The Temple in Jerusalem will be Rebuilt!

  • Published on May 14, 2018
  • Today! Prophetic history was made. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentions three times how Israel built a temple. Now the final puzzle piece must be put in place before the man of sin comes on the scene and eventually fulfill prophecy THE ABOMINATION of DESOLATION in Matthew 24.

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  • Randy Vild
    Randy Vild  Year ago +380

    Many comments are coming in that the Temple is not physical but spiritual. The answer biblically is that it is both. Physically, Judah (Jews) will re-build the temple because of two biblical clues. Jesus said, the man of sin "will stand" in the holy place. And in Revelation 11:1-2 an Angel is asked to measure the temple. NOTE: John wrote Revelation around 90 A.D. 20 years after the 2nd temple was destroyed. Spiritually, Paul wrote, don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in your midst.

    • mike coxie
      mike coxie 2 days ago

      @stunacw1 i stand w/ biblical scripture and have stood GUARD over items which will be used in temple worship when it IS built on the temple mount

    • Pamela Myers
      Pamela Myers 7 days ago

      The Temple in Jerusalem will be built. The Book of Daniel and The Book of Revelation should be studied together.

    • Shalom Alcheim
      Shalom Alcheim 25 days ago

      stunacw1 the CORRECT word is COVENANT, you idiot.

    • Shalom Alcheim
      Shalom Alcheim 25 days ago

      Randy Vild 😂😂😂

    • denis castelino
      denis castelino 25 days ago

  • Android Saya
    Android Saya 5 hours ago

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    KirimiKan Asmaul husna ini kepada teman kalian !
    Allah Sedang Melihat mu!

  • hatchboy1
    hatchboy1 9 hours ago

    God Bless Israel! God Bless the United States!

  • jose ulloa
    jose ulloa 12 hours ago +1

    This is a big big news cuz jesus coming back soon let's find him now people and live for him

  • J Per
    J Per 13 hours ago

    Um where they are isn't the location and they never used the letter "J" or the sound. So.....

    • J Per
      J Per 13 hours ago

      Not to mention the people where Hebrews and we call their religion Jew. And the bible says the Devil will rule the lands, claiming lordship, build false monuments, while leading the masses until the day of my return.

  • brenda smith
    brenda smith 20 hours ago


  • brenda smith
    brenda smith 20 hours ago

    holy holy holy

  • Robert Richards
    Robert Richards Day ago

    We will never forget 2 sacks of shit. Number 2.

  • Hannah Birge Garcia


  • Charlie
    Charlie Day ago

    I’ve become very skeptical of religion, but even I know what’s going to happen if people sacrifice a pig/ hog in whatever temple that is talked about in the Bible.

  • brabanthallen
    brabanthallen Day ago

    Click bait. NOT ONE WORD was spoken by Netanyahu about the temple being rebuilt. Utter bullshit. In order for the temple to be rebuilt and animal sacrifices to begin again, there MUST be an "unblemished red heiffer". The ashes of that sacrificed red heiffer MUST be mingled with the ashes of the last red heiffer sacrificed (some 2000 years ago) to maintain the sacred continuity. Unfortunately, NO ONE knows where the jar is that contains those ashes. Despite searching for 2000 years, the location remains a mystery. They may have been destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. Oh well. What a bullshit video.

  • nicole cosentino

    They gonna destroy the great mosque to rebuild the third temple on this location. It's gonna be The beginning of the third world war, Or the Great tribulation. Every people gonna see Satan sit down in this temple and rules The entire world. People need to repent and accept the moshiach to save their soul. The Antichrist rules the world and all religion, only him Yeshua Hamachiach can destroy Satan.

  • FireHammerBrand
    FireHammerBrand Day ago

    Poor deceived flock. Like sheep to slaughter. The Synagogue of Satan rules you all. Jesus was a CONstruct. Invented in 1612.
    Wake the flock up.

  • Mary C
    Mary C Day ago

    This is fulfilled prophecy! 💙

  • SimplyVICTORious
    SimplyVICTORious 2 days ago

    May the Lord God Almighty bless Israel and in God's perfect timing they will accept Jesus Christ, as the Messiah, our Savior, the Lord of Lords, King of Kings 🙌🙏

  • zachary vance
    zachary vance 2 days ago

    Satan will stand in this temple claiming to be god and he will fool the majority of the whole world. Netanyahu Trump all of the world's leaders of the most powerful nations are working for Satan to ensure his return and to ensure that his nwo is complete and ready to go. This marks the end!

