Trump clashes with liberal leaders during California trip

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • President Trump visits California, challenging leaders in the Golden State over hot button issues; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews
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Comments • 4 161

  • janice bediako
    janice bediako 19 hours ago

    Is Fox News being run by California leadership management thinking?
    before you
    join the ratings of
    CNN and other MSN.

  • David Pruitt
    David Pruitt Day ago

    Los Angeles San Fran sisca ... 😂
    . Dumbass liberals

  • Tina Lynn Brown
    Tina Lynn Brown Day ago

    My State Sucks! I love my President!

  • Huitzilli
    Huitzilli Day ago

    I live in AZ and we do have a homelesss problem. Look in downtown Phoenix or Tucson. You must be blind.

  • Greg Gibler
    Greg Gibler 5 days ago

    Why are you against that one Williams

  • Shapes in Planet
    Shapes in Planet 8 days ago

    How is the wall in California ?

  • Tyler Garris
    Tyler Garris 11 days ago

    If you want to get rid of the homeless problem quit Taxing people so much and let Them keep their money for lot rent and food and everything else

  • Marcuss Wings
    Marcuss Wings 11 days ago

    You don't want the dems in charge because if you have not done anything wrong they will say you have. The dems don't understand common logic.

  • God has saved me!
    God has saved me! 18 days ago

    California is a donor state to the federal Treasury," California’s new Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra told NPR in January. "We always, as taxpayers in the state of California, pay more in taxes than we get back to our state.

  • Jamie Pearce
    Jamie Pearce 19 days ago

    Nancy Pelosi (lol, nancy) looks like Mr Burns when he's high on painkillers and glowing in the forest hahaha

  • MLC
    MLC 19 days ago

    Not giving up my guns, and not giving up my trucks. Period.

  • Darrell Talbott
    Darrell Talbott 19 days ago

    Trump is a competitive player in the game of life using cool beans?

  • Joseph Traina
    Joseph Traina 19 days ago +1

    The Governor of California and the Mayors of these cities, should not only be IMPEACHED they should be INDICTED for CRIMINAL negligence.I for one feel it a crime to accept a COPIOUS SALARY,and continue to NOT represent those who elected them.The way I see it is,ALL the Cal. Politicians are doing, is PADDING their "VOTER BASE" at the cost of their constituents.

  • Guppy
    Guppy 19 days ago

    Juan go to Skid Row in LA, buy a tent and live there, it's beautiful.

  • Graeme Twycross
    Graeme Twycross 20 days ago +1

    California is a State IN decline, the progressive movement and the Socialist Democrats have all but run the state into the ground, further it's a rat infested crap hole, with syringes all over the place, people are now becoming sick because health and hygiene, for the people has gone,

  • Diaz Fatima
    Diaz Fatima 20 days ago

    Es inverosímil ver como los estadounidenses queman su bandera, eso no pasa en Mexico, bueno, ni siquiera puedes usar la imagen de la bandera en playeras y si lo haces, te castigan con carcel.

  • Leelee Bee
    Leelee Bee 20 days ago


  • Tony Martinez
    Tony Martinez 20 days ago


  • Danny Hall
    Danny Hall 20 days ago

    Juan Williams is another ignorant leftiist who hates American and anybody who doesn't agree with their immoral warped mindset.

  • Steve Stadel
    Steve Stadel 20 days ago

    The problem will be if you don't give it directly to the homeless they will never benifit from it.

  • John Q. Public
    John Q. Public 20 days ago

    I HATE all of the JUNK that emission standards force the car manufacturing companies to put on - - - THAT DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ramtin None
    Ramtin None 20 days ago

    I hope one day that at Fox there will be no Juan there!

  • Stevenski Brewster
    Stevenski Brewster 20 days ago

    Juan what a piece of Sh.t.

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese 20 days ago +4

    I want to see Trump turn Commiefornia into California again.

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese 20 days ago +1

    Is anyone else gonna bring up the fact Fox news has been bought out by communist trust fund millenials?

  • Karen Dilday
    Karen Dilday 20 days ago

    An they have that lying jaun talking !!! How sick #!!!

  • I FoundMyKeys I Am Coming Soon

    great presence..and state of mind = the president

  • R. Mercado
    R. Mercado 20 days ago

    Anything Juan Willams has to says, "I do not believe, nor will I accept!" Semper Fi

  • bigcapra
    bigcapra 20 days ago

    Who are these liberal fox duech bags.

  • Woochinatchika Kokillibolinov

    *A state where the rich never have to see the poor*

  • Lesley Reid
    Lesley Reid 20 days ago

    For ya trump! Too bad dems aren’t interested in restoring America. More like secret societies and their garbage. It’s almost time for our Jesus to return and they can have their civil war. False peace then chaos

  • Christian MGTOW
    Christian MGTOW 20 days ago

    That 66% poll, are most likely The Socialists.

