THIS GAME WAS INSANE!! - NaVi vs G2 - StarSeries Belek - BEST MOMENTS | CSGO

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
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Comments • 171

  • Amer Avdic
    Amer Avdic 2 days ago

    What crosshair plz

  • c 23
    c 23 12 days ago


  • c 23
    c 23 12 days ago

    Guardian is the wrong pickup.. They don't need an awper they need another entry fragger

  • B e
    B e Month ago

    36:08 take me to church

  • Thomas HZ
    Thomas HZ Month ago +1

    ALL TIME when g2 have one man hiding somewhere simple know where he is wtf

  • LeffyS Neon
    LeffyS Neon Month ago


  • RarePepeOnMy Plate321

    Electronic looks like Ben Shapiro

  • petrus821
    petrus821 Month ago

    Guardian with the AWP :D so Edward pleyed better with this Weapon....:D

  • Nico 97
    Nico 97 Month ago

    36:10 OMG !!! That nade Made him fly away haha

  • bananaroudy
    bananaroudy Month ago

    G2 Esport is fucking shitttt, Natus Vincere is bestt

  • Alex Weyn
    Alex Weyn Month ago

    What a game fireeeeee

    GAMING STATION Month ago +2

    Both teams really played well but the new g2 is lit🔥

    GAMING STATION Month ago +2

    15:47 😂😂

  • ArKenny
    ArKenny Month ago +1

    The kennyS I know always plays offensive instead playing it defensively, where are you 2015 kennyS ???

    • KS
      KS Month ago

      The awp nerf ruined his career

    NINJA MASTER Month ago


    NINJA MASTER Month ago

    The first time I drop a like xD

  • navi hvost
    navi hvost Month ago

    stop put insane,epic,etc on title fking dumbass clickbait

  • Funny YT
    Funny YT Month ago +3

    32:26 flamie with the s1mple cam

  • GokuSsj
    GokuSsj Month ago

    27:52 haha electronic dance

  • counter strike hits nandal

    Love u g2 best bro love uuuuuu

  • Hold my beer L
    Hold my beer L Month ago

    G2 помойка которая играть нихуя не умеет.Вывозят тупо на шаре

  • YuNys Play
    YuNys Play Month ago

    Пусть сосут нави

  • iAmguYFaWKeS
    iAmguYFaWKeS Month ago +2

    New G2 is nice hope they become one of the best teams again

  • Akira
    Akira Month ago +1

    The revenge grenade from nexa

  • Francis Enriquez
    Francis Enriquez Month ago

    lol electronic huge mistake 36:15 rofl

  • Warlike Of The Chaos
    Warlike Of The Chaos Month ago +1

    Guardian is retarded

  • SysWOOOW
    SysWOOOW Month ago +1

    блять, ну видно же что гардиан не справляется с лоусенсой. Ему бы сенсу повыше, а сейчас он просто тащит команду на дно

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  • Kevi Knet
    Kevi Knet Month ago +2

    Kenny is so inconsistent 😐

  • Mr Punk
    Mr Punk Month ago


    HHH HHH Month ago

    Bad performance Guardian.. I don't understand what happens to you...

    • Toyol Entertainment
      Toyol Entertainment Month ago

      HHH HHH all people have a bad day ..for me I don't see any problem..who Navi igl now after Zeus retired?

  • Kenneth Publico
    Kenneth Publico Month ago

    Guardian cant be the awper hes useless in the back, he needs to be at the front at least to be the bait.

  • Bonszak
    Bonszak Month ago

    Here u can see that simple still a better awper than guardian by a huge margin

  • G M
    G M Month ago


    DASUPERCATMAN1 Month ago

    i feel like s1mple is still not used to his rifle role. Hopefully he can adapt quickly cause the NAVI roster is prolly the best in a while

    • UltimateMagix
      UltimateMagix Month ago

      DASUPERCATMAN1 man, he said it himself, that her wants to be a rifler, but still he awps a lot and is good with, guardian was good at the start, but now...30-49 ADR....

  • Solution JEO
    Solution JEO Month ago

    Rip navi

  • Nick Ningthemcha
    Nick Ningthemcha Month ago +1

    Better than the major finals ✅
    This match was more intense and fast paced than a lot of other plays and the counter plays were insane

  • Kim Lay
    Kim Lay Month ago

    G2 got payback

  • Malnoob
    Malnoob Month ago +2

    This G2 roster is pretty good i guess

    • WR 5
      WR 5 Month ago

      @giovanno sinarwan I know bu t I feel like the change from French to English affects him the most. I think he is sometimes lost in midround situations.

    • giovanno sinarwan
      giovanno sinarwan Month ago

      @WR 5 jackzz is an entry ofc his K/D isnt that good, but his aim is insane

    • WR 5
      WR 5 Month ago

      Ikr but I think jackz is too inconsistent. I hope they swap him for another young talent.

    • giovanno sinarwan
      giovanno sinarwan Month ago

      It iss

  • Salty Comment
    Salty Comment Month ago

    S1mple not trying hard , actually s1mple hope to guardian can cover him and electronic for bait boombl4 for make own the enemies but they need flamie for pistol round and aug round :3

  • Yrahan
    Yrahan Month ago

    Какой же Гардиан хуевый. Просто тир -3 помойка. Нах его по знакомству в НаВи взяли

  • DeezNuut
    DeezNuut Month ago

    You can see what is wrong with Guardian

  • PyeM 23
    PyeM 23 Month ago

    Rip Faze
    Without main awper and igl

  • Pilote D'avion
    Pilote D'avion Month ago +13

    37:12 look the face of Jackz xD

    • Akira
      Akira Month ago


    • crashbandikewt
      crashbandikewt Month ago

      Pilote D'avion haha, it would’ve costed them too if they hadn’t got the bomb down

  • Begone Thot
    Begone Thot Month ago

    No way this vid had no ads gg

  • Steve Richardson
    Steve Richardson Month ago +3

    I feel like s1mple hasn’t been trying at all

  • Tenzkitv
    Tenzkitv Month ago +1

    Is simple joining any other team soon?
    Why he is throwing such games

  • The Real Nobbi Sh4dy

    why does Boom facethat hard in the last seconds at 37:10 ...noob

    • velvet
      velvet Month ago

      He try to kill the bomber so the bomb can't get planted

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Month ago


    NAYZAGA BEHEMOTH Month ago +15

    Jackz improve so much after wearing those glasses hmm so I see the problem then good luck further jackz

  • DEIVISS666
    DEIVISS666 Month ago +2

    flamie is so underrated

  • 11maxed11
    11maxed11 Month ago +4

    I love the new G2

  • Nova Apothany
    Nova Apothany Month ago

    For once I have to agree both of these teams played fucking crazy

  • Mohanned Qrdan
    Mohanned Qrdan Month ago +1


  • vegeta Its over 9000
    vegeta Its over 9000 Month ago +58


  • F A T F U K K
    F A T F U K K Month ago +1

    finally G2

  • Asilbek Joldasov
    Asilbek Joldasov Month ago

    Они че вылетели ?

  • Alexander Ivanoff
    Alexander Ivanoff Month ago

    Дно на гуардиане и симпле

  • Sperm Man
    Sperm Man Month ago

    inanması zor ama türkiyede turnuva düzenledi csgo amk.

  • free _rayito_
    free _rayito_ Month ago +2

    Cabros navi queda fuera si perdia esta