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  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Watch the first FULL EPISODE of Just Roll With It! When Blair (Kaylin Hayman) chooses step-dad Byron (Tobie Windham) over her mom Rachel (Suzi Barrett) to come to Career Day at school, tensions in the family rise! Blair's step-brother Owen (Ramon Reed) tries to play peacemaker and encourages Rachel to tell her daughter how she feels!
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    Just Roll With It is centered around the blended Bennett-Blatt family’s crazy adventures! Blair (Kaylin Hayman), often a rebel without a cause, is the polar opposite of her strict ex-military mom Rachel (Suzi Barrett). Owen (Ramon Reed), a born athlete with a taste for organization, is always trying to manage his charismatic father, Byron (Tobie Windham), a morning radio show host. While the actors will have a complete script, they WON'T know which scenes will force them to improv while still staying on story. Our cast will have to ROLL WITH IT as the audience makes them think - and act - on their feet!
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  • Barb Culver
    Barb Culver 22 hours ago

    Love this show

  • Andrunae Glands
    Andrunae Glands 9 days ago

    Thank you! 💓💝💝💝💝💝💝

  • Iamspongey85 7
    Iamspongey85 7 10 days ago

    This is so terrible to watch. The acting is so bad that it’s funny. Oh my god I’ve never cringed so much.

    LUNAPRINTING1983 14 days ago

    i want to go see them to vote

  • Mixed Queen
    Mixed Queen 17 days ago

    I love you oin

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69 17 days ago

    Love it

  • Crystal L. Glenn
    Crystal L. Glenn 21 day ago +5

    I love this show! GENIUS!!!!

  • Dan 0
    Dan 0 23 days ago +4

    Y is this show so bad!!!!!!!!!

  • Velvet Lyles
    Velvet Lyles 23 days ago +2

    I love just roll with it .

  • delo784
    delo784 28 days ago

    I am a big fan I evan watch you guys on tv

  • Albert Takem
    Albert Takem 29 days ago


  • Not My Project
    Not My Project Month ago

    Not very good. Came for Trevor Moore but got disappointed.

  • Keyrondra Francois
    Keyrondra Francois Month ago +3

    Someone tell me why I am so relaxed now 😂😂

  • Lily Farrow
    Lily Farrow Month ago

    It’s amazing this video only has 642 cause this is awesome

  • Nathan Hurtarte
    Nathan Hurtarte Month ago


  • WilliMel
    WilliMel Month ago +23

    I know she did not just say Jalapeño pepper at 8:22😂💀

  • Delesia James
    Delesia James Month ago

    coincidence: none

  • Delesia James
    Delesia James Month ago

    same i have a body of a 6th grader and mind of a 7th grader

    • Iamspongey85 7
      Iamspongey85 7 10 days ago

      I cannot believe you just posted this comment.

  • Vu Bros
    Vu Bros Month ago +9

    Hahaha!! I love JUST ROLL WITH IT

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago

    i guess i came in like a WRECKING BALL is a little too Literal?

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +1

    if you dont do the stuff like they did on fear factor ..i think you'll be fine

  • gamer falcon
    gamer falcon Month ago +5

    I still wish the girl threw the burrito at the dad

  • Star Sisters
    Star Sisters Month ago +3

    I love this role With it

  • Aretha Williams
    Aretha Williams Month ago +1

    Just Roll With IT I love u Byron Owen Blair Rachel

  • g1xrider13
    g1xrider13 Month ago +8

    What I think would really take this show to the next level would be if the audience could influence narrative choices beyond just wacky comedic scenes. I think if they could vote for what could happen to affect dramatic or heartfelt scenes that would really make this show something unique.

    • Iamspongey85 7
      Iamspongey85 7 10 days ago

      It also needs better actors

    • g1xrider13
      g1xrider13 Month ago +1

      Trap Money Brodie like if the kids asked the parents for advice with a problem the audience cold have three choices about what to say.

    • Trap Money Brodie
      Trap Money Brodie Month ago

      Can you elaborate i dont fully understand

  • Easybake Oven
    Easybake Oven Month ago

    Love this can I be on Disney

  • g1xrider13
    g1xrider13 Month ago +7

    The framing device of a radio show as an explanation for why everybody is laughing when things happen is clever.

  • Beary Awesome Gamer
    Beary Awesome Gamer Month ago +2

    Just stop making new shows

  • Think Fight Talk
    Think Fight Talk Month ago +1

    It's So Ran...oh...Nevermind

  • Keithan Chester
    Keithan Chester Month ago +9

    Ok Disney I see you trying to make an actual good sitcom like the old days. You got my vote.

    • Dan 0
      Dan 0 23 days ago +4

      Keithan Chester don’t even compare this to the old days this show is trash

  • Kenneth Brown
    Kenneth Brown Month ago +1

    Just Roll With It is Awesome Disney ⚡️

  • Wolverine Pete
    Wolverine Pete Month ago

    Congratulations Disney you just reinvented Double Dare .

  • Disney YT
    Disney YT Month ago +2

    Disney has made another great show that I’m gonna be watching over and over!!!

  • Shadow 12
    Shadow 12 Month ago +3

    Looks like a younger version of All That and Walk the prank

    • Izzy Plays
      Izzy Plays Month ago +2

      Not all that, but walk the prank yes

  • Brittany Trevathan
    Brittany Trevathan Month ago +3

    IM LAUGHING SO HARD!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😆🤣😂😆🤣😂😆🤣😂🤣😆😂😆🤣😆😂😆🤣😆😂😆🤣😆😂😆🤣😆😂

  • araceli montoya
    araceli montoya Month ago +6


  • The Steven Factor
    The Steven Factor Month ago +2

    this show is not so bad

  • Cc Dryan
    Cc Dryan Month ago


  • Erika Avilez
    Erika Avilez Month ago +2

    I love JUST ROLL WITH IT !