  • Spörde Spyrdenstein
    Spörde Spyrdenstein 20 days ago

    To circumnavigate the earth in 7 days the molecule would have to travel at 40000000/(7*24*60*60) = 66 meters per second. That is twice the wind speed of a hurricane.

  • Peter piper Badguy
    Peter piper Badguy 20 days ago

    I'll say it again, how's the Bible banning going, that state will fall even further.

  • Justice
    Justice 20 days ago

    There are many of us in california hate what these dirty dems are doing, but we're trapped, and all the CA Republicans that could help are,just leaving... This is not helping, its what the dirty,dems want....its so sad.... impeach Nowsom Now .com

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts 20 days ago +1

    There is already an Epidemic in California, it's called Stupidity.

  • Tillymea Ström
    Tillymea Ström 20 days ago

    I would LOVE having
    FOX News channels in Sweden, all our media is so left 🥵🥵🥵
    Trump will trumph next election for sure!!

  • awildbill rightous
    awildbill rightous 20 days ago

    I'm gonna say it now , wait when the 2020 election is over ,, the snoflakes are gonna zombie out!

  • Suntouso
    Suntouso 20 days ago

    Send Juan Williams Commie Butt back to Cuba 🇨🇺. Humm? Or to the worst city in California !!

  • awildbill rightous
    awildbill rightous 20 days ago

    hmmmm,,,, something is happening to Juan ,, gosh i hope he's starting to wake up!

  • cowfy Kaufman
    cowfy Kaufman 20 days ago +1

    She believes Trump lost the popular vote.Hmmm.Why not the rest of the MSM horseshit?

  • Larry Maxwell
    Larry Maxwell 21 day ago

    You mean to tell me Communist Juan is another talking head for Socialist leaning Fox News! Goodbye!

  • Richard Ball
    Richard Ball 21 day ago

    Hey RED STATES, STOP SHIPPING your homeless people to California!
    Trump is a Fraud.

  • Thomas Sailor
    Thomas Sailor 21 day ago

    Why would FOX allow this Juan guy be a part of their show. We all know what he's going to say. He could just sit there & we would still be able to tell he hates Trump.

  • Anna Griffith
    Anna Griffith 21 day ago

    The dollars are not going to the homeless Period ! They are paying for this corrupt California governor and his mob !

  • Phoenix Rich
    Phoenix Rich 21 day ago +1

    My name is Thunder! And I have solved the emissions problems....with child stickers!

  • Juan M. Leon
    Juan M. Leon 21 day ago

    Why I hate saying I'm from California. I only miss the weed and san Francisco. But jfc cali is a hell whole now. Also why I'm leaning more and more everyday to voting Republican. I wouldn't say I'm Republican tho.

  • tiny tim
    tiny tim 21 day ago

    Build the wall around California then watch them sink into the ocean

  • Bob
    Bob 21 day ago

    LA county spends 58k a year on homeless services (per head) without providing long term housing. I raised a family of 5 on that. Dont give them a dime.

  • the groupies
    the groupies 21 day ago

    Men soon as I hear that voice of Juan...I don't know how fast I switch to a different RU-clip broadcast! He is totally irrelevant!!

  • Winston Smith84
    Winston Smith84 21 day ago

    Juan is absolute imbecile ..... with no capability to formulate even one partially logical thought ...

  • DJ Knight
    DJ Knight 21 day ago

    There's that word manufactured again.....I guess the Pres is the blame for that..

  • Orson Welles
    Orson Welles 21 day ago

    California can't even pick up their own trash. I wouldn't trust them with anything

  • Mike Wise
    Mike Wise 21 day ago

    Can we trade California to Denmark for Greenland?

  • Staz Rodriguez
    Staz Rodriguez 21 day ago

    I shouldn't be watching Fox now because they bend the knee to Daddy Wokey, but I like to hear Jesse speak some facts and knowledge, Juan is a wack soy boy, Greg is fun to listen, and Dana Perino should be questioned....
    Suspicious lady...

  • The Bigshow
    The Bigshow 21 day ago

    I love Trump I cant waite until he wins f2020 I can not stand Liberals or Democrats. MAGA MAGA MAGA MAGA MAGA MAGA MAGA 2020 2020
    Plastic surgery that was funny lol
    The blond chick is wrong Trump will win 2020 he has done way more then Barack Obama ever done ;.
    California cant handle the Truth.

  • Angry Scotsman
    Angry Scotsman 21 day ago

    Dump that tired a$$ Juan

  • U2bMAN100
    U2bMAN100 21 day ago

    I wish Juan would quit spitting out percentages of Americans this or 75% of Americans that.....without saying where he gets his info! Makes me so mad at him.

  • J A
    J A 21 day ago

    Vote red 2020

  • alfred garza
    alfred garza 21 day ago

    👊🏽 Trump 2020 Victoria,tx Also why isn’t Hillary in prison along with all there minions 🤔