Film Theory: The Toy Story Rebellion is Coming... (Spoiler Free for Toy Story 4)

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
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    Welcome back to Toy Story, the happiest movie about how your toys will eventually come to resent and rise up against you. In this episode, I am going to PROVE that the Toy Story franchise was built to end in a battle between humanity and the toys they've abandoned. Woody, Buzz, and friends are about to be out for revenge and we have no one to blame but ourselves.
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    Writer: Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick, and Luke Barat
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Josh Langman
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • rightly Soo
    rightly Soo 26 minutes ago

    It reminds me of the short movie from toy story where the toys made there on society. With rules, hierarchy, and punishments. They didn’t even know what “play” was till another toy showed them.
    Toy story which time forgot

  • kiann cavazos
    kiann cavazos 48 minutes ago

    Matpat:A war is coming

  • Asagiri Aya TorielGamer TR is my org name

    *obnoxiously points at a certain Masa song*

  • Radius Morse
    Radius Morse 12 hours ago +1

    This would make great fanfiction.

  • Dru Franklin
    Dru Franklin 19 hours ago

    The potato head moves the tortilla with the limbs in it he never physically moves the tortilla

  • epic lol
    epic lol 21 hour ago +1

    Thats it, im burning every toy/teddy in my house

  • Zargo
    Zargo 21 hour ago +1

    Matpat i have a suggestion for a theory. The show Milo Murphy's Law, i think has some good theory points. like how the Law works and how the original Murphy got the law.
    As a show i think it is as good as Gravity falls, and Phineous and Ferb.

  • Steven Palermo
    Steven Palermo 21 hour ago

    Ok so I apologize if someone has already though of this but, what if the living toys is a new phenomenon? If you look at the rate the toys go from content in the first movie to rebellious by the fourth, that's not actually a long time. Less than a single human lifespan.
    If you assume that toys have always been alive then it begs the question how has there not been a rebellion before this point? Toys have existed for generations without coming into conflict with humans, yet even within the first movie we witness what may be the first time they actively antagonize a human when they attack Sid.
    So, what if they haven't been alive the whole time, but have only gained life recently. Perhaps sometime in the last fifty years? And if so, what event could have given them life (or given children the ability to give them life)?

  • KingHerobrine876
    KingHerobrine876 23 hours ago

    I wonder if this can tie in to the Pixar timeline somehow. In films like Wall-E and Cars, the planet Earth is devoid of human life, so obviously there has to be some incident that caused the humans to either die or feel the need to evacuate to space (as seen in Wall-E). So, did the toy rebellion actually happen? Not only does Toy Story 4 show signs of toys beginning to question the system of society they live in, it also shows a few characters like the Bunny and the Chick with an intense hatred for humanity harboured within (they literally fantisize about murdering a human and destroying a city). Not to mention, there's the small matter of one of Bonnie's toys constantly trying to frame her dad for a crime and the curious action Woody takes at the end (which I won't spoil for you) that strengthens the belief that those toys that used to love their owners unconditionally are having second thoughts after all.
    Furthermore, in one of the scenes a Dinoco-branded gas station appears, meaning that the brand names and possibly some of the vehicles in Cars existed before the movie where they came to life. And in two more scenes, we see Boo from Monsters Inc. at school, meaning she's starting her journey of growing up around the time that Toy Story 4 happens and the film could likely take place after the events of Monsters Inc.
    So what do you think? Where in the Pixar timeline does Toy Story 4 take place, and does that factor into whether or not the toy rebellion discussed in this video becomes a reality?

  • Hannah A
    Hannah A Day ago

    Annabelle : Sis we’ve been knew

  • Bowser Jr. Boi
    Bowser Jr. Boi Day ago

    MomPat: Matthew Solve Theory, stop ruining people’s childhood!
    MatPat: Sorry mom...😥

  • Peach Studios
    Peach Studios Day ago

    Who needs horror movies when we have film theory?

  • FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Me:Looks at pokéball toy please have mercy

  • 4fabulousDemigods DoveDaughterofAphrodite

    Therapist: Toys are not alive. They can't hurt you.

