iOS 13 announcement in 10 minutes

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
  • As expected, at WWDC 2109 Apple announced the newest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 13. The big updates are Dark Mode, better performance, more advanced Maps, and a wide variety of new security features.
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  • Jiten Gurung
    Jiten Gurung 3 hours ago

    Proof Apple is rich. They bought audience who cheers for no reason.

  • vTigo
    vTigo 12 hours ago

    hey I mean, yeah, they are getting things from android, but when you are worth 800 billion, money talks.

  • 1mSpo0kay
    1mSpo0kay 13 hours ago

    Yo what the freak

  • Irish Wrist Watch
    Irish Wrist Watch 16 hours ago

    This might not be what Steve Jobs would’ve wanted, but it’s still pretty damn incredible

  • malek shut up!
    malek shut up! 16 hours ago

    only for 999$!

  • Santos Tan
    Santos Tan 19 hours ago

    This is what i like most about iphone. Apps consume less memory both ways. (Ram and rom). But compared to the variaties of android out there, this is still nothing.

  • Est Queen 210
    Est Queen 210 Day ago


  • high time
    high time Day ago +2

    Apple- this whole audience is gay
    Audience- WOOOOOOHH

  • Mbongza
    Mbongza Day ago

    so Safari has a download manager now
    yaaaaay -_-

  • Lightning Strike

    Apple Maps: 2:46-3:05-3:58-4:04 innovation after innovation! stuff actually looks great now! smooth transition that is so useful and never seen before! no one has done this and we are the first!
    Google Maps: bruh

  • Dominexus
    Dominexus Day ago

    The 3d street view was totally given permission from Google.

  • Aveez
    Aveez 2 days ago

    Eub ich hab dich lieb r ich hab ich mir schnell klar das du net ich habe ich mich nicht so viel Spaß und ist ein ich bin da nicht die ich hab das ich kein Bock mehr als Auswahl von mir ein ich bin ich auch schon auf der hat mich auch noch ein wenig ich habe ein neues Programm für mich nicht ich habe eine Freundin aus wie viel Glück 🍀 ist der ist ja schon auf der ist ja schon lange bleibt die ist das nicht ich bin ich auch schon mal die ich hab ich mir auch schon mal die ich hab ich mir auch schon mal die ich hab ich mir auch schon mal die ich hab ich mir auch schon mal die ich hab ich mir auch schon mal die ich hab ich mir auch schon mal die ich hab ich mir auch

  • Ñâs Åb
    Ñâs Åb 2 days ago

    Still not better that Android

  • Aswin Viswam
    Aswin Viswam 2 days ago


  • Pramod Prajapati
    Pramod Prajapati 2 days ago

    When will Apple start adding CALL RECORDING feature in iPhone ???

  • Eisen Hower
    Eisen Hower 2 days ago



    Apple is a good brand tho

  • thijmen van der heijden

    Nu nog 16:9 foto’s kunnen maken

  • Team LJT
    Team LJT 3 days ago +1


  • Arman Ali
    Arman Ali 3 days ago

    Apple - Now You Ca-

  • Dra’s Covers
    Dra’s Covers 3 days ago

    Samsung can eat ass apples better

  • Squeezyy ツ
    Squeezyy ツ 3 days ago

    People in the comments referring to something that happened in the video and then saying audience: woooo

  • GPT Leader
    GPT Leader 3 days ago

    Coping Google Apps and Features 😂

  • Fabienne Diamond
    Fabienne Diamond 3 days ago

    android features...

  • abbeytx
    abbeytx 3 days ago

    tim:we did emoji but this stupid animoji thing, it really wasn’t that difficu-
    crowd: WOOOOOOOUH

  • abbeytx
    abbeytx 3 days ago

    maps lady: we added things from google maps that everyone uses but on my shitty app that gives useless directions

  • ZOro sEmPAi
    ZOro sEmPAi 4 days ago

    Every one who are watcing this
    Just quite .its just everything has been dark and the face id is little bit faster

  • iman
    iman 4 days ago

    come to see for video about innovations but ends up at another stand up comedy

  • Dr. FARCE
    Dr. FARCE 4 days ago +2

    Android "Our phones have had swipe since 2011"

    Us "Our phones don't spy on us everyday"

  • Hozzy Daemon
    Hozzy Daemon 4 days ago

    Apple says dark mode. Me: hell yea. Finally👍
    Apple says iOS 13 on cheaper iPhones. Me: awesome👍 not paying a thousand dollars for new stuff. I’ll wait a few years after price drops, then buy what’s new now years from now😂😂

  • Kukahiko Kealohanui
    Kukahiko Kealohanui 4 days ago

    Ok but when tf is it coming out??

  • Ready2Meme *
    Ready2Meme * 4 days ago +1

    People are acting like android never copied apple

  • Carl Dulin
    Carl Dulin 5 days ago

    Bullshit nothing new

  • Thrylias
    Thrylias 5 days ago

    Iphone stealing from sams7ng

  • First Name Last Name

    You can now breath 50% faster with iOS 13 and the new iPhone 11’s more expensive price tag!
    Audience: wOaOAHHhhHhHH!!!

