C/C++ : installer la bibliothèque GMP sous Windows

  • Published on Mar 16, 2014
  • Cette vidéo vous montre comment installer la bibliothèque C/C++ GMP sous Windows.
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    La version de GMP déjà compilée :
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  • Trường Lê
    Trường Lê 11 months ago

    i cannot find libgmbxx.a ? pls help me

  • Tùng Nguyễn
    Tùng Nguyễn 11 months ago

    thanks so much

  • LOULOU54800
    LOULOU54800 2 years ago

    quel galère à installer , en découvrant ton tuto ça m'a fait effectivement économiser un temps de malade, merci vraiment très
    bon tuto merci beaucoup lucas.

  • Tomasz Z
    Tomasz Z 2 years ago

    Thank Lucas for the video :)
    I would add that instead of using './configure' you could use './configure --enable-cxx' and add limpgmpxx.a library to the linker in codeblocks - then you can use mpz_class which simplifies writing programs a lot ;-)

  • KiwiTheGreat
    KiwiTheGreat 2 years ago

    Merci beaucoup

  • Will To Win
    Will To Win 2 years ago

    Hou la la! Qui savait qu'un locuteur anglais devrait regarder une vidéo en français pour obtenir finalement une réponse utile?

  • Paul C
    Paul C 3 years ago

    merci beaucoup c top

  • Woodpecker284
    Woodpecker284 3 years ago

    Merci Lucas pour cette vidéo !

  • Amin Nifzi
    Amin Nifzi 4 years ago +1

    Dear Lucas, i download gmp 6.0.0. After using the command "./configure", i got this error.
    Checking build system .....
    configure: error: could not find a working compiler, see config.log for details
    Please help me, so that i can install it successfully.

    • Mnpginfo180
      Mnpginfo180 3 years ago +1

      Thank you!

    • areodim
      areodim 3 years ago +2

      "mount c:/mingw /mingw "solved the problem

    • areodim
      areodim 3 years ago

      doesn't work for me... :(

    • Danilo Moreira
      Danilo Moreira 3 years ago

      So I have the same problem, on the installation of the MSYS and I solved this way:
      This requires one to change the Virtual Memory settings under Win 7 (Control Panel\System and Security\System > Advanced Systems Setting). On the "Advanced" tab, click on the performance "Settings" button - select advanced tab, and click on the "Change ..." button. Enter a custom size value as follows:
      Initial Size (MB) = Currently Allocated (shown at the bottom)
      Maximum Size (MB) = Recommended (shown at the bottom)

    • Lucas Willems
      Lucas Willems  4 years ago

      +Amin Nifzi I don't know where your problem is coming from... Are you sure you did the exact same thing I did in the video ?

  • Nick Entretenimento.
    Nick Entretenimento. 4 years ago

    Thanks for help

  • Antoine Rolland
    Antoine Rolland 4 years ago

    Merci beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup :)

  • moule coulante
    moule coulante 4 years ago


  • whateverchannel92
    whateverchannel92 4 years ago

    Hello Lucas, I really liked your website, did you build it yourself or is it a template? Thanks!!!

    • Lucas Willems
      Lucas Willems  2 years ago

      whateverchannel92 Hi, sorry for answering so late ! i did the design myself but i used a frameword for the php.

  • esilence
    esilence 4 years ago

    hey man, maybe you can help me. everytime when I compile the executable, and try to run it on a different machine, the file libgmp-10.dll is needed. But I would like to use just one single exe file. How can I link them together?

    • esilence
      esilence 4 years ago

      @Lucas Willems its ok, thanks anyways. yes the exe is fine, but just imagine this: you compile your code, and you want to share it with your friends or make it public. then you could see what i mean, because the exe only works on your pc. its a bit pity that it has dependencies. hope now u understand what I mean. cheers

    • esilence
      esilence 4 years ago

      @Lucas Willems would you only tell me please, after you compile your code to executable, and then if you give this exe to your friend or try on a different pc, does it work?

  • esilence
    esilence 4 years ago

    Thank you alot man, it works now!!
    I was struggling for a week, I do not know why gmp didnt provide such a tutorial like you did!!
    works also with the newest gmp 6.0.0

    • esilence
      esilence 4 years ago

      @Lucas Willems wow so fast! no, i didnt know that there is an implemented algorithm for pi, but it doesnt matter for me, because i just wanted make one for myself as the basis of BBP algorithm and the most recent one from Simon Plouffe. its not fast, but it was the challenge worth to experience how to do it

    • esilence
      esilence 4 years ago

      @Lucas Willems yea even I do not speak french, I just followed your steps as in your video.. just had to start msys post install manually, but it was ok.. well done! :)
      and now I have finished coding an algorithm for pi, and got 10.000 digits :) that was a good challenge.. thanks again, I was almost giving up

  • alexandre marillesse
    alexandre marillesse 5 years ago

    salut ,
    voila j ai un pb c est que quand j execute , ./configure .
    Il me met permission denied
    auriez vous une reponse à ce probleme ?

    • Danilo Moreira
      Danilo Moreira 3 years ago

      Probablement vous avez eu erreur avant d'installer le MSYS , décidé d'augmenter la mémoire virtuelle de cette manière :

    • alexandre marillesse
      alexandre marillesse 5 years ago

      oui c est bizarre , effectivement je verrai ce que je peux faire

    • alexandre marillesse
      alexandre marillesse 5 years ago

      oui je suis sur windows je n ai plus ubuntu . Doc pour en revenir à l autre erreur quand je fais make , j obtiens No targets specified and no makefile found . Stop.
      voila voila

    • alexandre marillesse
      alexandre marillesse 5 years ago

      ah , ça y est j ai reussi le configurer tout a l heure en prenant une autre extension , et apres j ai essayer de le reconfigurer , j ai eu une erreur il me dit d aller voir dans le fichier log , voila et par contre quand j inclus la commande make j ai toujours une erreur je sais pas pourquoi

    • alexandre marillesse
      alexandre marillesse 5 years ago

      @Alexandre Marillesse
      ah en fait pour etre plus précis il dit config.log : permission denied

  • Sorak KORR
    Sorak KORR 5 years ago

    Bonjour, je voudrais juste savoir si gmp permet d'avoir une grande précision au niveau des décimales et y a t il une bibliothèque plus adaptée? Je souhaite avoir la plus grande précision possible et mpf ne me donne une precision que de 16 décimales.