VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    The Crew reacts to some of their favorite Bad and Great CGi Shots from the Star Wars Prequels!
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Comments • 15 665

    ELE BEAN 15 hours ago

    React to Dinosaur the Disney movie

  • D A Harvey
    D A Harvey 17 hours ago

    If you've seen the clone wars cartoon you'd be more piss ed that they are likely going to ruin mall more than the fact that he survived which seems a lot more plausible with how the show presents it

    T-G_STEVE 18 hours ago

    More Star Wars videos please. React to Revenge of the Sith and while you are at it do TFA and TLJ. Thanks Corridor Crew!

    T-G_STEVE 18 hours ago

    @10:24 Says Solo shows that Darth Maul is still alive.
    Me: have you seen Clone Wars and Rebels? Lol

  • Monkey Scream
    Monkey Scream 18 hours ago

    react to The wolverine 2013

  • PaintballingTrekkie

    Star Wars Episode 7. They used actual light up lightsabers so they could get proper lighting on the actors. I remember seeing for the first time and realizing you could see the blades reflecting in their eyes.

  • Caden Peterson
    Caden Peterson Day ago

    Yall know maul came back in the clone wars right?

  • Eric Tran
    Eric Tran Day ago

    I know this is an old video but can you react to the effects in Now You See Me?

  • Savvy
    Savvy Day ago

    Ha nerds they didn’t even know that death mail was reintroduced in the clone wars before solo did

  • Rasmus Rasmussen

    U guys know that is was a body double for Christoffer Lee in the yoda fight. They put Christoffer lees face on him

    • Rasmus Rasmussen
      Rasmus Rasmussen Day ago

      ru-clip.net/video/rSO53stzYys/video.html tjek 3.58 timestamp

  • David Brunell
    David Brunell Day ago +1

    The prequels would have benefitted from someone going in and tightening up the dialogue. George Lucas is an amazing world builder, but he cant write dialogue very well. I feel like they(the prequels) would have been recieved a hell of a lot better had that happened.

  • Inferno Diamond
    Inferno Diamond 2 days ago

    React to the Mandalorian

  • Samuel Peck
    Samuel Peck 2 days ago

    To be fair they cgi is 20 years old...

  • GenJko _
    GenJko _ 2 days ago

    Sprite cranberry knew their commercial last year was a banger and they just used it again

  • Zulamun
    Zulamun 2 days ago

    ITT people being salty the guys didnt know darth maul was alive...

  • Josiah Panther
    Josiah Panther 2 days ago

    Yall should do scenes from the Phantom Menace, but give JarJar a normal voice and make his movement less cartoony

  • Brian The Person
    Brian The Person 2 days ago +1

    10:22 Wren: "Oh and then, the movie Solo basically said that Darth Maul is still alive."

    The Clone Wars: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Fatal Recluse
    Fatal Recluse 2 days ago

    Marvel’s Avengers Endgame?

    • Fatal Recluse
      Fatal Recluse 2 days ago

      VFX Reaction from that would be so cool to see!

  • Who Tube
    Who Tube 2 days ago +1

    No episode 3 cgi reactions that was the best out of the prequels too.

  • Arthur Falcão
    Arthur Falcão 2 days ago

    PLEASE!!!! Reacto to this Scene 38!!!

  • Kirisakionelove_osu
    Kirisakionelove_osu 3 days ago

    Revange of the sith got best cgi of all prequels

  • guitarhero8110
    guitarhero8110 3 days ago

    Wren pay up. Jake lloyd plays Arnold's kid in jingle all the way

  • LEON el canal de YouTube SCHMOISMAN

    “Solo decided Maul is alive”
    CW: 🖕🏻

  • Fab PERSO
    Fab PERSO 3 days ago

    Be bold, do Kung Fury!

  • Matthew Dodds
    Matthew Dodds 3 days ago

    Can u guys do visual effects for disaster movies. For example deep water horizon or geo storm and stuff like that

  • Brian Squicciarini
    Brian Squicciarini 4 days ago

    Can you react to the ship going through all the first order ships in last jedi and the luke vs kylo ren scene

  • Smeckert
    Smeckert 4 days ago

    Do good and bad Lord of the rings Vfx please! Make a series! Make something you amazing people!

  • Guinea Pig Everyday
    Guinea Pig Everyday 4 days ago +1

    Watch Clone Wars, Maul’s survival is VERY earned and amazing.

  • Olivia Lindberg
    Olivia Lindberg 4 days ago

    Do midway I don't know how they did that

  • Clarion XL
    Clarion XL 4 days ago

    Clone Wars, That’s all I’ll say

  • Impaired Biker
    Impaired Biker 4 days ago

    It wasent solo that said he was alive it was the clone wars tv show

  • Michael walsh
    Michael walsh 4 days ago

    The clone wars animated series was when Darth maul returned. Not solo. The TV shows are still canon, btw.

