iOS 12.1.1 Review! Finally Released, Should You Update?

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018
  • iOS 12.1.1 Final Review. Finally Released, Should You Update? 9 New Features, Speed & Jailbreak Update. Very Important Update!
    AirPods 2 Leaked:
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  • SomeBoi Online
    SomeBoi Online 3 months ago

    What’s the wallpaper link the old one doesn’t work

  • Digvijay Patil
    Digvijay Patil 8 months ago

    Wallpaper’s link is not working can anyone please provide!!

  • rohit belhekar
    rohit belhekar 9 months ago

    Wallpaper link is Not working...and i loved that wallpaper please Give a link For that

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark 10 months ago

    iOS 12.1.1 on iPad Pro completely sucks for 2 reasons swipe down for search bar an type an app in an search there’s no response or pop up anyway won’t search for anything and second when using Facebook messenger for video calls the iPad completely makes it impossible to answer video calls or decline. It causes the iPad Pro to freeze an stay on call screen until you hold power button to restart. This is after all AppStore’s updates and iOS update system install. Imagine someone calling numerous times freezing the iPad on call screen an never being able to swipe down for search bar that doesn’t search for anything. So now you scroll through all app screens to find one.

  • Lil juice box
    Lil juice box 11 months ago

    I phone 7 gang?

  • #Jessy Asher
    #Jessy Asher 11 months ago

    Just insightful updates but Great Video Man!

  • 25 Games
    25 Games 11 months ago

    I have an iPhone se 16 gigs, the system category is taking 7 GIGS which is kinda a lot. Anyone have suggestions?

  • bar
    bar 11 months ago

    I just upgraded to this and my SE is always getting warm and hotter :((

  • Prince Daniel Dilla
    Prince Daniel Dilla 11 months ago

    My ipad had that wheb you close the device and open it it will not open and it just like get power off that u need to press the open botton and the home

  • Foxy Plays
    Foxy Plays 11 months ago


  • just a random roblox player

    That’s my IPAD Software.

  • Jacques
    Jacques 11 months ago

    apple for tablet samsung for phone

  • Zaf
    Zaf 11 months ago

    Can anyone confirm wether or not the battery icon has been increased in size after this update?

  • Erin Playz
    Erin Playz 11 months ago

    Too late.... already updated 😁

  • Rizal
    Rizal 11 months ago

    I just noticed with ios 12.1.1, this drained my battery so fast and thought it was just my 5 days old iphone xs. But when updated to 12.1.2, it’s way even better now.

  • Revital Shnaider
    Revital Shnaider 11 months ago

    what can i do about the keypad icons enlarged? :/ this is really disturbing

    DC4PRIMAL 11 months ago

    My iPhone 7 doesn’t have service because of the update but it doesn’t let me update it either so idk what’s going on my phone is fully charged and yeah I just don’t have service anymore and I’m using my internet now 🤦‍♂️

  • Akash Rana
    Akash Rana 11 months ago

    After updating to 12.1.1 am not able to use some of the website on the safari and even snapchat it just I am not able to open my snaps or send it to anyone and some of the shopping apps are also not working on mobile data.. I have iPhone 10

  • Supremacy 98
    Supremacy 98 11 months ago

    I'm planning to change my iphone maybe at the end of next year or the year after.Would that be enough time for a new jailbreak to be released on future firmware updates or should i just stay on 12.1 just to be safe?

  • Steven Requa
    Steven Requa 11 months ago


  • Anjan Sarma tech
    Anjan Sarma tech 11 months ago

    After update i am unable to update or downloading anything from App Store .. what to do ???

  • Adrianna mercado
    Adrianna mercado 11 months ago

    And I don’t have the effects

  • Adrianna mercado
    Adrianna mercado 11 months ago

    I’m so mad they took away video and slow mo
    Like wtfffff

  • Nainesh Patel
    Nainesh Patel 11 months ago

    My iphone xs max is giving me muffled sound during calls,i tried every solution reset,restore but no improvement.
    Any body has solution?

  • lean 神
    lean 神 Year ago

    After updating, my cellular data is not being able to be used, gives me an error

  • Zander B
    Zander B Year ago

    I noticed the timer doesn’t appear on the lock screen anymore after setting a timer...super annoying 🙄

  • Emil parody
    Emil parody Year ago

    can you jailbreak if you have 12.1.1 beta?

