Deep Cleaning a SMOKER'S Dirty Car | DISASTER Car Detailing & Complete Vehicle Transformation!

  • Deep Cleaning a SMOKER’S Dirty Car - DISASTER Car Detailing & Complete Vehicle Transformation! This Mitsubishi Eclipse was covered in dirt, had super dirty carpets and was one of the worst smelling vehicles I’ve ever detailed! It needed a full interior car detailing and exterior car detailing, so in this video I show you my satisfying process to deep clean this Eclipse!
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    Bissell SpotClean Professional -
    McCulloch MC1375 Steam System -
    Drill Brush Set -
    Lilly Brush -
    Detail Brushes:
    Boar’s Hair -
    Ultra Soft -
    Microfiber Towels -
    Microfiber Drying Towel -
    Glass Waffle Weave Towel -
    Black Nitrile Gloves -
    Microfiber Wash Mitt -
    6” Dual Action Polisher -
    5” backing plate -
    Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Disc -
    Lake Country 5.5” Pads -
    FLEX Swirl Finder Light -
    Carpet Brush -
    Detailing Clay -
    Foam Cannon -
    Grit Guards -
    Wheel Brushes:
    Tire Brush -
    Wheel Well Brush -
    Wheel Brush -
    EZ Detail Brush -
    Leather Brush -
    Dust Mask -
    303 Aerospace Protectant -
    Bug Remover -
    Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner -
    Meguiar’s Iron Decon -
    Carpet Solution -
    Folex Spot Remover -
    Glass Cleaner -
    Wheel & Tire Cleaner -
    Leather Cleaner -
    Leather Conditioner -
    Optimum Tire Shine -
    Meguiar’s Quick Detail Spray -
    Meguiar’s AIO Wax -
    CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 Edition -
    CarPro Reload -
    Car Wash Soap -
    CarPro PERL -
    🇨🇦 Viewers
    Bissell SpotClean Professional -
    McCulloch MC1375 Steam System -
    Drill Brush Set -
    Lilly Brush -
    Detail Brushes:
    Boar’s Hair -
    Ultra Soft -
    Microfiber Towels -
    Microfiber Wash Mitt -
    6” Dual Action Polisher -
    5” Backing Plate -
    Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Disc -
    Lake Country 5.5” pads -
    Wheel Brushes:
    Tire Brush -
    Wheel Well Brush -
    EZ Detail Brush -
    Carpet Brush -
    Leather Brush -
    Detailing Clay -
    Foam Cannon -
    Black Nitrile Gloves -
    Grit Guards -
    Dust Mask -
    303 Aerospace Protectant -
    Carpet Solution -
    Folex Spot Remover -
    Wheel & Tire Cleaner -
    Glass Cleaner -
    Optimum Tire Shine -
    Meguiar’s Detail Spray -
    Meguiar’s AIO -
    Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Sealant -
    CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 Edition -
    CarPro Reload -
    Car Wash Soap -
    CarPro PERL -
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    Bissell SpotClean Professional -
    McCulloch MC1375 Steamer -
    Lilly Brush -
    Microfiber Wash Mitt -
    Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner -
    Griots Garage 6” Dual Action Polisher -
    Wheel Brushes:
    Tire Brush -
    Wheel Brush -
    EZ Detail Brush -
    Detail Brushes:
    Boars Hair -
    Ultra Soft -
    Drill Brush Set -
    Leather Brush -
    Grit Guards -
    Foam Cannon -
    303 Aerospace Protectant -
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek  2 months ago +2659

    Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a car this time! All the Silverados and Sierras around here are done 😜
    Had to play some Lynyrd Skynyrd after seeing the CD in the car 😄
    Check out the new series on the second channel 👉🏻

    • Erika Gonzalez
      Erika Gonzalez 8 days ago

      How much do you charge for a car in these conditions?! Like $450?!!!!

