10 CRAZIEST Things Bought By Billionaires

  • Published on Sep 2, 2019
  • Here's what the real 1% are spending their billions on. This is the peak of luxury and lifestyle.
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    Commentator: ru-clip.net/user/BaerTaffy
    10 CRAZIEST Things Bought By Billionaires
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  • Top Trending
    Top Trending  Month ago +51

    If you could buy any ONE thing, what would it be and why?

    • Maradnus
      Maradnus 9 hours ago

      a home for the homeless

    • Ultimate Agenda
      Ultimate Agenda 4 days ago

      🤔...👽...I would buy a supercar. Supercars are fun cars, they go real fast and they're fun to drive. I'd buy a super-Ferrari.

    • Jim Boland
      Jim Boland 9 days ago

      Top Trending: I would buy a tropical island with a mansion and a pool on it. I would have a deep water dock to park my yacht . Ahhh to be rich!

    • فتاه - cutekey
      فتاه - cutekey 9 days ago


    • Raudel Rangel
      Raudel Rangel 12 days ago

      A channel that can correctly simplify the aerodynamic of an aerocraft and the plane model and company. Most channels that I see they photoshop planes. I hate that, A380s that have 3 decks and 6 GE-90 engine. Including the Antonov-225 mriya.

      Please don’t do this...

  • Uriel Campos
    Uriel Campos 7 hours ago

    The last one was whack. Come on something better

  • NicciSean McGowan

    A hotel room for life

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali Day ago

    And the starving children are your neighbors

  • Vuong Do
    Vuong Do 2 days ago

    Pick me

  • Ultimate Agenda
    Ultimate Agenda 4 days ago +1

    👍🍀✌️💪 - As an entrepreneur and investor, I'm waiting to get my private jet. I can't wait. I just need places to go. Tokyo, Japan sounds nice. - John Taper Luciano13k

  • leda marrassa
    leda marrassa 4 days ago

    The guy at #7 is doing drugs on tht yacht.

  • Human
    Human 4 days ago +2

    4.8 mill for the mercedes a buggati is more expensive

  • Born Blazed
    Born Blazed 4 days ago

    Billionaires are assholes

  • Born Blazed
    Born Blazed 4 days ago

    Billionaires are assholes

  • Hihi Haha
    Hihi Haha 5 days ago

    5:16 1500000000¿

  • Pelao
    Pelao 7 days ago

    The most expensive car would be at least the Rolls Royce Sweptail of 16 M Dollars or the La Voitre Noire from Buggatti, at least "new cars". Because Auctioned cars can get to 40 Million. Other than that, a few fun facts in there thanks!

  • Joshua McPherson
    Joshua McPherson 8 days ago

    1.5 million, yet types 1.5 billion

  • Ge In
    Ge In 8 days ago

    My ex sis in law Debbie Van Sant/Mckenna owns an oil Corp. Who's never done a damn thing for anybody. Worth about 4 billion. Owns islands, yachts, polo teams, etc. She got me a Garth Brooks CD for Christmas. $7.99. Thanks, Debbie. You are the worst sis in law I ever had and my other sis in law was a felon drug dealer/addict. I hope u choke on the oil pollution u and the Koch scum u create everyday while suppressing clean energy programs throughout the world u greedy bastards.

  • 7_k
    7_k 8 days ago

    Still waiting for a billionaire to buy a ocean

  • danZG07
    danZG07 9 days ago +1

    7:15 now try to write down that as your name ona a exam and finish it on time!!!!!!!

  • Sjrick
    Sjrick 9 days ago

    If Jeff Bezos was so concerned about humanity, he wouldnt be enslaving his workers today. The guy is a fucking hypocrite

  • SkyRocket
    SkyRocket 10 days ago +1

    The Mercedes isn’t in the top 5 for the most expensive

  • Josh Rauch
    Josh Rauch 11 days ago

    part of this luxury could be taxes for social welfare programs

  • ZuzakaFreestyles
    ZuzakaFreestyles 11 days ago

    Umm microsoft bought minecraft?

  • NoMercyButDeathOnly
    NoMercyButDeathOnly 13 days ago

    Explain to me how a missile detector would do any good to your giant ass yacht?
    2 downsides:
    1: that blast ain't no joke, u'll get severe damage to the point of death.
    2: the yacht got no evading mechanism or even lighting speed. It'll be trashed anyway.

  • Chuck's poke
    Chuck's poke 13 days ago

    Alaweed. How much of his wealth was stolen by his Crown Prince cousin a few years ago. Sometime being too rich and highly visible when spending is not good idea. Billionaire who as plane for 2 Rolls. So you going have pilot ...screw....load master....mechanic..plumbers for steam and sauna. I have confidence in modern Aviation but totally would not be comfortable being on Transatlantic flight in that plane.

  • 1000 subs with no videos challenge

    5:16 u mean 1.5 billion?

  • China Lyric
    China Lyric 14 days ago

    You are very well spoken and respectful! Thank you! You are refreshing! Good day

  • Jimmy Duplessis
    Jimmy Duplessis 15 days ago

    5:17 that’s 1.5 billion not million

  • Richard Skinner
    Richard Skinner 15 days ago

    Fuckin psycho.
    Just cause you can, doesn't mean you should.

  • Sekibe Uyar
    Sekibe Uyar 15 days ago

    The diamond Mercedes isn't the one on the video, the one in the video is from GMG Garage in Turkey and the one of the prince isn't gray but white !

  • ʻUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb Malaysia

    Billion of people living below the poverty line

  • Pamgaming101
    Pamgaming101 15 days ago

    If I saw the car in a parking lot I would break the window thng

  • Lil Maggot
    Lil Maggot 16 days ago

    I’ve seen eclipse in the indies and Azzam in NYC

  • AudioASMR
    AudioASMR 16 days ago

    Billionaire buys something it's not stupid lol

  • Hunter Keys
    Hunter Keys 16 days ago

    I like how at 5:16 he says he picked up the one mad submarine for 1.5 million, then you see the text that says 1.5 billion....

    Edit: 7:24 “the 15 billion dollars in the bank.” *shows 50 billion*

  • Siege L17
    Siege L17 17 days ago

    The most expensive car is the Ferrari 250 gto at 38.1 million not the Mercedes

  • Demo_Playz
    Demo_Playz 17 days ago


  • keerian flammang
    keerian flammang 18 days ago +18

    The only cool and worthy thing a billionaire from this list bought is James Cameron buying a submarine to explore the ocean.

    • Prince 58
      Prince 58 10 days ago

      And who are you to judge sir?

    • Mandy Singh
      Mandy Singh 11 days ago

      I suppose bill gates too as he also preserved Leonardo's knowledge and lends it from time to time to museums and libraries

  • Binge Watch
    Binge Watch 19 days ago

    I would buy starbucks, mcdonalds and maybe cocacola

  • Pardo Pardo
    Pardo Pardo 19 days ago

    Billionaires have one thing they can't buy.. Heaven

  • Joel Sique
    Joel Sique 20 days ago +41

    So no one's going to talk about how the Indian guy put his 2 billion dollar home in the middle of the slums?

    • Tuhin Singh
      Tuhin Singh 10 days ago

      Alright who liked this

    • Garrett Shan
      Garrett Shan 10 days ago +1

      Joel Sique no one is going to talk about how he brought at least 600 jobs to one of the poorest slums in India

    • Fuzail Imran
      Fuzail Imran 12 days ago +1

      Cheap land

    • Tuhin Singh
      Tuhin Singh 14 days ago +2

      That guy has supplied is with cheap 4g net.
      It is pretty sad that he had to put the house in *slums*

    • Abu Shook
      Abu Shook 18 days ago +1

      Shut the fuck up there is someone who bought a island with town that has 3200 people in it

  • Tyler Wolff
    Tyler Wolff 20 days ago +3

    you said deep sea challenger was 1.5 million when the listed on the screen says 1.5b

  • unknowndude99
    unknowndude99 21 day ago +1

    You already have a video with the same exact top 10 and people. wtf

  • Mo Karney
    Mo Karney 22 days ago

    $4.9M for a shitty Mercedes is NOT the most expensive car in the world smh.

  • Mat
    Mat 22 days ago

    1.5 million. and show 1.5 BILLion

  • Mystic
    Mystic 23 days ago

    Your biological mother is of thy gay peoples.

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card 23 days ago

    Imagine buying a house just to flex on poor people.. some douche shit

  • Captain_Husky_55
    Captain_Husky_55 23 days ago

    The Airbus A380 isnt the biggest plane, the antonov is.

  • Captain_Husky_55
    Captain_Husky_55 23 days ago +20

    When he said about the yacht
    *Bulletproof Windows*
    *Missile detection*
    I though it was a gta meme

  • Meme Guy
    Meme Guy 23 days ago +1

    Arabian gulf? It’s persian gulf!!!

  • Saucy BBC
    Saucy BBC 23 days ago

    7:26 you said 15 but wrote 50

  • Charles Flowers
    Charles Flowers 23 days ago

    That’s not the most expensive car

  • Mazzy
    Mazzy 23 days ago

    Cool but can they pay my cable bill pls

  • Will Swanson
    Will Swanson 24 days ago

    the drop down television is what really got me

  • Papenfus Charlie
    Papenfus Charlie 24 days ago +7

    “Some give it to charity, others spend it wisely” - TopTrending

  • Gary Murphy
    Gary Murphy 24 days ago +2

    Monuments to ego and waste.

  • Ross Allen
    Ross Allen 24 days ago +1

    The most expensive car is 72 million

  • dick clarke
    dick clarke 24 days ago +2

    9:03 the most expensive car is WRONG! The diamond encrusted Mercedes is worth $4.8 million and is not even worth 1/8th that of the 1938 Bugatti by Ralph Lauren worth $40 million.
    Check your facts Top Trending.

    • Victor Murat
      Victor Murat 13 days ago

      A Ferrari 250 GTO sold for 48.4 million.

  • snafilm
    snafilm 25 days ago +2

    5:16 that's 1.5 billion, not million...

  • Anime & Co
    Anime & Co 25 days ago +3

    why are you pressing all the words at the end of nearly every sentences ?????????

  • SushiEater44
    SushiEater44 25 days ago +1

    its not Airbus 380 its called Airbus A380

  • Apple Squilly
    Apple Squilly 25 days ago

    That that buy the plane his name is really long

  • vanarkc
    vanarkc 25 days ago +2

    well in my bank i have 20 bucks

    • Ben R.
      Ben R. 23 days ago

      Always remember this, because you are poor there is someone else rich. :) And because someone is rich, someone else is poor. It works both ways. One cannot exist without the other.