Toyota Land Cruiser 200 - Hard Offroad 4x4 & Mudding

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Comments • 80

  • Wessel Scheepers
    Wessel Scheepers 23 days ago

    What an amazing vehicle. Driving my second one and will never drive anything else......besides this and my V8 LX 79 ❤️

  • jay shai
    jay shai 23 days ago

    fuck land rover to bad

  • Baha Shamsheer
    Baha Shamsheer 24 days ago

    That's why I love this crazy beast

  • Okwute Joseph
    Okwute Joseph 29 days ago

    Toyota land cruiser will be my future executive car for outing shows.

  • Colacho Sports
    Colacho Sports Month ago

    I didnt knew this vehicle was so capable, i thought jeep wrangler was the king.

  • Fazeel Ahmadi
    Fazeel Ahmadi Month ago

    تویوتا لندکروزر کوه و دره دریا کمر نمیشناسه

  • qwan AC
    qwan AC Month ago

    Как они только гидроудар не схватывают..о шноркеле не слышали,не?

  • jimbojims
    jimbojims Month ago

    Landcruisers rule the world
    And these are all MOSTLY stock!

  • mohamed gawad
    mohamed gawad Month ago

    Is that true the v8 d4d has an issue in oil
    Something like oil leakage or burning and expected life about only 250k

  • Phước Kiên
    Phước Kiên Month ago

    xe hàng đầu, dành cho kẻ đứng đầu 🔝

  • ayam kampung
    ayam kampung Month ago

    Pray me to can buy this car please

  • Billie Bleach
    Billie Bleach 2 months ago +1

    I remember those old Land Cruisers with the sticker on the back “My Toyota is fantastic❤️”
    One of the few times in automotive history that the sticker didn’t lie.

  • Abu Sufyan
    Abu Sufyan 2 months ago


  • Sam Z
    Sam Z 2 months ago +1

    Even number plate can’t handle the reliability and power!

    IBRAHIM ALEXANDER 2 months ago

    I'm still confused, which to buy between this and a defender? Experts please help me on this

  • Xamse Qashaafad
    Xamse Qashaafad 2 months ago

    God Carr lan ckruser

  • 1nf0r m4s1
    1nf0r m4s1 2 months ago

    Old land cruiser pass through flood 1,4 meters and it doesnt matter

  • Shrey Satapathy
    Shrey Satapathy 2 months ago

    You can use a land rover to get into the jungle .... but you need a land cruiser to get you out.

  • ggqbc
    ggqbc 3 months ago

    Man those thing are unstoppable... most of them just have regular tires on them

  • Teguh Setyasa
    Teguh Setyasa 3 months ago

    In my country this car use to go to the mall only

  • gixxerthouk4
    gixxerthouk4 3 months ago

    2004 land cruiser 4.2 diesel owner and love this thing

  • Faizan Mohiuddin
    Faizan Mohiuddin 3 months ago

    Love Toyota Land Cruisers

  • motard126
    motard126 3 months ago

    Love these beasts. Wish we could get a diesel version in the states. I drive my old fj62 everyday.

  • Durgesh Singh Patel
    Durgesh Singh Patel 3 months ago +2

    Range rover Vogue ki hawa nikal jayegi ye sab par karne me

  • Adnan Khan
    Adnan Khan 4 months ago

    TOYOTA LAND CRUISER enters the chat....
    Range Rover has left the chat
    Jeep has left the chat

  • Mab Auto
    Mab Auto 4 months ago

    the best car on off road

  • Dodd Garger
    Dodd Garger 4 months ago

    Yeah well my jeep needs fixed all the time 😖
    Or maybe I just need to work on something all the time that could be it
    I would take an 80 series swapped with a 5.7 or 4.6 tho 👍😬 even an old 4.7 works

  • Outdoor Dad
    Outdoor Dad 4 months ago

    Do none of these having locking diffs?

  • zoezoe610
    zoezoe610 4 months ago

    And no snorkel, bet he drowns his engine eventually.

    • Mustaaas
      Mustaaas 4 months ago

      Well it's a land cruiser, end results may surprise you

  • Petrus Pramono
    Petrus Pramono 4 months ago

    Senang rasanya liat mobil ini di habitat aslinya haha

  • Christian John
    Christian John 4 months ago

    Sinong nandito dahil dun sa Land Cruiser na nilusong yung baha? 🤣

  • Backs A
    Backs A 4 months ago

    Old LC are the best after 2000 the lost the direction they are making sheet

  • Deeney Mbole
    Deeney Mbole 4 months ago


  • Tech 9
    Tech 9 4 months ago

    Land cruiser or rover

  • Mr lancer boy
    Mr lancer boy 5 months ago

    first time i've seen one of these offroad

  • Andi Januar Sanggalangik

    The best SUV Toyota.

  • Loibert Pableo
    Loibert Pableo 5 months ago +1

    This is the best landcruiser advertisement I've ever seen

    Nam VIETNAM 5 months ago

    Giá trị của V8 và 2 cầu là đây

  • Максат Макс
    Максат Макс 5 months ago

    Классно хочу такой но денег пока нет.

  • Kritpitak Chaiya
    Kritpitak Chaiya 5 months ago

    It's deserves that name.

  • Isaac Simmons
    Isaac Simmons 5 months ago

    To bad USA market won't get the diesel. It would ruin the domestic SUV/Truck sales. Oh wait the domestic market is imploding anyway. GM has lost all credibility, FORD is losing value and Ram, since the Fiat merger, quality is poor. Stop fooling ourselves thinking that USA makes the best trucks. We as citizens should demand a vehicle that should make it out of the dealers yard. If we made vehicles like we make firearms, you would able to pass down a vehicle for generations.