  • Makai TV
    Makai TV Year ago +2

    Another new thing is if you’re on RU-clip watching a video on full screen, you can tap your screen and be able to see the time and battery percentage

  • Ishaan Modi
    Ishaan Modi Year ago

    Where's the Huawei Mate 20 Pro Comparison Boiii

  • Alfie Gamer
    Alfie Gamer Year ago

    I thought that when you hide the sidebars on iPads I thought the sides of it so it looks like the latest!

  • Hector A.
    Hector A. Year ago

    No need more update 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • miguel medina
    miguel medina Year ago

    Am i the only one experiencing some glitches in the new update

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L Year ago

    How to get sound on ipad after update?

  • Finn Mcvicker
    Finn Mcvicker Year ago +1

    My volume keeps blasting full volume right after I installed the new update like if this is happening to you too

  • Faiz Lakhani
    Faiz Lakhani Year ago

    idk if I'm the only one with this bug but I'm having issues where the light stays on. My display doesn't go off. If I manually lock the screen, any notification will turn the display on and will stay on till i lock the screen again to turn off the display.

  • poran dhamei
    poran dhamei Year ago

    Press and hold and swipe from bottom left to right switch apps..... when did apple add this features?
    And press and hold bottomleft corner brings the app switcher

  • JÃy 4kT
    JÃy 4kT Year ago

    I have a iPhone 6 Plus

  • Paolo Valdez
    Paolo Valdez Year ago

    This update has bugs, i have issues on internet connection and sometimes when you try to remove apps on a multi tasking, it wont remove.

  • Jared Meloni
    Jared Meloni Year ago

    I need a longer battery

  • Mystery Secret
    Mystery Secret Year ago

    I have an IPhone 8 on 12.0 is it worth it to upgrade?

  • Mahender Sharma
    Mahender Sharma Year ago

    Love apple

  • Dr. Busy
    Dr. Busy Year ago

  • Dr. Busy
    Dr. Busy Year ago

  • jeff Quipanes
    jeff Quipanes Year ago

    Is it capable on iphone 6s plus??

  • Shree Jan
    Shree Jan Year ago


  • Darias Aguilar
    Darias Aguilar Year ago


  • Roupz Purushotham

    iOS 12.1.1 is a trap... do not install

    MD RASHID ANWAR Year ago

    After update 12.1.1 my App Store not able to update app what can. I do

  • Ketul Chouhan
    Ketul Chouhan Year ago

    After this update I get verification error in sign in to app store and my most applications working abnormally..please help

  • Kushal Shah
    Kushal Shah Year ago

    There’s a change in the App Store. Go the today tab, and see the app of the day game of the day (don’t tap into it) you will see there’s a transition in the name and icon of the app..

  • AdamDaDump
    AdamDaDump Year ago

    I’m not upgrading because I’m already on iOS 12.1 when the jailbreak is on iOS 12.0 and 12.0.1, I don’t want to make that mistake again

  • Chibaku Sensei
    Chibaku Sensei Year ago

    After the update my volume either goes up to max or silences itself on RU-clip after watching for about 5 minutes. Really annoying.

  • Dumdadum76
    Dumdadum76 Year ago

    Anybody experienced spontaneous reboots? Im on 12.1.1 iPhone XS 64GB

  • Clarissa Lara
    Clarissa Lara Year ago

    Ugh I wish I could use these new features, I need to upgrade ASAP! Lol

  • Josef Shadi Al
    Josef Shadi Al Year ago

    It was long time to get this upgrade

  • Sanahal Khuraijam

    Can’t go through App Store , iTunes, even amazon also , after updating to 12.1.1

  • Ian Carmona
    Ian Carmona Year ago

    what about the battery?

  • Small Pound
    Small Pound Year ago +3

    That FaceTime function is a godsend!

  • XSGR7 Gaming
    XSGR7 Gaming Year ago +1

    Please make 12.1.1 jailbreak tutorial

  • XSGR7 Gaming
    XSGR7 Gaming Year ago +1

    Please make 12.1.1 jailbreak tutorial