We Made A 3-Course Meal From Tokyo's Vending Machines

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Inga tries making a 3-course meal with Tasty Japan producer Red, using ingredients she found from the many vending machines all over Tokyo, like natto, bear curry, durian soda etc.! Follow Inga on Instagram for more: ingatylam
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Comments • 830

  • Inga Lam
    Inga Lam Month ago +2366

    This was such a fun challenge to try!! Please take me back to Japan already :( Are there any super interesting vending machines from your country that you think are worth a visit?

    • daiyamondo68
      daiyamondo68 Day ago

      1:38 They are Hyorotto Danshi, Seiyuu unit formed by Nishiyama Koutarou & Umehara Yuuichirou

    • Ukkath Sreenilayam
      Ukkath Sreenilayam 5 days ago

      Can you try Indian street foods. They are yummy but you should eat pani puri with pani

    • The DiamondTrident
      The DiamondTrident Month ago

      You can get fresh fries from a vending machine in dubai

    • Bad Lil Ting
      Bad Lil Ting Month ago

      In Canada Alberta one of our malls has a vending machine with eyelashes in it

    • zenden phua
      zenden phua Month ago +1

      My country, Singapore, has a Norwegian Salmon vending machine and like a vending machine restaurant kind of thing.

  • Aaishah Ibrahim
    Aaishah Ibrahim 10 hours ago

    Them: mixing all sorts of food together......
    "It's good, it's actually pretty good"!
    Me: mixing my food together.....
    "Wth did I just do?"

  • Heba Ahmed
    Heba Ahmed 15 hours ago

    When you know what's in the vending machines already because you watch sssniperwolf.

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma

    What is natto?

  • Sio Corrales
    Sio Corrales Day ago

    I came here for inga.. Ohh wait thats red? 😂😂

  • Alex
    Alex Day ago

    1:38 isnt that hyorotto danshi

  • Sad Rock
    Sad Rock 2 days ago

    8:01 where did his accent go wtf

  • Deniper
    Deniper 2 days ago

    Red is avoiding Inga's eyes. Are they former lovers?

  • Viruliant
    Viruliant 3 days ago

    **sniffs durian**
    eeeeeeeeeee I- *o k a y.*

  • Ananya Gupta
    Ananya Gupta 3 days ago

    Can you taste the bear?? 🐻
    I love her

  • Moon Lite
    Moon Lite 3 days ago +1

    I want to go to Japan.

  • Kookie Flower
    Kookie Flower 4 days ago

    It’s bts omg

  • audrey K
    audrey K 5 days ago

    never heard a guy speaking japanese so attractive as Red

  • Madison L
    Madison L 5 days ago +1

    This video is totally a rip-off of Safiya's Japanese vending machine video. And why would you buy something with BEAR meat in it? That's messed up

  • Angela Wang
    Angela Wang 5 days ago +12

    "It's cats!"
    me: cats? wait what
    "oh carrots"
    me: oh.

  • Emrah Betil Ozdemir
    Emrah Betil Ozdemir 6 days ago

    INGA your every moment is so cute and whenever you laugh , looks too cute.

  • Princess Jabonillo
    Princess Jabonillo 6 days ago +1

    “Can u taste the bear?”

  • 아가 하트Ahgaheart

    You could find the map from your footage, maybe? You did show it to camera. Will that work? I NEED TO KNOW WHERE THAT MAP LEADS! Someone find out please! Is it too dangerous to do so or something?

  • franiel saura
    franiel saura 7 days ago

    super love Inga's laugh..

  • Claudia Wong
    Claudia Wong 7 days ago

    I’m like 90% sure red used to post japanese vines and were really funny?????

  • denny andriansyah
    denny andriansyah 8 days ago

    I guess red could be voice actress (seiyuu) in anime, cause his voice soooooooo freakin cool

  • Nancy Cr
    Nancy Cr 8 days ago

    I wouldn't eat anything from that filthy vending machine room.

  • Roseller Ed Cal-Ortiz

    And my nickname is also Red. Share ko lang.

