Fresh Tutorial of iPhone 7 Plus Cracked Screen Refurbishing

  • Published on Sep 30, 2016
  • iPhone 7 screen replacement repair tutorial.
    For LCD Refurbishing Machine and Materials:
    For Third-Party LCD Refurbishing Solution:
    For iPhone 7 Spare Parts:
    iPhone 7 Plus LCD screen refurbishing guidance, repair your iPhone 7 glass cracked screen in 7 steps.
    1. Bezel Disassembling
    2. LCD Separating
    3. POL Film / Glue Removing
    4. POL Film / OCA Laminating
    5. Glass Laminating
    6. Bubble Removing
    7. Back Light Unit Replacing
  • Science & TechnologyScience & Technology

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  • Robert Mitchum
    Robert Mitchum 6 hours ago

    can I put my phone in the microwave? will it work the same

  • Robert Mitchum
    Robert Mitchum 6 hours ago

    Just buy a tracfone lol

  • Cortney Rice
    Cortney Rice 15 hours ago

    Holy WOW! Just saved my screens life! Thank you sooo much!

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  • pixHuu noMC Rap
    pixHuu noMC Rap 2 days ago

    *¡A LA VERGUS!*

  • Mediafix Zonhoven
    Mediafix Zonhoven 2 days ago

    Didnt disconnect battery first... Possibility to harm Backlight filters...

    ELLIS 3 days ago

    nigga said "fresh tutorial" then pulled out factory equipment lmaooo

  • Turtle RD
    Turtle RD 3 days ago

    me funciona gracias

  • Waldeci de Souza Faria
    Waldeci de Souza Faria 4 days ago +1

    É muita paciência , pelo trabalho dessa natureza , Abraçossss,,,,,

  • Stanislava Hugo
    Stanislava Hugo 4 days ago

    Осталось создать Искандер-2)))Вперёд дети Мао Дзедуна)

  • Dance Challenge
    Dance Challenge 4 days ago

    This repair is better than replacing lcd assembly replacement

  • David D.
    David D. 7 days ago

    Orrrrr..just buy full replacement screen with LCD and Speaker for 40.00 and do it yourself

  • Dr Phone Clinic
    Dr Phone Clinic 8 days ago

    Who watching is cracked screen iphone 7 plus

  • VSilverstein
    VSilverstein 9 days ago

    I'm on 12.3.1 and have blob for 12.1.4/12.2, but can't find any NonceReboot12xx.ipa compatible with 12.3.1 :'(

  • Mona Sal
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  • Gábor Tóth
    Gábor Tóth 9 days ago

    9:04 got excited to finally hear some music instead of silence, didnt last long

    • Vee
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  • Jason Berry
    Jason Berry 9 days ago

    what do you do once the sticker and sim card are back in? do i keep the same number on the phone?

    • Ydursot
      Ydursot 8 days ago

      Yes, nothing would have changed.

  • MadMike 7
    MadMike 7 9 days ago

    ran to the attic.. luckily my grandpa had all these machines in boxes from 1965. fixed my screen and all my friends for under $15 bucks..lifes great. LOL

    • myat Oo
      myat Oo 9 days ago

      yo thats legit cool

  • Soner Çakır
    Soner Çakır 9 days ago

    Thx! worked!

  • Boom Shaka Laka
    Boom Shaka Laka 9 days ago

    this guy has girls hands lol

  • Miguel Humberto Mendez


  • Eric Kwakye Boateng
    Eric Kwakye Boateng 11 days ago

    Perfect tutorials

  • Bhaskar Bhattacharyya
    Bhaskar Bhattacharyya 12 days ago

    This was the best and simplest explanation I found regarding the 'File transfer' problem. Thank you.

  • almas blue
    almas blue 14 days ago

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  • Zsolt kövér
    Zsolt kövér 15 days ago +1

    Hi !

  • E-teX YT
    E-teX YT 15 days ago +5

    14:12 - Your Face on phone screen.

  • Roblox Monster
    Roblox Monster 15 days ago +1

    mine it's not working mach every time i log in the program every thing is white and i waited for 1H

  • Gsm Tech Power
    Gsm Tech Power 16 days ago +2

    very nice job

  • sel akcan
    sel akcan 18 days ago +1

    thank u so much bro

  • Kuka
    Kuka 24 days ago +2

    That's perfect!

  • Marcelo Bigarelli
    Marcelo Bigarelli 25 days ago +1

    Pensei que só os cobradores de ônibus aqui do Brasil tinha unha grande... rrsrsrsrsrs

  • congdongdientu. com
    congdongdientu. com 25 days ago

    what is that, so we replace all of that screen :-s ? to many stuff in there

  • Stephen Piggott
    Stephen Piggott 26 days ago

    just use Loca glue

  • Kionasina Faletoi
    Kionasina Faletoi Month ago

    umm hellow im having trouble, i have trouble with my tablet

  • Lenox Marun
    Lenox Marun Month ago +2

    woooooooooooow Bingo iam in....its been 2 weeks my phone off thanks so much

  • Dean Martin
    Dean Martin Month ago +1

    What is the price of the laminate machine and base moulds?

  • Zhako games
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    UN VSBL Month ago

    Using that wrist band is just pointless. DAT SHIT DON"T WORK.

  • Zanj And Ryzza Bulatao

    its not waterproof anymore though

  • Gero Azmodii
    Gero Azmodii Month ago +1

    I'm here just for the heat station, by the way, I'm a tech and I usually I get Assembly w/Frame which in some cases give a 99% best fix than the glass itself which means the important point here is to make happy your clients instead of making too much profit and %1 fails..this is just my comment and my way to think .I'm not here to judge the work of others of this one in particular.

