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  • Published on Sep 8, 2019
  • How to make a mini bridge concrete model.
    This is a mini concrete bridge model making using cement concrete. We make this miniature bridge in parts. This is 3rd part of this miniature bridge construction.
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    Watch Our Previous Parts Here :
    Part 1 Foundation of mini bridge construction
    Part 2 Column of mini bridge construction

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    Why am I watching a guy build a mini bridge at 4am in the morning?

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    SP Mini 15 days ago

    so amazing

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    mohammad nabeel 17 days ago

    Kindly highlight its all parts.. you did it very well.. but you should highlight its parts.. love for ur struggle

  • Cyan Civilian
    Cyan Civilian 18 days ago

    Nice work buddy. If you are interested in bridges take a look a this. Arch bridges were the predecessors of modern concrete bridges. A simulation on how they were built on this link:

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    You've earned my 2 secounds, guys. Nice work!

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    Thumbs down for terrible music

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    А нахуя я это смотрю? А я долбаеб же, сори.

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    Pensar que funciona mejor que las del gobierno, F en el chat por las vías de mi pais

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    Did he need a mini building permit for that?

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    Great job but ... this is wrong!

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    Наши узбеки и таджики лучше строят! Хотя бы ровно 😀🔥

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    Excellent. Prototypical materials and methods. I tried making a long thin cement casting, but as it cured it bent!

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    Apa cuma gue yg dari Indonesia? 🇮🇩

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    No need for building and construction classes 😁

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    no gap between two pillar

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    Do you know how bored you would have to be to do this

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    More than like , sub also , good luck bro 👏

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    I'm a civil engineer and really appreciate this work.

  • Wojciech Pieczkowski

    Why did you make slab between beams? Prefabricated griders with concrete overlay is something closer to real structures i think.

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    Se for obra pública brasileira a segunda parte só sai daqui 40 anos

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    Yo soy el comentario en español que buscabas :v

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    Такое же количество строительных материалов используется при строительстве настоящих объектов)))

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    What about the air bubbles 😥

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    when you have too much free time 🤣

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      You comment on videos🤣

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    One thing. You forgot to put the bridge bearings in that allow the desk to move . Your bridge will fall from stresses if a earthquake hits😁

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    Could do this Better !

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    What is the scale and load bearing of this, it's pretty neat.

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    Вот он заморочился😂😂😂. Респект за усидчивость👍

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    M civil engineer I love ur every videos 👍👍

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    96 hrs??? Damn, you slow

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    Colocaste mal los estribos. Se deben colocar más cerca a los apoyos por el momento.

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    Soon as a truck crosses it I'll hit the like.

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    Enjoy the little things in life

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    What is this good for?

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    Watching them build these in Seattle this looks surprisingly accurate

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    Hmmm, a job halfway.
    The rest of the highway is missing.

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    Can it float?

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    How does this have 18 Million views!? It’s a cool video...but 18 million views!!!

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    I was watching the game polybridge and seeing how they used physics principles to develop a bridge model. I had learned in physics that engineers leave spaces for thermal expansion and contraction on the bridge. But the game maybe does not account for this. Did you cover it here? You seem to mostly use concrete. Plus are you not missing tar (at the top layer) for it to be completed? I forget how it should be.

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