    NEVEN 5 days ago

    People just paying 2 times more to Apple to get what Android had years ago.

  • End Time News
    End Time News 5 days ago

    apple-we add 3.5 jack back

  • Jose Alvarez
    Jose Alvarez 5 days ago

    Still playing catch-up

  • farhan
    farhan 5 days ago

    Anyone watching this video with iPhone 4s?✋😅😭

  • Stay Lit
    Stay Lit 5 days ago +1

    Is this a joke “dark mode” and “swipe” didn’t android do this 10 years ago I’m good too android like for me but I would upgrade to iOS 13 so I can use my ps4 controller on my iPad

  • jesus christ
    jesus christ 5 days ago

    Paid audience? 🙄🤔🤷‍♂️

  • uga dornelas
    uga dornelas 5 days ago

    ...I've been on the Galaxy Note 8 for almost a year and all of these features have BEEN on Android.

  • Anthony Wall
    Anthony Wall 6 days ago

    I only care about darkmode, reminders and shortcuts. The rest of that crap Apple could have deleted.

  • Bouw
    Bouw 6 days ago

    The audiences are apple employees bettttt lol

  • TheWutangclan1995
    TheWutangclan1995 6 days ago +1

    So it took them 10 years to copy Android...

  • kosta1605
    kosta1605 6 days ago

    Watching this wondering when they are going to introduce something new....been using andriod since the apple......whats worse is so many will buy their pos phones still lmfao. "And look, you can now finally swipe during your texting in 2019 on your iphone in 2019!!!!" You apple sheep are fucking retarded hahahahahaha

  • potatoeanimate
    potatoeanimate 6 days ago

    the real question is....
    will the iPhone SE support ios 13?

  • ŁØĆĶdown*
    ŁØĆĶdown* 6 days ago

    Ask android about dark theme and swipe texting... they will say it's old

  • C.I.A.
    C.I.A. 6 days ago

    I feel like the majority of these features are insignificant mainly because let’s be honest, who uses the apps they updated. But, I definitely think convenience will come out of this update regardless if you use the majority of apps updated, or not.

  • Jesse Broney
    Jesse Broney 6 days ago

    Wait when does it come out

  • Aurora Void
    Aurora Void 7 days ago

    Honestly the only thing im hyped for is ps4 controllers finally being able to be compatible with iphones. Finally apple 🤡

  • Tahir Malik
    Tahir Malik 7 days ago

    Is IOS 13 released or not yet

  • Olivia B
    Olivia B 7 days ago

    When people try and make a good comment just to get likes 😂

  • 2Pac Ml
    2Pac Ml 7 days ago

    Paid audience . Apples shamelessly copies Google and tells we are the first one to do it.

  • Nadrisk
    Nadrisk 7 days ago

    Lol why android users are so mad ?

  • Vengeful Toaster
    Vengeful Toaster 7 days ago

    App updates smaller
    *every ios update is now bigger than 4 GB*

  • EverybodyLove Don
    EverybodyLove Don 7 days ago

    Do they pay these people to clap?

    IWTBF 7 days ago

    Hide your email but you need Face ID to use.
    😂😂😂 sure no data stored or shared 😂😂😂 what they take you for. Face ID, fingerprint etc

    • IWTBF
      IWTBF 6 days ago

      charley starks stored on your phone hahahah yeah because the powers that be can’t hack or access your phone right ??

    • charley starks
      charley starks 6 days ago

      You seem confused, the Face ID is stored in your phone and no where else. While the email would be shared with a 3rd party that can steal your information.

    IWTBF 7 days ago

    If you make the journey everyday, why would you need it saved as a favourite, let alone use a map???

  • Bharath Reddy Lakki Reddy Venkata

    Seriously, do we need to cosider Apple Maps?

  • jay visva
    jay visva 7 days ago


  • Chaz Mac
    Chaz Mac 7 days ago's looking more like android! ! The dark mode/ Wedges/ swipe to text!! wow... and you can stroll up he street with the Google maps!! But that's fine, because I like that because it makes me want to try apple...I just want USB c on the iPhone and the same faster chip like in my iPad pro 11

    DARK5 INDIA 7 days ago

    I thought Its in 2012... Lol.. android already have all these in couple of year ago... One more thing I was typing these by swiping.. hahaha..

  • Abhishek Seth
    Abhishek Seth 8 days ago

    6 yrs old technology swiping gesture tum abi la rhe unpredictable you are.. :D :D

  • svencho
    svencho 8 days ago

    They have multitasking ???

  • Mark Ruiz
    Mark Ruiz 8 days ago


  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 8 days ago

    Blue tooth mouse yes ?

  • Kaushal The devil
    Kaushal The devil 9 days ago

    Haa haaa.

