Lesbians Are A Man’s Best Friend | Andrew Schulz | Stand Up Comedy

  • Published on May 26, 2019
  • What up people. Here’s a fun interaction with a lesbian heckler at my dallas show. We came to the realization that we need each other. Well straight men just need lesbians. Just watch I explain.
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  • evelynne spencer
    evelynne spencer 15 hours ago

    hi this is gross

  • Movies Raag
    Movies Raag Day ago

    These conversations are so perfect there is a little chance that its all scripted......

  • Omar Al-Bochi
    Omar Al-Bochi Day ago

    He’s got points.

  • Manuel _ch13
    Manuel _ch13 2 days ago

    Amy Schumer with penis

  • banchee
    banchee 2 days ago

    a lot of these dudes mask their sexism with “jokes”. there’s other ways to make people laugh

    SISKIYOU 2 days ago

    you just might not like that slice LMAO!!!

  • one knob wonder
    one knob wonder 4 days ago

    he is going to roast that couple for sure ! but that girl just took the flying arrrow in her ass 😂

  • Legendary D-bo G
    Legendary D-bo G 4 days ago

    The mans is hilarious 😂

  • Vince Jascha Orcullo
    Vince Jascha Orcullo 4 days ago +1

    "Oh so you get a pocket pussy and just rub it against your pussy?"💀

  • giorgi Metonidze
    giorgi Metonidze 4 days ago

    fuckkkk xddddddddd

  • Gary Pendleton
    Gary Pendleton 5 days ago

    Trump 2020. 🇺🇸

  • Tyson Seinen
    Tyson Seinen 7 days ago

    If you are ever in Edmonton Alberta canada I hope I hear about it so I can get front row seats, comedy gold!!👌👍

  • Eliude W T Cardoso
    Eliude W T Cardoso 8 days ago +6

    Everybody gangsta till they sit in the front row

    • Faith
      Faith 2 days ago

      Deadass lmao

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 8 days ago +1

    Hes coming to my city cant wait to see him

  • Lyn Quiroz
    Lyn Quiroz 9 days ago +4


  • PinkishFloyd
    PinkishFloyd 9 days ago

    That's one needlessly aggressive lesbian.

  • Joshua Harper
    Joshua Harper 9 days ago

    Ol boy is a freaking brilliant ass SAVAGE!!!!

  • Bony Paul
    Bony Paul 10 days ago

    I am biological male.I see my self as woman and i prefer women over men. That makes me a lesbien.
    ✌️Girlpower #LGBTIQ

  • michael tulloch
    michael tulloch 12 days ago

    Sick ass Aimé Leon Dior jacket

  • idk about that
    idk about that 16 days ago

    I'm sure she was TRIGGERED

  • Pinch Man
    Pinch Man 22 days ago +13

    Imagine being such a salty person that hearing about a couple with a different sexual orientation being married makes you want to vomit. How incredibly unlikable.

  • LEL 201
    LEL 201 24 days ago

    "I almost throw up" yeah now gay people are making normal things which were given by God anormal, and they thing they are the ones who are normal not us straight people.

  • Y Ty
    Y Ty 24 days ago +1

    I want him to come do a show in London so bad

  • The Principled Hypocrite B

    Im a bisexual.. women actually cum better with women.. no toys.. no bullshit but some men are different tho.. they just get shit done.. BETTER FOREPLAY, BETTER ORGASMS.

  • Imma Mad man
    Imma Mad man 27 days ago

    I don't need no women to satisfy my woman she can barely handle me lol

    • Imma Mad man
      Imma Mad man 27 days ago

      And imma guy who can get women to climax pretty fast probably why she stayed with me lol

  • egshane
    egshane 27 days ago


  • I like crayons
    I like crayons 28 days ago

    “yeah yeah”

  • onxiaftw
    onxiaftw 29 days ago

    He's got a point you know

  • Brandon
    Brandon 29 days ago

    I haven't laughed that hard in a long time🤣

  • Arvin Media
    Arvin Media Month ago

    That lesbian was too annoying, spoiled arrogant. Why you should throw up when a couple talk about their marriage duration? If I talk about homosexuality that way you’ll call me a homophobic but you talk about others anyway you want and no one should tell you anything! Many gays and lesbians have become so spoiled and offensive these days 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Snowy
    Snowy Month ago


  • Aidan Mattys
    Aidan Mattys Month ago

    If she didn't like the feeling of dick, just hands, how tf does that make her a lesbian? Makes her tight af, maybe tried to bite off more than she could chew at the start, but that isn't the deciding factor of being a lesbian. If she only needs hand to get her tingling, that would make her bi at most

  • Aditya Vats
    Aditya Vats Month ago

    Well he really stood up for that couple....bravo.