  • Manny kastro
    Manny kastro 2 days ago

    End is Near....Jesus christ is coming!!!! soon now!!! Repent folks!!! The Lord is @ the Door....!!!not much Time.!!!

  • Maggie Satterfield
    Maggie Satterfield 2 days ago

    O M G !!!!!!!!!!! REVELATIONS is being fulfilled as we speak!

  • Jeff Green
    Jeff Green 2 days ago

    Click bait. He didn't say anything about rebuilding the temple in our time. You're reading between the lines.

  • chosenprotection
    chosenprotection 3 days ago +2

    Yes, they will rebuild the temple, for the ANTI-MESSIAH-ANTI-YAHSHUA, who is known as the "man of sin" to sit in. Get ready world, it's COMING SOON!

    • Texownian
      Texownian 16 hours ago

      They haven't found the true temple mount, as of yet. The current area is where Roman soldiers were housed. The old city of David is where the Temple once was. When that is established, watch out :)

  • Borsamo Eyassu
    Borsamo Eyassu 3 days ago

    Hallelujah, Amen.

  • shushane1
    shushane1 3 days ago

    Trump such a great man

  • Laurent Gilles
    Laurent Gilles 3 days ago


  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson 4 days ago +1

    Nothimg about rebuilding the temple was said

  • Tien Ari
    Tien Ari 4 days ago

    Use A Part Of Gold Bars Mongolia Nation & Rusia Nation Rebuild 3 St Temple Jewish Lewi Teribe Israel Nation At East Jerusalem City As Capitol Hill Israel Nation With High Goland Area & West Bank Area & Etc In Israel Nation ( = " To Follow Heritage History Big Famous Name For Propert & King The Late Of Mr.David From Israel Kingdom Nation With East Jerusalem City As Capitol Hill Israel Nation Also High Goland Area & West Bank Area & Etc In Israel Nation 700 AD For Yesterday Term Period = Inside Old Book Literature Heritage History Old Mongolia Dynasty AD For Yesterday Term Period In Mongolia Nation For Yesterday Term Period Include After Jesus Christ / Mesias { = With Virgin Mary As Mother From Jesus Christ / Mesias As Son From Holly God / Yahwee / Allah Illahi } Get Die Body Self From Crucified On Wood At Gologota City In Israel Nation Also Jesus Christ / Mesias Rise Up From Die Body Self Go Out From Thomb At Jerusalem City In Israel Nation Than Jesus Christ / Mesias Rise Up To Heaven From Israel Nation For Yesterday Term Period = Inside Mongolia Dynasty In Mongolia Nation For Yesterday Term Period " ) , Ok !

  • mario figueroa
    mario figueroa 4 days ago

    The apostasy and the antichrist is here!!!! Many will leave cristianity to go back to animal sacrifices

  • DoctorCruiser
    DoctorCruiser 4 days ago

    Hope this fuckwit hangs

  • Art
    Art 5 days ago +5

    He never once said he or anyone would rebuild the temple.

  • Ran cu
    Ran cu 6 days ago +14

    Jesus will coming soon, can't wait to see him kill the antichrist

  • H
    H 6 days ago

    Ugly evil zionist cunt.

  • Derde Olifant
    Derde Olifant 7 days ago +1

    I'm not sure that satan needs a temple. He'll get by just fine without one.

  • shen 777
    shen 777 7 days ago +23

    Whatever happens Jesus will reign as King of Kings and Lord of lords

    • Christian Knight
      Christian Knight 8 hours ago

      Amen! Repent of your sins! Put your faith on Yeshua (Jesus)

    • Travis Flagg
      Travis Flagg Day ago

      After hell comes to reign till the last battle.

  • Debbie Abu-El-Jibien

    What a horrible day for all.

  • Matt Diliberto
    Matt Diliberto 8 days ago

    The bible says the ante christ will be the one to rebuild the temple. Just saying.

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis 9 days ago

    AMEN!TRUMP HAS Fulfilled The Prophecy!

  • jayadi toding
    jayadi toding 9 days ago


    FAKHRUDDIN AUS 9 days ago

    Allahu akbar

  • ranhar1
    ranhar1 11 days ago

    This is about the U.S. Embassy being moved to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. The quote "The Temple Mount is in our hands" is from the paratroops who took the Mount in the 1967 Six Day War. Don't bear false witness.

    • Randy Vild
      Randy Vild  9 days ago

      Then why mentioned the other temples that where built starting with Solomon's?
      He is speaking cryptic just like does.

  • jrc99us
    jrc99us 12 days ago

    The anti-Christ is going to rebuld the temple. This is the most disturbing thing I have seen that we are to celebrate the coming of the anti-Christ.

