what i wish i knew before my freshman year of college

  • Published on May 23, 2018
  • hey homies, as i wrap up freshman year of college i wanted to film a very real and raw video where i talk about the things i wish i knew BEFORE starting my freshman year of college. this video is not meant to scare you or get you un-excited, it's just real feelings i felt and i want you guys to know you're not alone in this crazy journey. love, d
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Comments • 221

  • Alyssa Adams
    Alyssa Adams 2 months ago

    Ur so pretty

  • sydney halliwell
    sydney halliwell 2 months ago

    i’m watching this video a year after it was posted and it’s so helpful!! i’m gonna be a freshman at ASU this fall (2019) and i’m excited but also super nervous

  • Alexa Haynes
    Alexa Haynes 3 months ago +1

    this video was so powerful that it gave me chills

  • SurvivingCollege
    SurvivingCollege 4 months ago

    A refreshing and honest video about what college freshmen go through. Thank you for the candid advice! It is important to remember that adjustment is crucial with this transition and we all go through the same ups and downs. Thanks for all the great information about going through freshman year and being successful and happy!

  • bre hardy
    bre hardy 5 months ago

    does anyone know the background music? i really like it

  • Miss Madison
    Miss Madison 5 months ago

    People on my hall do not talk to eachother!!

  • Lisa Milter
    Lisa Milter 7 months ago

    Love these college videos and love yours too! I recently made one as well: ru-clip.net/video/xceaKrjvuCo/video.html. Appreciate the support

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 7 months ago

    You're so lovely!

  • Sooliat Bakare
    Sooliat Bakare 8 months ago

    omg, this was very helpful. Please where did you get your phone case?

  • Book Lover
    Book Lover 9 months ago

    I’m only in fifth grade but am already looking for colleges

  • AMB
    AMB 11 months ago

    just started college and watching this has been so helpful and comforting to me

  • Grace Haul
    Grace Haul Year ago

    im done college now so this video is not relevant to me lol but the part where u were saying dont go home a lot at first is SO tru! i had a roomate in my freshman year who went home the first weekend and then was so homesick she didnt come back!

  • Kyrsten Abastillas

    I am so happy you made this video. I’m a freshman going through my first week of college and I’m struggling right now. Thank you for the advice !!

  • Andrew Chen
    Andrew Chen Year ago

    9:32 What's a game day?

  • Anne Skinner
    Anne Skinner Year ago

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how honest she is.. theres never any videos about the bad sides

  • kevin
    kevin Year ago

    Im a guy but this video helped alot thanks

  • FBI
    FBI Year ago

    hi, glad I watched this video before the night before my college begins; gave me comfort thanks

  • Katie Lord
    Katie Lord Year ago

    Thank you SO much for posting this. I'm about to be a freshman in less than a week, and knowing what you shared calmed me so much

  • Grace Jennings
    Grace Jennings Year ago +1

    Thank you for sharing!!

  • mia oleary
    mia oleary Year ago

    This helped me so much!! Thank you(:

  • Lehua
    Lehua Year ago

    Good advice. I'm gonna be a freshman at the U of U. I'm so anxious. 😟😟😟

  • Caroline
    Caroline Year ago

    hahahahah i'm loling I just watched Brooke's video and her advice was to say yes to more not no...but for real I agree with you both. Say yes when you can and say no when you know you need to have a night in

  • Callie Burgan
    Callie Burgan Year ago

    This is such a "real" video. Thanks for opening up to us, I'm going to be a freshman at college in less than a month and this made me feel so much better about the situation (:

  • Sandy Warchol
    Sandy Warchol Year ago

    I have been so nervous because I go to college so soon!! Thank you so much

  • Britney Bourassa
    Britney Bourassa Year ago

    OMG you LITERALLY addressed the stuff I was really worried about going into my freshman year this fall this literally made me feel so much better. I appreciate this video SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!

  • MARY
    MARY Year ago

    what kind of dance team did you join? i'll be at uga in the fall and i'm just wondering what they have to offer

  • Savi Spice
    Savi Spice Year ago

    Omg thank you for this vid! I haven’t heard this advice from anyone else so it truly does help! It’s just hitting me that I start college in a month😱

  • Kyra Montes
    Kyra Montes Year ago

    Go Dawgs!

  • Mari Stankovsky
    Mari Stankovsky Year ago

    love love this!!

  • Emily Baldwin
    Emily Baldwin Year ago

    Go dawgs

  • Peg Z
    Peg Z Year ago

    These tips are really helpful !!!