  • Mac & Fiona
    Mac & Fiona 5 months ago

    Wtf. Now that I put some AT Cooper Tires on my Corolla 2001 I can do all that with ease.

    MICKY MOUSE 5 months ago +3

    Best of the best Toyota/Lexus

  • Mark Knight
    Mark Knight 5 months ago +24

    Land Rover: We're the king of off road!
    Toyota: **Laughs in Land Cruiser**

  • browneye
    browneye 6 months ago +1

    King of SUV

  • browneye
    browneye 6 months ago

    2:11 Holy shit that thing is still going

  • ven cent
    ven cent 6 months ago

    1:32 look at front license plate those 🤣🤣🤣🤣😢

  • Al Mamun Romel
    Al Mamun Romel 7 months ago

    The water was flowing the opposite direction

  • biswadeep singh
    biswadeep singh 7 months ago +2

    Wow!!!! Amazing. Soooooo powerful vehicles. Just like tanks

    • Mark Knight
      Mark Knight 5 months ago

      In 3500 years archeologists will dig one up...and the engine will start

  • مصطفى رشيد
    مصطفى رشيد 7 months ago

    هاي السيارة كاز

  • Leonel Perez
    Leonel Perez 7 months ago +1

    Buenos autos, buenos 4 x 4, buenos vanes, buenos todos, es lo mejor para mi, me mantengo con Toyota

  • Антон Борисов

    Просто-напросто поставили хорошую резину грязевую и он едет

  • Adam Frisoli
    Adam Frisoli 7 months ago

    $2,000 front bumper, stock running boards ....

  • Коля Подтын
    Коля Подтын 7 months ago

    Крузак сила💪

  • Waleed Aldikhary
    Waleed Aldikhary 7 months ago +3

    Definitely Land Cruisers are monsters.

  • Lawrence Koome
    Lawrence Koome 8 months ago

    Car of a century makes roads where they doesnt exist.kudos toyota.

  • dato devdariani
    dato devdariani 8 months ago


  • jilo kizito
    jilo kizito 8 months ago

    I mean, how are these things built?

  • 5dd
    5dd 8 months ago +1

    I'm convinced. My next vehicle will be a Toyota Land Cruiser.

  • Fortis Et liber
    Fortis Et liber 8 months ago +1

    I'm a proud owner of Toyota Sequoia they are nots nice as the landcruiser but I'm getting stop landcruiser for me!

  • delta charlie
    delta charlie 8 months ago


  • Mojo
    Mojo 8 months ago

    what a total fucking idiot

  • Lamine Hassasnia
    Lamine Hassasnia 8 months ago

    Toyota wins

  • Stephen Thuku
    Stephen Thuku 8 months ago +2

    Only this cars can say .". no road ...not a problem "

  • Archie Cunningham
    Archie Cunningham 9 months ago +1


  • Music Real Second channel
    Music Real Second channel 9 months ago +1

    1:30 the land cruiser be like "i'm in off-road mode i don't need a plate "

    • ven cent
      ven cent 6 months ago

      Music Real Second channel hahaha 😂😂🤣🤣😆

  • Kevin Richards
    Kevin Richards 9 months ago +20

    Convinced my wife that THIS is the vehicle for us. One time buy, and we are done. Starting the actual process to find one. So excited. This video was so sweet!

    • T H
      T H 3 months ago +1

      Lol good for you. This video definitely converted me. I was thinking LR4, but this footage changed my mind. Good luck in your search.

    • DJ ATM
      DJ ATM 4 months ago

      I wish I can afford a car..... I love cars

    • Kevin Richards
      Kevin Richards 6 months ago +5

      @Jay MoarGot a 2006 with 200k miles. Great shape. ALMOST got up to the mountains today. Seems mine does not have the active height control (bonus) and has a center diff lock (supper bonus). SO excited.

    • Jay Moar
      Jay Moar 6 months ago +1

      Kevin Richards hey Kevin! I agree you can’t beat a Toyota. These things last forever. They are made to last atleast 25 years in a 3rd world country.

  • Imran Shaw
    Imran Shaw 9 months ago +3

    jeez that amazing articulation still diff locks working perfectly

  • sakib kashmiri
    sakib kashmiri 9 months ago +2

    Toyota land cruiser is the best cars ever made nothing beats it be on road or off road.Great video

  • Andres Patino
    Andres Patino 9 months ago

    It's a tank, it's a submarine, it's a Toyota Land Cruiser.

  • Yi
    Yi 9 months ago


  • Кирилл Игнашов

    Что то я ниразу 200х не видел у нас на офроуде

    • Б К
      Б К 9 months ago

      Это там где говорят,,о курва")))

  • Mumblix Grumph
    Mumblix Grumph 9 months ago +1

    I can see the ATRAC working.

  • arniel laguardia
    arniel laguardia 9 months ago


  • RandomUser221
    RandomUser221 10 months ago +4

    *Laughing in a stucked Range Rover*

  • Mojo
    Mojo 10 months ago

    un believable how many dumb cunts own good 4wds

  • Helloalikanji
    Helloalikanji 10 months ago +1

    Toyota Land Cruiser 2020 vs Toyota Prado

  • Hard Ball
    Hard Ball 10 months ago

    No other off-road car can go through what Land Cruiser just went through!

  • Diallo Alpha
    Diallo Alpha 10 months ago +2

    Well done toyota