More Lousy Mitt Romney Campaign Slogans - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on May 17, 2012
  • Mitt Romney's trial campaign slogans really do not inspire a lot of consequences.
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  • reeroo11
    reeroo11 6 years ago

    Romney never had one bad slogan

  • Teemu Valonen
    Teemu Valonen 7 years ago

    And spoiled it for me by getting a top comment.

  • 111vnderbnder111
    111vnderbnder111 7 years ago

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • AhsanSpica
    AhsanSpica 7 years ago

    "there's bin a lot of booing" that one trumps all others ! that one takes the cake right there!

  • CmdrSloanne
    CmdrSloanne 7 years ago

    Mitt Romney with all his spins he makes Linda Blair's Possessed Regan character look like a simple yoyo..

  • al bundy
    al bundy 7 years ago

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • UltimateUgabuga
    UltimateUgabuga 7 years ago

    "I hope i haven't put the Asians down?" Lol i fell off my chair