Film Theory: The Toy Story Rebellion is Coming... (Spoiler Free for Toy Story 4)

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
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    Welcome back to Toy Story, the happiest movie about how your toys will eventually come to resent and rise up against you. In this episode, I am going to PROVE that the Toy Story franchise was built to end in a battle between humanity and the toys they've abandoned. Woody, Buzz, and friends are about to be out for revenge and we have no one to blame but ourselves.
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    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Josh Langman
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Comments • 14 994

  • EveChan_DaNeko:3

    Before I even watched Toy Story I honestly thought that my toys were alive so I treated all of them equally so they won't get mad at me ;w;

  • Adrianel3 Xd
    Adrianel3 Xd Day ago

    Well...there goes my childhood

  • Korea Boo
    Korea Boo 2 days ago

    Great theory, and most of it is sound, I just have one nitpick. When Mr. Potato Head put his parts into the tortilla, it didn’t look like he was controlling the tortilla, it was like the bird with remotely controlled wing tips you mentioned in the How to Train Your Dragon video.

  • Data Master
    Data Master 3 days ago

    Imagine how powerful Bionicles would be in Toy Story's universe;
    1) Every part of their Body is Detachable like the Potato heads but on a much grander scale, I've seen pictures of people using OG Bionicle parts as well as the compatible Technic pieces to make human sized Statues that can move
    2) Based on one of the Toy Story Shorts we know Legos behave a little differently than other toys as when they change shape they move almost like a liquid, meaning the potential for their body structure or even weapon capabilities is potentially limitless
    3) Potentially every Bionicle and Technic piece in the world could come together to form a giant Bionicle super beast.

  • James Games
    James Games 3 days ago

    Watching in 2019: “you’re about to be drafted...” lol
    Watching in 2020 “you’re about to be drafted ...” too soon

  • Chevalier Macabre
    Chevalier Macabre 3 days ago

    What if you just cut them up into the tiniest pieces.

  • Foxboy
    Foxboy 3 days ago

    Potato heads are OP confirmed.

  • Saumya Marwah
    Saumya Marwah 4 days ago

    I'm gonna leave my room and leave my phone camera on
    If they move I'm fleeing the earth

  • Billy Barnes
    Billy Barnes 4 days ago

    Now the Eunclave and curries also check all those boxes so... We good for war or...

    TheJEDIBRANDON 4 days ago

    Ngl, I’d be so thrilled if Disney used this as the basis for Toy Story 5 even though I know there’s no possible way it will ever happen.

  • Tressa Ballard
    Tressa Ballard 4 days ago

    Matt, the potato heads can't control inanimate objects. They can control the body parts that they have attached to that inanimate object. Also only toys that are specifically made with intentionally removable pieces can control their detached body parts, which is why Woody can't use his ripped arm. It is not a completely attached to him so he can't use it.

  • Enrrique Us
    Enrrique Us 4 days ago

    Maybe the dinosaur was talking to a human

  • Isabel Little
    Isabel Little 5 days ago

    Toy Story is literally going to turn into the war from Endgame.

  • Andy Kirsopp
    Andy Kirsopp 5 days ago

    ill never see my toys again and ill throw out my films from toy story

  • Katherine Anderson
    Katherine Anderson 6 days ago

    I swear my doll is aware I watched this video. IT STARED AT ME AS I WALKED AWAY FROM IT.

  • Katherine Anderson
    Katherine Anderson 6 days ago

    This made me fear all of the toys in my room.

  • Canadian Wilfred
    Canadian Wilfred 6 days ago

    MatPat : "A War of Toys is coming"
    Me : *Looks at my millions of FNAF plushies with literal toy nerf guns next to them*
    Also me : *_Oh S###_*

  • ciberjonaru
    ciberjonaru 6 days ago

    I never notice buz to be multilingual because I watch the movie in Spanish so it is just a change of accent to Spanish from Spain

  • Christopher Gibbons
    Christopher Gibbons 7 days ago

    The pieces are all here now. Spork is the missing link that unites the Pixar universe. What actually gave him life. If a spork can live, what cant

  • Theo Canard
    Theo Canard 7 days ago

    MatPat: These toys will come back for war!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: *looks at my hundreds of toys I haven't played with in a LONG time*
    Also me: OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funny Jerry
    Funny Jerry 8 days ago

    But without humans the toys can’t be created

  • Poppo Ropo
    Poppo Ropo 9 days ago +1

    it would be a good idea if toys lose sentience if a human finds out they’re alive

  • The Tex Rex
    The Tex Rex 9 days ago

    Wow this video went from fun to dark in 0.7 seconds

  • Mints
    Mints 10 days ago +1

    This is the dumbest theory and I love it

  • Anna's creativity
    Anna's creativity 11 days ago +1

    mat pat: toys are coming for revenge there are getting smarter
    me: excuse me are there any flights to the end of the world

  • Holly Hite
    Holly Hite 11 days ago

    Me: Sees this video then looks under my bed
    Me: I'M SO SORRY TOYS😭😭😭😭

  • QueeT801
    QueeT801 12 days ago

    Im waching in my bed alone and dark the creepy photos are kinda scary 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • fireboy 13
    fireboy 13 12 days ago

    who else thought of WWIII when they heard, "drafted"?