    • forus 113
      forus 113 9 days ago

      Hi I am 10

    • Pablo Sanchez
      Pablo Sanchez 12 days ago

      Jyyikj go

    • Salam Studios
      Salam Studios 12 days ago

      You said it took 9 hours in the video? How much do you charge to possibly make this profitable?

    • Jef Tyson
      Jef Tyson 14 days ago


  • Lea M
    Lea M 2 hours ago

    I would honestly be ashamed of myself, at least take your trash out beforehand 😅

  • Raiane Brandão
    Raiane Brandão 3 hours ago

    Sou brasileira e acompanho seu trabalho daqui! Que trabalho perfeito! Parabéns!!!

  • Jari Van Marrewijk
    Jari Van Marrewijk 3 hours ago

    If I were his neighbour I would just constantly be watching his garage to see the transformations coming out of it lol

  • layna Dallas
    layna Dallas 3 hours ago

    Okokok but is no one going to talk about his arms

  • Awesome Entertainment
    Awesome Entertainment 6 hours ago

    Is it very cold there ? Judging from 3:54

  • What’s Popping
    What’s Popping 6 hours ago

  • KatWin
    KatWin 7 hours ago

    Yikes. Wouldn't even want to invite my crush in that kind of car...

  • Ben Rae
    Ben Rae 13 hours ago

    Who the hell takes their car to a detailer in that condition!! At least take the loose rubbish and cigarette butts out you absolute dossers!

  • Garrett Cowan
    Garrett Cowan 16 hours ago

    What the transformation background song called?

  • Toni Lozeau
    Toni Lozeau 21 hour ago

    Pigs, cant stand to have a dirty car. Inside or out. Even in winter I at least rinse the road grime off!😠

  • terry garcia
    terry garcia 21 hour ago

    How much you would charge for something that deep cleaning🤔

  • Malek Al-Sharie
    Malek Al-Sharie 23 hours ago +1

    If I was the car owner, i would've pre-cleaned it before sending it to detailing to save some face water. I do that at home before the maid arrives, lol.

  • Crystal Aldridge

    Are you really tall or is that car just extremely short? Or both?

  • Nic Unruh
    Nic Unruh Day ago

    How do you clean white rubber car mats?

  • MissJezz10
    MissJezz10 Day ago

    Will show my husband this video.. Next time he claims that my car is dirty... 😒

  • Asami Sakamaki
    Asami Sakamaki Day ago

    him : lmao this car's so dirty i probably can't clean it all lol
    also him : but yeah i'm gonna try my best

  • Julieex A
    Julieex A Day ago

    im addicted to these and I’m not mad about it

  • Kyliana Seabrands

    Where in Canada are you!?! I need my car cleaned so bad!! 😂 I live in Langley BC

  • Tayla Tomato
    Tayla Tomato Day ago

    I actually thought the car was grey in the starting

  • Nancy Orta
    Nancy Orta Day ago

    A new owner deserved to get that freshly clean car lol someone who would never! Someone who would keep it clean. I hope they did keep it clean.

  • Nancy Orta
    Nancy Orta Day ago

    It’ll just get dirty all over again,yuck how can ppl drive around in that? Yuck 🤢

  • Andrea Lynn
    Andrea Lynn Day ago

    Wow amazing transformation!!!!

  • Pu Koh
    Pu Koh Day ago

    Pretty sure I’ve seen them on an episode of hoarders. How is it possible to have a car that disgusting

  • Salman Alibrahim
    Salman Alibrahim 2 days ago

    I don't know what kind of people send their car for detailing and not bothering them self to remove personal stuff 👎

  • Dooney Traveler
    Dooney Traveler 2 days ago

    Hi love your videos… What do you use to clean older seatbelts especially smokers? The belt clip gets stuck. Thanking you in advance

  • raho19
    raho19 2 days ago

    Maybe you've seen it already somewhere, but i saw one detailer using a tornador. It works with an air compressor and gets that difficult dirt out of the carpets. The only drawback is that you need to vacuum the entire car after.