    • Truth
      Truth 9 days ago

      its trump

  • Larry Kustyn
    Larry Kustyn 13 days ago

    Click bait lie
    You shall not take ha shem of THE L*RD in vain
    The word of the prophets will come true without anyone having to rush anything or manufacture anything

  • PharohX `
    PharohX ` 13 days ago

    Let's *GO!* The *REAL JEWS* are almost awakened and are preparing for the return of *OUR* Messiah, *Ha Masiach YAHAWAHSHI* . The time of the *GENTILE* is almost fulfilled!

  • spicecrop
    spicecrop 14 days ago

    Then read in the book of Revelation what happens when the Temple is rebuilt. The Antichrist will crown himself ruler.

  • Antonie van Tonder
    Antonie van Tonder 15 days ago +3

    He didn't say the Temple will be rebuilt. He referred to the history.

    • Gabrielle Gothe
      Gabrielle Gothe 10 days ago

      I agree, I did not hear him say anything about the temple being built in this video.

  • Archana Jn
    Archana Jn 16 days ago +1

    God kill all evil. Jesus destroy all evil

  • Lauren Limebrook
    Lauren Limebrook 16 days ago

    This is about the embassy.. What gross misrepresentation this is!!

    • Lauren Limebrook
      Lauren Limebrook 16 days ago

      @Randy Vild The temple is going to be built by the world powers but it is not a prophecy from God and is most definitely, without a doubt, not in the bible prophecy in Daniel or Revelation. It is a scam to deceive Christians and destroy their faith. That is what the authors of this fake interpretation said themselves. [jesuits]

    • Randy Vild
      Randy Vild  16 days ago

      True but u need to listen to the temple references.

  • Lauren Limebrook
    Lauren Limebrook 16 days ago

    Wow!! This temple is part of the devil's plan, not God's plan.. Beware. The abomination of Desolation in the bible refers to the destruction of the temple and city in 66-70AD and not for what is going on now. This is proven in scripture in Luke 21 where it identifies the abomination as the armies of Rome encompassed about the city [ready to destroy all of it] What is being referred to here is a plan of the Jesuits to fool all Christians into believing the lie of futurism or the rapture.. This has been going on since the RCC started the counter reformation. The papacy owns much of old Jerusalem.You need to investigate and study. Many will be deceived. There is no rapture...….check out First Amendment Radio and find out for your self what is the truth.

  • Marc C
    Marc C 17 days ago

    (NOT) Building a Temple. BUILT.
    Past tense ---"Built" a temple. (2 'previous' Temples, to be precise.)
    The 3rd., Temple Has NOT happened yet.
    "Close, but no cigar..." It WILL [eventually] be built -- but it has NOT yet begun.

  • charles Winters
    charles Winters 19 days ago


  • army ofgod
    army ofgod 20 days ago

    I was in the middle of the video saying they need the temple mount and they have it i have chills our lord and savior is returning soon

  • James Hudson
    James Hudson 21 day ago

    Nope, the Temple will never be rebuilt. They'd have to destroy Dome of the Rock and that won't happen anytime soon. So I guess will need to get back to what the scriptures actually say and look at it from a 1st-century perspective rather than a 21st-century dispy perspective. His disciples understood we can too :)

  • James Hudson
    James Hudson 21 day ago

    Yep, Kenneth Copeland is in the video. He flew there in his personal Jet I'm sure. Excuse to fly around I would

  • Get Reel Bass Fishing
    Get Reel Bass Fishing 22 days ago

    Calm down...good title work though, got you over a million views

  • denis castelino
    denis castelino 25 days ago

  • Quantum Proton
    Quantum Proton 25 days ago

    Wow. I mean people are excited for an end of world prophecy where they get luxury and watch millions of innocent people get tortured?

    What kind of death cult are you people following?

  • Isaac Lausell
    Isaac Lausell 26 days ago

    They are also giving away a free Netflix subscription, but you have to watch the entire video and find the hiding clues to get it.

  • Andrew Long
    Andrew Long 27 days ago

    These white jews are not the israelites from the bible, get real. Claiming to be related to david and solomon, give me a break.

  • Mike Hood
    Mike Hood 27 days ago


  • Orhan Aksüt
    Orhan Aksüt 29 days ago

    Dazzling City

    Revelation 16 - Revelation 21: 9-22: 5

    Subject: A description of the New Jerusalem

    Time for realization: After great trouble and after Satan was thrown into the abyss

    1, 2. (a) Where did an angel take John to see New Jerusalem; which contrast draws our attention here? (b) Why can this be said to be the glorious culmination of Revelation?