  • Gabri007 Gon700
    Gabri007 Gon700 12 days ago

    When Mat said, What did you get etc. I thought he was going to say, " You get what you deserve" like the joker

  • Black Moonz
    Black Moonz 12 days ago

    I’m gonna play with toys because of this again....

  • Luke Lipinski
    Luke Lipinski 12 days ago

    When you realise that toy story 4 is actually about a rebellion

  • Zuhair Asif
    Zuhair Asif 13 days ago

    The toy strikes back

  • olivia medeiros
    olivia medeiros 13 days ago

    lemme explain the tortieiia sene ( and if i spelled it wrong idc) he's not CONTROLLING it, hes still only able to control his own body parts, not what he being held together with.

  • Mr. Muffin
    Mr. Muffin 13 days ago

    "Theres a storm coming"
    Oh so its fortnite?

  • Noetic Noel
    Noetic Noel 14 days ago

    Contradiction: It was Woody who manipulated Andy in order to get himself and the other toys DONATED to Bonnie.
    Are the toys really headed for war? Do they even feel animosity towards humans enough to warrant an all-out war? If what the toys really want is war, then did Woody choose to be with a new owner and create new, happy memories with a different kid?

  • Jennifer Pett
    Jennifer Pett 14 days ago +1

    It sounds like MatPat just wants a Disney remake of Small Soldiers

  • Adlan Kacak
    Adlan Kacak 14 days ago

    talking about toys come to life, i`m kinda worried about soldier toys because their mind already been set to think as soldiers ... you got what i mean?! like toys from Small Soldiers movie ...

  • Raphael Dominic Chico
    Raphael Dominic Chico 14 days ago +2

    Matt: "These toys will come back for war."

    Me: Looks at me Sans Plush.

    Also me: *I'm going to have a bad time.*

  • Natali Bonilla
    Natali Bonilla 14 days ago

    Matpat: WAR IS COMING!!!
    Me:*look at mountain of stuffed animals*
    Also me: STAY. STAY!!! 😓😨😡😡😡😠😱😾

  • Yes Of Course
    Yes Of Course 14 days ago

    Mr. Potato Head didn't have control over the actual tortilla, just the parts attached to it. so, if he put his eyes on a tree, he could see through the tree but not control it, and even if he could, there's no way a tree could move like the Whomping Willow. Otherwise, this is a great theory.

  • Sam Gold
    Sam Gold 15 days ago

    wait does the person who voiced mable in gravity falls voice the triceratops???????? w h a t

  • Sin Shoun
    Sin Shoun 16 days ago

    Is literally no one gonna remember that movie, where toys came to life? Really?

  • Mello 2000
    Mello 2000 16 days ago

    Me: Doesn't believe toys are alive
    Me after my Gundam giggles while i touch its feet:
    "Something feels terribly terribly wrong.."

  • Alberto Blanco
    Alberto Blanco 18 days ago

    Isn’t anybody going to talk about how OP Mr. Potato Head would be?

    I mean what can woody do of special?

  • Dylan Barclay
    Dylan Barclay 18 days ago

    Me: we are On the brink of world war 3 against Iran
    Woody: hold my snake in my boot

  • Alex Holts
    Alex Holts 19 days ago

    I guess it's a good thing toys don't come to life IRL, hopefully. I know this because I have a dozen collectibles on a shelf and they're either truly unmoving, or really good at hiding it, since they're collecting cobwebs... Maybe I'll hold off on the swiffer pad for now 😒

  • Ολγα Τσακιριδου

    We will burn ALL the toys 😈

    Cause I don't wanna DIE!!!!!!😭

  • luke harlow
    luke harlow 20 days ago

    ma get rid of my mario plush

  • CringyGlitcher
    CringyGlitcher 20 days ago

    Toy story becomes the next sausage party

  • Purple Phoenix
    Purple Phoenix 20 days ago

    Me: Realises that I have aa lot of old toys
    Me: Ahhhhh Shi-

  • Indy Evans
    Indy Evans 20 days ago

    Wait what if you put a different eye in potatoe heads

  • T.D.K. Vids
    T.D.K. Vids 20 days ago +1

    10:53 that woody is a actually terrifying.

  • Presstoned D
    Presstoned D 20 days ago

    Well not evey home

  • Dagan kliever
    Dagan kliever 21 day ago

    Toys the size of chucky seem pretty capable against humans

  • Captain Aiden
    Captain Aiden 21 day ago

    Toy story 5 idea: toy story 5: the hood

  • Purple Velvet
    Purple Velvet 22 days ago

    matpat:lot so is a revolutionery
    Lenin joined the chat

  • ItzWolfie Gamer
    ItzWolfie Gamer 22 days ago

    For the electric toys... Solution : *Programmers*

  • Bone_knapper
    Bone_knapper 22 days ago +1

    “And it wont look good for the humans”
    Me: “uh who has guns, planes, missiles, bombs, and huge amounts of war experience?”
    We have had wars throughout our history and they have barely thrown a punch.

    • bai bruh
      bai bruh 19 days ago

      Thats sooo true!😱

    • Chara
      Chara 19 days ago

      Bone_knapper yeah ikr.

    SUPER MINER BROS 22 days ago

    12:36 But there are the limits of the plastic pegs that can’t be stuck in something hard like a tree.

  • joelgamersonic 64
    joelgamersonic 64 23 days ago

    Matpat toys can turn objects alive
    Me: so Cappy from odyssey