  • MrScottyAH
    MrScottyAH 2 days ago

    Hi, I just came across your channel. I find it very relaxing to watch. And kudos to the music.

  • in2food
    in2food 2 days ago

    What must this lady’s house look/smell like? Just disgusting 🤮

  • Lily A'u
    Lily A'u 2 days ago

    do your hands ever get cold? Do you use warm water? Very satisfying btw

  • Kiana Mclean
    Kiana Mclean 2 days ago

    When I first saw the car in the intro I thought it was supposed to be grey

  • MrQuite OK
    MrQuite OK 2 days ago

    And i thought my car is dirty

  • Sid Ucyrian
    Sid Ucyrian 2 days ago

    Blech... was that cottage cheese?

  • Sheila Sparaco
    Sheila Sparaco 2 days ago

    I’m just mad that the owner left all their junk in the car for him to take out before he could clean. So rude. Could’ve at least taken out the stuff they wanted from the car first

  • Quinnton Coatie
    Quinnton Coatie 2 days ago

    How did you get started on your own detail business I’ve been interested in starting one but I just don’t know how

  • Becky S
    Becky S 2 days ago

    What pressure washer do you use and what’s the setting that’s safe . Thank love you videos 😊

  • Ben Revitt
    Ben Revitt 2 days ago

    Ever thaught of this poor mans water bill

  • William Austin
    William Austin 2 days ago

    How can anyone live like this. It's absolutely revolting.

  • Elizabeth Gallaher
    Elizabeth Gallaher 2 days ago

    In another one of your videos you placed a ionizer ? machine to remove orders....or am I mistaken?

    • The Detail Geek
      The Detail Geek  2 days ago +1

      Yes...but it makes no sense to do that in a vehicle owned by a smoker who will likely light one up the next day 👍🏻

  • Olivia Jade
    Olivia Jade 2 days ago

    I got my hubb associated to watching !

  • Ranya & Liana Shareef

    Is he serious? He is so good at cleaning!

  • Waqar Ahmed
    Waqar Ahmed 3 days ago +1

    I’m a subscriber to your channel
    Just a quick question how would you tackle cleaning alcantara seats
    Thanks and keep up the good work

  • Aisha
    Aisha 3 days ago

    I would think you are mentally ill if your car was this dirty

  • Ankit Malani
    Ankit Malani 3 days ago

    Somebody ask the owner of the car to quit smoking

  • Prafulla Nighot
    Prafulla Nighot 3 days ago

    I can understand outside of the car, because the weather conditions are not good thats why the car is dirty but inside that car owner yukkss, he is sooo filthy.

  • Duckinatorz
    Duckinatorz 3 days ago

    Plays skynyrd cause there was a CD in the car 😂 HELL YEAH BROTHER

  • Deb Nichols
    Deb Nichols 3 days ago

    Hey man, I was raised in Wisconsin, so I know about the muddy & salt on the car. The salt is corrosive.

  • Kens gaming
    Kens gaming 3 days ago


  • Prathen Allen
    Prathen Allen 3 days ago

    The last time this car is cleaned for sure

  • Rich Reviews
    Rich Reviews 3 days ago

    Whats the average price for this service??

  • Derrick Foreal
    Derrick Foreal 3 days ago

    I'm looking at buying the Bissel Extractor, can you use APC or degreaser in the tank? Or do you just use hot water?

  • Srilanka Senarath
    Srilanka Senarath 4 days ago

    Wow nice bro

  • El de la OBS
    El de la OBS 4 days ago

    What tips do you use for your pressure washer, such a fine and accurate stream of water

  • Edwin Hernandez
    Edwin Hernandez 4 days ago

    Wow! What do you typically charge for a car like this and how long does it take?

  • Pavlína Drmolová
    Pavlína Drmolová 4 days ago

    And I thought that I'm messy, lol. This is a whole new level. Keep up the great work you do :)

  • EJ Chavez
    EJ Chavez 4 days ago

    How much would you charge for this type of project?

