Post Malone reacts to his Custom PC Concepts!

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
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    Post Malone reacts to his Custom PC Concepts! | JayzTwoCents
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Comments • 4 988

  • zag nadja
    zag nadja 14 days ago

    0:23 his face oml

  • Danny Sandoval
    Danny Sandoval Month ago

    this fatass has to be the most cringe person to watch. I mean he was silver spoon fed growing up, how are you not even gonna dress decent and why look like you haven't showered in days. dude drinks beer because it makes him look "cool" like look im a Rockstar I can sip brew all day." kid sucks ass at pc games yet wants to be the biggest poser, looks like an idiot smells like a loser.

  • Jon
    Jon 2 months ago +4

    How does he write songs when he can't even speak words?
    *listens to music...
    Never mind.

  • Barry Manilowa
    Barry Manilowa 2 months ago

    This is surreal! This Post Malone is convict nerd hybrid.

  • Gjon_theCreator
    Gjon_theCreator 2 months ago

    He fucking hated it. x)

  • Ransom Messenger
    Ransom Messenger 2 months ago


  • Jim R
    Jim R 3 months ago

    Who is that tatted, mouth-breathing, mongaloid deuce? Why should I care?

  • nilly
    nilly 3 months ago

    😩 5:11

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM 3 months ago

    Austin is such a bum... Whose voice is that hoarse in their early 20s??
    I bet he'll be dead before his new PC becomes outdated.


    that's *RIGHT*

  • faraz_ 224
    faraz_ 224 5 months ago +5

    Jay: what do you see
    Post: "yeahhhh uhhhhhh it's see through"

  • Leon
    Leon 7 months ago


  • Rafael Sarmiento
    Rafael Sarmiento 7 months ago

    and im here with a laptop from 4 years ago

  • roland cannon
    roland cannon 7 months ago

    Lol Jayz you dont like LTT anymore?

  • Akito Ogawa
    Akito Ogawa 8 months ago

    I don't like that.... again I don't!!

  • Astaroth
    Astaroth 8 months ago +1

    The body of a Fender Telecaster is usually ash.

  • Jordan Hoover
    Jordan Hoover 8 months ago

    "I like that" "i really like thaaat" Papa Bless you Post.

  • Symple _UT
    Symple _UT 8 months ago +2

    Hes actually so kind calling him sir and everything

  • iu concept
    iu concept 8 months ago

    It looks like pope made the water distribution manifold

  • badtag uncle nitch
    badtag uncle nitch 8 months ago

    1300.00 PC case WTF ..

  • lloet
    lloet 8 months ago

    LOL look at malones face he dusen't know shit about pc's LOL

  • Andrew
    Andrew 8 months ago

    Rockstar stands there, pissed, saying "dats dope" for 15 minutes. Love it.

  • Helen Rice
    Helen Rice 8 months ago

    0:17 *what's everyone*

  • burt simmons
    burt simmons 9 months ago

    Wow posty don’t get the temperd glass

  • coolkyro
    coolkyro 9 months ago

    makes me sad when someone gets a buffed pc but doesnt know crap about it or how to fix it

  • Kip True
    Kip True 9 months ago

    Make the water cooler a bong

  • Mah Debz
    Mah Debz 9 months ago

    Awesome 👌 Gift...Before and then after! Beautiful 💙

  • Requim Dream
    Requim Dream 9 months ago


  • ayyy lmao
    ayyy lmao 9 months ago

    "I'm a simple man with expensive taste" *sips his bud light*

  • ayyy lmao
    ayyy lmao 9 months ago

    post malone kind of seems like a moron

  • Hectikal
    Hectikal 9 months ago

    imagine if the water cooling pump was a bud light can

  • Eric Witte
    Eric Witte 11 months ago

    And I thought "post" just meant it came after another machine you did lol.

  • Yung Filipino
    Yung Filipino Year ago

    Man for post buying a pc is no problem but for us we gotta find the cheapest and fastest with more than 60 fps gaming pc and complain about gpu prices.

  • Dale justice
    Dale justice Year ago

    Hey Jay love your video's. They have help me out alot esp on new product's. I'm like let's see if Jay has anything on it lol. Do you have a e-mail for subscriber's? Thank's

    SAN FRAN Year ago

    i wear that same hoodie on the daily

  • KoolanceGamer680
    KoolanceGamer680 Year ago

    Man, I wish my design clients were as chill as this dude...

  • Obsidian Nebula
    Obsidian Nebula Year ago

    Who is this guy and why is he all over my recommended ?

  • Shawn
    Shawn Year ago

    Not to be a dick, but Post Malone seems pretty unintelligent

  • Kingvoakahustla
    Kingvoakahustla Year ago

    Smart jay with the asus motherboard! Nice

  • Aahan D
    Aahan D Year ago

    Can it POST POST COLOGNE music

    CONTEMN Year ago

    i had bud light, its disgusting ;D

  • gdeluca
    gdeluca Year ago

    this PC FUCKS!! LOL hilarious. Silicon Valley baby.

  • u r butthurt.
    u r butthurt. Year ago


    well mannered post malone... unusual

  • yup nope
    yup nope Year ago

    This PC fucks 😂

  • Lee Davies
    Lee Davies Year ago

    Who is the man with the tattoos? Never heard of him. Looks like a massive bellend with tattoos on his face.

    • Its Rexii
      Its Rexii 14 days ago

      @zag nadja What is he dave?

    • zag nadja
      zag nadja 14 days ago

      @Its Rexii hes not a rapper

    • Lee Davies
      Lee Davies Year ago

      @Its Rexii Rap is fucking shite, no wonder I have never heard of him.

    • Its Rexii
      Its Rexii Year ago

      his name is post malone he's a rapper

  • Modding Knight
    Modding Knight Year ago


  • NateOh513 •
    NateOh513 • Year ago

    Love the channel jay wish i could half way afford something you make i dream about owning a gaming pc #dreambig #somedaymaybe

  • Urban Soldier
    Urban Soldier Year ago

    The damn computer guy is a dick

  • VortBtw
    VortBtw Year ago

    it poops out

  • Tayz
    Tayz Year ago

    Is the build out yet?

  • Rein Klaver
    Rein Klaver Year ago

    but does it work

  • geddstock
    geddstock Year ago

    Who’s that knobhead?

  • W h e e z e
    W h e e z e Year ago

    the 2k people that disliked this video take baths

  • Ed H
    Ed H Year ago

    Sorry, went from way cool reviews with almost no swearing to F*** every 4th or 5th word. Wont be watching any more of this build videos.

  • Andreke Salgado
    Andreke Salgado Year ago

    It is so weird to hear Jay swearing

  • Mitchell Biskey
    Mitchell Biskey Year ago

    His mustache looks like 2 dogs kissing

  • just a regular dude

    3:11 This moment when you want to be funny but nobody laughs

  • Eduardo Santini
    Eduardo Santini Year ago

    BUDLIGHT....oh god...

  • Shirley KuuN
    Shirley KuuN Year ago

    i have rtx 2080 ti so i feel better now ,better now

    • HeavilyGamer
      HeavilyGamer Year ago

      1080ti second hand is an better value.8,10% max better then 1080ti is not worth

  • TeamUSA
    TeamUSA Year ago

    Can we as a society forgo views and monetary gain for once and stop promoting face tattooed drugged out human garbage like this? The Terry Cruz build was fantastic. He's a great soul and actually a good role model not just for kids but for even adult men who want to be better men and fathers. People like Post, at this stage in his life offer nothing to society and don't deserve our praise just because he's made a few hit rap songs about xanax, Bently's and weed.