  • Covert Skyline
    Covert Skyline 9 days ago

    @ 3:52 welcome to google maps apple. Maybe update your roads.......... yes......... tired of trainees not going down the correct roads cuz the maps are 2 years old.

  • uncle majboor pubgm
    uncle majboor pubgm 9 days ago

    I am an apple user i am rich just take my money.

  • Panda Express Tae
    Panda Express Tae 9 days ago

    The only question is, Is everything in ios 13 in all iphones... or just in iphone X😑

  • Jonathan Stevens
    Jonathan Stevens 9 days ago

    Yeah, but are they going to fix my Siri? Shits been broken since about a month after I bought the damn phone.

  • Mysted Dixt
    Mysted Dixt 9 days ago


  • Esmarelda Fortuin
    Esmarelda Fortuin 9 days ago

    Release date in South Africa?

  • Dave Plu
    Dave Plu 10 days ago

    Every iOS update takes something away.
    They’ve been doing this so long it has become tradition.
    Used to be able to export video without the $50 cable... gone.
    Sometimes they clearly do it just to mess with you, like removing the ability to rearrange playlists in Music.
    They are sadists.
    Personally, I think it’s a bet between the company officers to see how far they can push ppl. Sick bastards.
    With a new iOS enroute, we can all make our own bets on what we’ll lose with this update :) yay!!

  • CuteCake:3
    CuteCake:3 10 days ago


  • Hugh Holmes
    Hugh Holmes 10 days ago

    I know apple gets shit for adding features really late but you have to respect their dedication to security like cmon

  • Kangen Water Vikaspuri Delhi

    Xiaomi is way ahead in these features.. We have been using since 6 yrs.. Stop copying and make life simple.. Stupid 13

  • Thor Nado
    Thor Nado 11 days ago

    This is how apple's success in selling their phones to the public. A meaningless feature becomes a high pitch selling item.

  • Hatem Ali For Objection
    Hatem Ali For Objection 11 days ago +1

    all this ppl that they Claps they re get paid

  • Hatem Ali For Objection
    Hatem Ali For Objection 11 days ago +1

    dont you ever download ios 13 ,, guys dont believe this shit lies videos i had iPhone max and its had nothing from what they show even memojy doesn't work , no any of apple maps , even their re no apps call apple map its google map , they re lairs and iphone max is trash phone i swear to you ,nothing on the phone plus its always stuck lagging and so lowly on swap between pages , i advice you they wanna milk your packets ,, everything on iphone is for money even music , nothing you can enjoy , guys ios 13 is failed , my friend download it and its fuck your phone upside dawn

  • Samson Raj
    Samson Raj 11 days ago

    Apple sucks!

  • Flip Flinstone
    Flip Flinstone 11 days ago

    Really anoying is that i now, every time, need to punch in the code of my iphone before it will start up. Is there any way to avoid this?

  • riki rex
    riki rex 11 days ago

    Amen! hahahah

  • Raph Ocehcap
    Raph Ocehcap 11 days ago

    who hacks email to ordinary people nowadays?

  • bitch and asshole
    bitch and asshole 11 days ago

    Ip 6:(((

  • Hamza
    Hamza 11 days ago +1

    apple maps: We added so much detail and street view
    google: let me introduce myself for the 1,000th time

  • Thanos Poop
    Thanos Poop 12 days ago +3

    Wait for the maps why does she need to use it for everywhere she goes

  • Ivo Ovcharov
    Ivo Ovcharov 12 days ago +9

    2012 - Apple removes Goolgle Maps
    2019 - Apple - "Our app does exactly what Google's did 7 years ago"

  • Maximo Mastrolia
    Maximo Mastrolia 12 days ago

    we have added volume to your phone!
    audience whooooooo

  • Naznin Parvin
    Naznin Parvin 12 days ago

    You forgot the 1sec

  • Hazza_RL
    Hazza_RL 12 days ago

    4:04 google earth???

  • Johnathan Sanchez
    Johnathan Sanchez 12 days ago

    I’m still on IOS 12 bruh on my iPhone 8

  • Jumbomuffin13
    Jumbomuffin13 12 days ago +1

    All these salty android users in the comment...

    • Nicholas Han
      Nicholas Han 11 days ago

      facts but audience has been acting as if they never heard of it since my samsung s3 came out in like 2013

  • Adam
    Adam 13 days ago

    Apple needs to have expandable storage , and split screen , .

    PHAL BOROS 13 days ago

    Android and oak iOS rule!

  • A Vlogs
    A Vlogs 13 days ago

    There is rotate screen wow 😂😂😂

  • Fatsy Bear
    Fatsy Bear 13 days ago

    Okay apple take my moneyyy wooooooo 😂

  • Zanjoe Sanjose
    Zanjoe Sanjose 13 days ago

    *looks at android phone* Me: *cries and wished for iPhone 6s*

  • Harley Lacayanga
    Harley Lacayanga 13 days ago

    I like the dark mode