Spigen iPhone 11/11 Pro Cases - Overview - Ultra Hybrid, Thin Fit, Tough Armor, etc.

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • I cover Spigen's most popular cases for the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro in this video, featuring my favorite cases such as the Thin Fit and Tough Armor and also highlighting by category, such slim, tough, and clear cases.
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  • Luigi Marasigan
    Luigi Marasigan Hour ago

    Neo Hybrid or Slim Armor Cs

  • Kelvin Quah
    Kelvin Quah 20 hours ago

    How grippy is the thin air case?

  • Erick Salazar
    Erick Salazar 3 days ago +2

    I wonder if his tech ever cries when he’s about to film a video.

  • Midhun Paul
    Midhun Paul 5 days ago


  • Mihael Lisicak
    Mihael Lisicak 6 days ago


  • Falcón
    Falcón 9 days ago +2


    Edit- nvm I found it lmao

    • Joachim nt
      Joachim nt 5 hours ago

      Falcón dm the wallpaper to me. Ig: Joachim.nt

    • Mihael Lisicak
      Mihael Lisicak 6 days ago

      @Falcón so just DM it to me

    • Falcón
      Falcón 6 days ago

      Mihael Lisicak ight

    • Mihael Lisicak
      Mihael Lisicak 6 days ago

      @Falcón mihaell10, this is my instagram, try there

    • Falcón
      Falcón 6 days ago

      Mihael Lisicak you cant ? Damm hold up let me try again lmao

  • Dedi Pratama
    Dedi Pratama 9 days ago

    A perfect editing

  • zhexue tv
    zhexue tv 10 days ago +3

    i wont buy this dudes phone when he decides to sell it. totally beaten phone.. lol :D

  • Nyron Adams
    Nyron Adams 11 days ago

    The edits were funny😂 follow me @footballlife241

  • J. Taveras
    J. Taveras 12 days ago +1

    Love your editing. I like how you exaggerate the motions as you speak them. Will definitely watch more of your videos.

  • k. e.
    k. e. 13 days ago

    this video gave me so much anxiety but great content bro

  • Tommie Smith
    Tommie Smith 15 days ago

    Love the commentary and the live action testing the products durability! Awesome

  • Vally Baskar
    Vally Baskar 16 days ago

    His jerky movements aggravated my ocd and shooed me away 😭

  • Joachim nt
    Joachim nt 17 days ago

    Does anybody have the wallpaper?

  • Jose Mendiola
    Jose Mendiola 17 days ago

    a good review, but i see a lot of stress and obsession of droping the phone i understand that sometimes happen we drope our phones but by accident but it doesnt mean that phone cases are only to protect the phone, also is for a better look to your phone

  • osama
    osama 18 days ago

    can u plz make a drop test video for spigen ultra hybrid case

  • Dristrick
    Dristrick 18 days ago

    GEAR 4 D3O review please

  • AJ B
    AJ B 19 days ago

    You just earned a sub!

  • zInstinctHD
    zInstinctHD 20 days ago

    Would the clear case and a screen protector save you from destroying your screen and back?

  • Titan_ Kiugy
    Titan_ Kiugy 20 days ago

    I love when you throw the phone...🙏🏻😂🔝

  • Cheryl Cheong
    Cheryl Cheong 25 days ago

    him smashing the phone 999x gives me continuous anxiety

  • David Jordan Huang
    David Jordan Huang 25 days ago

    I pity the phone :(

  • Luke
    Luke 26 days ago

    i have the ultra hybrid all clear for 11Pro

  • Grey
    Grey 26 days ago

    I kinda like your style, so unique. Subs already.

  • Gian Sun
    Gian Sun 27 days ago

    I can’t decide!, tough Armor or silicone fit??

    • Gian Sun
      Gian Sun 26 days ago

      Dominic Askew Fair enough

    • Dominic Askew
      Dominic Askew 26 days ago

      Silicon it may lack some protection but sexy af when you hold it

  • Lou San
    Lou San Month ago

    Love it how he tosses and abuses the phone. Hahahah

  • Scott M
    Scott M Month ago

    Why u smashing everything

  • TheOnlyZelvix
    TheOnlyZelvix Month ago +2

    What’s with the dropping & smacking lol

    • Lowery02
      Lowery02 Month ago +1

      AarynYo A little dropping and smacking is funny. Think, Casey Neistat. But this shit is overboard lol

  • The WidowMaker
    The WidowMaker Month ago

    I liked the rapid drop tests

  • Leqtra
    Leqtra Month ago

    Asmr be like

  • Joshua Babs
    Joshua Babs Month ago

    Where’s Spigen Gauntlet?

  • Toni Meter
    Toni Meter Month ago

    Why would I hide my iPhone 11 color with non-clear cases? I chose Ultra Hybrid.

  • sameer asr
    sameer asr Month ago

    You should be doing spigen commercial :D

  • Sophearak Meas
    Sophearak Meas Month ago +2

    Wanna see UAG x iPhone 11 Pro 🔥❤️

  • innx
    innx Month ago

    Ngl this video was done really well

  • Suzette Galvan
    Suzette Galvan Month ago +2

    Most fun iPhone case video I have watched 😂 love the deep detail to every case 👍

  • George Allen
    George Allen Month ago

    Stop tapping and hitting your shit ASSHOLE!!

  • Luis Quintero
    Luis Quintero Month ago

    Lmao, GREAT review brooo!!!

  • Varun Kumar
    Varun Kumar Month ago

    No iPhone was hurt while making this video.

  • SteelHex
    SteelHex Month ago

    I’ve been using the Liquid Air Armor case since my iPhone 6. It’s also the first case I bought for my 11 Pro. However, I switched to a thicker Speck case because the glass construction and the weight of the phone make me worry.

  • osama
    osama Month ago

    what is your favourits screen protector for iphone ??

  • Red Scorpion
    Red Scorpion Month ago

    So no links to the cases,you just showed?

  • Nishant Kumar
    Nishant Kumar Month ago

    Great editing

  • CeeJay Ayyeee
    CeeJay Ayyeee Month ago

    I only fawks with the tough armor.

  • Anthony Burke
    Anthony Burke Month ago

    @EXCESSORIZE ME. hey can you tell me which has the more grippy sides between the ultra hybrid with the black matte trim around the sides and the one that’s full on clear? If you answer I’m subbing

  • Darkonic
    Darkonic Month ago

    I just bought the silicone fit and it’s great man great video btw 👍

  • Panda Gam3s
    Panda Gam3s Month ago

    Can u pass this wallpaper for us ?

  • Mahesh Muddaluri
    Mahesh Muddaluri Month ago

    How is the spigen quartz hybrid compared to the ultra hybrid

  • misterrightuk
    misterrightuk Month ago

    I'm gonna go "Full on birthday suit"

  • Asher Leegay
    Asher Leegay Month ago

    any discount codes to Spiegen?

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    maisha cherry Month ago

    What is that nike wallpaper

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    XesSun Month ago

    How to get your Nike lock screen

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  • Awful Maggot
    Awful Maggot Month ago

    these links don't work anymore now

  • shabeeb haque
    shabeeb haque Month ago


  • Beautiful Conversation

    He's easily in my top 3 tech youtubers

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    lEOCH707 Month ago

    Are any of these better than the mous limitless 2.0??

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    Samuel Anderson Month ago

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