    AN ANGEL took John into the desert to show Babylon the Great. One of the same group of angels took him to a high mountain this time. What John saw now was the opposite of the previous! There was no dirty, corrupt city like the prostitute Babylon; there was pure, spiritual, and holy New Jerusalem, coming down from the sky.. Revelation 17: 1, 5.

    2 Even Jerusalem on the ground had never had such a glory. John says: “And one of the seven angels came with seven stones filled with the last seven plagues; And he spoke to me and said: Come here, I will show you the bride, which is the pleasure of the Lamb. And he led me to a great and high mountain in the Spirit, and showed me the holy city, Jerusalem, descending from God through the sky; He had the glory of God. ”(Revelation 21: 9-11a) From a dominant point of this high mountain, John studied the beautiful city in all its details. Ever since humanity fell into sin and death, faithful people had eagerly awaited his coming. And finally came! (Romans 8:19; 1 Corinthians 15:22, 23; Hebrews 11:39, 40) The glorious spiritual city of 144,000 faithful people who maintain their integrity and dazzle with their holiness reflects the glory of Jehovah himself. Here is the glorious culmination of Revelation!

    3. How did John describe the beauty of New Jerusalem?

    3 The beauty of New Jerusalem is breathtaking: “His light was like a precious stone like a crystalline jade; there were large and high walls, twelve gates and twelve angels on the gates; and there were names written on the gates; these are the names of the twelve superiors of the sons of Israel; There were three doors from Orient, and three doors from Already, and three doors from Jenup, and three doors from the Strange. And there are twelve foundations of the city wall, and twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb on them. Like a new bride, New Jerusalem radiates happiness and is a good partner for Christ. Indeed, he has the brightness of a work created by the ‘Father of the Light .. - James 1:17.

  • Orhan Aksüt
    Orhan Aksüt 29 days ago

    jews: Definition: Nowadays, the term Jewish is generally used to refer to the Hebrew people and to other people who embrace Judaism. The Bible also mentions the followers of Jesus, who are spiritually Jewish and form God's Israel.
    Are the Jewish descendants of God today?
    Many Jews believe it. A Jewish encyclopedia states: “CHOICE OF PEOPLE is a common definition for the Israeli people; this definition expresses the idea that there is a special and unique relationship between the Israeli people and the universal divine being. This has always been an important idea in the history of Jewish thought ”(Encyclopaedia Judaica, Jerusalem, 1971, Vol. 5, column 498). (See also Exit 19: 5; Repeat 7: 6-8.)
    There are many people in the Christian world who share similar views. Under the heading “Religion ın of a reference, Paul M. Van Buren, the theologian at Temple University (Philadelphia), says:“ The churches, which they have embraced for centuries, have rejected God's' people of Israel Contrary to the doctrine he chose, he now affirms the idea that the covenant between God and the Jewish people is eternal. This surprising change of opinion is seen in Protestants and Catholics on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean Journal (Journal and Constitution, Atlanta, January 22, 1983, p. 5-B). In The New York Times, oth Timothy Smith, professor of theology at Johns Hopkins University, who is also a Wesleyan protestant, quotes some of the fundamentalist protestant groups in the United States: He is of the view that he is on the side of Israel, and that everything Israel must do should be supported ”(6 February 1983, p. 42). Some people in the Christian world expect the entire Israeli line to adopt Christianity and be saved. Others believe that there is always an unbreakable bond between God and Israel; therefore, they think that it is only people of other nations who need to be reconciled with God through Christ.
    Imagine this: when the people of Israel returned to their country after the exile of Babylon, they would reestablish true worship in the land God had given them. One of the first projects initiated for this purpose was the reconstruction of Jehovah's temple in Jerusalem. However, Jerusalem was destroyed again by the Romans in 70 AD; however, the temple was never built again. Today there is a mosque in the old temple area. If the Jews in Jerusalem (Jerusalem), who say that they still adhere to the Law of Moses, are God's chosen people, shouldn't a temple dedicated to worship Him be rebuilt?
    Mat. 21:42, 43: “Jesus said to them [to the high priests in Jerusalem and to the elders of the Jewish people]: taş taş The stone that the building masters rejected was the cornerstone. Andır This is from Jehovah and is great in our eyes. Mı Have you never read the Scriptures? Therefore, know that the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation that will grow its fruit. ””
    Mat. 23:37, 38: uş Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem that killed the prophets, and stoned those sent to it! How many times have I tried to gather your children, as you gathered chickens under their wings, but you did not. Look, your house is abandoned and left to you. ”