Funniest scene EVER of korean dramas

  • Published on May 11, 2017
  • Funniest scene EVER of korean dramas
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  • k M
    k M  2 months ago +11

    New Korean dramas
    August 2019 must watch

  • Гнуиен Нгуен
    Гнуиен Нгуен 10 days ago +1

    Скажите название пожалуйста.....

    YASSER TAFLA 14 days ago

    Name of this drama

  • BTS Camila
    BTS Camila 14 days ago


  • Delta Tango
    Delta Tango 15 days ago

    Yeah...No escaping this one buddy!..hahaha...somehow i can relate (T_T) and makes me wanna cry till now..hahaha
    What’s the title btw?...

  • jeon jungkook
    jeon jungkook 16 days ago +1

    They are so funny😂😂😂

  • ตุ๊ก ปฐมพร

    อยากดู เรื่องอะไรหรอคะ ใครรู้บอกทีน้า❤

  • Dean Prananda
    Dean Prananda 18 days ago

    Kind of tight pants

  • basant mostafa
    basant mostafa 23 days ago

    ما اسم المسلسل

  • Vaxhide Rramani
    Vaxhide Rramani 26 days ago


  • Taufik Akbar
    Taufik Akbar 27 days ago

  • ayohitmanbangtan !
    ayohitmanbangtan ! 28 days ago

    What drama is this

  • GachaApple쇼
    GachaApple쇼 28 days ago


  • FBI Train
    FBI Train 29 days ago

    the tumbnail tho

  • Antoaneta Ivanova
    Antoaneta Ivanova Month ago


  • exolexo
    exolexo Month ago


  • Trần Thi
    Trần Thi Month ago


  • Mia Janes
    Mia Janes Month ago

    It’s like when you come into a conversation half way through

  • محمد علي
    محمد علي Month ago


  • Jennifer Roxas
    Jennifer Roxas Month ago


  • Zian Risti
    Zian Risti Month ago

    He is rain???

  • Mil Osiap
    Mil Osiap Month ago +1

    Title of the movie? 😂😂😍

    • k M
      k M  Month ago

      Its a korean drama name '' please come back mister''

  • Allan Music
    Allan Music Month ago

    Adakah penonton indonesia disini...

  • Lezah Winlight
    Lezah Winlight Month ago

    Im confused...who is the girl in black then the girl with uniform in the lifr of man..

    • k M
      k M  Month ago

      When u watch the drama u will know whats happening

  • Michael Jill
    Michael Jill Month ago


  • Gabriela Roberts
    Gabriela Roberts Month ago

    holy shit.

  • vitolia latu
    vitolia latu Month ago

    My mind was in the gutter at first... 🤦‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jake Catona
    Jake Catona Month ago

    What is this drama called can someone please tell me

  • k M
    k M  Month ago

    Best 50 K- Dramas 2019

  • ginger blue
    ginger blue Month ago +1

    One of kdrama full of funny but sad ending....

  • rowel guerrero
    rowel guerrero 2 months ago

    This is funny, title plss

    • k M
      k M  Month ago

      its a korean drama name ''Please come back mister;;

  • Mohammed Salmaan
    Mohammed Salmaan 2 months ago

    Best ever video

  • KevWuu
    KevWuu 2 months ago

    It’s such a great drama, loved it

  • preet preet
    preet preet 2 months ago


  • Emre Arslan
    Emre Arslan 2 months ago

    Bu sahne neydi bee 😂😂😂

  • norjie Taurac
    norjie Taurac 2 months ago

    Hahaha... So funny...

  • Marwa Army
    Marwa Army 2 months ago


  • Urmi Saharia
    Urmi Saharia 2 months ago

    Everyone thought they were doing something😳.

  • CrashArenaTurboFan
    CrashArenaTurboFan 2 months ago

    XD ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ omg how! When the other bosses and employees were doing something wayyy off than what they thought it was... RIP fired people

  • michael
    michael 2 months ago

    Welcome to hell, *virgins*

  • status com
    status com 2 months ago

    Most precious funny scene

  • Amna Faris
    Amna Faris 2 months ago

    مسلسل رجاء عد ايها السيد

  • Vaiutumalama Palanite
    Vaiutumalama Palanite 2 months ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhh this was so funny tell me the name of the drama please

  • sasa villy
    sasa villy 2 months ago +1


  • dinh khuyen
    dinh khuyen 3 months ago

  • just me
    just me 3 months ago +1

    I had it loud and mom walked in and I instantly yelled "it's not what if looks like-" and she looks at it and says " oh I've already watched that"😂😂

  • Single Girl
    Single Girl 3 months ago +1

    Fantastic 💋

  • Zahira Hussain
    Zahira Hussain 3 months ago

    Utter chaos hahahaha😂

  • Eliane Lucio
    Eliane Lucio 3 months ago

    Qual o none desse drama alguém sabe? Em português e onde encontro?

  • Fery good Siang
    Fery good Siang 3 months ago

    a0w!! my favorite😄

  • Kx Drazell
    Kx Drazell 3 months ago

    I remember this Drama.. Got Laugh Angry And Crying Over It.! Great drama!

  • Magomed The
    Magomed The 3 months ago

    Как называется дорама ??подскажите пожалуйста

  • Magomed The
    Magomed The 3 months ago

    Есть кто русский?

    RAMON_RODNY :3 3 months ago

    Jaja yo al prinsipio pense que era groceria loke si lo creiste

  • Faust Silberfein
    Faust Silberfein 3 months ago

    My coworker randomly sent me this. Absolutely hilarious

  • Red Sassie
    Red Sassie 3 months ago +1

    The kdrama that made me roll off my bed while laughing😂. Just sooo hilarious!

  • Its Wenny
    Its Wenny 3 months ago +1

    shit i’m 13 and.....

  • Ranim Belgacem
    Ranim Belgacem 3 months ago +1

    اسم الدراما رجاء عد ايها السيد

  • امير الاحزان
    امير الاحزان 3 months ago +2

    شسمه هذا مسلسل بليز بليز بليز بليز

    • Shatha
      Shatha 2 days ago

      اسم المسلسل ارجوك عد أيها السيد