    • REWA Technology
      REWA Technology  Month ago +1

      Gero Azmodii, for providing repair service, it is more convenient and quicker to replace the whole screen. but for refurbishing factories, they can do this very quickly. If you've got any interests, you can enlarge your business by adding refurbishing solution too.

  • Mark Stanley
    Mark Stanley Month ago +1

    looks amatuer to me , not the machines just the user.

  • Attila Szabo
    Attila Szabo Month ago

    lcd cost 25€ just order new one... :/ rewa makes good videos but this procedure is useless in the EU I think takes too long to change glass and value of phone is is good in india or poor countries..

  • Drift King
    Drift King Month ago +1

    Amazing!!!! I Want TO Its a All Machin So How Much? I Think Japanese Buziness Need. Pleese Unther Give Me. Best Regard

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  • Luis Osal
    Luis Osal Month ago

    le meti la rom y me aparece ese error el eqipo es un huawei y221

  • Luis Osal
    Luis Osal Month ago

    como hago para reparar el errror system no responde

  • Farrukh Iqbal
    Farrukh Iqbal Month ago

    What is POL? Polaraiser?

  • Franco R
    Franco R Month ago

    How much does it costs to get this all this tech? do you ship to mexico?

  • Joel Charrere
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  • Николай Орлов

    sound ????

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    Ilya Cheredov Month ago

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  • Jahrod Williams
    Jahrod Williams Month ago

    th sooo much i was crying for 2 hours till i this this vid life saver

  • Thiago Barreto
    Thiago Barreto Month ago

    como faço pra adquirir esses equipamentos e cursos?

  • AeRoTR
    AeRoTR Month ago +2

    If I start practicing now, in about 10 years I am able to repair my iphone 7 screen with additional equipment cost of only 20.000 usd :) Thank you very much.

  • Boka 97
    Boka 97 Month ago +1

    I said 100 times chinese people are professional for technology and everything about electronic number 1 in world

  • Lordi De Commentado

    the store here in the Philippines "ichiro rain" scam me with this kind of procedure. they switch my original LCD with a fake broken LCD, saying that because of the damage of my broken screen it damage the liquid something inside the LCD that is why the black spot appeared after they did the vacuum laminating machine. i payed $100 equivalent to 5,000 Php for the new "ORIGINAL" LCD they offered. I WAS SCAM.

  • Diljar
    Diljar Month ago +1

    what a smart bastard . took my whole day to show me how to repair.

  • Sis Coen
    Sis Coen 2 months ago

    wtf is this

  • Assy Printer
    Assy Printer 2 months ago +1

    O wow you save my day i`m so so happy about your usefull explane ty ty ty hugs

  • bhoobalan boo
    bhoobalan boo 2 months ago

    Wow..But i dont have any machine

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    Reasonable Perfection 2 months ago +2

    *I HAD to play some random music in the background because a mute video is so frustrating!*

    • tophorable
      tophorable Month ago

      We feel so sorry for you. Hope you do not need any compensation for the damage done.

  • MTrang Channel
    MTrang Channel 2 months ago


  • Vidya C
    Vidya C 2 months ago

    I have enabled developer option and enabled USB debugging. When I connect the charger and connect USB to computer, I do not get the message with option so that I can transfer files. Please help me.

    • alen jackson
      alen jackson 2 months ago

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    • Free Mode
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  • Stompher69 Gaming
    Stompher69 Gaming 2 months ago +3

    this is really satisfying and if you only have all the machine, and the dust free room, etc.

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  • Baby Planet Digital
    Baby Planet Digital 2 months ago

    Brilliant way to make money, and help people

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      Left Blank 2 months ago

      You should be a repair man to be here

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    No idea how I ended up here, but wow that was actually really interesting.

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    Good video I succeed to replace the battery.Thank you!

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  • aznpanda510x
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    must say, not sure why i'm here and my phone is not even crack but it was good to see how people did it

  • aznpanda510x
    aznpanda510x 2 months ago

    me and a lot of others.... " take my money, I ain't doing all that shit."

  • Victor Haskel
    Victor Haskel 2 months ago +21

    That's perfect, I just bought my 4 in 1 Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine in order to repair my iPhone 3g !

  • lucafe oteva
    lucafe oteva 2 months ago

    hey how do i get my iphone 7 icloud unlock you must have some way

  • Arash kavianizadeh
    Arash kavianizadeh 2 months ago

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    Yup. Just plugged it into the laptop and now it's charging. Thanks for the tip.

  • MedSou
    MedSou 2 months ago

    *Very helpful,Thank you* 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 2 months ago

    14:11 Wow he's Chinese? I'm in the UK Furthermore, there's nothing named Mag devices to fix something.

  • Dominic Bouchier
    Dominic Bouchier 2 months ago

    That's a horrible way of disassembling a phone. Look into better techniques.

  • Aucione Medeiros
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  • shannon varkel
    shannon varkel 3 months ago +3

    OOOOOORRRRR you can buy a new screen and install it which will only take you 5 minutes

  • Verbal Kush
    Verbal Kush 3 months ago +2

    This dude is not from Earth.

  • Work is Life
    Work is Life 3 months ago

    i'm new on youtube . can you see browse my channel . How is my channel doing? is that a bad thing ? Thanks

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    Moushumi Laizu 3 months ago

    thanks its very good and helpful video...

  • EXEC
    EXEC 3 months ago +1

    If I only have the same machines that the tech guy were using, I can even laminate the face of the Apple's tech guy that i spoke with and refused to changed the battery of my Iphone as he said its motherboard issue. Went to repair shop next day and changed the battery, now my phone is good as new. Seriously their so called genius bar and tech staffs are soooo... (I can't even describe what to call them.)

    • Patricio Romero
      Patricio Romero 2 months ago

      No need. Just watch a Louis rossmann rant video and let him speak for you lol.

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