  • Summer Denali
    Summer Denali Year ago

    i’ve been watching so many of these types of videos, but this one was by far the most unique and heartfelt video of this topic that i’ve ever watched!! keep it up girl, new subscriber:)

  • Abigail G
    Abigail G Year ago

    This is the realest one of these videos I’ve ever seen. You’re amazing. SUBSCRIBED

  • Chrissy B. D.
    Chrissy B. D. Year ago


  • Camryn Hughes
    Camryn Hughes Year ago

    legit watch so many vloggers//youtubers and i found u like 2 days ago and ur by far my fav!! also possibly gonna b a dawg next fall🤪

  • Samantha Elizabeth

    A little late to this vid (I just finished my 1st year of college and since your vids looked so perfect I thought you couldn’t relate to not being okay) but I want to say thank you for being honest! A good reminder to know that the image isn’t how people actually feel! College is hard, but things will always get better💕

  • Syd VBL
    Syd VBL Year ago

    !! I love this video, i just made a similar one on my channel!! Check It out?❤️❤️

  • Kiara Turvey
    Kiara Turvey Year ago

    I understand the pain she went through I went this year although I am not a college freshman I am junior it was a bad year it like her thank for listen I don't know if relate or not

  • Haley Bevacqua
    Haley Bevacqua Year ago

    Hey Danielle Can ya do a school prep day

  • makeupbyuchechi
    makeupbyuchechi Year ago +1

    UGH This was VERY helpful! I leave for college this fall!

  • Hannah Crouch
    Hannah Crouch Year ago

    Omg I loved your video! I’m actually a rising freshman at UGA, I am majoring in journalism and I’m living in Russell. I was wondering if you had any tips particularly pertaining to freshman year in Athens? Like what pre requisites should I take or avoid, what professors did you have that your really liked or disliked, where are the best places to eat and shop, and any tips and tricks for rush, game-days, social events, clubs, etc!! Thanks a milli xx

  • Micheala Rey
    Micheala Rey Year ago

    I absolutely adore and appreciate her spirit. This video helped me so much to be ready for college. You are awesome, Danielle!💛

  • Grayson Miller
    Grayson Miller Year ago

    Can you talk about your stats in high school ? I want to go to UGA and I’m out of state.

    • Grayson Miller
      Grayson Miller Year ago

      Thank you!!!

    • Samantha Roberson
      Samantha Roberson Year ago

      Grayson Miller I think you’ll be okay, I recommend taking both the sat & act to see which one you’re better at, & don’t procrastinate writing your essay, it’s a really important part of your application

    • Grayson Miller
      Grayson Miller Year ago

      My GPA is a 3.3 (87) and I took AP Euro sophomore year. Next year I am taking AP Lit and APUSH. I am coming from a college-prep private school.

    • Samantha Roberson
      Samantha Roberson Year ago

      Grayson Miller I got into uga early action out of state! My act was a 29 & I had a 3.5 unweighted & a 5.5 weighted. Took a bunch of honors, ap & ib classes. Have a good essay! You’ll be fine

  • Kate S
    Kate S Year ago +2

    this helped me calm down a little about it all, thank you! i'm actually about to be a freshman at uga, so it's super cool seeing all of your videos about your life there. it really helps so much. thank you :)

  • Nurse _Camille
    Nurse _Camille Year ago

    Totally understandable. You are always on the go and wanting to do everything. Finished my second year of college and the one thing I had to learn was to say “No” if I am busy and needing to study

  • Keeping Up With Yaa

    Haha I watched this video even though I’m done w my freshmen year 🤪 but to make friends w people in our dorm my roommate and I just knocked on doors the first week and introduced ourselves

  • Kayla Danielle
    Kayla Danielle Year ago

    aw thank you so much danielle for making this video! it really helped and im going to keep all of your advice in mind when i go to college this fall for freshman year!

  • Reese Cup
    Reese Cup Year ago +1

    This is literally so true. It’s good to have have high expectations but you have to realize everything won’t change at once. It takes time honestly. It’s exciting to think you’re suddenly going to wake up one day and be this amazing version of yourself but you have to be realistic. Start making the changes you can now before the school start. Think of all the things that version of yourself would do and start trying to do them now. You’ll be happy you did.

  • Madison Herndon
    Madison Herndon Year ago

    oh yes ma’am you hit the nail on the head w all of this!!!!

  • Donna
    Donna Year ago +1

    Yasss girl love ya

  • Milly Delaney
    Milly Delaney Year ago

    love this video!! totally agree, just finished freshman year too

  • Tenaj Savon
    Tenaj Savon Year ago

    Loved all these tips Dani ! Especially going into college in about 2 months. Its my first time being away without family so I’m pretty nervous but also excited !! Love your energy so much ! Can’t wait to see all the new videos coming soon

  • Melinda Church
    Melinda Church Year ago

    I just finished my third year of college, and remember so well everything you're feeling and the videos I filmed while I was in those moments. Honestly it's the whole reason why I started my RU-clip because I want to help people go through college if they feel like they're alone.

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace Year ago

    you look so pretty in this video!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelsey Verzbickis

    This is honestly so relatable and I'm so glad I'm not the only one going through all of this. Love you Danielle thank you for this!

  • Seanna Bond
    Seanna Bond Year ago

    Love you Dani! Can’t believe you’re already done with freshmen year! I’m excited for your summer vlogs girl! 💛

  • Natalie Dodd
    Natalie Dodd Year ago

    Just finished my first year of university and I couldn’t agree with these more! I feel like uni was so hyped up and when I got there I was slightly disappointed / not what I expected straight away but just takes some getting used to

  • Karina Singh
    Karina Singh Year ago

    will you pls do a things I wish I knew before senior year of high school video?? Love you, Dani!!

  • Mickey Stokes
    Mickey Stokes Year ago

    Im about to be a freshman in college!

  • Madison Herries
    Madison Herries Year ago +7

    Although I am only in high school. It’s so relatable