OMG! Eric Chien Could Be The Best Magician On The Internet And AGT! - America's Got Talent 2019

  • Published on May 29, 2019
  • WOW! Magician Eric Chien blows minds with his epic card and coin tricks. Our jaws are on the FLOOR.
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    In season 14, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel, and host Terry Crews in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.
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    Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the judges' panel along with Howie Mandel. Also joining the panel this year are two fresh faces - award-winning actress, author and producer Gabrielle Union and Emmy Award-winning choreographer, actress, singer and dancer Julianne Hough. Terry Crews, who made a big splash as the host of the inaugural series "America's Got Talent: The Champions" earlier this year, joins as host for "America's Got Talent." With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.
    OMG! Eric Chien Could Be The Best Magician On The Internet And AGT! - America's Got Talent 2019
    America's Got Talent
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Comments • 15 654

  • Homerbob Simpsonpants

    Tfw you spend years training to be a magician on the level of your idol, reach that level, deserve a golden buzzer, but you forgot to get cancer on the way

  • lava _pizza
    lava _pizza 4 hours ago

    Thing u need to get golden buzzer
    Have good upbringing👌
    Have somthing tragic happen👌
    Be of a special or diffrent race

  • Amri agus prasada
    Amri agus prasada 4 hours ago

    no one realize the story behind his act... its not just about coin or card trick... 😂

  • jie-lyn gacho
    jie-lyn gacho 4 hours ago

    apparently you will get the golden buzzer if your tears run out.....LOL..

  • Deric Thai
    Deric Thai 8 hours ago

    mind blown

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen 8 hours ago

    Special Magic :

  • ArabsCamel
    ArabsCamel 10 hours ago

    Don't hate, just an opinion but I don't think this guy is nearly as good as shin lim. The styles are really similar and there are additives that make what he's doing a lot easier than what shin does. Shins table is always flat, no raised edges, this guys isnt, it has one side raised higher than the other. The most impressive parts of his trick is the disappearances but I also caught a couple of them, mainly because of cloth color. Not going to spoil too much but I think other magicians will know what I'm talking about. Shin lim is fantastic at slight of hand and this guy is a little too gimicky with his performance. I know he won asias got talent, i just think there is a skill gap between the two.

  • time lapse
    time lapse 10 hours ago

    chinese/taiwanese people are aliens. we need the men in black

  • ishtiaque A
    ishtiaque A 11 hours ago

    he possessed by "joker jinn"

  • Ashraf Farhsaa
    Ashraf Farhsaa 11 hours ago +1

    He the winner asian got telend

  • Bad-r-beats
    Bad-r-beats 14 hours ago


  • Ma Na
    Ma Na 17 hours ago

    Watch in 0.25 speed

  • Livicat Love 2000
    Livicat Love 2000 19 hours ago

    lol, what?

  • Olatunde Omoniyi
    Olatunde Omoniyi 22 hours ago

    Please i need a reply people..why did Eric chief appear on AGT just once..

  • adem lazaref
    adem lazaref 22 hours ago

    He is the asia got talent winnner he did this act in the final

  • CodeFirst
    CodeFirst 22 hours ago +1

    Started to perform six months ago? LOL He won the magicians world championship in 2018 with this performance what are you talking about SON!! :D

    • only fun
      only fun 7 hours ago

      this shooting happened 2 months ago

  • sorojini choudhury

    wow this is real magic

  • Benjamin Li
    Benjamin Li Day ago

    He's very good, but can agt not bring winners of other shows or runner ups? Also, not modify people's back stories? Check out his backstory of Asia got talent, it's completely different.

  • Wilian Sadega
    Wilian Sadega Day ago

    tipu tipu,,

  • Remy Pro
    Remy Pro Day ago

    hello dudes ! someone knows the music in the second part ? like it

  • No Name
    No Name Day ago +1

    7:12 look at Simon's face 😂

  • Tena Winardy
    Tena Winardy Day ago

    how can he did the trick while sleeping?

  • Victor
    Victor Day ago

    Okay so explain 7:00. Do 0,25x speed there is nothing that can explain that except video editing

    • Victor
      Victor 4 hours ago

      Kingevers still. The way they disappear is like it’s video edited

    • Kingevers
      Kingevers 4 hours ago

      Maybe hes doing something with his foot.. A wire or something when he stands up.. And you can see his shadow is hiding the table pretty well..

  • Landon Lee
    Landon Lee Day ago +1

    If you watch closely at 9.08 you will realise that .........

    I got you.

  • Traveler Ph
    Traveler Ph Day ago

    looks real magic for me. Im dreaming

  • Humanoid25
    Humanoid25 Day ago

    Idk if it’s just me but some of these look a lot like camera edits. The squares just suddenly being on the table and the vest just switching back to black seems iffy to me. Everything else tho is fucken insane

  • B misch
    B misch Day ago +1

    This has nothing to do with anything but if you say URCHIN it’s eric chien.

