DJ Khaled - I'm The One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne (Official Video)

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  • america grace
    america grace 3 hours ago

    why is chances belt blurred out gsgsjdkd

  • Linda Nichols
    Linda Nichols 4 hours ago


  • ILiassGamer ꪜ
    ILiassGamer ꪜ 5 hours ago

    Dj Khaled 💥🇲🇦

  • DeLove
    DeLove 6 hours ago

    Good music! It is cool music)

  • Bebo Korean Mix
    Bebo Korean Mix 6 hours ago +1

    Uh the one yeah👑 justin 💋 2020

  • Kabeesh Noel
    Kabeesh Noel 7 hours ago

    I hope no one gets coronavirus after watching this video.

  • K S
    K S 7 hours ago

    Although the song is nice but I don't understand the concept of girls being sexualized in this video.. 😐😐

  • Gabrielle Miles
    Gabrielle Miles 8 hours ago

    Croana virus

  • Nikitta Price
    Nikitta Price 8 hours ago

    Why is he trying to look like a young Eminem

  • Dynamo 2k
    Dynamo 2k 9 hours ago

    Despacito is also released before this hit song in feb 2017 was the full of joy.

  • ItsMe X
    ItsMe X 10 hours ago

    where does dj khalid come from

  • blackfrancis55
    blackfrancis55 10 hours ago

    I wanted Van Halen actually.

  • no body
    no body 11 hours ago +1

    Another song in which quavo's mama is included😂😉

  • Nana Lal Gujar senthi
    Nana Lal Gujar senthi 11 hours ago +1

    You are best justin

  • Expedito Fernandes
    Expedito Fernandes 13 hours ago


  • Jimmy Martin
    Jimmy Martin 14 hours ago +1

    Listening in home... Calm in home..

  • sukh -e
    sukh -e 18 hours ago

    Who is here only for horse girl?

  • Jonard
    Jonard 18 hours ago

    what's the title of these song?

  • giovanna oliveira
    giovanna oliveira 18 hours ago

    musica muito top

  • SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев

    *Bold get out of frame* !!!!!

  • Summer Of Sam
    Summer Of Sam 19 hours ago

    The boob shot bounce @0:55. If I saw her coming at me like that in person I would bust so badly!

  • Alora Davis911
    Alora Davis911 20 hours ago

    Who jammin in 2020 cuz it came across ur mind and u liked it but u just stopped listening to it for some reason??

  • Saif galaria
    Saif galaria 21 hour ago +1


  • Holy H4x0r
    Holy H4x0r 21 hour ago

    DJ Khaled ni takleh apa aih,buat sempoi jaaaa.. lepaih tu suka tengok tetek dengan juboq. AUTOTUNE IS RUINING AND MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS! WOI MARAH NI SAMPAI TERTEKAN CAPSLOCK!

  • Prashant Aryal
    Prashant Aryal 21 hour ago

    Like for quavo...

  • Edison Palciso
    Edison Palciso 21 hour ago

    Yes you are the one😂😁

  • Parth Kapoor
    Parth Kapoor 22 hours ago

    The first time I saw that girl, I almost threw up...

  • Cyan Chillz
    Cyan Chillz 22 hours ago

    Imagine saying dj khaled didn’t sing...
    He made the freaking beats

  • Its Me Mikki
    Its Me Mikki 22 hours ago

    I mean i hate lil Wayne but the song is good

  • The P✌ace brother.

    Y'all nailed it!!! This was awesome!!!

  • Melany Macetti
    Melany Macetti Day ago +1


  • Abdus Samad
    Abdus Samad Day ago

    Amar jane khor DJ khaled re kuttare jelan maroin olan martam😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • johnf1sh
    johnf1sh Day ago

    If you watch Agents of Shield Season 1 episode 3 and scroll to 36:23 you’ll see the same location this music video was filmed in too 😂😂😂