  • Mr MMJ
    Mr MMJ 4 days ago

    Of course this is a woman’s car... 😏

  • Michael Beloded
    Michael Beloded 4 days ago

    owner is a pig

  • Jaky Padron
    Jaky Padron 4 days ago

    So the solution only bubbles up where it’s dirty?? Cuz that’s really interesting I didn’t know there was solutions out there that did that

  • Kimmy Grenade
    Kimmy Grenade 4 days ago

    I couldn’t tell if you were saying garage or something else but it’s supposed to have a u sound and its a two syllable word

  • Marie Power
    Marie Power 4 days ago

    I bet she got into that beautifully cleaned car and lit up a cigarette to celebrate and the Detail Geek died a little on the inside

  • Jasmine Go
    Jasmine Go 4 days ago


  • ashlee register
    ashlee register 4 days ago

    i would cry if my car ever got this dirty

  • Brayleigh Hope
    Brayleigh Hope 4 days ago

    UGH I cant imagine how filty this persons house is. vile.

  • Jan-Hendrik De Jager

    Hi Mr detail geek. I have a question for you please. I saw you removed the seats in the video. I have a 2015 chevy sonic and would like to get my seats removed to get them cleaned out. The car has airbags in the front seats with the obvious cabling underneath. Is there anything I should do before unbolting the seats. Or is it safe to just unclip the plugs and take the seat out? Thank you and I love your content

  • Lovely Tee
    Lovely Tee 4 days ago

    I'm done with your car, that will be 1 million dollars!!! Lol

  • Mic Santa
    Mic Santa 4 days ago

    Good job

  • Alex Tsai
    Alex Tsai 4 days ago

    U literally saved the eclipse from covid19 👍👍

  • mr I
    mr I 4 days ago

    Was thinking about what this dirty guy looked like, until you said SHE will be happy about the change. Man some chicks are gross!

  • Mrs.Roxane Foley
    Mrs.Roxane Foley 4 days ago

    Hey! Love the channel.
    Looking into getting some detail gear for home use.
    Wondering what you do to take care of your brushes, mitts and cloths and stuff. How do you store them?

  • Marc Hightower
    Marc Hightower 5 days ago

    I dont let anyone smoke in my car. In fact, you cant even ride with me if you reek of smoke. This car was TRASHED. I cant believe some people arent embarrassed by using their car as a garbage bin. This video makes me happy to see this car restored back to automobile status. Plus the guitar songs at the end of each video is a real treat. Bravo

  • Карабас -Барабас

    Чем он начинает машину мылом ?

  • opera
    opera 5 days ago

    I always enjoy your videos. Great work!!!
    Food for quickly gather all the junk on the floors, use a small garden rake and a dust pan. Rake all the large items in the dust pan and put it in the garbage. It will make clean ups like that faster.

  • iUtot Channel
    iUtot Channel 5 days ago

    You are handsome 🔥

  • reddevil6996
    reddevil6996 5 days ago

    Subscribed, so satisfying watching these videos!! Makes me feel like I should get off my ass and go clean my car!

  • Данииил Уренкоов

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    LaToya Mayo 5 days ago

    Man that car was dirty, but it looks brand new👍🏽 Awesome job

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 5 days ago

    It's good to see you doing a car once in a while & that came out beautiful, as do all your jobs, I loved the customer's reactions too, please keep on putting out these very entertaining & informative videos.
    Have you ever checked out this guy from over here in the UK?

  • Aisy Al-Helmy
    Aisy Al-Helmy 5 days ago

    I just wondering, how the owner of the car can let her/his goddamn car ruined by dirt like that?

  • AlexisVlogs 23
    AlexisVlogs 23 5 days ago +1

    At 14:33 I thought he said “and it really can’t beep beep for the price” and I was like “ I thought you where cleaning the car not becoming a car”