  • fan girl for books

    What about adult toys

  • Ariel L
    Ariel L Day ago

    My only issue is teh claim that toys come to life from the love of a child. In Toy Story 2, the toys go to Al's Toy Barn to look for Woody and encounter toys in the store that come to life before they're even owned by a child. I.e. Barbie, another Buzz, and Zurg. So wouldn't that mean that toys are sentient prior to being owned by anyone?

  • Hayden Rietveld
    Hayden Rietveld Day ago +1

    Will there ever be a fnaf Of film theory

  • Freddy Fazbear130

    This is why Woody has a empty holster

  • Kool Komix
    Kool Komix Day ago

    would the life rules for toys apply with clay figures? that is my biggest question

  • Adeepseafish 123
    Adeepseafish 123 Day ago +1

    Matpat: A war is coming.
    Me: *Looks at my army of stuffed animals, barbies, legos and superheroes* Look guys, can we talk? 😬

  • Sofiya Shipman
    Sofiya Shipman Day ago


  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Day ago +1

    Is a dildo a toy?

  • Ilkeston Flyer
    Ilkeston Flyer 2 days ago

    Mat pat can you solve jamanj 2 about the Cristal is on the caoncl

  • Yuan Santos
    Yuan Santos 2 days ago +1

    woody: there’s a snake in my boot!
    me: what?
    woody: *takes out snake in boot and hits me*
    me: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • Happyheart's Studio
    Happyheart's Studio 2 days ago +1

    Matpat: WAR IS COMING
    Me: **Looks At My Baby Brother's Million Toys**
    **Gets A Match**

  • Mclamborghini Physics

    I did not need to see the picture of puppet eoody

  • DezeraeN
    DezeraeN 2 days ago

    Isn’t there a movie from the 90’s where the toys actually start a war? I remember little toy soldiers tying someone up with a rope.

  • Jennifer D
    Jennifer D 2 days ago

    oh... i’m crying

  • Dalton Smith
    Dalton Smith 2 days ago

    Ok he did not turn into the tortilla. You’ll notice how we were still sloppy so that means that he wasn’t actually controlling and gravity was still pulling it down the only thing is controlling is his body parts which are the only things holding the tortilla up is actually just sticking it through he’s not controlling the tortilla boom

  • Hail Hydra
    Hail Hydra 2 days ago +1

    Looks at five headed dragon staring at me
    Me: *nervous laughing* go..go..good boy

  • Iloveraz 10101
    Iloveraz 10101 2 days ago

    Wait... the stuffies! NOOOOOOO

  • Iloveraz 10101
    Iloveraz 10101 2 days ago +2

    Matpat: splish splash your childhood happiness is trash

  • Iloveraz 10101
    Iloveraz 10101 2 days ago

    You’ve ‘to infinity’d’ your last ‘beyond’

  • Iloveraz 10101
    Iloveraz 10101 2 days ago +2


  • Iloveraz 10101
    Iloveraz 10101 2 days ago +2

    How would the carnival toys be alive without an owner or a kid to play with them?

  • Gamer Plus
    Gamer Plus 2 days ago +2

    After watching this I’m going to burn that creepy doll!!!!

  • NSBB Gamers
    NSBB Gamers 2 days ago

    Thanos woody
    Thanos woody

  • Cj Egg
    Cj Egg 3 days ago

    Also Vote lotso 2019

  • Cj Egg
    Cj Egg 3 days ago

    A war huh? Well, i regret getting all those army toys.....

  • Pepsi Senpai
    Pepsi Senpai 3 days ago

    Yo the new chucky movie is lookin lit

  • Srikruthi Gannavarapu

    Anyone watching after toy story 4 came out

  • Komodo Productions
    Komodo Productions 3 days ago

    Watched toy story 4

    *it fits so well omg*

  • Banal Knight
    Banal Knight 3 days ago +2

    Matpat: a war is coming
    Me: *remembers there is a whole trench line made out of books filled to the teeth with army men in my bedroom*
    Me: F#*%

  • Makayla Dickens
    Makayla Dickens 3 days ago

    So this might be a dumb comment and i’m going to get A lot of dislikes and corrections but if the love from a child or anyone gives a toy life what happens when the child doesn’t love the toy anymore?

