Galaxy Note 10+ vs Huawei P30 Pro vs OnePlus 7 Pro- Battery Charging Speed Test! SHOCKING!!!

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • The Galaxy Note 10 Plus packs a 4,300mAh battery and a new 25w charger, it promises some faster-charging speeds. So how well does it stack to the competition and no I don't mean the iPhone Xs Max If you want to see more videos like this, leave a comment below.
    Samsung 45w Battery Charge test:
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Comments • 729

  •  10 days ago +1

    Here is the Samsung 45w Battery Charge Test:

  • UnReaL
    UnReaL 9 days ago

    FAKEEEE I have Oneplus 7 pro and it charges 0-100% in 1 hour and 30 sec! I don't know what your doing but its fake + there are other review showing Oneplus 7 Pro beating Note 10+ on battery charge !

  • Gabriel Cade
    Gabriel Cade 11 days ago

    If the note 10+ was off it would have been much closer to the p30 at about 62-65mins

  • KaxLon
    KaxLon 16 days ago +1

    My Note 10+ results;
    235 volt mains.
    25 watt charger included with the Note 10+.
    100% charge in 63 minutes at 27 watt measured.
    Be well all! =)

  • Hunter XXL
    Hunter XXL 20 days ago

    Yeah turn samsung and the others cuz huwaweis a shit and it turns on plz do it how it should be done

  • Babak
    Babak 22 days ago

    Iphone Xs plus with the 2000 CAD price tag ==> 4 hours!

  • Farhan R
    Farhan R 22 days ago

    Idk, but my 2 yrs old op 5t still can juice up to 100% in 30 min...(batteri 5%~10% left)

  • araf sattar
    araf sattar 23 days ago +1

    Hit a like if you are a ONE PLUS lovers.

  • Griggle Wriggle
    Griggle Wriggle 24 days ago

    You are very close to 300,000 subscribers. Keep it up :)

  • Fook college
    Fook college 25 days ago

    why huawei smartphones so fucking good??

  • Mohit Jha
    Mohit Jha 26 days ago

    Rip huawei 40 watt charger

  • anand rocky
    anand rocky 26 days ago

    Hey I just wanted to know whether Samsung has improved the USB cable quality. They used to be very thin and got damaged easily.

  • omar abdelhamid
    omar abdelhamid 27 days ago

    the 25 watt charger of Samsung is so close to the huwei 40 watt charger then how will Samsung 45! WATT CHARGER WILLL BE

  • JZ VR
    JZ VR 27 days ago

    P30 Pro is killing it in all departments even though it came out earlier in the year, Huawei is the king Mate 30 Pro will kill everything else out there once again.

  • Qamar Javed
    Qamar Javed 28 days ago +1

    Just 5min with 40W. This is clearly num game by Huawei.

    • JZ VR
      JZ VR 27 days ago

      Cause all phones slow down during the last stretch, during the first 20-30 min. there is a big gap.

  • Anush Sewchurn
    Anush Sewchurn 28 days ago +1

    why you are dont using on wifi samsung note 10+
    still using on wifi Huwawe n oppo n OnePlusm O.o

  • A Videos
    A Videos 29 days ago

    Please make a note in a table. So i can see the different of each other. If you dont make a table, it very confiusing me.

  • Ali Ebrahim
    Ali Ebrahim 29 days ago

    Is this note 10 plus have snapdragon 855 ?

  • Sanveer Khanuja
    Sanveer Khanuja 29 days ago

    Note 10 plus, phone of the year 😍😍😍

  • 1993rufus
    1993rufus 29 days ago +3

    Lol, didnt include the iPhone since it takes a decade to charge!!!!

  • Robotic Venom
    Robotic Venom Month ago

    Oneplus 7 pro's tech is sad, 30 watts vs 25 watts and a smaller battery 300 mAh hours less yet charged slower, other tests have shown it was 15 minutes behind.

  • Akshay Rohi
    Akshay Rohi Month ago

    P30 pro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💕

  • Triple Stunt Bro's
    Triple Stunt Bro's Month ago +2

    If u used the same charger for each phone the note 10 plus would have won

  • Yemen Knight الفارس اليمني

    7:28 only if you have an iPhone lol

  • Pray Shah
    Pray Shah Month ago

    Try the Note 10+ with its 45W charger when the charger is available

  • Pray Shah
    Pray Shah Month ago

    Consider that the Note 10+ has a larger battery than the P30 pro

  • Kyroll Niezam Razemi
    Kyroll Niezam Razemi Month ago +4

    Iphone? Urghhh! That phone should be put on 2010 comparison video not 2019.

  • supaahflyy
    supaahflyy Month ago +1

    The only metric that matters is charging up to 80-85%. The remaining 15-20% could take 4 hours for all I care to preserve battery integrity

  • Lorenzo Washington
    Lorenzo Washington Month ago +1

    the supplied 25W charger is faster than others 40W on the note.But no surprise because tge 15W samsung charger is hella fast.

