• Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • The Sidemen take on an outrageous attempt to dress each other in this $10,000 outfit challenge! Who's outfit was the best? #SidemenSunday
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Comments • 12 728

  • Yamikani Ngonda
    Yamikani Ngonda 2 hours ago

    like this for ksi's forhead and dragonball legends

  • Elyse. Lol
    Elyse. Lol 3 hours ago

    Tobi’s muscles are so defined

  • Bjg77
    Bjg77 4 hours ago +1

    Simon looking like a highlighter

  • Joel Botham
    Joel Botham 5 hours ago

    Wind gang

  • ツagdriel
    ツagdriel 5 hours ago

    jj should wear that everyday

  • Sph3r3
    Sph3r3 6 hours ago +1

    12:21 Ethan u legend

    DAKAHOLIC IV 8 hours ago

    Why does jj still have an iPhone 6 lol

  • Henrik Berntsen
    Henrik Berntsen 8 hours ago


  • Joey Toaster
    Joey Toaster 8 hours ago

    Harry looked like mclovin

  • Modestas Mikulenas
    Modestas Mikulenas 9 hours ago

    U should have made with an aladin or an arab he would be perfect in it

  • forever alone
    forever alone 9 hours ago

    Me when I see a loli. OHHHH YAAAAAAAA!!!!

  • Mason Buse
    Mason Buse 10 hours ago

    Win gang

  • xSoporific
    xSoporific 11 hours ago

    Wow lmao

  • ll Snowyy ll
    ll Snowyy ll 13 hours ago

    Every time I look at jj when he's dressed I laugh

  • The Satanic Sock
    The Satanic Sock 13 hours ago

    I would’ve wore Ethan’s outfit at my highschool prom

  • SneakyFN
    SneakyFN 14 hours ago

    7:37 😂😂

  • KIMCE 28
    KIMCE 28 15 hours ago

    Man i was fuming when i saw josh buying tobi a man city kit,I felt that from toby, Josh your rude

  • aaron redpath
    aaron redpath 15 hours ago

    josh looks like mr bean

  • Tasty Detergent
    Tasty Detergent 16 hours ago

    They look like a band

  • Cape
    Cape 17 hours ago +1

    23:52 can I get a big F over here

  • Max Sherry
    Max Sherry 17 hours ago

    WiN GAnG

  • Bryn Carter
    Bryn Carter 18 hours ago


  • DC 27
    DC 27 18 hours ago

    Is that jj s music in the sports direct

  • Sam Vickery
    Sam Vickery 18 hours ago

    Vick: and to top it off we got a NICEEEEE bag that everything came in

  • Daniel Bolanos padilla
    Daniel Bolanos padilla 19 hours ago

    WIN GANG!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez 19 hours ago

    Win gang

  • Hadders
    Hadders 20 hours ago

    Ethan's constant need for validation about his appearance and overly trying to seem cool makes these sidemen videos very hard for me to watch

    • emma p
      emma p 10 hours ago

      It's sarcasm
      He's having a laugh just like the rest of them do

  • David U
    David U 20 hours ago

    I literally have the same shirt JJ got from Simon

  • Unknown Hamirah
    Unknown Hamirah 23 hours ago

    OMG I literally snorted at the shoes Simon got JJ. DYING!!!!

  • Dizz3
    Dizz3 23 hours ago

    Always new Ethan was a furry 😂❤️

  • darkgaming 105
    darkgaming 105 23 hours ago

    Like if Vik as the best sidemen Intros

  • Slavóczki Barnabás

    Hey! I have this lemon shirt and this is pretty cool. In the party this is the best shirt ever!!!!! :D

  • Joe O
    Joe O Day ago

    Josh looks like that need off that bank advert who says he’s a new customer don’t know what it is tho

  • MR RS
    MR RS Day ago


  • W lol
    W lol Day ago

    how is josh already got grey hair

  • Benjamin Critchley

    Does josh actually have grey hair is that fake


    win gang

    CCBEAST Day ago

    21:42 when i say something smart in front of my family

  • Reeboot
    Reeboot Day ago

    Win game lmao

  • Zachos Antonis
    Zachos Antonis Day ago

    Anybody noticed the bumb on jjs pants?

  • Jose Herrera
    Jose Herrera Day ago

    Vik: we got u some NOICE...

  • Amelia Hargraves
    Amelia Hargraves Day ago +1

    Do a Sidemen Hide N Seek video with Phil as the seeker

  • Jamilee Siakifilo

    I love how they just went off track and got whatever 😂😂

  • Johnny
    Johnny Day ago

    The bike helmet alone made the video😂😂

  • Andrew Barrera
    Andrew Barrera Day ago

    What offwhites are those

  • Christopher Boken

    anyone else notice Simon looks like Vector from despicable me

  • Nazir
    Nazir Day ago

    Now make outfit hypebeast edition 👍👍

  • Lori Szigeti
    Lori Szigeti Day ago

    Simon out here looking like a pink slav faze banks

  • Parker Pesarchick

    Win gang

  • TDF_Sh4rk /\
    TDF_Sh4rk /\ Day ago

    Helmet boi

  • Thanos on drugs
    Thanos on drugs Day ago

    When your costume character appears in a cut scene

  • Musa Gabor
    Musa Gabor Day ago

    John look like mr ben

  • brenkelly100
    brenkelly100 Day ago

    Can someone tell me what the song played right at the end is called

  • brenkelly100
    brenkelly100 Day ago +2

    Wait how tf are Toni’s 720s 60 pounds wtaffff

  • brenkelly100
    brenkelly100 Day ago +1

    Who else just kept on looking at the thumbnail and spoiled it for themselves 😂 🤯😑🤬🤬