  • Vengeful Camel
    Vengeful Camel 3 days ago +1


  • Rebecca Darnell
    Rebecca Darnell 3 days ago

    How the heck would mister potato head take control of a tree? Its made of wood. He just gonna carve a hole in it?

  • Echo
    Echo 3 days ago


  • lilcheetuz
    lilcheetuz 3 days ago

    I was with you until the tortilla part. It seemed to me that it only worked because a tortilla doesn't weigh so much

  • Flaming Dragon Animations

    Me: *watches video with my stuffed chameleon*
    Jelly (my stuffed chameleon): *they’re onto us.*

  • NeonBOI447 BW
    NeonBOI447 BW 3 days ago +2

    In America you play with toys
    In Soviet Russia toys play with you

  • bookworm109 hopes u feel good

    There needs to be an R rated parody of this. Kinda like Sausage Party, but not horrible.

  • Spangled Avenger
    Spangled Avenger 3 days ago

    I wanna see this as a movie 😂😂

  • Mason Newell
    Mason Newell 3 days ago

    The first two things that I would do are
    Get rid of the nerf guns......


  • Jonah Irene
    Jonah Irene 3 days ago

    MatPat why do you always have to be ruining my childhood?

  • 101 Stupid
    101 Stupid 3 days ago +1

    Thanks for telling the toys how to beat us man! Really appreciate it!

    • Officially Crazy
      Officially Crazy 2 days ago +1

      I have at least 5000 in my house😤😖300 in my room already

  • Emma
    Emma 3 days ago

    If there is "ever" a Toy story 5 ………. THIS is where the franchise should go! >:D

  • Trinity Bowers
    Trinity Bowers 3 days ago

    Moral of the story

    Throw away all Potato heads

  • Ino Koludrovic
    Ino Koludrovic 3 days ago

    So Small Soldiers and Toy Story is related? Nice.

  • Grace Deakin
    Grace Deakin 3 days ago

    This is why I've held onto some of my toys and still interact with. And because I have attachment issues, but that's not the point!

  • Dragon Master Ray
    Dragon Master Ray 3 days ago

    Me: *Thinking of toys that come back to life and tries to kill their owners*
    *Thinks back to Pokémon and Banette's entry*
    *Looks at Lotso*

  • Saiyan PandaM8
    Saiyan PandaM8 3 days ago

    This is gay shit and retarded as fuck

  • Eric Gearheart
    Eric Gearheart 3 days ago


  • Ray Esparath
    Ray Esparath 3 days ago

    Sounds fun

  • George Karandreas
    George Karandreas 3 days ago +1

    I got a toy story figurine trailer while watching this no joke ....

  • Davanee Oppong - Addae

    If Disney wanted to it could be a horror movie

  • jack killed anti
    jack killed anti 3 days ago

    *looks over at teddy collection thats been there for years*
    Me:"Please dont hurt me"

  • Narwhals Love Cheese

    Well it’s kinda the toys fault they are getting hurt if they don’t want to be hurt they should speak up ( As in showing they’re alive)

  • mia davies
    mia davies 3 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *takes deep breath *ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *gasp* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • enderpals gang of thrones

    I'm screwed because I have a WHOLE army of toys so * grabs my lego Emmet toy and locks him in my closet *nope.

  • Gabriel Cruz
    Gabriel Cruz 3 days ago +1

    New Spanish sense a baby.

  • Brantley Keaton
    Brantley Keaton 3 days ago

    The Infinity Gauntlet

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Wait is Chucky the first toy to start the war with the houmans :o

  • JK MAN
    JK MAN 4 days ago


  • yo boi shadow the hedgehog

    Hears the toys are going to war*

    Looks at closet and sees old Woody doll*

    Goodbye old friend

  • Artistry Aks
    Artistry Aks 4 days ago

    Wait a minute.. if a kids imagination brings a toy to life, than what about all the toys kids play with in stores but don’t end up buying? What are the rules for that? Are they brought to life and trapped in their box until they’re bought? Or do they stay toys until they’re *owned* by a kid and brought to life by *their* imagination?

