Last Minute iOS 12 & iPhone 11 Leaks!

  • Published on May 31, 2018
  • iOS 12 Features Leak + 2018 iPhone 11 Latest Leaks & Rumors! NFC Door Unlocking, A12 Geekbench Scores, Component Leaks & More!
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  • Perla Cid
    Perla Cid 3 months ago

    What about sumsung

  • boui boi
    boui boi 5 months ago +1

    watching this in 2019, how people though ios 12 would look like

    • K-crae
      K-crae 5 months ago

      boui boi same here

  • Silviu Zamfir
    Silviu Zamfir 5 months ago

    Purple and green hmmm for 2019

  • Don’t Be Conceited
    Don’t Be Conceited 11 months ago



    Can you please do a video on Google pixel three coming out of Japan it uses A/I

  • Alvaro H.
    Alvaro H. Year ago

    Lol so wrong

  • Jack Johansen
    Jack Johansen Year ago

    Does it says anything about native NFC, drives me crazy that its not there yet?

  • Navin Chandru
    Navin Chandru Year ago

    will the iPhone 11 have fingerprint security?

  • Unai Ortega Expósito

    Wait is it gold now

  • Tareq Shawareb
    Tareq Shawareb Year ago

    Im so sad because everyone have better phone than me I have the Hawaii y5

  • Walter Capeling
    Walter Capeling Year ago

    I want to get a homepod in Canada but its $500!

  • Pankaj Ahuja
    Pankaj Ahuja Year ago

    3:30 what the fuck 2022 is around the corner

  • Nick A
    Nick A Year ago

    iphone 11

  • Alaina Bradford
    Alaina Bradford Year ago

    I hope apple makes a new phone with a home button and then one without one

  • ツDaniella
    ツDaniella Year ago

    Soooo basically apple is basically releasing 5 phones within a couple months: iPhone SE2, iPhone 9, iPhone 9+, iPhone 11 and iPhone XI 🤭 they’re not coming to play

  • XZAdex
    XZAdex Year ago


  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner Year ago

    Dude, get your shot straight! "I really think that's a great idea to put a fingerprint sensor on the back"! Last year you were talking about how much you hated that and it was a lazy design!

  • Binayak Raj Pandey

    Apple X already have OLED Screen

  • Christopher Hodgson

    Sick of ads

  • Alyssa Meyers
    Alyssa Meyers Year ago

    When is the new 11 coming out?

  • SirApple
    SirApple Year ago

    "Don't trust anything online" So he basically said don't trust him.

  • hobomnky
    hobomnky Year ago

    i doubt the triple lens will look like that.

    PEKKO NG Year ago

    I like your lock screen

  • Marique Crable
    Marique Crable Year ago

    Too many ads🙃

  • Ricky Rodriguez
    Ricky Rodriguez Year ago +1

    Yes fingerprint is back !??

  • Aim Was Awesome
    Aim Was Awesome Year ago +2

    *saws iphone 11 with 3 lens*
    Damn wondering how many lens in future iphone will be added

  • Aim Was Awesome
    Aim Was Awesome Year ago

    *saws iphone 11 with 3 lens*
    Damn wondering how many lens in future iphone will be added

  • Aim Was Awesome
    Aim Was Awesome Year ago

    *saws iphone 11 with 3 lens*
    Damn wondering how many lens in future iphone will be maded

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago

    I think they should have 2 flashes in the camera unit. 1 in between the 1st and 2nd camera and the 2nd flash inbetween 2nd and 3rd camera.

  • Jagadish Tamang
    Jagadish Tamang Year ago

    I won't to five camera 📹📹📹📹 iPhone📲📲📲📲📲

  • notlit.justmatt
    notlit.justmatt Year ago

    89727 cameras! Peh pehnena bana na

  • Freedom Cobra
    Freedom Cobra Year ago

    Just gonna keep my iPhone 7 Plus for as long as I can. Feels dumb buying a new phone every year

  • Abegail Boncales
    Abegail Boncales Year ago

    Can u do a giveaway???

  • R0Ck $TARZ
    R0Ck $TARZ Year ago

    I’m disappointed

  • TacticalAsian
    TacticalAsian Year ago

    Finally in the double digits cant wait till iphone 100

  • DaRealConMan
    DaRealConMan Year ago

    iPhone 9/9 Plus and iPhone 11/11 Plus... what’s next?

  • ArianaGrande Fenty

    i see ariana

  • Bella D.
    Bella D. Year ago

    What's up with the crazy number of commercials?

  • Prince Shakeem
    Prince Shakeem Year ago

    I think apple just improve the Iphone 7 with some good update features like emoji features etc

  • Prince Shakeem
    Prince Shakeem Year ago

    Hey how much days do we have to wait on IOS 12

  • Hamilton13 G
    Hamilton13 G Year ago

    Do they announce it till September?

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty Year ago


  • Rebecca K
    Rebecca K Year ago

    Why are the making the phone cheaper

  • CaveGame
    CaveGame Year ago

    I wish wen you first set up an apple machine it wood ask you if you want an open system or a closed system

  • DarkBornLight
    DarkBornLight Year ago

    If Apple Doesn’t Make A New Version Of IPhone 8Plus (With Better Camera)I’m Done,The X Desighns Sucks,It Struggles To EvenClose Out GarageBand &Other Landscape Apps,&You Have To Hold Edge To Take Pics/Videos As Opposed To 7Plus/8Plus Where The Phone Has Edges To Hold On,&OLED Too Strong On Eyes,&Irritates My Skin,&I Feel Like All Glass,Is Asking For Heating Issues,Just Ask My Last X That Overheated,Was Replaced


    Everything Apple pro when is the iPhone X plus coming

  • Nir Amsili
    Nir Amsili Year ago

    Can you send the blue wallpaper??

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky Year ago

    (after watching WWDC 2018) So all of EverythingApplePro said about iOS 12 are wrong and not even close to what iOS 12 really features

  • WooferJr
    WooferJr Year ago

    lmao note 8 fster then iphone x

  • Marcel Samyn
    Marcel Samyn Year ago

    Apple said they wouldn't work on Touch ID *on the back of the phone*. That's an important distinction, doesn't mean Touch ID will cease to exist.

  • Captain Mayuri
    Captain Mayuri Year ago

    Apple is bullshit!

  • Lashon Goosen
    Lashon Goosen Year ago

    What time is it coming out in South Africa ?

  • Star Wars Dude
    Star Wars Dude Year ago

    It’s today 👍🏿

  • Faked Danny
    Faked Danny Year ago

    I honestly want that colored new 6.1 iPhone idgaf if it’s cheaper, lcd, single camera, I want it especially the way these mockups look. I would like it better if it where plastic cause the color would be better but it’s fine

  • BeWrong666
    BeWrong666 Year ago

    Wow a fingerprint reader on the back..... how innovative.....

  • Evelyn Zekaj
    Evelyn Zekaj Year ago

    This is goophone ?

  • BuzzedBox
    BuzzedBox Year ago

    I hope Apple would focus on high-security feature of the phone. Lost phones/stolen can still be used in some countries via reformat which is uncool.

  • XxXZombieoxideXxX

    They’re creating gods eye by mapping the area of rooms using a third eye 👹

  • Philoup C
    Philoup C Year ago

    Great video as always !!!!

  • Offtrailed Dino
    Offtrailed Dino Year ago +1

    So much new bullshit leaks.