  • Investex
    Investex Day ago

    DJ Khaled makes this song after Jason Derulo song “Swalla” 😂😂👌🏻👌🏻😝😝

  • King Zed
    King Zed Day ago

    Another One

  • JH Bronkhorst
    JH Bronkhorst Day ago

    Bro Dj Khalid lookin like a cuckold third wheel tbh

  • Roman bit
    Roman bit Day ago

    Very powerful song

  • Narrima Incer
    Narrima Incer Day ago

    Not Stop Dance 😁💃❤

  • Van TARTS
    Van TARTS Day ago


  • mia løwert 151077
    mia løwert 151077 Day ago +1


  • Vivi Valentine
    Vivi Valentine Day ago

    a trailer for my story with Justin

  • Priya
    Priya Day ago

    justin looks so good looking in this

  • Aman Tiwari
    Aman Tiwari Day ago +1

    Lil Wayne

  • Emily VEVO
    Emily VEVO Day ago +28

    this song makes me cry bc someone I know died in a car accident and it makes me remember him.........R.I.P Mathew I miss you. 💔💔💔💔😍😍😍😘😘😘😖😖😖😟😖😟😟
    Well guys now haters are using Authentic views c o m

  • lucky boys
    lucky boys Day ago fan of bieber sir

  • Thakur Pradhyumn

    The horse lady's name is iryna ivanova
    Thank me later.........
    Dont say you're not gonna search for her..........

  • planetanimation
    planetanimation Day ago +2

    back when the life was easy

  • Sheila Laegel
    Sheila Laegel Day ago

    I love your song's you my crush

  • Maxym Demechenko

    When you found what is this songs name

  • Lothlorein Avila

    I just miss Justin Beiber ❤ my first love, damn. But when I've heard that he's the prince of illuminate, I've forced myself to stop loving him. 😣😔

  • AleSyk :c
    AleSyk :c Day ago +1

    1:42 wym

  • Bishnu Pantha
    Bishnu Pantha Day ago

    Best song

  • Thảo Phạm
    Thảo Phạm Day ago


  • Gouri Sankar Sil

    Justin Bieber is always the 1
    Do u agree 😊😊😊😊

  • Estefane Ferreira
    Estefane Ferreira Day ago +1

    2020 alguém?😍

  • Seren Thomas
    Seren Thomas Day ago +2

    Why does JB look like fred from scooby do spooky island haha

  • Samsiah Ab Rahman

    Is best song ever man ohohohoho😘😘😘

  • Thanh Nguyễn
    Thanh Nguyễn Day ago +1

    That is the best my favorite music, so fantastic

  • Hmoob Yaj CHANNEL

    Love this song

  • M A N U E L M T Z

    Soy el único mexicano aquí?

    TECH TRICKS Day ago

    Lil Wayne nice

  • Ked Ex
    Ked Ex Day ago

    you BJ,
    why do
    you run
    and hide
    from you?

    it's tyme
    to shed
    your so
    very fat
    Soul, my
    k. Be real
    now and
    make me
    proud my

    not Pride.

    not Fear.

    Grow up,

    The World
    Needs You

  • Sukhleen Sidhu
    Sukhleen Sidhu Day ago

    No smoking

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez Day ago

    The one thing i cant stand about justin bieber is he tries to act hard af and hes a singer dont get me wrong i know theres plenty of singersthat act like thigs but most of them are believable cause either their singing style is different or they sing about sex or money or other shit bieber aings about the gayest shit ever and his voices just makes it that much gayer

  • Mico Ymas
    Mico Ymas Day ago

    4:31 😲

  • Francis Sata
    Francis Sata Day ago

    Indonesia 2020

  • Real Kora
    Real Kora Day ago +1

    Blessing up

  • Sahil Basnet
    Sahil Basnet Day ago

    This song is still famous🙄🙄🙄

  • Lilü Chavero
    Lilü Chavero Day ago

    Yeaaa man. Kill it

  • Mariafe Gajo
    Mariafe Gajo Day ago

    I really like your video and I love Justin beber

  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill Day ago

    2020 anyone

  • Sabin Gurung
    Sabin Gurung Day ago +1

    Bad for kids

  • Jaffarahmadi7
    Jaffarahmadi7 Day ago

    DJ Khalid is phatt

  • Martin SRF
    Martin SRF 2 days ago

    March 2020? hey hey hey not bad!!!

    MANAS UNIYAL 2 days ago

    auto tuners.....create great music....

  • joshua cachique
    joshua cachique 2 days ago


  • Girlene Anjos
    Girlene Anjos 2 days ago +1

    Linda musica justin😍😍😍👍👍👍

  • Alife Kurt
    Alife Kurt 2 days ago

    Im the one oreoooooo😂😂😂😂🤣

  • jan dubovan
    jan dubovan 2 days ago

    1.3 Billion, views. smMFh

  • AryanR7 Gaming
    AryanR7 Gaming 2 days ago

    who still listening to it in march 2020...subscribe to my channel