  • Jared Miles
    Jared Miles Day ago

    demon control evil

  • Ramanuj Bhattacharya

    He is not a magician he is a philosopher

  • Justin Wang
    Justin Wang Day ago +1


  • dirtRider101 dingdong

    The only thing I caught was him under decking the cards

  • Anthony Griggs
    Anthony Griggs Day ago

    Anyone know the name of both of the songs that is played dureing his performance

  • Sharpieatt K
    Sharpieatt K Day ago

    Just curious, why do magicians always use cards as their tools for magic show? Are those cards held some power or something?

  • Tuong Thai
    Tuong Thai Day ago +2

    He had the heart of the cards

    Yeah yeah I'm leaving

  • Edwin Kharisma Prawira

    This is visual tricks with modern touch similar on how Will Tsai did it. It's not really magic sadly and AGT supports it because it's just a show to entertain people. You can see how it got debunked on Captain Disillusion video :

  • KingScorpion73
    KingScorpion73 Day ago

    and... the way he performed his act, as though half of it was accidental and he was as amazed as the audience, brilliant!

  • punkstarfunk
    punkstarfunk Day ago

    Oh he's winning alright!

  • 14RubixcubeWorld57

    The true magic isn't the magician it's the videographer

  • Ziyaad Dhorat
    Ziyaad Dhorat Day ago +1

    He actually messed up, he shouldn’t have used this act for his audition, should’ve saved it for later on in the show.

    • Jon Goat
      Jon Goat Day ago

      This is an old act from last year, he already has a better act ready to go if he had advanced.

    WIN LOSE Day ago

    card trick awesome
    coin is to easy trick

  • Walter Muñoz
    Walter Muñoz Day ago


  • Victor J. Quiles Ortiz

    We need Penm and Teller to analyze this magic trick.

  • First Legend
    First Legend Day ago

    I hope Eric chien wins he deserves the title!!!!

  • Kraftpaket
    Kraftpaket Day ago

    Wow. This is amazing

  • Deta Mohamad Fathin

    Here i just opening my mouth with think how he does that with so fast

  • Ian Chan
    Ian Chan Day ago

    This’s REAL MAGIC!!!!!

  • Bring Us Peace Please

    So where can I find his second performance?

  • Michael Maxwell
    Michael Maxwell Day ago

    What if he made this video disappear

  • B3AST46
    B3AST46 Day ago

    Simon at 7:12 is priceless

  • 패리
    패리 2 days ago

    니키영상보고오신분? ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Seare Fessahaye
    Seare Fessahaye 2 days ago

    The devil is alive

  • Dr N.M
    Dr N.M 2 days ago

    This slow motion feature of youtube is very bad for magicians😅

  • Drakken Dragous
    Drakken Dragous 2 days ago

    He so talented but too young that why he show a lot of actions when he can keep it for the next round

    SILENT KILLER 2 days ago +1

    Wow i cant believe it i wanna do
    You will be a great magician

  • Ben
    Ben 2 days ago +1

    Some magic: you want to find out how they did it.
    This magic: too beautiful, I sit back and admire it

    • Jon Goat
      Jon Goat Day ago +1

      Actually, knowing how it's done makes it even more impressive. The speed and the fluidity that he is doing it at is just mind-blowing.

  • Chamberlain Achilihu

    Is not just only magic but his swag. Is like a movie n act going on.

  • Chamberlain Achilihu

    Who is this magician for God sake..oh my goodness he left the whole world speechless for real. I guess this is it

  • Chamberlain Achilihu

    O yes, he must had born a musician, nothing else. This dude will be huge n worth millions in united states from what we r witnessing today. Magic respect him period

  • Akum Jamir
    Akum Jamir 2 days ago


  • Swapnil Baral
    Swapnil Baral 2 days ago

    0.25 speed at 2:42 can reveal how he threw that card that's perfect 😲 ... Amazing

  • kotlima channel
    kotlima channel 2 days ago

    He has raised his expectations by doing great in audition... See what comes next... Future is in his own hand... ✋.... Keep best for the last..

  • Richard Xiong
    Richard Xiong 2 days ago

    What's with the super over dramatic military service backstory?

  • Love Begins at Home
    Love Begins at Home 2 days ago

    He operates the magic gizmos with his feet which is why he entered the stage in shoes and exited in socks... BAM!

  • andrin perez
    andrin perez 2 days ago

    we can use him to trick the aliens in area 51 raid 🤔

  • Technophobe Technology

    This is by far the best trick table I have ever seen in my life. I caught a couple of moves but damn. I can't explain it other than that the table is in on it. He is great. Very entertaining. Professional. Top of his game. Where do you go from here to top that?? Where????

  • Bryce Bailey
    Bryce Bailey 2 days ago

    Every time I watch this Idk how he didn’t get the gold buzzer

  • hhxu919
    hhxu919 2 days ago +1

    Playback speed: I’m about to end this whole man’s career

  • YaaP GOG
    YaaP GOG 2 days ago

    Mrrrrrr. . ... Simon you should always keep in mind that you should never ask the competitor saying
    " WHO IS BETTER??? "
    Shin Lim performed a clear magic but Mr. X perform it with a kind of story in a suspense serial. This guy has also performed a magic by stating a story within it. Everybody who joins the match they definitly gonna say "I am the best & only i will win the match".