  • royan moore
    royan moore Month ago +2

    Imagine when u use the 45 watt charger galaxy note 10plus

  • Garojig
    Garojig Month ago

    Lol what. I have a standard edition Oppo Reno. It comes with a 45 watt fast charger. In 10 minutes I usually have about 30% battery

  • Rhys Aguirre
    Rhys Aguirre Month ago +2

    Apple fan boys can say “your just broke” anymore 🤣

    • ultra tajin kid
      ultra tajin kid 23 days ago

      Some ppl buy phone cuz of the prize but never focus on things phones actually do

  • David Lake
    David Lake Month ago

    Do you have a link for that awesome one punch wallpaper on the Note 10+?

  • Ollie Fischer
    Ollie Fischer Month ago

    Why didn't you use the the 45w charger with the note 10.

  • T Chowdhury
    T Chowdhury Month ago

    now Oneplus drop your bullshit slow wireless charging bla bla thing. dont give us foolish excuse for saving cost by saying wireless charging is slow

  • gtone339
    gtone339 Month ago

    Samsung 25w charger w/ Note10+ 4300mah battery almost beats Huawei's P30's (4200mah battery) 40w charger! Imagine what a 45 watt charger can do on the Note10+, guessing it may charge it under 60 minutes, say 45 to 50 mins hehe!

  • Arif Mondal
    Arif Mondal Month ago

    Now charge the galaxy note 10 plus with 45 watt charger then see the incridible result...

  • Kishore Villa
    Kishore Villa Month ago

    You Should Also Check Out OPPO R17 pro

  • damond stoddart
    damond stoddart Month ago

    Samsung is the fastest here the p30 pro has a 100mah smaller battery and 15 extra watt charging its clear who the winner is

    GAMER- NATION Month ago +1

    My Note10+ came with 45W in box🥳🥳

    • gtone339
      gtone339 Month ago

      @GAMER- NATION Can you prove it?

      GAMER- NATION Month ago don't know if it was a bad mistake from samsung or idk, it came in very tight

    •  Month ago +2

      Ohhh really

  • Cory Cunningham
    Cory Cunningham Month ago

    Is the bottom of the S Pen is video blue? Mine is silver

  • Gsmove757 got one
    Gsmove757 got one Month ago

    So the galaxy 45 watt would blow these phones out the water

  • super abood
    super abood Month ago

    Iphone even dont come in competition 🤣🤣🤣

  • Agron Selmani
    Agron Selmani Month ago

    4200 mha vs 4300mha samsung plus 40 watt vs 25 vat lees 5 min difference😂😂😂😂😂 wtf always samung👊

  • Elmo
    Elmo Month ago


  • Europa
    Europa Month ago

    My right ear really enjoyed this video

  • Rushil Chatterjee
    Rushil Chatterjee Month ago +1

    Where do you download the anime wallpapers from??!!!😂

  • gladwin miguel
    gladwin miguel Month ago

    Note 10+ can use up to a 45 watt charger. Which should be blazing fast..!

  • Black Lyfe
    Black Lyfe Month ago

    Why didn't you use the 45w charger instead of the 25w charger

  • Oussama Hadj
    Oussama Hadj Month ago

    I was just waiting for you to say .. samsung charger was much better than huawei .. some people didn t accept that fact

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Month ago

    Best Huawei

  • Fayzan Ali
    Fayzan Ali Month ago +2

    Charge while using ? I think OnePlus will beat every phone

    • Fayzan Ali
      Fayzan Ali Month ago

      @nourdine mhamdi I'm using it for 2 months and it takes the same time to charge. One of the reasons I got this phone and sold my iPhone xs max

    • nourdine mhamdi
      nourdine mhamdi Month ago

      Fayzan Ali with that 90 hrz display . Nope

  • Marat Pirate
    Marat Pirate Month ago

    Huawei p30 is still the best smartphone all around, such a shame they have troubles with us government, some people might not consider it because of that

  • MFizzle777
    MFizzle777 Month ago +2

    Should have still done the iPhone just to see how much slower it is, thought you would have to wait half day! 😂

    • Dust TO
      Dust TO Month ago

      Min 4 hrs

    • EVD
      EVD Month ago

      Yep. You do. Its disappointing. Really love that the others in the game start to charge insanely fast with generous offerings in the box..

  • Jerry Huang
    Jerry Huang Month ago

    So... How fast does an iPhone charge again?

  • Anandaraj RS
    Anandaraj RS Month ago

    The upcomming 55watt charger for the mate30pro.....

  • Anandaraj RS
    Anandaraj RS Month ago

    Love if you do a similar battery drain test....

  • Sruli Stock
    Sruli Stock Month ago

    Please give me a new phone.
    When I smashed that like button...

  • pop_ mu22
    pop_ mu22 Month ago

    Nice beard tho
    Now do a test with sammy 45 watt charger against p30 pro plz
    And im impressed with this results
    I didnt know sammy can improve too cuz they were way behind in this game

  • Mr Bean Bean
    Mr Bean Bean Month ago

    All displays are made in Samsung 🤔