  • blu3fan
    blu3fan Month ago

    lmao das hilarious

  • Daniel Guardado
    Daniel Guardado Month ago

    This fucker is a savage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uncommon Escapes
    Uncommon Escapes Month ago

    That bitch had it 'cummin'

  • Stephen Vergopoulos

    Dude is fucking a genius

  • Paolo Versace SOUTH AFRICA

    Lmfaoo Gertrude get in there 💀🤣

  • Dean Webster
    Dean Webster Month ago

    Best comedian on planet right now

  • Spartan Ownership
    Spartan Ownership Month ago

    This is refreshing compared to the liberal beta male comedians who are too afraid to say shit like this.

  • Vampiresoap
    Vampiresoap Month ago +4

    All the lesbians that I've met in real life are pretty nasty. Any explanation?

  • Liban Abdilahi
    Liban Abdilahi Month ago +36

    Just learned one thing from this video: NEVER EVER OPEN YOUR MOUTH DURING A COMEDY SHOW

  • yoe91
    yoe91 Month ago +520

    I wouldn't mind being roasted by him because he's not mean or angry, there's no spiteful energy there, it's just for laughs, it's playful.

    • Chris Maciel
      Chris Maciel 28 days ago +7

      he is comedy in all its essence and i love him for it

  • Raezer
    Raezer Month ago +76

    When he asked "Sir are you straight?", the guy should have responded "No, I'm lesbian too" lol

    • U w U
      U w U Month ago +2

      I wheezeddd 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Sharif Brown
      Sharif Brown Month ago +4

      That's funny as HELL 😂 😂😂!!!

  • V
    V Month ago

    Can we get some straight people to go "I almost threw up!" over a homosexual couple and get away with it as if nothing happened?
    Fuck the normalization of these self-entitled cunts.

  • MizuKageG
    MizuKageG Month ago

    Friend :"I know Andrew Schulz is your favorite comedian so I got us tickets to see him live!"
    Me: "Fuck that shit, you can go by yourself, I got way too much shit he'd talk about, I'm goooood"

  • Savon Davis
    Savon Davis Month ago

    This dude is legit as fuk

  • J. Scaffnetti
    J. Scaffnetti Month ago

    Fucking pure savage moments. LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!

  • WhateverNevermind
    WhateverNevermind Month ago +3

    Most people think that the lesbians are only tomboys

  • Gautham Menon
    Gautham Menon Month ago

    All of this is improv for anyone complaining that his humour is cheap...he made jokes on the spot..without having anything pre written... imagine what he would do if he had a one hour special..

  • Asian Guy
    Asian Guy Month ago

    He reminds me of Blitzspanks

  • Moe B.
    Moe B. Month ago

    someone plz explain me the friendzone joke ?!

  • Christians9955
    Christians9955 Month ago

    Haha sonic

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez Month ago

    the master of walking the line lmfao

  • Code Name
    Code Name Month ago

    Go to comedy club, be a stupid bitch and get owned. Love it

  • kcmn00
    kcmn00 Month ago +1

    That chick brought it on herself.

  • Tony
    Tony Month ago

    "You feel like throwing up a lot..." You might just be pregnant, you sure you guys haven't fucked? Have you been missing time lately? Anyone offer you some drinks.

  • Does this also name your email ?

    Maybe one day straight men will learn that PIV isn't the only sex. It's not even the best kind!

  • Blair Rice
    Blair Rice Month ago

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon this guy. Been watching his videos for a hour now and he's unreal funny.

  • MNewsTime
    MNewsTime Month ago

    Honestly getting picked by Shultz would make my day