  • Nevaeh Rathbun
    Nevaeh Rathbun 9 days ago +3

    Hi. I’m Red, and my favorite person is Ned because it rhymes with Ned.
    (Try Guys fans will get it 😉)

  • Princes Samson
    Princes Samson 9 days ago

    I need red's instagram rn. Lmao

  • Soil
    Soil 10 days ago

    I kinda crringe because the girl is tryna be cute to the boy.

  • A RG
    A RG 11 days ago

    Red must be protected at all cost

  • XxConstant AnxietyxX
    XxConstant AnxietyxX 11 days ago

    I would never eat bear meat, they are too cute and my spirit animal-

    DIKSHA LOBO 11 days ago

    Red is so cute oh my God

  • reycaang
    reycaang 11 days ago

    Red is so handsome + good in speaking japanese.

  • aenner ella
    aenner ella 12 days ago

    Me: Immediately googles Natto...

  • Xiah Luns
    Xiah Luns 12 days ago

    I see Red. I click.
    It's that simple.

  • Aya Caleo
    Aya Caleo 12 days ago

    He ia cute!! 😳

  • Amanda
    Amanda 12 days ago

    I kinda ship them

  • Caro_ DM
    Caro_ DM 12 days ago

    buzzfeed has produced yet another cute ship

  • Jovi
    Jovi 13 days ago

    Her scream sounds like anime 9:02

  • Nathania Sutanto
    Nathania Sutanto 13 days ago

    Is red japanese or he just speaks japanese very fluently?

  • Yaz Ally
    Yaz Ally 13 days ago +8

    When you rmbr red used to be a viner

  • Sierra
    Sierra 14 days ago

    Red is a treat!!!

  • Rachael A
    Rachael A 14 days ago +1

    Some of those vending machines looked seedy af! haha major creepers! vending machines really shouldnt live like that! haha

  • smile everyday
    smile everyday 14 days ago

    i bought that pasta thing and it was sOoOoOoOo gud

  • Sara Skaggs
    Sara Skaggs 14 days ago

    Red is so adorable... the little erguhhh bear sound lol

    HELINA LO 15 days ago +7

    Isn’t this the same vending machine place Safia Nyggard went to

  • jamit2u
    jamit2u 16 days ago

    What’s your favorite flavor of vending machine penis ?

  • T
    T 16 days ago

    Wow he’s gorgeous

  • Clang
    Clang 16 days ago

    I see Inga, I clicked.

  • Lana Palacio
    Lana Palacio 16 days ago

    I ship it

  • Sophia Shing
    Sophia Shing 16 days ago

    Who wants to see where that sketchy map lead to

  • Snarky Nakji
    Snarky Nakji 16 days ago

    should've brought a can with jumping snake inside.

  • Aoi37una
    Aoi37una 17 days ago

    4:30 okay so u would have candle in the vending machine in case of electricity cut off... So how can the machine operate?

  • Mel aran
    Mel aran 17 days ago +1


  • Mel aran
    Mel aran 17 days ago +1

    "eeeengh I okay" is so my reaction

  • honeypeqches
    honeypeqches 17 days ago

    If the electricity cuts off how will you get the candle out of the vending machine?

  • lysandr
    lysandr 19 days ago +1

    Happy wife coming home with groceries at 6:18.

  • Rosaria Dewi
    Rosaria Dewi 19 days ago

    Inga always make video with gorgoeus men. Follow her ladies. Hahaha

  • slimeyboiz
    slimeyboiz 19 days ago

    Vending machine pasta sauce, who knew!

  • Ravengamegirl XD
    Ravengamegirl XD 19 days ago +1

    This really reminds me of safiya's vid XD (they even mentioned the fermentid soy beans like saf did -.-)

  • faemin hope
    faemin hope 19 days ago

    jsksk I think the people in the photocard were tae n jin or im just blind 😔

  • Levine Vo
    Levine Vo 20 days ago +6

    OMG HES JUST......speechless :>