  • Stephanie Allderdice
    Stephanie Allderdice 4 days ago +2

    I showed this to my brother...
    Congrats, you've completely wrecked him

  • Dragongameing
    Dragongameing 4 days ago

    No one
    Actully no one
    Film and game therory and domics: sponsers at the *END* of the video

  • Boxer Blake
    Boxer Blake 4 days ago +1

    The last point is questionable. The strength to move a tortilla, okay. A tree? Not necessarily.

  • KYoutube's Bad
    KYoutube's Bad 4 days ago +4


    Oh no....I've said too much.....

  • Drama Scene
    Drama Scene 4 days ago +1

    Theres a friggen box full of toys behind me ;-;

  • Igorowan
    Igorowan 4 days ago +1

    Day 30: MatPat still hasn't fixed the thumbnail.

  • Divine Aura
    Divine Aura 4 days ago

    So could uuhhhh adult toys be real?

  • Kkfoxpikavee Nelson
    Kkfoxpikavee Nelson 4 days ago +1

    Is it wrong that I was petting my blue jay plushie the whole time?

  • Masato Zervoulakos
    Masato Zervoulakos 4 days ago

    pixar theory lols

  • History Geek
    History Geek 4 days ago

    Question: Do Legos count as a toy or a defense against toys because of the fact that you can BUILD A WALL (No one will understand this comment in 2020 :c )

  • History Geek
    History Geek 4 days ago

    Boston Tea Party in 1776 (I think): GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH! *Throws barrel of tea into water*

    Boston Tea Party in Toy Story 4: GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH! *Smashes Fake Teacup*

    Me: *Slowly Claps in Satisfaction*

  • DarkRain 538
    DarkRain 538 4 days ago

    Me: "oh there's a toy running at me with a fork"
    Me: "YEET!!!" *Kicks it*

  • RJ Hamler
    RJ Hamler 4 days ago

    Well I have alot of dinosaur toys so seeing thoes come alive would be awesome cause that would be real dinosaurs in a way and dinosaurs are awesome! Plus I never mistreated a toy so I'll be ok.

  • Elias Libonati
    Elias Libonati 4 days ago

    I’m just gonna go apologize to my childhood toys real quick...

  • Bear O1
    Bear O1 4 days ago

    Toy story is the reason I treat EVERY SINGLE TOY in my room with respect.
    When my mum asks " You want to get rid of any of your toys? "
    I reply with no. I want to give my toys the best life they could possibly have. If I ever spotted a toy Moving, I would be over-joyed.

  • PixelMei
    PixelMei 4 days ago

    5:34 - 5:41 **relatable**

  • Bailey Macomber
    Bailey Macomber 4 days ago

    What happens if mr potato head gets his hands on military weapons

  • Gabriel Curtis
    Gabriel Curtis 4 days ago


  • Loyal Follower
    Loyal Follower 4 days ago

    Within the 2nd toy story film in the mall the toys come to life, although no child is owning those toys, meaning toys don’t live off the living essence of a child’s belief of the toys being alive

  • Jerome Boateng
    Jerome Boateng 4 days ago

    Honestly, this movie just highlights the inconsistent writing and world building of these movies.

  • R3LLA
    R3LLA 4 days ago

    To be honest, it didn't look like he had full control of the tortilla. His movement was awkward and he flopped around. It's more likely he was using it as a torso or body and it was moving around via his limbs.

  • Stanley Gore
    Stanley Gore 4 days ago

    Toy story 5 Woody meets Skynet

  • Rifa Mulya
    Rifa Mulya 4 days ago

    so the Chucky from the Child Play is actual threat or is the beginning of the toy war

  • Captain Creepfool
    Captain Creepfool 4 days ago

    I already watched Toystory 4 lol

  • CyberCy
    CyberCy 4 days ago

    I watched all of this so uh