +1

    Damn the best strategy ever.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 9 days ago

    What a stupid game

  • Zagarne
    Zagarne 9 days ago

    3:10 that is a hell of a moshpit lol

  • JTundra
    JTundra 9 days ago

    where the hell can i find materials for the napalm molotovs jesus

  • V. Project
    V. Project 10 days ago

    i spend three days in this mission finally i got idea you know how by draging them to Sparse groups and killing them it is fucking haaaaaard if you dont have Enough Molotov and Grenade .. thank god i finish this game

  • Charles Ammon
    Charles Ammon 10 days ago


  • GraphicDevil
    GraphicDevil 10 days ago +1

    Literally did the same thing without watching any vids. I'm awesome! Lol

  • Nathaniel Pierce
    Nathaniel Pierce 10 days ago


  • Talon David
    Talon David 10 days ago

    Great work of destroying the horde ... I'm not a gamer, but, I do enjoy watching a great video game time to time .. Q/ Do you have video uploads that show you doing room/building searches for more supplies after your objects. Id enjoy watching them also .. Thanks in advance =0)

  • drew dogg
    drew dogg 10 days ago

    Nice job

  • Mergo's Very Wet Nurse

    So what's the set amount that can be on the screen at once? it seems like more spawn in once you kill some. Kinda lame.

  • wyatt ainsworth
    wyatt ainsworth 11 days ago

    Not trying to sound like stuck up but I got this on my first try stamina cocktails and climbing through windows and refilling off motorcycle bags. Really no issue

  • Yasser Hadi
    Yasser Hadi  11 days ago +4

    Hi guys, new update is arrived V1.10 it’s big 16GB and two more trophies added too one gold and one bronze. Enjoy everybody 🤗🥰

  • Phobreeze
    Phobreeze 11 days ago

    Rofl the fact that u made it this far in the game with napalm molotov and still hiding like a bitch lol, defeats the whole purpose of the game, the minute Rikki showed me this horde, i came back and killed it with just attractors and regular molotovs 😂

  • Shauna Bennett
    Shauna Bennett 11 days ago

    I'm a wussy so I skipped it

  • iamradical
    iamradical 11 days ago

    I just got to this part in the game. I’m fucked.

  • Mr Saturday
    Mr Saturday 12 days ago

    After playing this game and still at the first act all I can think of is "holy shit that's a lot of bounties!"

  • Ferdinand Kittlaus
    Ferdinand Kittlaus 12 days ago

    This game looks incredibly boring

  • Brian Westmoreland
    Brian Westmoreland 12 days ago

    I used the AI in the game against itself for this mission

  • DwnRange
    DwnRange 13 days ago

    hummmm........ don't know about most folks watching this, but I saw no "completion" notification in the video above so the horde mission in this particular video is not done. I have done this horde mission several ways and it ain't DONE, until ya get the game notification.

  • 4 4
    4 4 13 days ago

    does anyone know what all those zombies are there for?

  • Pao Chongloi
    Pao Chongloi 13 days ago


  • Nazareth Caine
    Nazareth Caine 13 days ago +1

    Smart but still pussy way out!!!

  • danicakes921
    danicakes921 13 days ago

    I'm too much of a punk to try this yet! Lol

  • jaros22
    jaros22 14 days ago

    I counted 425 trophies

  • ice9_ghost
    ice9_ghost 14 days ago +1

    How did you get the "Distractions"?

    • Mariaa Maraki
      Mariaa Maraki 11 days ago +2

      you can find them scattered around while youre playing early ingame and later on the more you kill ambush camps you get it as a recipe where you can create your own attractors if you have the ingredients for them. theyre very useful for hordes as you can see

  • GaRiX
    GaRiX 14 days ago +1

    And my comment is - 1000.

  • Pink Progressive
    Pink Progressive 14 days ago

    And all is male zombies

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 14 days ago

    This is the best way to do it, I did the same method on a horde near Chemult Community College and it worked perfectly, I was laughing at them as they were following the attractor to their doom.

  • XxWraith24xX
    XxWraith24xX 14 days ago

    I still haven’t got my platinum theme or avatar, and I got platinum about a month ago

  • T R I G G E R E D shrek

    thats a small horde

  • Pachuck01 Diaz
    Pachuck01 Diaz 14 days ago

    Curious to c wat difficulty he is playin on

  • Kalactu
    Kalactu 14 days ago

    The pussy way

  • evan bryan
    evan bryan 15 days ago +1

    Love when the fire just turns off

  • Lekso1001
    Lekso1001 15 days ago

    My first try was resort to this after going yolo and realise i cant beat them heads on. Glad im not the only one doing it this way

  • ObadiahBumbley
    ObadiahBumbley 15 days ago

    Belongs on one of those oddly satisfying compilations

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox 15 days ago

    The cheer amount of horde is not scary when they are deaf blind and dumb

  • Alex Stan
    Alex Stan 15 days ago +1

    I dont know why it should be other way.
    This one is smartest.
    Any sane gamer would do the same.
    thx for video though

  • Georgi Slavov
    Georgi Slavov 15 days ago

    Those stupid comments of the main character breaking up everything...
    Thank God Ghost Recon exists!

  • Travis Tabb
    Travis Tabb 15 days ago +1

    Being Smart ,, Hiding & Stealth Killing A 400+ Enemy Horde Priceless 😂

  • Captain J Doodle
    Captain J Doodle 15 days ago

    So this is the old sawmill horde I keep hearing about... Fuck that!