  • Bawster
    Bawster 2 days ago

    THanks for the 0.25 speed easy to see some of the tricks then

  • Luis Rodríguez
    Luis Rodríguez 2 days ago

    My brain hurts right now

  • Rituraj Jain
    Rituraj Jain 2 days ago

    This act was good enough to win the finale. Still didn't get a golden buzzer. Wow!!

  • Sarah Zarren
    Sarah Zarren 2 days ago +1

    1 becus he's asian
    2 becus no member of a family has a cancer neither him
    4 becus he does tricks/magic and did not sing a song
    Those are the reasons why he didnt get the golden buzzer and 5 u didnt realize that theres no third reason and u read this comment back😁

  • Jay Shah
    Jay Shah 2 days ago

    H-Town Representin #Smoothhhh

  • abhaysen j.a
    abhaysen j.a 2 days ago

    Is this real.🤪🤔

  • Aidon De jesus
    Aidon De jesus 2 days ago

    I'm waiting for the guys who cracks magic acts and hunts down magicians for their own fame. Try to kill this Magi-god.

  • Aidon De jesus
    Aidon De jesus 2 days ago

    Kinda confuse too. Not on the act, but how did they didn't see the Golden buzzer in front of them. Like wtf? That's a grand finale act.

  • Adrian Herrera
    Adrian Herrera 2 days ago +1

    Why did he not preform in judge cuts?

  • Pablitchus
    Pablitchus 2 days ago

    Con tremenda actuación y no le dan botón dorado, pero a un par de niños cantando sobre el bullying, sí. Quien entiende a ese jurado.

  • pavan kumar
    pavan kumar 3 days ago

    There's always an Asian outstanding guy in all.

  • ichibanHERO
    ichibanHERO 3 days ago

    No golden buzzer was pressed because it’s fake and staged

  • Kalki
    Kalki 3 days ago

    This should have been a GOLDEN BUZZER

    THIS PLUS 3 days ago


  • Hans Lim
    Hans Lim 3 days ago

    He won the Asia got Talent.. And actually he lied in American got talent.. He said he only do magic profesional in the past 6 month.. But in Asia Got talent.. He said he already do magic profesionally for three Years. Why did he lied? I think just for image.

    • Sadri778
      Sadri778 2 days ago

      he said he's been PERFORMING for the past 6 months

  • themohican indians
    themohican indians 3 days ago

    Cousin of shin lim

  • Yoon Moi Siow
    Yoon Moi Siow 3 days ago

    AGT VS AGT!!!! A for Asia, A for America!!!!!
    Eric Chien came from Asia to America to meet Shin Lim!! This has to be the reason!!!!
    They both are the winner of the talent show. And winner of the magic show competition, FISM of each catergory. I believe they both are known each other well.
    Shin Lim had been mentioned in here. Anybody wanna see Shin Lim meets Eric Chien????

  • Woman Fide Master Rita
    Woman Fide Master Rita 3 days ago +6

    My pet fish drowned


  • Anuj Choukse
    Anuj Choukse 3 days ago

    He is one of the alien from area 51

  • Tomasz Kruczek
    Tomasz Kruczek 3 days ago

    Please, don’t say how it is possible! Don’t ruin my mind. It’s tucking magic, end of topic.

  • 방울토마토
    방울토마토 3 days ago

    쟤 진짜 초능력잔데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 다들 속는거 보솤ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • muhammad haziman
    muhammad haziman 3 days ago

    Wtf magician omg

  • muhammad haziman
    muhammad haziman 3 days ago

    Is not him a best the best great prefect magician is shin lim

  • plmoknty
    plmoknty 3 days ago

    Eric Chien has me questioning my own sexuality preferences

  • Sam Typhlosion
    Sam Typhlosion 3 days ago +19

    *Magician: pulls an elephant from a matchbox*
    Judges:- no golden buzzer for you..
    *Some wierdo:- i have cancer*
    Judges destroy the golden buzzer

    • Nurdin Hossain
      Nurdin Hossain Day ago +1

      Ok, don't call the kid a weirdo. Fighting cancer is hard. But, I do agree that AGT can be biased with their golden buzzers.

    • Kucing Nakal
      Kucing Nakal 3 days ago


  • Toni Neza
    Toni Neza 3 days ago

    Come on he deserved golden buzzer four yeses not enough I think

  • gabriel mon
    gabriel mon 3 days ago

    Play it on 0.5x speed and you can see the tricks.

  • Jaquan Mcfadden
    Jaquan Mcfadden 3 days ago

    They took him to Area 51 after the show

  • Jaquan Mcfadden
    Jaquan Mcfadden 3 days ago

    We taking him to area 51

  • M P
    M P 3 days ago

    If you saw this unedited you would easily be able to see the sleight of hand performed here. But once again AGT deceptively edits it. His technique is great but you can’t even appreciate it due to the fact that AGT producers and editors are dishonest scum. :3

  • Ricky Tran
    Ricky Tran 3 days ago

    What in the world!!!