  • Mrdabmachine
    Mrdabmachine 4 days ago

    In the animated series clone wars it had darth maul come back aswell, but they handled it really well, and that was way before solo

  • RiderZero
    RiderZero 5 days ago +1

    Anyone who says they hate the prequels are no friends of mine.

  • IamFurious
    IamFurious 5 days ago

    please react to hollow man n the scene where u can just see all his vains n stuff mpving

  • Golden_fiver
    Golden_fiver 5 days ago

    Technically it was Clone Wars that first said Darth Maul was still alive AND HE HAS A BROTHER not just Solo A Star Wars story *winky face*

  • World Builder
    World Builder 5 days ago +1

    Question. Should they remake Star Wars with better cgi?

  • Emil Ólason
    Emil Ólason 6 days ago

    Do a terminator: genysis reaction

  • Will Panuska
    Will Panuska 6 days ago

    Why the fuck are these videos so interesting?

  • Naytone
    Naytone 6 days ago

    OMG there are a *TON* of digital zooms in the movie. In Attack of the Clones, there are countless scenes that start with a digital zoom towards the subject(s) of the shot. 5:44

  • Tek Hardy
    Tek Hardy 6 days ago +1

    You guys havent watched the clone wars and it SHOWS LIKE HARDCORE SHOWS

  • okankyoto
    okankyoto 6 days ago

    Some of the compositing during the Arena fight in episode 2 is pretty gnarly. Plus a few cases where there are some pretty obvious 2d moves on individual elements to get the motion they wanted (Padme jumping onto the beast with anakin is a standout)

  • Julian Rocha
    Julian Rocha 6 days ago

    Do yesterday

  • Gabmoreno2
    Gabmoreno2 6 days ago

    The Clone Wars cgi show

  • Kyle Godfrey
    Kyle Godfrey 7 days ago

    episode 3?

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 7 days ago

    Idk how you guys didnt notice but every single Christopher Lee fight scene is a stunt double with cgi face over him

  • Shoaib Khan
    Shoaib Khan 7 days ago

    Can you guy show the VFX for Man of Steel movie

  • M. Zachary Sherman
    M. Zachary Sherman 7 days ago +1

    Well I’d say you guys aren’t 100%. That’s for sure. Especially since I was the lightsaber lead on EP1 and created the way we do them, still to this day, in the computer. Next time you decide to rip on someone’s art, you may want to do a bit more research first on your subject matter, like read a Cinefex, Magazine, maybe? Like Yoda? Was never a CGI saber. It was always 2D, rotoscoped by hand and done in a composite. As for the interactive lighting? That was a decision by George for the closeups. Sabers never had interactive lighting. Ever. Until that moment in EP2 where it was supposed to be “dramatic.” That changed everything to come after. It was an artistic decision. Not a technical one. The “see through” saber you talk about? It was moving in a way that the flicker blur blew it out and yes, it was one of the very first saber shots we did. And the color? George originally wanted to match the color of Obi-Wan’s saber in ANH, which was more white than blue, which you would know if you watch the non special-editions where we blew out the contrast. Either way? Next time, try to do a bit of research before just judging and ripping on other people’s work. 👍🏻

  • FrontlineFireFilms
    FrontlineFireFilms 7 days ago

    One thing that I believe helped the Attack of the Clones CG was that when the film was given a 35mm print it inherited some of the film grain of that print. All transfers since then have been straight digital and that grain isn't evident anymore other than what the digital source had which I believe is very little.

  • tycho goedhart
    tycho goedhart 7 days ago

    Yo @corridor Darth maul was "resurrected" in the Clone Wars animated series already

  • Aidan Morgan
    Aidan Morgan 7 days ago

    It is the same kid from jingle all the way

  • AoN Terminator
    AoN Terminator 8 days ago

    Someone hasn't seen clone wars

  • Jose Ontiveros
    Jose Ontiveros 8 days ago

    I loved the prequels😁

  • Daniel Loeb
    Daniel Loeb 8 days ago

    "Do you think they computer generated C3PO here? Do you think that's a 3D model?"
    "It is not a 3-D model."
    "You're right. You know why? Because it looks SO GOOD. You know what they did? He's a puppet."
    Yup. And that's why it doesn't look like a cut scene from Halo.

  • Mann Holloway
    Mann Holloway 8 days ago

    So you guys missed Clone wars and Star wars Rebels!

  • Nikolompa The almighty

    Jar jar the sith Lord

  • The Gold Wolf
    The Gold Wolf 8 days ago

    10:22 Y’all haven’t seen the clone wars? They did it first.

  • L Scalise
    L Scalise 8 days ago

    That is the same kid as jingle all the way. FYI

  • Supreme Kyng79
    Supreme Kyng79 8 days ago

    No episode 3?

  • RedRacoonAnimations
    RedRacoonAnimations 8 days ago

    Where’s the opening battle of Revenge of The Sith?!