  • Joey Rabbit8
    Joey Rabbit8 Month ago

    It’s so hilarious!!! 😂😂😂

  • Danica Hayley
    Danica Hayley Month ago +1

    i love this show i wish it was on netflix

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres Month ago +2

    This is my new favorite show to be honest

  • Bella Ball
    Bella Ball Month ago

    Just roll with it

  • Man of Comics
    Man of Comics Month ago +3

    Aaaand Disney makes another garbage show

  • Kyle Cianciulli
    Kyle Cianciulli Month ago +3

    So DuckTales is on hiatus until September for this?!

  • Alex Sambula
    Alex Sambula Month ago

    Created by
    Rick Wiener
    & Kenny Schwartz
    Executive Producers
    Rick Wiener
    Kenny Schwartz
    Executive Producer
    Joe Daniello
    Co-Executive Producer
    Kara Vallow
    Written by
    Kenny Schwartz
    & Rick Wiener
    Directed by
    Joe Daniello

  • Brandon S.
    Brandon S. Month ago +2

    WhitestKids U Know squad....

  • Rihanna & Jazmine Pons


  • that So Weird dude
    that So Weird dude Month ago +8

    A very different but cool new show! It has originality & is most def really funny... worth watching! : )

    • that So Weird dude
      that So Weird dude Month ago +1

      @Wolverine Pete Okay, i can see some similarity! but (some). Marc Summers asked questions to teams, It was a game show between 2 teams & the one that got dared has to run a stunt course & got slimmed or pied as they had to do it in usually less than 30 seconds or the other team got the extra points! So it still different, this is not a game show, and the winner doesn't go home with cool prizes. but i get your point...

    • Wolverine Pete
      Wolverine Pete Month ago

      Originality? It's Nickleodeon's Double Dare in reverse. The host is the audience and the cast is the players.

  • holafabe
    holafabe Month ago +1

    I do agree that the concept is interesting, and that this would be more fitting as a live show as made from a previous commenter. But, I feel like even with as many choices provided, the show can become predictable. I feel like the audience would tend to choose the wackier or crazier choice every time and eventually feels like the show doesn’t really give control to the audience of the story as much as they’d like to believe.

    MIKEY 2 months ago +1

    shows eh not that good

  • Putinontheritz
    Putinontheritz 2 months ago +33

    I only came from Trevor Moore's Instagram, I got curious

  • Piranhaboy 62
    Piranhaboy 62 2 months ago +4


  • Tamia Bellamy
    Tamia Bellamy 2 months ago +8

    All I have to say is what happened to my old Disney

  • Alex Hirsch
    Alex Hirsch 2 months ago +1


  • Reese Romano
    Reese Romano 2 months ago +1

    That is a big bird!!!!!!!!

  • Reese Romano
    Reese Romano 2 months ago +5

    Rachel: I wish she wanted to crush them with my! OMG!

    PRINCE WRIGHT 2 months ago +5

    I'm so happy that Just Roll With It is apart of the Disney Family

  • Zink Krimson
    Zink Krimson 2 months ago +39

    I really like this concept, for a show that’s mostly improvised, but I feel it would work more as a live show. If they did more options for voting and make the voting breaks take less time (basically the voting time shouldn’t allow the actors to go off set during, so just make them immediately interact with what happens right away)

    • Zink Krimson
      Zink Krimson 23 days ago +2

      Nothing, because if you actually read what I said you would see I have many criticisms of the show.

    • Dan 0
      Dan 0 23 days ago

      Zink Krimson how much is Disney paying you to say this

  • Angelia Anderson
    Angelia Anderson 2 months ago +11

    i love this show so good love the acting! see just roll with it on disney channel

  • Tristan Lewis
    Tristan Lewis 2 months ago +7

    I love just roll with it

  • Joel Moore
    Joel Moore 2 months ago +17

    One of the parts is how the actors try not to smile when the horn sound plays.

  • Joel Moore
    Joel Moore 2 months ago

    Characters are neat! Maybe a behind the scenes? I see that a lot of time, the script is winged.

  • Joel Moore
    Joel Moore 2 months ago +6

    I watched two episodes before they aired on demand. Including this one.

  • Justin Frazier
    Justin Frazier 2 months ago +4

    That's cool

  • Leslie
    Leslie 2 months ago +1

    Can I be in it

  • Emily Cortese
    Emily Cortese 2 months ago +1

    Isnt that set from ant farm?

  • Lovely Princess 123
    Lovely Princess 123 2 months ago +2

    Early squad where ya at

  • Zay arts
    Zay arts 2 months ago +3

    What the l... I have mixed emotions about this show

    • Alice SongBird
      Alice SongBird Month ago

      Me too bc I love my wkuk boys and Trevor is my fav but to be honest... I don't think I like this.

    • Joel Moore
      Joel Moore 2 months ago

      Yeah, it should be more polished.

  • MaxTurtle2 gaming and more!

    Disney's all that

  • Mr. Random
    Mr. Random 2 months ago +6

    Not really into shows like this. Amphibia is better.

    • Lennie Mora
      Lennie Mora 2 months ago +4

      Mr. Random usually I think cartoons have better plots than live actions

  • Nick Plus
    Nick Plus 2 months ago

    Surprised it's not 22 minutes

  • Chelsea Offor
    Chelsea Offor 2 months ago +3

    This is a great show

  • Jelani McLean
    Jelani McLean 2 months ago +4

    I 💘 U Rachel!!!