  • joey schilpad
    joey schilpad Day ago +1

    ehhh whatt this Girll missed her paper bag add 2:43 ...thad detail

  • Geccles
    Geccles Day ago +2

    why does harry look like he’s on day release 😂😂😂

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez Day ago

    Ksi looks like doofersmirts from Phineas and ferb

  • Imran Miah
    Imran Miah Day ago +2

    5:23 top left Viks brothers

  • Jason
    Jason 2 days ago +3

    Imagine being so rich it's a challenge to buy an outfit that's less than £1000

  • Eddie Hicks
    Eddie Hicks 2 days ago

    Win gang

  • Danny Laxus
    Danny Laxus 2 days ago

    Bro ski turned into helmet boi

  • Craig.
    Craig. 2 days ago +2

    I would have gave Jay Jay a crop top or a dress 😂🤣

  • PapaFrancis
    PapaFrancis 2 days ago

    Sidemen looking like dollar store avengers

  • Gaming_ TV
    Gaming_ TV 2 days ago

    Best video so far too funny made my day

  • NR
    NR 2 days ago +1

    Josh looks like a teacher

  • ManLykeBSimms THFC
    ManLykeBSimms THFC 2 days ago

    Good to see Big Nick in the video

  • Finn Stafford
    Finn Stafford 2 days ago

    Vikk looks like retarded Ali-G

  • Kayden Jones
    Kayden Jones 2 days ago

    Should have got jj some granny pants

  • Michael O'Toole
    Michael O'Toole 2 days ago

    Drink every time Vikk says nice when he gives josh his clothes

  • Armatige.23
    Armatige.23 2 days ago

    What store that sells casual looking clothing plays praise da lord

  • zynth
    zynth 2 days ago

    Captain Africa

  • Snow Jade
    Snow Jade 2 days ago

    Is Ethan in skinny jeans? Not bad just thinking

  • TM1.7
    TM1.7 2 days ago +1

    What were they thinking

  • Farhaan
    Farhaan 2 days ago

    "Put your hands up if I'm good looking"😂🤦‍♂️

  • Nut Nut
    Nut Nut 2 days ago


  • DG Gaming
    DG Gaming 2 days ago

    Up there with the hotel video top 2 vids on yt

  • Finbar Coombes
    Finbar Coombes 2 days ago

    “He plays a bit of minecraft so maybe not”
    We will hunt down and kill this man

  • Owen B
    Owen B 2 days ago

    Ethan impersonating Morgz is hilarious 😂

  • N.V.K strong
    N.V.K strong 2 days ago +1

    39:50, where did harry get a bike from?

    • SteveSimp93
      SteveSimp93 23 hours ago

      Wtf i never even noticed that 🤣🤣

  • Shurloc
    Shurloc 2 days ago

    Why does Tobi look like Ynw Melly

    • AcE Aerow
      AcE Aerow 2 days ago

      Shurloc cause ynw melly is tobi

  • Awesome Ninja
    Awesome Ninja 2 days ago

    Vikk looks like he come outta New York

  • Igor Plebankiewicz
    Igor Plebankiewicz 2 days ago

    They got the same gloves as mine

  • thomas brandon
    thomas brandon 3 days ago +1

    vik at the start sounds like morgz 0:02

  • LukesLewis
    LukesLewis 3 days ago +1

    Where can I get that bird mask? 😂

  • Jamie Hill
    Jamie Hill 3 days ago

    Omg vid 46 mins long
    My battery is 46
    Illuminati confirmed

    • big twinky
      big twinky 2 days ago

      When i saw rhis comment mi battery was 46 wtf

  • Diljeet Dhillon
    Diljeet Dhillon 3 days ago

    Yall look like cartoons

  • Yaden Casano
    Yaden Casano 3 days ago

    Wing gang

  • Morgan Jackson
    Morgan Jackson 3 days ago +1

    Simon looks like a Sacha Baron Cohen character

  • Mantas Dapkus
    Mantas Dapkus 3 days ago

    someone does not know there math 7 sidemen 1000$ each is 7000$ not 10000

  • rmlush6
    rmlush6 3 days ago

    Should of got JJ maverick merch tbh

  • Jean-Luc Walker
    Jean-Luc Walker 3 days ago

    get 10000 pounds, spend less than 200

  • Greasy Potato
    Greasy Potato 3 days ago

    What shoes did jj give ethan????

    HALOSPARTAN 2025 3 days ago

    Looks like they dressed for mardi gras in new Orleans

  • Fortnite Gamer 2901
    Fortnite Gamer 2901 3 days ago

    Josh looks like Mr bean but with a beard

  • Tiago R
    Tiago R 3 days ago +1

    Weird flex but ok.

  • Chriz zirhC
    Chriz zirhC 3 days ago

    *top ten wisest things ever said*

  • Ot'hmââno Mc
    Ot'hmââno Mc 3 days ago

    Me and the boys playing gta5 online in real life

  • eViX-Rey
    eViX-Rey 3 days ago

    1:33 Josh got white hair already
    Man is Harry’s dad